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hey what's up friends this is your girl Abie and 
welcome to another episode of make money online   2021. now if you're new first of all welcome. 
just to catch you up a bit i'm doing a series   on my channel for the next 25 days. so starting 
from beginning of the month through Christmas   where i share with you 25 different ways that you 
can make money online this next coming year. so   today we are going to be diving into coaching or 
consulting. and also before i forget i have not   one but three giveaways going on this month for 
amazon gift cards so stick around till the end   so you can find out how you can be one of those 
three lucky winners to get you some you know   a little bit of spending money this Christmas 
now this is based on a free download i created   earlier this year that people seem to like and 
downloaded it so i decided why not just go ahead   and expand on it and give you guys a little bit 
more information.

The link for the pdf is going to   be below if you want to download that and follow 
along or if you want to just you know skip ahead.   so if you know me by now you know i like to break 
things down into little itty bitty pieces because   that's just the way my brain works and i want it 
to be easy for you to consume and make sense of it   all. so today i will be sharing with you a little 
bit of a brief intro on coaching and consulting,   so what it is. pros and the cons of it, how 
you can get started, cost of getting started,   and some tips for success. and also any resources 
that i have that can help you out. so coaching   or consulting is pretty much just selling your 
services or your knowledge to people that need it.   it's really that simple now when most people think 
of coaching or consulting they immediately think   of business consulting or business coaching, but 
there are many different topics that you can be   a coach on or even a consultant in.

Now i've 
seen people doing coaching / consulting for   dating, for mindfulness, mindset, even how to 
be social as an introvert. the possibilities are   endless. so diving into the pros of coaching 
or consulting one of the main pros of it is   really it's one of the easiest to get started 
in. also like i mentioned before there are many   different topics that you can actually be a 
coach in so it's not just business coaching or   consulting. there are different things that you. 
different avenues that you can take and things   that you can look into and one other pro of it is 
that the cost of starting is typically pretty low.   so one of the cons is that if you're going to be 
a coach or consultant it does require a little bit   of confidence in the topic that you're going to be 
coaching. which you know is something that can be   easily fixed. if you are not feeling confident 
in the topic that you are going to be coaching   on you can you know get help on that because you 
may have knowledge in it, maybe you're just not   confident in speaking with people.

one of the cons so it may require a little   bit more work on your part if you are not that 
confident. another con is that it can take up a   lot of your time especially if you go through the 
consulting route. so like maybe doing done-for-you   services like running facebook ads for a company 
or creating their social media content for them.   so that can be something that would take up 
a lot of your time. and then one other con   is that some of the topics or avenues that you can 
go down with coaching or consulting does require   some certifications or even if it doesn't require 
the certifications it is like strongly recommended   if you want to be above your competition or stand 
out more. so that is a con that may also become   a cost for you. so for example i am a business 
coach. i offer business coaching and consulting.   for me i actually went to school for business so i 
majored in business marketing and entrepreneurship   and also i've been making money online for several 
years so i feel pretty qualified and confident   to be a business coach and a consultant.

Now on 
the other side of things earlier this year i hired   a sleep consultant to help my baby or really 
it was help me it was to help me. but to help   me and my baby so he can get the sleep 
that he really needed through the night   (it was to help me) one of the reasons why i hired 
her was – i paid a pretty penny for it – but i   felt confident in the certification that she had. 
so she was certified i didn't really know what any   of it meant but i felt confident that she put 
out her certifications there and i'm like all   right i can pay for this i can trust her i know my 
baby and i we are in good hands.

