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TikTok Marketing – TitkTok Ads : TikTok Offers a Huge Advantage Right Now

[, Music, ] ideas and making ideas and making an idea, make ideas and make it come up with ideas. Make it come up with ideas, make it cut them up with ideas make it. I can’t even [ __ ] say it come up with ideas and make it [ __ ] the middle. You got your perspective: [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] advertising week in New York, so that’s exciting to go, give a keynote and then a deep dive so and then later a panel with tick tock, so I’ll be around here all day. So looking forward to it nothing much more to add just a day in the life.

Obviously, talks within the industry lead to you know a lot of things: customer acquisition, customer retention, talent, acquisition, talent, retention, just giving back to the industry as a whole. I, like it yards happiness. Yes, what do you think about the platform? Obviously you’re a big believer in it? I always get excited about when a platform starts hitting tens, if not hundreds of millions of users, there’s actual attention on it and I’m never scared.

If it’s young or if it’s something else what’s ironic, is the other thing I’m most excited about right now is LinkedIn. I don’t care that it used to be a recruiting job board or platform or SAS product. It now is a Content hub. I get excited when something can become the next YouTube or Facebook. Whether tick-tock goes on and becomes the next Instagram or not is irrelevant to me.

The ability to market right now to Gen Z at scale is real. Now, if you’re selling concrete to 80 year olds, tick-tock doesn’t have to be for you the reason somebody was selling to 55 year old women as a CPG needs to look at it as one those Gen Z. Kids may influence the purchase behavior of that 55 year. Old and two, if it becomes a big platform, it’s a place that you’d like to know strategy and creative about to take advantage, whether it becomes vine or social code or it becomes Facebook or Instagram. I don’t know, but it’s hit the scale and the consciousness that it now deserves attention and making for it to learn the strategies and nuances of the platform that will allow you to become a strong, marketer and storyteller when it hits your demographic, if it hasn’t already.

Thank you. Let’S talk it out weak, but that doesn’t matter what matters is D rocks film drops at noon. You know wait, so you guys are gon na prompt, a video, we’re gon na walk down, he’ll introduce awesome, and so I do believe that the agencies and brands that most figure out how to actually produce thousands of pieces of content that are relevant to the most Amount of end consumers that are creating creative, not two-for-one specials. This is not dr everybody want to hear. You know volume they’re like oh.

This is good for lower funnel conversion. Absolutely not! Yes, it can work. This is, this is brand I mean, when is this industry gon na get tired of producing an enormous amount of expensive content that nobody actually sees like what commercials are penetrating our culture? Have you ever been to a normal place and heard somebody talking about a TVC like we, the stuff that people talk about, is happening within the internet and is happening in all sorts of forms?

I promise you way more. Normal people know what the Instagram egg is. Then any television commercial that came out besides anything on the Superbowl and that’s something we need to think about. We just need to have that conversation. I understand ideologically that’s not fun to think about from a creative standpoint, but we need to go reverse.

We need to be as religious as the great skill of writing the copy for a tweet that captures the attention of consumers that can then bridge into a two minute video that then, can be the Super Bowl spot for that brand. We need to put that on a pedestal. We need to put contemporary things on a pedestal. Television commercials were completely [, __ ] on by add world, because radio copy was the pedestal. This is historic.

This is what always happens, and this is the great advantage. This is the unlock if you’re curious about the Garry beeping right, one of the things that is so important to me about continuously putting out content one clearly through my DNA, I enjoy it and I want to communicate to the world no different than anybody else. But you you have to you, have to imagine how nice it feels to me to sit on top of a thousand person global agency at scale and know deep down that there are very few people on earth that are more of a practitioner of creative and media. Across all platforms than me, you know I’m competing with CEOs that have no context and that’s an advantage and it’s an audacious statement, but there’s a lot of truth in it. I’M putting out an enormous amount of content daily and I’m learning and it’s built on humility.

I never think I never think I’m right, I think the customers right and I just watch what the customers doing – [ Music ], you don’t what what I think is next is doing the things that are working right now way more. You know I don’t I don’t get XP. No honestly, I don’t want anything to ever change. I don’t I don’t predict and I actually don’t want anything to ever change. Cuz, I’m good at it.

I get sad when Facebook Organic goes away and I have to find the next thing cuz. I spent a lot of time and effort to be great at it. I think the answer is more more the variable of success once you understand the media framework that you guys are playing in is the creative variable once you know that tick, tock or LinkedIn or Instagram swipe ups are working. The answer is: more contextual, creative, like how many pre-roll podcast ads are being read by influencers on their podcast right now, for your business answer is probably none cuz, I’m not talking about it a whole lot yet sprinkled in here there, but there’s probably a thousand podcasts That you need to hand to hand reach out to and say how much would it cost for you to live? Read about our product, Howard Stern, sold a lot of product, listen if you’re, Doug or if you’re, Coco Co.

