What is Pi Network | How To Make Money with Pi Network | Pi Network Reality | Pi Network Explained

So in today's video, we are going to talk about the Pi network how you can earn $500 on a daily basis using your mobile phone just by using it too many comments, too much messages, too much request came that I too make a video on this topic and guide you whether it is real or it is fake and if it is real then how can we make money from this Assalamualaikum , Welcome to the Channel HBA Services So in today's video, we are going to talk about the Pi network, how people can earn money using Pi network you have also often seen that you are getting the same messages everywhere on Facebook , WhatsApp this is a life-changing opportunity , you should download this application quickly and Start mining etc and you can earn up to 100-200-500-1000$$ on a daily basis Just as people ignored Bitcoin and today people regret it, so pie network can be like So at the start let me tell you what is the pie network? So basically it is a crypto currency like bitcoin but it has not been launched in the market yet.

Some people tell about its pricing, its price is so much but it is all estimated until it is launched in the currency market You can't say what its price will be, Some people are saying that it is $ 1, its price is $ 5 or some cents So find out when it launches whether it happens or not but if launched it shows that its value is not even worth some money So Depends that after the launch the value of this currency, when people will trade it in the market, then we will know what the value of it will be But the announcement of the pie network was done in 2019 but it has not been launched yet every time it is said that we have such a million target, we will launch as soon as the user completes but today is 2021 So far this currency has not been launched, so here you may have a bit of an issue that if it were real it should have been launched but it has not happened yet even now over 10 million downloads have been made on their app now I also come on the application how you can earn money using the app as they explain We talk about that too but 10 million plus downloads have been done but this currency has not been launched yet Now we talk about it’s app that all you have to do is to go to the play store download the app of Pi Network and just click on the button of Mining once in 24 hours and your mining will start After that, the coins of your Pi network will start being generated and at the time when this currency will be launched if you have a lot of coins and you will earn money by selling it immediately this is the reason why people write in messages that this is the golden opportunity to earn $ 500 in a day, don't let it go So let me tell you, first of all, this is not the first currency that has been launched in this way it means that so much hype has been created even before that a lot of currency has come and gone before getting launched by fraudulent people People say that the application is free, the application is downloading for free, so it is being mined for free so what has happened to anyone, who are we giving any money to anyone, brother, let me tell you one thing today In and in the coming period, the most important thing is data you do not even know what is the value of your data After this application comes in your mobile , what information or detail they are capturing we don't even know We click on ok without reading the terms and conditions like I accept, I accept, I accept So soon, a person does not even say confesses, confesses, confesses, as soon as we accept the terms and conditions what are you doing, do you mean so soon as soon as you download this kind of application there is a strong possibility here that your data will be leaked, they will store which application you use what data is stored there, even what is in your gallery, what is in the camera, access to all these things is taken and you people feel everything is fun, this app is in mobile even though it is uploaded on their database and they can easily access all your data by processing the backend everything whether you are using their application in your mobile or not So if you are using anything for free, it does not mean that it will be equally secure then you should take care of these things Now I will directly convince you not to do it, because if you ask me personally then at the moment it is not complete on my behalf, I will refuse you all Do not get caught in all this right now Sharing this and telling that you will get rich immediately, this will happen, that will happen, so if you ask me Do not get caught in all this but still you want to use it,If you think that something like this can happen then do it in such a way that if you want to use it, you have to download their app then do it in a device that does not have of any kind of data If there is an extra phone you can download this application in it and after that whatever you want to be mining after 24 hours, there is a wonderful mining system if it happens like this then it is amazing But let's do that mining for your comfort so that you don't have any tension any of our data will be leaked or some such personal information may be leaked Look, I have told you earlier that a lot of applications have come before this even they took a lot of information like details of ID card, details of passport, don't know what By collecting so much data, those applications those coin they disappeared See, man crypto currency is also a complete study, people study crypto currency for many years and after that they come into trading, then those exports are hire whenever someone have to invest in a cryptocurrency Crypto currency is not a gamble that today you will invest money and get rich in the next morning crypto currency is also a complete study it is whole research, you should also take an experience on this you should study it and then you should trade in it so this was a short video from my side, in which I told you there are so much request of you guys that please make a video over pie Network so This is the overview of this video my advice is, who are currently sharing this app through referral links, if so many referrals will be made you will get so many pie networks, then brother, this is my suggestion that do not share it I will also refuse for application, do not download it and if you want to then do it on a device that has no connection with any of your data the rest, if they demand from you about any kind of private detail in future, then do not pay it until it is launched in the market those who are experts of crypto, unless they share their opinion about it, do not invest any money in it nor do you share any private information like your ID People who do it often then you should not do any such things So this was today's video, I hope you must have liked this video and information if you like it, then do like it ,Subscribe if you’re new on channel and share it with your friends especially with them who are engrossed in all these things work hard, pray for good luck from Allah Taala, that's all I will say I will meet you In Shaa Allah in the next video till then Allah Hafiz

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What is Pi Network | How To Make Money with Pi Network | Pi Network Reality | Pi Network Explained

In this video, I’m going to show you, What is Pi Network | How To Make Money with Pi Network | Pi Network Reality | Pi Network Explained

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