So now before i   get into the steps of how you can get started i 
do want to take a little bit of a comedic break   and i'm going to tell you a little joke. so what 
do you call a broke santa claus? so let me know   in the comments below the answer to this joke or 
this riddle and stick around to the end because it   has something to do with the giveaways that i'm 
having this month. and also because i took the   time to tell you a little corny joke go ahead and 
hit that like button it doesn't cost you anything   and it helps me out a lot and i appreciate it.

now how to get started in coaching or consulting.   step number one, decide on what you are going 
to be a coach or consultant in. and once you do   decide create a good structure. so figure out what 
services exactly you are going to be offering;   is it going to be coaching calls, are you going to 
be having group coaching, so get a structure for   how you are going to be offering your services. 
step number two research any certifications or   anything that could help you you know stand out 
in your field or that will make people trust you   a little bit more to buying your services.

And yes 
this might cost you a little bit but it is going   to be worth it if you want to get ahead in the 
business. and step number three, set up a website.   technically you don't really need a website you 
could do a simple landing page but since this is   how to make money online you're gonna want to 
have a good online home. somewhere where people   can go and they can actually find out about 
your services. so on your website you want to   make sure you include who you are, what services 
you offer – you know how you can help people,   how they can contact you, and how they can pay 
you, and also just some information on why you   are qualified to be their coach or consultant. 
and then step number four, you want to set up   how you are going to be paid by people that 
want your services.

I think the best way   is to set up where you can get, people can pay you 
right away online. you know you can set it up where   people can send you checks and all that but like i 
said because this is how to make money online and   you want to make that money as soon as possible, 
you want to set up a payment processor whether   that's with paypal or with stripe or anything 
else that you have a shopping cart software   you want to set it up or they can just pay you 
right away.

And it's just going to make things so   much easier and you don't have to chase people for 
their money. now one other thing that you can do   and this is if you're providing some done-for-you 
services type things you can have a contract   so that way you know everybody understands what 
services being offered what is being paid for. i   think a contract is a good way to go and so that 
was just everything's out on the table. so now the   cost. the costs for getting started like i said are 
not too much. it's going to cost you maybe for the   certifications that you need to get or any kind of 
additional learning that you need to take in order   to feel confident in being a coach or consultant 
in your field.

Also you'll have costs for your   website and you can get a free website or you can 
you know pay a little bit more and get something   that is maybe you have more control over. and then 
anything else that comes with the website so if   you're gonna be processing payments and also you 
know maybe sending emails out to people, there are   free services for that. so a few tips for success 
here. first go ahead and choose something that you   are confident in. but like i said if you don't 
feel confident in your subject you can easily   change that. you can take some more you can take 
some courses on it you can learn a little bit   more about it like an example for me i started 
off my business with doing a digital marketing   company and i also offered facebook ads running 
facebook ads for companies now i understood it i   was familiar with it but i wasn't that confident 
in it so i took it upon myself to take some   courses on how how to effectively run facebook ads 
so that was one way that i did it but now i offer   mainly just business consulting and coaching 
and i feel very confident in it and it just   flows a little bit easier for me now i am offering 
25 off strategy calls with me for those that   want one-on-one more hands-on help with getting 
started in business or maybe growing the business   that they already have so i will include a link 
below you can click the link and you will get the   automatic discount or you can just input the code 
call 25 when you check out on my website i will   include any other resources i talked about or any 
links below as well so now if you made it this far   then i'm going to just go ahead and go over the 
three giveaways not one but three giveaways that   i'm having along with the series so the first 
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channel and i will catch you next time bye

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Start an Online Coaching Business | Make Money Online 2021 - Consulting / Online Coaching Business

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In the first video of this Make Money Online 2021 series, we are discussing how to start an online coaching business / consulting business. Consulting is a great business to start and the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Watch the video to find out how you can become a consultant consultant and have your own business coaching those that need your services. Business consulting is one of the many fields you can get into, there are many different types of consulting you can do that have nothing to do - dating, mindset, diet, etc. If you'd like to see more videos on how to become a consultant, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Subscribe to my channel to catch the next videos I have coming up this entire month on online business ideas for 2021.

Start an Online Coaching Business | Make Money Online 2021 - Consulting / Online Coaching Business

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