Top 5 EASY Industries To Make Money in TROPICO 6 (FOR BEGINNERS)

well well well well well what is up your feet with 
youtube my name is Jerutastic and how are you guys   doing i hope you guys are doing okay i see a lot 
of new Tropico 6 players and i'm very happy to see   that the game is going somewhat mainstream because 
this game deserves a lot of love i've been playing   Tropico literally since Tropico then Tropico 2, 3, 
4, 5, 6 and i see you guys have been watching the   guys that i put out years ago for the Tropico 6 
players but now we got new ones so this video i'm   gonna be showing you what are the most profitable 
industries in Tropico 6 or what are the industries   are gonna gonna make you the most money in Tropico 
6 now keep in mind before we start while let's put   this camera around and show around this island a 
little bit this animal was just for fun i've done   five seasons of this some seasons are special 
themed and some are not so if you want to see   a full season there's literally five seasons you 
could watch so keep in mind before we start some   of the industries might not be in a colonial 
era some might be in the cold war era some   might be in the world war era maybe in the modern 
times i'll try not to do the modern times one but   i'm gonna give you the most simple ones that's 
number one number two thing we're gonna focus on   is industries that a don't need a lot of resources 
and b don't need a lot of workforce for example   yes selling ships and cars and weapons is 
gonna make you a lot of money in Tropico 6   but the reality is they need a lot of workforce 
they need a lot of resources materials for example   rum distilleries are pretty pretty pretty good 
production value our lifetime 100 uh 1.18 million   dollars right about a quarter million expenses and 
whatnot that's just one of them that's one of many   so rum distillery is the number one i always and 
i will always continue recommending for you guys   because it's simple all you need is a sugar 
plantation and sugar you can sell the outside   you could use for inside the island or you can 
use for a rum distillery so number one is the rum   distillery is one of the best industries one of 
most simplest industries that you can do for your   island number two the cigar cigar industry 
as you can see 1.5 million dollar lifetime   revenue about a quarter million once again in 
expenses now that's again that's just one of them   the cigar industry is a good profitable industry 
in Tropico 6 and one of the easiest to set up all   you need is tobacco plantations okay so keep 
in mind once again what we're talking about   here we're talking about industries that are just 
so easy to set up you don't have to do anything   besides plan a plantation and blah blah blah blah 
and go if we take a look at revenue for example   let's take a look at export as you can see even in 
the time that we're in in the modern era rum and   cigars are doing us a great favor here so expenses 
are about nine and nine hundred thirty thousand   revenue is about one point three million so you're 
looking at about four hundred thousand dollars in   expense and in revenue a month on the island right 
so rum and cigars are very very very good and very   easy number three as you can see here cheese 
yes because you don't need nothing for cheese   let me go to my cheese factory here now i haven't 
been in this island for for a while so i do admit   i'm a little rusty where things are at 
but for example i know this is one of the   newest creameries that we have um all the needs 
is milk so you gotta just put a branch and as   you can see 1.15 again and expenses are the same 
about a quarter million because these all started   around the same time and you got the goats that 
are producing enough for us of course like i   said if i was to look around there are other 
ones on the island but we're talking about rum   cigar and the creamery aka the cheese factory 
number four tourism you need you need people to   come to your island i mean i have a whole like sex 
small section of silence just for tourism and you   guys look at this almanac revenue revenue tourist 
services 127 000 dollars in the last period   127 000 on fees and on rents which is 
hotels and whatnot now keep in mind   you need to make sure you have a somewhat decent 
workforce and start small then go big don't just   start off with the first tourism by a skyscraper 
hotel start off with a little economy hotel then   a hotel and etc so on and so forth as you can see 
my island is literally littered with with tourist   attractions almost everywhere and hotels i mean 
there are sections obviously i try to zone them to   fit specific ones here and there and whatnot all 
these tasks i'm not worried about again because   like i don't really play this island anymore i use 
it more of experimental ground now as you can see   but um so tourism is the number four but tourism 
might not really kick in until around the   cold war era okay like we talked about the 
beginning of the video we're talking about simple   industries and not all of them gonna be in the 
same age or the same era if you will number five   bureaucracy politics now these are really three 
different things that we can all gather up in one   now again this might be in a cold war era 
obviously you're not gonna have a bank in   the colonial era we know that but let's take 
a look at this again once again revenue and we   take a look at revenue we take a look at the 
miscellaneous section 181 thousand dollars   combined with wealth tax advertisement interest 
convict labor we're not going to really focus   on tourist fees because we cover that or 
transport because it's really insignificant   but if you take a look at the wealth 
tax approval rating is about 69   oh well they can be mad they can be mad you got 
an island to run here ladies and gentlemen i know   you're new to this game sometimes you got to put 
your dictator shoes on and not be so democratic   hey man you're wealthy cool let me get some money 
off of you you know sometimes you got to do that   so the political industry quote unquote is a fifth 
one i can give you you really need nothing besides   population right obviously don't piss people 
off or you're gonna have military coup after   military coup or uprising after an uprising 
try to keep it legit try to keep it civil   but that's what it is now once again to wrap this 
up these are industries that are just good to go   nothing crazy i know i see people in 
the comments in other videos be like no   he's wrong shipyards are more vehicle factories 
more weapons you're absolutely right but in order   for us to even get anything like that going this 
is not off the bat thing i need steel and i need   rubber i need electricity that's another thing 
i forgot to mention with these things i need   mining factories i need something to even process 
the rubber there's so many things that go into   this for example you take a look at a plastic 
plant you need the oil and you need corn just   to produce plastics so these are all good i am not 
telling you do not do these big industries do them   but not off the bat not if you're new to the game 
start off small build your way up in this game   you will enjoy it and last but not least do not 
listen to anybody that tells you that Tropico 6   has a right or wrong way to play it you can play 
it any way you want to play it you want to be   dictator go for it you want to be a republican go 
for it you want to be democracy system go for it   you want to be a military dictatorship go for it 
matter of fact i've made like different seasons   based on different themes so whatever you want 
to do go for it i'm glad to see more Tropico 6   players coming here if you like Tropico 6 stuff 
you are truly in the right channel one of the best   channels for Tropico 6 and i'll give myself a pat 
on the back for that i don't care how that sounds   i've been playing this game for so long i know 
the ins and outs of it but that being said   ladies and gentlemen hope you enjoyed this 
episode if it didn't helped you out help   me out by hitting the subscribe button and the 
like button and if you have any questions feel   free to join my discord with that being said my 
name is Jerutastic and I am i'll see you guys you

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Top 5 EASY Industries To Make Money in TROPICO 6 (FOR BEGINNERS)

Today Tropico 6 Tutorial focuses especially on simple industries that can make you money in Tropico 6 quick and these industries are one and done, meaning they only need another one simple industries for them to run, for example, a Creamery just needs a Ranch to produce Milk, that is one industry.

Yes, we know there are other industries that can make you more money in Tropico 6 however, for beginners they are not ideal since it is not a 'One and Done' Industry, this is why I only included industries that are ideal for beginners.

If you want more Tropico 6 Tutorials then I have other help tutorials videos for you, make sure you check out the playlist below.

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