You want everybody in this community to buy. You, like these brands, want all of us, Nike 18t, but like they want us all think about how [ __ ] hard. That is, it’s completely impossible with a [, __ ] 30-second video completely so now figure it out. I want all of you to buy a banana. How many things do you think you need to do a lot, and so we need to stop wasting money in meetings and debating to a 30-second video and then post-production matching luggage to that video in banner and programmatic form, because the KPI is four dollar CPM, not Real life like we need a complete rehaul of this industry and here’s the good news it’s gon na happen anyway, because if it doesn’t happen, the brands that do the smart, [ __ ] will become the biggest brands in the world.

I want to remind you that Airbnb and Netflix, and many other things didn’t exist a decade ago in the way they look today, so things were coming, I think we should be on. I just think of this is one massive, tidal wave and I think you have a very simple choice: do what this industry does, which puts its head in the sand and just gets destroyed by it or find some [ __ ] surf for life, [, Music, ]. Okay, thank you. Bro just gave some keynotes did an interview for at age or the leading public one of the leading publications in our industry now going to have a quick meeting with an entrepreneur that I’ve been promising for a long time. Then going back then a tick-tock session and then back to the office to make it happen, check it out Gary Vaynerchuk.

Next, some of your best buddies are gon na like have so much fun with that. You know. What’S up Twitter. Is this dropping on YouTube? Yeah?

Only what’s good Twitter, I’m sure I’ll, be too I’m going to be tweeting here in time all right in two minutes in two minutes on YouTube, I’m dropping a film that the wonderfully talented D rock made you know what’s funny the rock we’re hyping this film and I don’t think you started making it with like this much hype behind it. So it’s like a it’s like a solid moving average. It’S like an average movie that were hyping a lot yo. My text, homies d-roc, just finished off an incredible film link in the text. Right now please go watch this.

Let me know what you think super excited about it, but most of all, on this Monday, in the fall on a beautiful day, you’ve got to make a decision Thanks, I’m sending a text to all of you we’re a part of the text, one two, nine three One five, seven, three one. I was really excited to the point where I had the numbers so memorized that I could drop the two one: two, nine three one: five, seven thirty one so [ __ ], quick and easy yeah. I know what you’re trying to do like. Yes, every text you get for me if you signed up comes for me the replies the push out. This is literally me doing it.

I just recorded it and now I’m typing hey guys. I made a film on YouTube that just premiered right now, so there’s 26 hundred of you watching right now on trashed on live right now I want all three thousand two hundred of you to go. Hang up right now from the live, because I’m hanging up and you’re welcome and I go go check it out. It’S real good. I think you’re gon na, like it.

I think it’s gon na help a lot of you. I really think there’s something there. Please check it out, you know we don’t hide films. Often thank you love. You love you Instagram.

What up ruff see you? Your name Harrison Harrison nice to meet you bro, and where do you find Gary? What where’d you find him? Don’T they talk yeah. Thank you.

Like, for example, I think the next one should be about competition. I never talked about it like it’ll, be a challenge to find [. __ ], like I believe, being competitive, is an incredible advantage that, in our times of 2019, is very balanced, because it’s why I care about 8th place trophies if you eliminate the goal, but I also think the world has abundance like I want to destroy everybody’s face In their every agency, but when somebody else, if max, have an agency and it beat us or it won the business that we were both going for an adidas – i weirdly am happy for him. Even though I’m sad for me, because I love merit, I love the games, the game, like don’t [, __ ] with competition, let it be pure, don’t demonize competition, you know win at all. Costs is right in the framework of business, but not in life like I’m.

Not gon na try to like hurt Max’s life, but in business I’d be like he sucks, like you know, like it’s kind of that whole thing, so I think competition, something that I talk about like why. Why doesn’t? Why isn’t in your my wife? Well, people with power trying to change the rules. You know like to me like I.

I don’t try to like break like when I get old and have money. I’M not gon na try to change the tax law because I’m tired and I’m scared of young buck killing me cuz, I’m killing old buck right now and I should be killed. That’S what I love about like nature, like I love that the old lion that killed everybody when it’s his time gets killed and that’s where people [ __ ] off capitalism and competition. They try to change the rules when they’re finished. I have no respect for old liens trying to change the rules of the jungle because they want to keep eating it’s time for them to die, love that about sports LeBron’s, not going to be able to continue doing LeBron in 12 years.

