RedBubble Income Report April 2021 – How to Make Money Online with Print On Demand… See my sales

In this video I'm going to talk 
about my RedBubble earnings for April   what I sold and what I plan to do 
in the coming months. Let's go! Thanks for joining me on this video my 
name is Juna with Detour Shirts the channel   all about helping you design and sell t-shirts 
online. If that's something you'd like to do   don't forget to hit that subscribe button. So it's 
May and that means we can look back at April and   see what we did in April.

What we did right what 
we did wrong and kind of change and move and make   sure that we're doing what we need to do and get 
rid of the things that we're not doing maybe try   something different and that's what i'm going to 
show you in this video exactly what i did in april   for redbubble and the things that i'm gonna 
do to change using that data i'm gonna show   you all the data that i get from redbubble and 
i'm gonna do some data of my own so you can see   some of those things if you've been following 
me for a while you know i have videos like this   that i do every month for my income reports on 
redbubble you can go back and watch all of those   this month i actually made more than last month so 
you're going to want to also see that and what i   did why is it different and why i made more you're 
going to want to stay to the end of this video so   you can see everything i got lots of tips for 
you to do on redbubble as well as a bonus tip   at the end and of course another edition of 
trend credits so lots to see in this video and   let's get started alright so here we are let's 
begin i made this redbubble april 2021 sales   kind of presentation for you so you can see 
everything that i learned in april on redbubble   and the things that i'm going to change on 
redbubble you don't have to do the same things but   hopefully you can learn some of the things that i 
learned here so you don't have to go through them   and don't make the same mistakes i did 
so first of all on redbubble you can go   to your sales history and hit this download 
csv file right here and you can get all your   information your own personal information and do 
some of these things that i'm showing you here so   that's probably going to be more helpful for 
you because you're going to use your own data   you're going to see what sells and what doesn't 
and then do more of that so one thing that i did   is i added more shirts this month so you can see 
right here in march at the end of march i had 930   designs at the end of april i have 974 designs 
which means i added 44 designs and that's not a   lot of designs you can add up to 60 designs a day 
so if you can do that i would suggest to do that   but you also want to take some time and build 
some quality design so it's not about rushing and   putting as many designs as you can on redbubble 
it's about thinking about what sells making sure   that you design things that people actually want 
to buy and wear so put those quality designs   as many as you can on redbubble just have that 
balance and you'll notice one thing i did here   on my shop if you visit my shop is i change my 
shop banner this was my old shop banner right   here this is my new one and you're going to want 
to do that every once in a while to freshen it up   and add the things that people actually are buying 
so these are the more pertinent people were buying   these um you know two three years ago and so now 
they're buying these things so i'm putting those   in there and i'm just doing a real simple shop 
banner with boxes and putting my designs in   boxes nothing too fancy here so just put your you 
know your top 10 top whatever on there and that's   an easy way to showcase what you're selling 
so the next thing i wanted to show you is   at the end of my last video i had these goals for 
march so it's important that you follow your goals   and i i hit a lot of them i upload every day 
check i did that you can see i had 44 uploads   so that's at least one a day fixing greeting 
cards i showed you how to do that in a video   so you can watch that if you haven't seen 
that video i'll put that video link up here   but that's a good one and then 
design for t-shirts and hoodies   i've been doing that with my uploads designing for 
stickers i haven't done that as well so i didn't   give myself a check mark there but i did a lot 
of these goals that i i set out to do in march   so one of the things i wanted to talk about is 
uploading every day i talked about this before in   other videos you can just download this sheet 
for free i have it on my site detour   this is what i used um last month and you can 
see every upload i did i said one upload or   sometimes i had five uploads or four uploads and 
i kept track of my uploads as well as my sales   and that really helped and i'm going to show you 
the graph i made with this and you can kind of   see when or what days you sell the best or kind 
of just keep track and see if your uploads are   actually helping you with sales and i think it 
did so so i wanted to share this earnings summary   that redbubble provides you can get this on your 
dashboard everyone that's on redbubble has access   to their own this kind of shows you how much you 
made each day but not really what you sold each   day so using that sheet that i showed you earlier 
the one that i wrote down on i made this graph   here so i thought this graph was actually even 
better so i just did this graphing keynote this is   the one that i'm using for the presentation you 
can make graphs like these on anything but once   you have those numbers now you can do stuff 
