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Hello, everyone welcome today’s video We’re going to be talking about Twitter ads. It’S gon na be a theme for our next, probably four or five. Maybe six videos And we’re gon na explain to you a little bit about the pros and the cons, which is today’s video and we’re gon na talk about setup and optimization and scaling and we’re gon na give a bit of a masterclass on how to run Twitter Ads profitably, So for those of you who don’t know who we are, I run a pay-per-lead agency.

Well, I’ve got a few of them. Actually, One in the UK, one in Canda and one in Sri Lanka and what we do is we sell, leads to clients for X and we generate those leads for half X and the difference between those two amounts is our profit margin And it’s a vastly superior way.

In my opinion to run an agency, then the old-school retainer model – It’s worked well for us, and what we’ve done is that we’ve created an education program where we help agencies move from the old way to the new way and there’s a link below this video, which You’Ll be able to click to there’ll, be a case study on how we do it and how you can do it yourself and start making that transition.

But before we get started, have you been struggling with Facebook ads? Have you been having ad accounts shut down, BMS shut down, your personal account being shut down?

It seems like it’s just chaos over there in Facebook land And if you are struggling comment below on this video and we’ll try our best to get back to you and help you if you’ve been having some problems.

But anyway, let’s talk about Twitter ads and what the pros and cons are.

So the pros are: why are things better or really good over at Twitter? There’S less competition?

How many gurus do you know that are punting Twitter ads? I would say, after some of our content gets a little bit more followed and a little bit more viral you’ll start seeing other gurus pushing Twitter ads. That’S just the way it’s gon na go, but there’s not too many people talking about it, which means there’s cheap cost per 1,000 impressions and cheap cost per clicks.

There’S not as many advertisers out there. They’Ve got a lot of spare inventory.

There’S also different audiences to target So not only different kind of interests and things like that I’ll talk about handle targeting in a bit, but also there’s a certain type of person. That’S over at Twitter. That’S not on Facebook.

I guess they’re, probably a little bit more educated and up to date with kind of content and news sharing and articles and events of the worlds and things like that, So they’re a little bit more educated, which means there’s some offers or some verticals that you might Be running ads in that are better suited to the Twitter platform.

There’S tons of traffic available/ We’Ve been running Twitter ads for probably about three years now believe or not on and off, but when we first started with Twitter ads, I ran an offer for a particular vertical and we were getting paid. I think 18 pounds per lead and we hit pay dirt with one of the audiences we were targeting and I had Analytics on the website and I could see people going through the funnel and hitting the thank you page, and it was literally happening every 10 seconds.

You could see the thank you page being hit. Thank you page, being hit.

Thank you page being hit, and the number of people that were hitting were going through that funnel and becoming a lead was just accelerating so fast that we just had to stop it because the client couldn’t take anymore leads And I’ve never seen anything like it on Any traffic platform It was just like turning on a tap
And it was amazing to see

So there’s tons of traffic available and if you get the funnel and the offer and your angle into the market correct, then it’s really good There’s handle targeting. So you can target people that are following a handle. So some of the big Martin Lewis over here in the UK has Money Saving Expert and he has a big following

So you can target people that follow him or similar to people that are following him And if you’re running a kind of money, saving offer or something like that, then that might be a really good person to target and there’s all sorts of celebrities and all sorts Of big players out there or big influencers, I guess that will sit certain type of offers, which means you can target them. It’S very powerful Linear performance If you’ve been running Facebook ads and you’ve seen days where things are just going brilliantly and you get a lot of leads or great performance from Facebook. And then you don’t change anything and then the next day it just drops off a cliff and then the next day it’ll be good again and then you’ll have two days of poor performance.

Then it’s good again.

It’S just like very frustrating and there’s no rhyme or reason to it, sometimes With Twitter. If you’re bidding a dollar a click and that’s getting, you leads for $ 17 and you’re selling them for $ 35 or whatever. That is, It will continue. If you don’t change, anything it’ll continue just like that, Once you’ve got it dialed in it is a linear performance.

There won’t be any drop offs and ups and downs like in Facebook,

It’S just much more linear and stress free, It’s kind of much more measurable, which is a massive bonus’cause. Sometimes Facebook drives you round the bend, as we all know. I mentioned before that. There’S a different type of person on Twitter People that read more newsy articles and are perhaps a little bit more educated, And you can also run curiosity-based ads on Twitter. So a little bit more click bait-y to get people to leave the ad onto your website where they can consume some of your content and an advertorial is a great way to do that.

