YouTube Shorts: How To Make Money With Monetization

so to begin with youtube shops monetization will be available in the following countries [Music] in case you missed it monetization is coming to youtube shorts or at least a form of it youtube is setting aside 100 million dollars over the next year to distribute out to content creators we've already made a video about the announcement which you can check out in the description below just underneath the like button but as always with youtube announcements there are one or two information gaps and plot twists that are raising a lot of questions now then hey folks i'm rob welcome back to vid iq educating you on your youtube journey and today's lesson is all about preparing you for youtube shorts monetization and the first thing we need to talk about is the current youtube partner program [Music] youtube have already stated that shorts monetization will be independent of existing programs such as the youtube partner program but that has still led people to ask the following will watch time from shorts count towards monetization well the simple answer is no youtube have already said that they're going to invite creators into the shorts monetization program through views and engagement watch time isn't mentioned at all and even now specifically the watch time from shorts don't count towards the youtube partner program monetization it's only the watch time from videos watched in the normal youtube player that might just happen to be short videos yes that's still really complicated and stupid and i don't think youtube are gonna resolve that anytime soon if you want to use youtube shorts as a shortcut to 1000 subscribers then it's entirely up to you but i think going forward there's gonna be more of a clear division between youtube shorts creators and youtube long form creators at least when it comes to monetization and while we're on the subject of monetization i saw another question surrounding adsense and whether or not you will need an adsense account to get paid through youtube shorts the answer with 99.9 certainty will be yes because the shorts monetization program won't be attached to the current youtube partner program you don't even have to be in it to be accepted but you will still have to agree to the short monetization terms whatever they are and youtube will need a way to pay you which traditionally has always been through adsense so to begin with youtube shorts monetization will be available in the following countries [Music] oh is that it the usa in india yeah it was kind of a post shorts monetization announcement sucker punch this one to begin with only creators in india and the usa will be eligible although more countries will be announced in the coming weeks yes this is going to be a huge disappointment to a lot of you but to play devil's advocate for one moment youtube short technically is still in beta it didn't exist at all nine months ago to get from there to announcing a monetization program in less than a year i think represents a monumental milestone for youtube when it comes to this new video platform but i know i know none of you care about that to further compound this issue if you didn't already know the youtube shorts monetization program at least to begin with is going to be invite only but as far as we're aware youtube have capped the monetization program currently to a 100 million dollars sounds like a lot but let's put this to the test one of the astonishing facts youtube stated a couple of months ago is that already there are six and a half billion global daily shorts views if that number stays the same that's over 2.3 trillion views in a single year now let's see how far that 100 million dollars would go if every single one of those views was monetized still better than the average cpm for a gaming channel if youtube started a cryptocurrency this is how much it'd be worth this is how much we pay savage for his livestream appearances alright let's try this another way there are currently 19 million videos using hashtag shorts let's add another 5 million videos that don't use a hashtag and double a video count to represent an entire year worth of youtube shorts all hypothetical of course but in this example on average each video would earn this and let's try the same thing with creators currently 2.3 million channels have made a video using hashtag shots so let's add 50 to that number over the course of an entire year and this is how much on average each channel might get but here's the thing we know that not every single video and creator is going to get monetized on youtube shorts because youtube have already told us it's going to be invite only so what if it was only the top 1 well if only the top 1 percent of shorts creators were invited into that 100 million dollar fund they would on average net just under three thousand dollars each in their first year monetize on shorts i will admit i've been fairly creative and liberal with my calculations but let's go back to the two facts from youtube 100 million dollars and nearly two and a half trillion views whatever way you slice and dice that fund it is a minuscule amount for the mammoth size of the youtube shorts creator community it's either going to be a case of a minuscule number of creators earn a modest amount of income or a large amount of creators earn a couple of books for youtube shorts to be sustainable for creators they're either gonna have to start thinking about other income revenue streams as you should always do or ad revenue is going to supplement that fund yeah let's take a look at that youtube have said they are going to test ads between shorts but they have no idea if this is going to work this is why there is a 100 million dollar creator fund to guarantee some income for creators but for argument's sake let's say we live in a perfect world youtube figures out how to put ads in youtube shorts and you can earn revenue from those ads how much you likely to earn i want to credit nate of channel makers here for spotting this tick tock calculator that converts views into revenue based on a two cents per 1000 view cpm of course again this is all hypothetical but let's have a little fun with this okay so 100 000 views will net me two dollars a million views will net me twenty dollars ten million views will net me two hundred dollars and a hundred million views will net me two thousand dollars hang on hang on we need to put this through the jake feldman test as one of the biggest and best shots creators on the planet he's gained nearly 750 million views in the last month and that theoretically of course is going to bank him fifteen thousand dollars don't get me wrong fifteen thousand dollars a month is not a bad little earner but let me put it like this mr beast got 200 million views less than jake fellman in the same time period i think he's earning a little bit more than fifteen thousand dollars a month but who's to say money is everything when youtube announced the short creator fund this is what jake had to say to me being a creator on youtube has never been about the money as an artist the simple pleasure of sharing my animations with an audience who genuinely enjoys them is payment enough frankly i could never have imagined that over 3 billion people could be exposed to my artwork for the platform youtube has provided me i am grateful beyond words you know what this is probably the most valuable information in this entire video forget about youtube shorts monetization if you want to be a successful creator on youtube this is a mindset you want to have and with that being said let's have a quick fire round in the original announcement youtube say later this year so they've got plenty of breathing space before they even invite a single creator into the fun they also say that they will be inviting thousands of creators each month so expect it to be slow to begin with and then ramp up towards the latter part of 2021 we already know that youtube has very sophisticated detection algorithms for this through the youtube partner program don't expect any copyright content to get through don't expect any reuse content to get through i know some of you have probably experienced that when you've been applying for ypp and i'm also going to say this if i see a single creator get their content monetized that has a tick tock logo on it even if it is their own content i am going to be furious with youtube i'm here to watch youtube shorts not tip top videos it's gonna be an excruciating experience if youtube decide to do that they say they're going to be testing ads in between shots my guess is they're probably going to do it maybe every ten shots or every five shots whatever they think the sweet pot spot is but that's going to require testing now the small print when you make a youtube shot using popular music which seems to suggest not but at the same time i don't know if the creator fund is strictly going to be based on ad revenue it may be that you use popular music in your shorts and you get a non advertisement connected revenue from those videos but at the same time the owner of the music is going to want to cut of that as well a bit of a tricky conversation there and i think youtube needs to clarify that a bit more folks you are awesome for making it all the way to the end of another vid iq video if you want to learn more about youtube shorts then we've got a huge playlist over here however if you are sick and tired of this here is a code word i want you to put in the comments to confuse anyone who didn't get this far not another youtube shorts video

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YouTube Shorts: How To Make Money With Monetization

YouTube Shorts Monetization is on its way so let's take a look at how to make money from YouTube Shorts and how much money you might make from YouTube Shorts!

0:00 - YouTube Shorts: How To Make Money With Monetization
0:50 - Does watchtime count towards shorts monetization?
1:51 - Will I need an adsense account for Shorts monetization?
2:19 - What countries will Shorts monetization be available in?
3:33 - How much money can I make from Shorts monetization?
5:50 - How much money could I make from ad revenue on Shorts monetization?
8:13 - YouTube Shorts Monetization FAQS

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