I love the purity of competition even at my own expense, but I think it matters. I also think we need to you know really respect like right now we’re in a era where one could demonize Alfa competitive. You know, like I don’t know like you know like, I think we’re I think balance is everything everything I talk about is extremes on both sides and really I don’t use the word a lot. It won’t show up in my in my word cloud, but almost everything. I’M actually talking about is balance a balanced conversation around competition would be a really healthy one, so like that’s anyway.

Nonetheless, that was obviously reintroduce some content, but once a quarter and then and then the other thing I want from you – I thought about this weekend – is I want you to make things on the spot when I [ __ ] feel like I can impose them on. I can have my cake and eat it too you’re there you’re like doing this new thing. I want to make sure like when we have a real moment and we all look at each other. I just want to know: that’s been minute the next morning sandy and said, and maybe that’s gon na mix up people, some new people, four people, nice little mix, call Andy. Let’S get a four person, five person mix.

I want them to go, live on LinkedIn and talking to my audience about the film without me there, since they can go, live on LinkedIn and you can get five people, a diverse group of men and women all kind of creeds and do a LinkedIn live right. Now about this film and say Gary isn’t isn’t just called us and told us: go live about this film, here’s how we made it hunters we thought about it, he’s not live because Lincoln isn’t live on mobile yet, but he wanted to get out about it. The link to the film is in here he want to give behind the curtains, because he hopes it inspires some of you to make a film for your company, like ideas and making idea call these are making said ideas and making ideas and making an idea make Ideas and make it come up with ideas, make it come up with ideas, make it cut them up with ideas, make it. I can’t even [ __ ], say it come up with ideas and make it [. __ ] the middle [ Music ].

In this talk about tick-tock with one of the senior executives from tick-tock should be fun right, I mean you guys have seen the manifestation of the platform. In my perspective, in a super-rad auditorium, so imax, like yeah, I mean it’s, it’s it’s it’s! It’S! It’S historically correct! You know all that tick-tock it for me being the first friend to go heavy into tick-tock.

That is targeting that demo, because I still don’t fully know where the demos, but, let’s let’s just say, skews younger for now – is no different than Procter & Gamble. Being the biggest spender on television in the 50s and 60s, because that was the arbitrage or wish the shopping app, you probably knew this. I mean this is what Facebook executives joke about all the time? There’S all these companies and LLC’s that nobody’s ever heard of spending, uncomfortable amounts of money and coke and BMW are spending a third of that and everyone’s confused. What’S going on to me, if you’re selling to 15 to 25 year-olds, anything and you don’t have an uncomfortable strategy, uncomfortable as a slang term for all in creating everyday at scale, on tick-tock you’re missing one of the great kind of moments and the [ __ ]?

Can go away you know, and and and it could and still goes with you one of things that I’m always fascinated by. Is people like well Gary what if it goes away in three years, I’m like you, take the brand equity with you. There was a lot of people who built a lot of brand equity on vine and when they started creating on snap or Instagram the audience a percentage of it went. I don’t know why everybody’s so literal you’re so happy to mark it on Super Bowl or on television or an outdoor that goes away to, but there’s something ideological in the system that has this sad feeling that it might turn into MySpace. You know my preference is that they all die, because that means the attention is moving and it will always benefit the quickest and the people that are most willing to play.

That game, which is my most comfortable game. You know I love having debates with people about the past. The past is always people’s vulnerability to the current and definitely to the future [ Music ]. What’S up vlog, you know, obviously, we’ve done a better job now, so I’m just in took the camera Max is having a weird day cuz. He was told that he’s not as good-looking as me by me, so that was good.

Tea rocks probably going through his own set of emotions, because the films out and he’s probably deciding what he likes and doesn’t like, I’m, never really sure what Jason’s thinking that’s just kind of how it is. But it’s always good feels warm and happy to me. How’S traffic, good Xochitl hundred ten minutes, I’m getting nine minutes back. It’S a good day. Give me those [, __, ] nine minutes, [ __, ], [, __, ], [, __ ].

You know it is the truth. Great content always wins. It’S just true. Lat me out of agreement 100 %. You give the best mic.

The best slides the best auditorium. You’Re, not gon na beat my talk. I’M gon na do it. On a cardboard box, a [ __ ] sidewalk. There are thousand episodes of y9b TV with no audio.

No lighting, not all 1000 episodes of wine library are done, a camera and again honey, like whatever the [ __ ] camera picked up. No lighting [, __ ]. Everybody went out Mead, highly produced wine videos that it was gon na. Take me out with production production. Never beats story.

Why? Cuz? The story is the punch line. Now production can add to the story like Avatar Star Wars is [, __, ], amazing, but don’t get it twisted that [ __ ] story matters. You don’t think, there’s been highly produced.