So advertorial campaigns work really well a pre-sales page stuff like that, So lots of pros. They have really good pros Some of the cons which are not that significant. To be honest with you, The first one is poor conversion tracking
I think there’s an issue with iOS devices and the way that Twitter monitors conversions on iOS devices. So what will happen is you’ll only see roughly one in 10 leads, which means, if you’re trying to optimize a campaign within the Twitter platform, you’ll see a lot less leads than are actually happening.

So you don’t wan na be turning off any ads or anything like that, just in case they’re performing really well.

So you need to have your tracking set up on a third-party, whether it be Google Analytics or we use our own software. But it’s gon na be difficult to get going unless you know the leads that are coming in and where they’re coming in from
So you’ll need to sort out your tracking yourself rather than rely on Twitter. Second thing is sometimes it spends too fast. Sometimes. So, if you bid too high on your cost per clicks, your $ 500 budget can be spent in half an hour.

If you don’t keep an eye on it, And that has happened to us – and it’s not very nice, so you need to start low with your bids and then gradually edge them up until you start getting traffic, Not as user friendly
So you see now with Google Ads, whether it be YouTube ads or search or GDN or whatever, that is over on Google and in the same with Facebook. It’S just super easy to use now easy to find your targeting

Twitter’S not quite there yet They’re, still struggling a little bit with that user interface, which makes it a bit more hard. The other thing is, it takes two weeks to get an ad account up. So if you’re listening to this video today, we’re gon na be releasing some more over the few weeks with Twitter training.
Why don’t you go ahead and open up a Twitter account now and you’ll be ready for when the rest of our content comes out So two weeks to get an ad account approved to run Age range, targeting sucks The way you select?

It is fine. It’S more! The reporting They kind of do this weird thing where they overlap so they’ll have an age bracket in your reporting, where it’s 18 to 60
And then they’ll also have an 18 to 25 age bracket and a 25 to 30 and all of the traffic will be showing in the 18 to 60, and then a small proportion will be in the 18 to 35 or 18 to 25 or whatever. It is.

And it’s just overlapping, So you’ll see all of the traffic in the larger age bracket and you’ll see a proportion of the traffic in the smaller one.

So it’s hard to decipher. What’S actually working, I don’t know if I’ve explained that very well, but it’s so confusing. It’S hard to explain if that makes sense, So it’s not a good thing.
The stop/start initially So when you start advertising, if you wan na really you’ve got something dialed in and you wan na generate a lot of volume. They start you slow, so you only get a few hundred bucks to spend and then you’ll have to hit up support.

After you’ve spent it and then they’ll give a little bit more and then you’ll repeat that process five or six times before they start trusting you, which means that it can be very stop/start in nature, which is frustrating. And the last thing is it’s harder to get support Facebook’s terrible for support. Google Ads is amazing.

Twitter’S not so good, either.
It’S hard to get support and help within your campaigns and get a Twitter up, and things like that.

So that’s about it for Twitter, ads on the pros and cons. As I said, we’re gon na be giving some more content out on this. If you are looking to run and build a pay-per-lead agency, then we do obviously have a program to help you do this and accelerate the process. We have SOPs setting up procedures for all of our Twitter ads.
We’Ll give you checklists you’ll, get one-on-one support within our mastermind group and calls weekly.

So if you do wan na accelerate your pay-per-lead agency, then you can jump on a call with us and we’ll see if you’re a good fit, But that’s it for today We’ll see you in the next video Bye

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Twitter Ads 2020 | Beginners Guide - The Pros and Cons | Flexxable

Twitter Ads 2020 | Beginners Guide - The Pros and Cons

In this video you will learn about the pros and cons of running Twitter Ads. You will learn why this is a great platform to target for Lead Generation and how running Twitter ads can boost your Agency to the next Level.

So, Twitter may not be the largest social media network out there (with 330 million monthly active users, as opposed to Facebook’s 2.7 billion). But while the little blue bird may not be on the same scale as Facebook or Google AdWords, there are still tonnes of benefits to using Twitter as an advertising platform.

Today’s post is all about the pros and cons of Twitter ads.

1. Less Competition
2. You're Advertising To A Different Audience
3. Interest and Handle Targeting
4. Twitter Is Much More Linear Than Facebook
5. Twitter Users Are More Open To Reading Detailed Content

1. Poor Conversion Tracking
2. Twitter Spends Too Fast
3. It's Not User-Friendly
4. It Takes Two Weeks To Set Up An Ad Account
5. It Can Be Difficult To Get The Right Support

Twitter Advertising 2020 | Twitters Ads beginners guide
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