like this and look what i found my top three   sales days were on the weekends surprise surprise 
so people are buying friday saturday you can see   um i upload it every day that's what the blue 
is but these greens are sales i made seven   sales on fridays seven sales on saturdays six 
sales on saturday and i wouldn't have known that   um just by looking at the red bubble graph if you 
make your own graph and use your data then you   can see that and how is this helpful well it's 
helpful because maybe you want to push more of   your stuff with social media on friday or saturday 
just to get that little extra advantage and i did   not do that i wish i did but just organically 
it's selling more on the weekend so if you give   yourself even more push if you know people are 
buying on the weekends maybe that's when you   want to do your extra push on social media i mean 
it could help right so the next thing i wanted to   share with you is this graph here that you can 
also find on the dashboard on redbubble so my   traffic went up in april from the previous month 
in march so it's up just a little bit but that is   encouraging that more and more people are visiting 
the site so probably helped with the increase in   profits that i made too so speaking of 
profits here you can also find this um   yours will actually show the artwork i'm 
not showing what artwork is here but this   you can also find on your dashboard and look 
at a sales history and see how many products   of something that you sold and what's the total 
profit that you made so you can see here i sold   10 of these products right here three of these 
so these are my top sellers for the month right   so with the data that i got from the csv file i 
made this chart this pie chart let me remove my   face for a bit so here you can see now without my 
face blocking the way stickers in march made 67   but now close even though i sold less products 
in april i sold more clothes you can see 10   in march 31 here which helped me get a bigger 
profit i'm gonna show that later but look at   some of the other products that i sold too so i 
didn't sell an iphone 12 in april i sold a magnet   though and i sewed a mask and a pin button which 
is new and a throw pillow too which is new and i   didn't sell greeting cards so what is this 
is showing is stickers and clothes still my   top biggest sellers but you can sell different 
products from month to month and you want to   keep track of that and one of the things so 
i'll show you here and put my face back but   some of the new products in april that i show sold 
was a pin button i only made 55 cents on that and   i sold two throw pillows at 487 profit each and 
the reason i put this here for new products sold   you never know what products you're gonna 
sell so i put it on all products and sometimes   it pays off right sometimes you know this is an 
extra 10 bucks so it doesn't hurt to add it to   different products and these again are my highest 
profit top three highest profit products in april   there are the hoodies premium t-shirts and long 
sleeves so make sure you enable all of those   i think they're enabled by default but 
just go back and check and make sure   that you're enabled for those and make sure they 
look nice on those too so another thing i wanted   to share and i think this is helpful this is new 
i haven't added this in my previous videos but   i think this could be really helpful for you guys 
and that is to show all products sold in april so   these are all the products that i sold in april 
when you look at that csv file you can see it   and you can see essential shirts are something 
that i sell a lot and stickers are something   that i sell a lot here but this is the breakdown 
this is how all my 71 sales if you add all these   things together you'll get 71 and this is kind 
of what i sold in april and you're going to   want to look at yours what you sold again you 
can see it's a big variety of products so you   want to put all your designs on all products 
and hopefully it looks good on it and can   sell and make a sale so the next thing i wanted 
to show you is my exact profit what i made so   here i'm going to remove my face again so i'm 
out of the way so here it is march profit 2017   april profit i actually made a little bit more 
233.68 and that is because clothes clothes did 63   of my profit you can see here close i sold a lot 
more clothes a lot more shirts hoodies those kinds   of things and that accounted for my profit being 
higher even though i sold less products so it pays   to try and do some of those higher ticket items 
stickers do really really well on redbubble but   they don't bring in a lot of profit when compared 
to close so you have to go back and look at your   csv file and think about this why did my profit go 
up in april or why did my profit go down in april   in my case it went up i think it went up because i 
uploaded every day you saw that chart i made sure   that i uploaded every day at least one i would 
suggest to upload even more than one i want to   do a test and see if i upload five a day if that's 
going to make a huge difference i think it will   i also got a lot more traffic i don't know why i 
got more traffic but i think that helped with me   getting more sales and i also sold a lot more 
t-shirts so that is a big thing that helped me   to get more profit and you can do these things 
yourself right maybe you might not have control   about getting more traffic but you definitely 
can upload every day and you can help yourself   sell more t-shirts right and design for t-shirts 
