hello everyone welcome back to my channel today we're going to talk about top productivity apps for entrepreneur my name is michelle sun and i have been running my own business for the past seven years in this channel i'm going to talk about anything related to entrepreneurship personal growth and personal finance if you're new to this channel don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you can get notified for the next video if there's one thing that every entrepreneur freelancers or side hustlers want more of is time which means that you must manage your time properly to get the right things done there are so many softwares and apps out there to help you level up your productivity they all have beautiful websites and nicely designed interfaces as an entrepreneur i'm constantly testing out new software and apps to make myself more productive and help my team get more stuff done in this video i'm going to share top productivity apps that myself and my team love make sure to stay till the end of this video for one bonus app that i've discovered lately and you might like as well without further ado let's get into it number one top productivity app that my team loves is airtable airtable is just like google sheets on steroids it is a powerful productivity and collaboration tool that you can organize complex projects amongst your team on air table you can find a lot of different templates for project management including editorial calendar customer relationship management and product launches one of my personal favorite with air table is that it offers both a calendar and kanban style view with the same air table sheet you can toggle between a calendar view where sometimes you're planning a project with different deadlines or editorial or content calendar or toggle it to a kanban style where you can see different tasks in various stages you can also create a form on airtable and embed it onto any websites but the life-changing feature of airtable to me and my team is that you can actually program your airtable sheets what it means is that you can actually link your air table base to other software like slack which is our internal communication tools i'll share more about it later in this video or your email service provider like mailchimp or convertkit airtable allows you to automate a lot of your workflow that otherwise you would need one of your teammates or hire a virtual assistant to do honestly i feel like we're still just scratching the surface when it comes to air table's powers and my team and i are constantly discovering new features to add on to our air table bases simply put i just can't imagine not using airtable after having used it for a year or so now and can't wait for you guys to check it out airtable is free to use for premium features you can start at 12 per users per month the second top productivity app that my team and i use every single day is slack for those who are not familiar slack is like an internal communication tool that allows you to communicate instantaneously send instant messages within the team and create different channels and private chats and group chats for my team a lot of us are working remotely and it's very useful for us to communicate and leave messages for when other teammates are awake in different time zones to me slack is like a replacement for email for us internally before starting to use slack my team and i would be using emails to communicate on the smallest things or have to resort to some personal communication channels like whatsapp or messages another awesome feature about slack is that you can integrate it with other apps that you use for your business for example your storefronts like shopify email service provider like mailchimp or convertkit you can then get a birth eye view of your business through seeing messages coming through during the day for example whenever there is a sale coming through from your shopify store there can be a slack message that comes through or whenever there's a lead that comes through there's a slack message as well that being said the feature that i've been super excited about is called slack connect just like the internal communication tool slack is offering slack connect now for people to invite other people in other businesses to join their internal slack tool so that seems like a mouthful but one example that we've been using for our business is that we use a lot of different freelancers contractors or different vendors for other parts of our businesses so with slack connect we can now invite these users to join our own slack and we can communicate with them real time as well instead of email so slack is also free to use and you can upgrade it to the premium version at 667 per user per month the third top productivity app that saves me hours every week is calendly so as an entrepreneur your life properly revolves around meetings whether it's interviews internal meetings or partnerships one of the most annoying and time-consuming things is that dreaded threat of messages to find the right time to meet for two parties or worse yet three four people so our usual back and forth would be are you free this afternoon at four no how about tomorrow at two no how about next month no that is why my go-to productivity tool when it comes to scheduling meetings is calendly calendar is an online scheduling tools that allow you to upload your schedule or your preferred time slots for taking meetings and allow people that has that link to that calendly to book a time slot on your calendar whenever someone makes a booking it'll send you an email or a calendar invite to both people to confirm the meeting the best thing is that it's free to use and if you want advanced features like reminders payment processing then the premium plan starts at eight dollars per user per month number four top productivity app that i love for my business is sapir it's a little hard to explain what sapir does without actually seeing it work sapir is an online automation tool that allows you to connect your favorite apps like gmail calendar hubspot mailchimp slack and automate repetitive tasks without coding or hiring a developer sometimes i think of zapier as kind of like this invisible teammate that we have on our team that is silently helping us do a lot of these repetitive tasks in the background here are some examples that zapier can help you do you can program sapir to automatically store any attachment from your emails into google drive or dropbox you can also set up alerts such that your team is notified whenever something important happen in your business for example whenever a sale happens or when your site goes down you can send a message on slack you can also use sapir to save or backup data onto your crm for example once someone fill in your facebook lead form from your facebook ads you can program sapir to store these leads onto your customer relationship management tool like hubspot the possibilities are endless when it comes to savier and it even has a whole recipe libraries on the sapir's official website that you can browse through the bottom line is that sapir is a life-changing tool for our team because it automates a lot of redundant tasks and free up ourselves to do more valuable things sapir is free to use for up to a hundred tasks per month and then the paid plans start at twenty dollars per month depending on how many tasks you need the fifth top productivity tool that i love is called rescue time rescue time i think is one of the most underrated productivity tool out there is a software that you install onto your computer and it runs silently at the background to record and measure the use of time on your computer on different software and then it would