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Hello everyone, In this video I will give you my top 10 books, They do not have content books that are easy to create, good sales, One in particular sells over 8000 books a month and doesn't have a huge amount from competition. So, if you are an experienced Amazon KDP publisher, Or just starting out and looking to break into that passive income online, which generate profits, create business, Then follow along as I give you my top 10 picks. Now you may notice a change in the background because I just moved I'm back in Australia and I'm currently in a hotel for a 14-day quarantine . So bear with me for now. right Now , If you haven't been here before, welcome to the channel. My name is Paul Marlis and I make videos on how to make, keep and grow it. And this is your money I'm talking about. So if you like videos like this, Please give it a thumbs up. And hit the subscribe button and smash that notification bell to receive Notice when I make more videos like this.

So first of all, What do I mean by books without content? Okay , They are books that do not have any words or writing in them. The most common, which most people know, Are those magazines and notebooks with blank lines that you can buy in Almost everywhere. But we won't look at calligraphy books in this video. Instead of that , We'll look at some types of books you might not have thought of Which sells well on Amazon. If you are wondering how to get started in this business, I'll leave a link to my book publishing tutorials here on YouTube, below the description. The books I am going to show you sell at least a hundred per month, and some much more, Where a book sells about $8000 per month and the publisher brings in about $2000 a month, which I think you'll agree it's pretty good.

Calculate book sales using the tool at, Which I actually find under Report Sales, is probably the higher end The number I give you is more accurate. Now one of the problems with these types of books is that they are a lot easier to read Create many of those low-content books. You can create multiple covers of the same type of book without problems Duplicate content. Therefore, as a result, it will produce Some publishers have a lot of these kinds of books and they flood the market rubbish and they also sell at very cheap price, Which I don't recommend. I haven't found a single successful publisher that uses this particular technique . I'm in a few of these outlets myself. I usually sell my books for $6.99 and they sell very well As I mentioned in the previous videos, but if the price is low, Customers don't necessarily think they are getting a deal.

They just think it's cheap and of poor quality, Although they are all printed by the same company, Amazon. Most customers don't actually know it. So I'd rather sell a slightly lower number at a higher profit margin. But at the end of the day, the choice is yours. How do I find these books? Well, I checked out the Book Bolt, which contains my favorite niche search tool called The Cloud, Which is great for finding those bestselling books and sections.

It doesn't list them all, but I use it to come up with ideas for my next books. I also looked at the interiors on Tangent moldings and searched for them on Amazon. I also used the list of domains I created over the three years past as it happened. I keep it as a list in Microsoft To Do which I recommend you do the same way In which you will usually come across different types of interesting books With high wages and in light of saturated markets. And you'll find these things while doing your own research on Amazon. Then I came up with a list of the top 10 books, put it in a spreadsheet, Which sell well and have low competition keywords. You may find that the main search term, Which is the root keyword, contains a lot of search results and thus competitors on Amazon.

But if you follow the principles outlined in my keyword research video, which I will leave a link to below, You will find that these keywords are easy to rank, But it is still making sales. So I will list them by number of sales, Made by books listed via the KDP platform, with lowest first. And then I will tell you where you can get these interiors and some for free. If you want to skip straight to that, or to a certain niche, You can see it if you hover over the timeline below.

All tools and videos mentioned in this video, I'll also link to it in the description below. So be sure to check those out. OK. So for the first place it is paper books to practice calligraphy. Now these are the books with papers that people can practice Calligraphy made. The bestseller I found has been rated as a bestseller by 123,897, Which equates to about 39 to 100 selling a month, which is good, with Considering how quickly you can actually create one of these books.

As with all the books I'm going to show you, The interiors are very basic and easy to find. calligraphy practice sheet contains 2000 search results on amazon, Which is a little high, but with research, You will find those keywords that are least competitive. And if you look at the cover designs, they vary, but you know, they're pretty basic. Next is a dot matrix notebook. Many know these magazines as dotted magazines, But this is actually a trademarked term. So use a raster grid magazine instead. These are pages with a lot of small dots and they are used for many different purposes .

I actually use these types of books myself. The main search term now has over 1,000 respectable search results. It is easiest to rank them on Amazon. So your book has a better chance of being found by customers. one more time , Cover designs are essential, But you are in competition with such non-KDP publishers as these here. Next is the guitar notebook that musicians use to write lyrics for songs And the guitar pad, which is used to play the strings on the guitar. Now the search results are 1000, which is good. There are a variety of different types of covers. KDP's best selling book has been rated as a bestseller and is 50771, Which equates to about 90 to 180 sales per month. In fourth place is the isometric graph paper used by engineers and mathematicians and designers.

