WHO CAN MAKE MORE MONEY IN 24 HOURS!? Broke Popular Student VS Rich Loser Student by 123 GO! SCHOOL

Ahh. I slept so well! Money is the best blanket.
Ugh. There’s nothing good on TV. Ooh, what’s this?! Oh my gosh! I MUST have them! See those? I need them. What are you waiting for? Right now! Huh? Who are you? Oh! All right! Take them, please! Here you go, Miss. Yessss! I love them so much! Into the garbage bin you go! Huh? Wait a second… No… way! I can’t believe it! Look at them! They’re beautiful! No way. You want them? You gotta pay. Ugh. All right. I’ve got this. Is that enough? Great, thanks! Yessss! Wait, that’s that on the toe? Not a problem! I can fix that! Let’s see, where is it? Oh, there’s the marker I need. Time to fix the scuff. This is working great! Wow! They look like new! I can’t believe my luck with these shoes! And then she totally failed the test, too! No.

Way! Where did you get those?! What?! Are you rich now or something? I just need to rest my feet for a moment… And fix these straps… Huh? What’s she doing over there? I don’t get it. She’s so weird. Let’s get out of here. What the heck? Where are they going?! Oh! Guess it’s time to get out of bed! Ahh. I slept great. Oof. My hair is pretty tangled. Good thing I’ve got my comb! Ouch. Be careful, comb. Pull gently. There we go! All better! I’ll check the mirror. Yep. Definitely looking good this morning. Wow! You are so pretty! Aww, thanks Mom! Enjoy your breakfast. Mmm. This looks great. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Ouch. Wow. That’s some tough bread. Guess I’ll enjoy my water instead. Ahh. I slept so well! Money is the best blanket. Hello? I need some love now. Here. I want some affection. Oh, you’re so cute. Oh, come on. Fine. Here’s more money. Oh, you’re such a good girl! So pretty! Time’s up.

Seriously? You’re kinda the worst mom. Here. Is this enough to buy your love? Hmmm, let’s see… Aww. There’s my adorable girl! Let’s see, is anyone looking? It’s candy time! What is she doing over there? That tiny candy is dumb. Snacks, please! Oh my goodness. Look at all these treats! What should I pick? Mmm. So delicious! This movie is supposed to be great.

What’s that noise? Wow. Oh. Hi. Wow. No thanks. Huh? Oh no! I’m covered in chocolate! I’ve got to clean my face! Mm. This is going to be delicious. Oh, hello. Would you like some of my candy? Oh, have you seen this trailer? Okay, now I’m ready to do some flirting. Wait, what? Are they holding hands?! Ugh! I can’t believe it! She has all the good luck.

I’ll take that ring, please. Wow. That jewelry is so beautiful. I can’t even imagine what’s that like. Ohhh, I see. Hmmm. I wonder if I could help her out. Oh yeah! Hey! I’ve got a surprise for you! This carnation makes me think of you. Aww. That’s so sweet! Also, I have this ring for you. Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t believe it!! Okay, I’m ready. Okay, here it comes! There! A dream come true! I need to take some pics.

You are the absolute best! Okay, careful…careful… Ugh, get this dumb ring off me. Ugh. My hair is in my face. All right, I’ll need a hair binder, I guess. Do I have one in my pocket? Oh. My. Gosh! I found some gum! My day has totally been made! Yesss. Look at that perfect piece of gum! Hey! Can I have some gum too? Sure. Here you go. Hey. I heard you have some gum. Sure, you can have some too. Here’s some for you. And for you. Finally. It’s time for me to chew this gum. Everyone ready? It’s gum time! Mmm. That’s some great gum! Ugh. What is this on my denim jacket? Fiiiiine. I’ll just take it off.

Well, now what will I do? Hmm. That one’s right out. I guess that jacket could work. There we go. Much better. Hey. What’s this? Oh. Some money. And what’s in this pocket? Nice! Even more money! Perfect opportunity to shine my shoes. Ugh.  Now I have to pick up all this money.
Oh wow… Look at that cake! It looks gorgeous! Now to try the other desert… Gosh. I wish I had those desserts. Next up, this giant surprise egg! Let’s see what’s inside… Mmm. I love this chocolate. It’s so creamy. Oh, I wish I had creamy chocolate…

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WHO CAN MAKE MORE MONEY IN 24 HOURS!? Broke Popular Student VS Rich Loser Student by 123 GO! SCHOOL

Money is the best blanket.
What would you do if you were incredibly rich?
Let us know in the comments!

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