track how productive you are by categorizing every activity on your computer and give you a weekly report i really like rescuetime because it is a good pulse track of how i am spending my time week by week sometimes if i look at my weekly report and for a couple of weeks my productivity has been going down and i've been spending a lot of time on distracting things i would then be asking myself whether i need to recalibrate and change up some things and make myself feel more productive again rescue time is free to use for the first 14 days and then is six and a half dollars per month number six top productivity tool that we use every single day in my team is asana asana is a beautiful task management tools that i personally just feel so much joy from logging onto it and checking out its mobile app whenever the notification comes up my team and i have used so many different project management tools over the years like base camp trello and i really think that asana is the one that delivers the most delight when it comes to project management tools asana allows you to assign tasks manage projects and track deadlines in a nice interface asana is a great productivity tool for small and large teams and it really keeps everyone on the same page when you're managing multiple projects the way i think about asana is that it is similar to slack in a sense that it drastically cut down the number of emails that i receive when it comes to internal communications it also keep everyone on track on different deadlines and keep everyone accountable asana is free to use and then for more advanced features or larger teams pricing start at 11 per user per month the seventh top productivity tool that i use in my team is grammarly grammarly has been one of my favorite productivity apps especially with remote work becoming more and more of a global norm communicating well on writing is one of the most underrated skills it can be as simple as writing a message on slack or answering a customer's email writing up a blog post or an instagram caption so grammarly is like an artificial intelligence powered writing assistant or more like a writing coach for me again once you install grammarly it runs on the background and whenever you're writing something it will pop up some suggestions and corrections for you so you can get rid of the spelling errors grammar mistakes and even make your tone more professional grammarly is one of the world's best automated tracker and proofreader sometimes i almost feel like grammarly is like my high school english teacher that is silently reading all of my english and making sure my grammar is accurate one of the features i love the most when it comes to grammarly is that text your tone and style of your writing sometimes it will rate my tone as assertive as hopeful or as playful or funny grammarly also sent you a weekly recap of how your writing is like the past week how much new vocabulary you're using in your writing and how you compare with other people in the world that is using grammarly grammarly works in every single platform like the web your laptop your smartphone and your tablets it's free to use and there's also a premium plan starting at 1166 dollars per month when it comes to top productivity apps i must mention later is a post scheduling tools for all of your social media platforms including instagram twitter pinterest and facebook on later you can upload all of your photos that you want to use for your social media and scheduling using either a calendar view or a list view find hashtag suggestions find the best time to post your social media and also see the engagement metrics on each post i love that later has a really easy to use interface and very visual so you can actually be dragging and dropping your posts and scheduling them without going through too many clicks later is free to use for a limited amount of posts per profile per month and the paid plan starts at seven and a half dollars per month number nine top productivity tool that i highly recommend is canva i'm a true believer that productivity tools can save you time and some of them can even save you money immediately so canva is one of those in this second category canva is a graphic design platform that works on the web where you can drag and drop and create your own graphics it's free to use and doesn't require advanced design skills canva makes it easy for non-designers like myself to create beautiful professional looking images you don't need to have any design experience or talent to create beautiful professional looking graphics personally i have found canvas interface so easy to use that i almost feel like a talented designer sometimes my team and i use canva for all sorts of graphic related tasks including website banner our facebook banner our instagram posts or even our instagram stories you can also use canva to create logos presentations posters or invites so on and so forth canva is free to use and for the professional plan it's starting at 9.95 us dollars per month and you get access to millions of stock photos that you can use on your designs the 10th top productivity tools that i recommend is audible as an entrepreneur i'm constantly learning new skills and keeping up with the latest development in the industry these days i'm staring at the computer or my smartphone for way longer than i like to admit and so whenever during my downtime i love listening to audiobooks so i don't need to stare at another screen to receive more information with the hundreds of thousands of titles on audible i can listen to things and learn on the go for example when i'm running errands doing my laundry or making dinner there are tens of thousands of titles on topics like personal development or business and i highly recommend downloading audible to uplevel your mindset your skills during your downtime audible is a free app to download and they also offer a monthly subscription for 14.95 per month speaking of audiobooks i'm also a big fan of podcasts which i think of it as a shorter form of audiobooks overcast is a podcasting apps that allow you to play and subscribe to podcasts i personally prefer overcast over the apple podcasting app because of advanced features like smart speed up i like listening to podcasts 1.2 1.5 times speed when i'm running errands outside or doing errands around the house i love tuning in to a podcast using overcast overcast is free to download and yeah check it out even though i don't use it on a daily basis i really like to recommend it to you and this is not sponsored this app is called forest and it is a productivity tool that allows you to focus for a set amount of time and if you focus for a set amount of time you will earn some coins and when you accumulate enough amount of coins you will be planting a tree and it's a real tree somewhere in the world when i first discovered forest i thought it was a very gimmicky thing to do to prevent you to be distracted from your phone so i highly recommend you to check it out and use it for a break time during your work day so the forest app costs 199 us dollars and it's on all mobile platforms as an entrepreneur you need a combination of productivity tools and great time management techniques i hope you liked this video and found some of these productivity tools helpful leave a comment down below on your favorite productivity tool i'd love to hear from you and test out some of these apps don't forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel and one last thing follow me on instagram where i share daily tips and inspiration on entrepreneurship and my behind the scenes running my own business see you in the next video bye you

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