This contains very few Amazon search results 436 and more First page best seller best seller 25762 It sells about 160 to 330 a month. So this is a good thing to consider. Many books have an isometric graph style on the front cover, Which seems to be a common thread. So maybe you do something different to stand out from the competition. Next is the drawing book. In Book Bolt, this always appears as the best seller on their list. If you do a basic search for a sketch book, The first page bestseller will have a bestseller rating of 24342 which is The equivalent of selling about 100 to 150 per month. These are likely to have absolutely essential internals. The pages are almost blank, But it is not completely blank because KDP will not accept it. For the base search term, The search results are 3000, so it's a bit more competitive, But I made a video specifically for this field, It is linked below and has low competition keywords listed on my Gumroad Store متجر Again, the link is below. Now number six is ​​the graph paper notebook, Which you are probably more familiar with. People use it to take regular notes and people like engineers and mathematicians Also.

2000 search results for graph paper composition book. But this is where I work and there are many less competitive keywords, If you do your research. The KDP bestseller on this page has a ranking of 13,626 And sell 290 to 570 per month. So we're really hitting the decent money mark. Now next is his kanji paper exercise book Customers to write their own Japanese writing and practice writing Japanese. KDP's bestseller as a bestseller is 15,934 It sells 300 to 600 per month. And the search results are only 586. So again, good to consider. Many covers, understandably, It has a Japanese feel to them.

Next to Eight is the essential storage magazine aimed at children. Here they write the story and also draw pictures in empty box. The interior is very very basic. You can easily create this yourself if you want to. Most of the covers are kids themed stuff like unicorns And dinosaurs search results come in 1000. Best seller on this page rated 8105, Sell ​​450 to 900 per month, Which is very good. Now at number nine, the blank comic book. one more time , I made a video about this niche, link below, I also have keywords listed for this on my Gumroad store. This is another place I've been to and it's very competitive. However , These are the least competitive keywords available that still get good search numbers monthly. Most of these books are published on KDP. They all have the same cover theme and are rated best sellers at 1,554 Selling 1,600 to 3,200 per month.

So now we're getting into the big income league here if you want to. Now finally is the niche of the Handwriting Classifier. one more time , I made a video about this, and the income potential was huge with the bestselling book that Posted by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Which received a rating of 388 and sold from 4200 to 8300 months. That's an ascending number of about $2,000 per month at this particular price.

And that's pure profit, and I think you'll agree it's pretty cool. This book is now sold for only $3.99, which is very low. So you are likely to find that there are others on that page who are selling less, But they make way more because the prices of their books are higher. And for the main keyword, There are still only 1000 search results with many keywords with search results, Less, which is easy to arrange. If you want to have a look at this, Then again, the links below are in the description.

I know now that some sales numbers are going to make some people complain Than it is impossible. Markets are saturated, such and such and such. this is good. If so , Take a look at other ways to make money online and post. I always consider him a person, A person like me and you are the one who rated his book highly in this place. So this is not impossible. Just keep in mind. Do you think this book will rank first in three Or five or maybe 10 years? The answer is probably no. Someone will come to create a better book, a better cover, And he spends more money on advertising, why not make it for you. But that's also the other thing, some people think advertising is bad. Such an action is not real, It's a scam because you have to advertise your book, but it's called marketing. And this is how the biggest brands in the world build the biggest brands in the world the world. It's as if some people think the business is a scam if it requires any An investment of time, effort and money.

This business is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme. For what it's worth, I've only placed an ad on a single book Almost two years after my first book was published and I still managed to generate an income of A few thousand dollars a month. So where do you get these interiors? Okay , You can create them yourself, or get some for free from Book Bollt, Or pay for it from Creative Fabrica or Tangent Templates. Just search for the inside on C.reative Fabrica and I'll guarantee You'll find him talking that they're running a special spring promotion For a full access subscription of only $1 for the first month, But it does. I've got all this time to run. In fact, By the time you watch this video, it may have run out. So go and check it out in case it's still up and running. right Now , When I started many of these resources were not available and I created Interiors myself using Adobe Illustrator.

So you can also do this, Especially if you are on a tight budget and use free software like Inkscape. One of the secrets that makes customers see your books and thus achieve Sales is the use of correct keywords in titles and subheadings. If you want to get started with how to do my keyword research, So watch this next video, which explains the whole process I go through. Thank you very much for your time. It is much appreciated. Until next time, bye..

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Top 10 KDP No Content Book Niches for 2021 - Make Money Self Publishing

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KDP No Content Books are one of the easiest and quickest types of books to create and self publish on the Amazon KDP platform. As a result it can also be very competitive unless you find those profitable and undersaturated niches. They are a great books to self publish if you are just starting at and are a beginner at this business as the interiors are very easy to create and also find online. It is possible to make money online and build a passive income with just these books alone. In this video I give you my top ten KDP no content books niches which have a good search volume and are not overly competitive if you find the right keywords. I explore each niche briefly and show you where you can find the interiors for these types of books. All that's left for you to do is create the covers and hit publish!

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About this video - This video gives you my top ten picks of KDP no content books for 2021 and where to find the interiors.


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