Hollywood [ __ ] movies, made with those great [ __ ] cameras do that suck Waterworld [ __ ] suck. That’S amazing: we’ve built some environments for kids. Yes, just two years such a pleasure so nice to meet you yeah have a great day take care. What’S going on guys, we just got back to the office full afternoon of meetings. Monday got a lot of work to do.

Let’S get it yes! Next week, three or four nights in New York. Thank you I’ll tell ya, mostly sound right now, talk to me, nice and I’ll talk to me I’ll. Let it get you madness. What’S go!

Hey everybody! Welcome to a very special episode of the podcast. My friend Jimmy is here: we’ve met for a hundredth of a second, so we’re going right into this cuz. I’M excited about this Jimmy, I think, it’ll be really fun for everybody. Please tell everybody why the [ __ ] – you were here and more poorly.

Actually, what I’m actually asking Jimmy is: how did you get here remind everybody on the opportunity I answered the they give away that you had on the text platform mm-hm went onto Twitter use, the hashtag explained. You know, I think, there’s a little bit about like you know. Why do you want to be on the podcast yeah? I got a question on the askgaryvee show. Thirty years ago i’ve been doing a little bit of stuff, but not like really going hard at it.

You know like I should be, and I just put my story out there – a little a little bit use me for it up, because I’m gon na, let you take over from here everybody’s listening. The reason this podcasts fun for me is obviously I’ve started doing a lot of text messaging on this platform called community that I’m using and a couple things one. Yes, it’s me every single text, every single time you get a reply. It’S always me. I believe you thank you, that’s why I’m using audio and video so for everybody’s wondering it’s always me.

Obviously, I’m putting out stuff. You know every day every other day every couple days, but what I’m obsessed with is, if I’m gon na put out hey, watch the rocks new movie or hey sign up for wine texts if I’m gon na be in the right hook on a text, I think, Unlike social, I need to be very careful there. You know it’s a very special place, your phone numbers, so I’m obsessed with bringing values. So I’ve decided that, for everybody who signed up for my text messaging platform, it’s gon na be the place where I create access. Where my thing is like, if you’re working and you’re doing your life stuff, if you put out so much content, it would literally be like the same content every day.

I think it’s a really good question couple things, especially if you’re wanting to do something this like travel. This is madness. This is where creativity and ideas has to be something I talked more about so, for example, when I think about a hundred pieces of content a day, and this is great because it seems like you’re grounded in Twitter most more than many, because you were part of That era with me yeah, I think Twitter is an incredibly important part of the hundred piece concept you know. Obviously this is catching and I’m getting asked about it more. So this is a great opportunity to create some clarity.

Hopefully the team clicks. This lets get raw Gogh to write a piece. You know the hundred piece concept. 2.0.

I think we’re working on something, but but Twitter is incredibly important. As you know, one of the great things about Twitter is it’s trending topics and the ability to reply to it with retweeting and adding your two cents or typing original thoughts. So, for me, one of the things that really stands out is if I was asking the normal quote-unquote person to produce 100 pieces of content a day. I guarantee you that I’m probably subconsciously thinking that 50 of those are Twitter. You can write, you can retweet and add your two cents, all of a sudden, you’re kind of there right.

The other thing is, I don’t think people understand document versus create. I think people think you need d-roc or Jayson following you dustin following you around. I think it’s just taking a picture like I see content right here like I see content, and maybe I have this is probably my strengths. I see content and everything. I think you should take a photo of us talking right now and tweet it and be like holy [, __ ].

I’M doing this with Gary B right now, yeah like okay, there’s, Madison Square Garden, yeah – and you know like like this – is New York. You know like, like, I think, there’s a lot more content and by the way, I think that could be done 15 to 20 times on Twitter, Instagram stories and tick tock without any cost to the preciousness. That is the main reason that everybody can’t make 100 pieces of content. You know taking a photo of what you see and adding one sentence is allowing people into your world and you start creating around common interests there. You know a lot of people like Gary’s.

Should I separate my business of life, I’m like I put my Jets content in my all my content. I put my garage sale stuff there that has nothing to do the marketing or the business running like. I think it’s there, but I do think it’s a strategy. Mindset – and I think everybody thinks this is useless and nobody would care, and I think you should let them decide. [ Music, ], we’re never stressed.

I know my buddies. Also.

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TikTok Offers a Huge Advantage Right Now | DailyVee 580

It is time that TikTok is seriously added to the conversation about attention. One of Gary's fastest-growing platforms currently is TikTok because of how much attention there is and how few people are making content to supply that. TikTok is the fastest growing social network in the past year, so let's start treating it like so.

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