Sea of Thieves Season Two: Official Content Update Trailer

Sea of Thieves Season Two has arrived and with it comes a whole boatload of new features, Events and rewards! Living the pirate's life is an 
unpredictable affair, so to make sure that   you're ready for whatever the world throws at you, 
pirates with gold to spare can choose to purchase   Resource Crates from the Merchant Alliance. Stock up on cannonballs, planks and fruit and there'll be no stopping your adventures.

But that's not all the Merchant Alliance have to offer… Emissaries can now purchase various unsorted 
Commodity Crates, which they can then trade   between the Outposts of the Sea of Thieves. 
Check the Merchant's Manifest to find out   what's in demand at each Outpost, as there's a tidy 
profit to be made by pirates with gold to invest.   The prices of these Commodity Crates will 
change every week, so be sure to check in   at the Merchant Alliance stand to see what's 
hot, and what's not, at your nearest Outpost.   And for those pirates who choose to fly their flag 
as an Emissary for the various Trading Companies,   there will be new rewards to strive for each 
Season. Reach the highest tiers for each company   in Season Two, and bag yourself
some superb ship cosmetics. While Emissaries to Athena's Fortune
could earn some slick new weapons and for marauding mercenaries looking for
a fearsome new challenge, Forts of Fortune have started to
appear throughout the seas. these rare Skeleton Fort World Events
will test your skill and endurance, so as you battle the waves of scornful skellies,
you'd be wise to make use of the items you'll find such as Firebombs, and the Ashen Winds Skull.

Overcome the challenge and the
rewards will be great. but it's not just the final spoils they'll see you
flush with precious loot: when you defeat more powerful skeletons
at forts or out on other adventures they'll drop bags of gold too! And on top of that, the launch of Season Two sees all-new Trials
and another 100 levels of fantastic rewards to unlock,  which are free to all players. Including the Ocean 
Deep ship parts and the Lucky Hand clothing set   And you can also earn the new Barrel Disguise Emote,
perfect for stealthy sailors intent on some sneaky shenanigans. And there's new rewards for Pirate 
Legends too, including the Shackled Phantom Hull   and Athena's Might Cutlass. There's also a brand new Plunder Pass
available as an optional purchase where you can earn 11 premium 
items from the Pirate Emporium.   This includes the brand new Black Phoenix ship 
cosmetics, and the Popcorn and Backflip Emotes.   And over in the Pirate Emporium we've got new 
Dagger Trick Emotes, the Dark Warsmith Costume   and the full Dark Warsmith Ship Set.

you can grab the Thigh Slapper Emote for free! So get ready to take to the waves, set 
a course for thrilling new adventures   and earn Renown, rewards and more, 
in Sea of Thieves Season Two! thank you very much for watching remember 
if you liked what you saw then there's a   wealth of content already on our channel 
and there's lots more to come so subscribe   and click that little ship's bell 
for all those notifications cheers.

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Sea of Thieves Season Two: Official Content Update Trailer

Plot a course for Sea of Thieves Season Two!

💀 New World Event: Fort of Fortune
📔 New Emissary Ledger Rewards
📦 Buyable Resource Crates
🗺 Emissary Trade Routes
💯 100 levels of rewards
🕵️‍♀️ Barrel Disguise Emote
💰 Pirate Emporium refresh
☠ And more!

Learn more about the fresh challenges and features awaiting bold buccaneers:

Exercise your Merchant Alliance-rivalling diligence by delving into the full release notes here:


00:00 - Sea of Thieves Season Two has arrived!
00:32 - Spend money, make money (maybe).
01:00 - New Fancy Emissary Rewards!
01:21 - The Fort of Fortune Beckons...
01:56 - Skeleton Captain purses
02:05 - 100 more levels of Renown and rewards!
02:24 - Sneaky shenanigans...
02:37 - Earn more with the Plunder Pass.
02:52 - Knife tricks and Dark Warsmiths in the Emporium.
03:11 - SET SAIL!


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