instead so some of my goals for next month for may   is to change the prices on products so you might 
have seen a video that i did recently about the   average price for the best-selling products on 
redbubble i'm gonna try and change my product   prices to see if it helps get me more sales so in 
my video for next month we're going to see if that   helped or not i'm also going to look at what sells 
and update and i'll show you what i mean by that   and i'm going to update mugs and postcards when 
i do that so this is what i mean first of all   changing prices on products these are the price 
changes i'm gonna do according to that video   i'm gonna lower i had my clothing at 40 i'm 
going to lower it to 26 and see if that makes   a difference if not i'll put it back up at 
40 because i did do a lot of sales stickers   i had it at a hundred percent i'm going to move 
it down to 50 see if that makes a difference   i know i'm taking a big chance with that 
greeting cards i'm going to move it to 55 mask 25   aprons at 28 now this is all a test i'm not 
saying that you should move it to these prices   i'm going to test it for you and let you know if 
this helped or not and then i'm going to give you   back the data so that you can see i mean these 
prices work better or if the prices i had before   worked better for me and the next thing i want to 
talk about is this so if you go into your sales   history again and see all of these products you're 
going to see the design name underlined i changed   it to design name because i don't want to show you 
what i sold but if you click here this is a link   so when you click this link you can actually go 
to your work and then go back there this is what   i'm going to do i'm going to click on everything 
that's sold click on the name here and open it   up and make sure that everything's in place make 
sure i have everything enabled on the kids shirts   make sure my mugs are the right size make sure 
my postcards are the right size everything like   that and then maybe add products if they're 
not added already so i'm going to make sure   at least give myself a better chance because 
i know these have sold because they're   showing here that they just sold and then just 
optimize make sure that they're the right prices   everything's good on those and i think by doing 
that that's going to help me a little bit we'll   see next month on my next month's video so that is 
it for my redbubble data i do have just one more   thing though one more thing i want to tell you 
this is the bonus tip and make sure to do this   i'm going to do this and this is about t-shirts 
so i sold 22 tops this month this is why i made   a little bit more this month than i did last 
month because i sold a lot more tops a lot more   shirts and hoodies 17 tops were dark tops so 
i just wanted to make sure to let you know   you probably knew this already that dark shirts 
sell better than light shirts so you can see here   um 17 were dark tops the reason i know this is 
because they have white text on it so they have   to buy it in a dark uh top three tops were either 
they could have been both they you know they have   like a black outline so they could have been with 
a white border so they could have been on either   black or white and only two of them were white so 
they do sell the the white shirts white tops do   sell but they don't sell as good as the black 
one so make sure you're putting your designs   at least on the black one probably both but the 
black ones sell better the dark ones sell better   and one thing to not forget about that is to do 
this so if you're gonna do a black shirt let's say   like this and your text is white do not put that 
same thing on the stickers see if your designs   have white text and you put it on stickers with 
white no one's going to be able to read that white   text so what i do is i upload a dark text version 
for stickers you're also going to want to do this   for the canvas tote bags as well so i saved two 
versions one with white text one with black text   so you can see this looks good on a sticker it 
doesn't have the white text on it and i think   this will help you sell you just have to hit this 
replace image and then put a different image for   the sticker same thing with the canvas tote bags 
when you open it up hit replace image and do that   so hopefully that really helps you get some stills 
on both stickers and shirts because it works well   on both when you do that if you want to replace an 
image on anything any product on redbubble you can   do this as well so sometimes i do that a lot of 
times i do that for mugs and postcards and things   like that if you've seen my other videos so just 
make sure to optimize for the product and you can   do that individually here on redbubble that's a 
huge tip so i think a lot of newbies go here and   just enable stickers and don't really look at them 
and then they they're not selling stickers and   they don't know why it's because you have white 
text on a white background on a sticker and nobody   can see it and nobody will buy it if they can't 
read it so that is my big tip my bonus tip so that   is it for this video let me know what changes 
you're going to make in may i told you about   mine leave in the comments what changes you're 
gonna make in may to help you get more sales in   redbubble thanks so much for watching and thanks 
so much for staying till the end of this video   your reward for staying all the way to the 
end is another edition of trend credits.

Thanks for staying to the end for this trend 
credit here is your trend, "Another school   year survivor teacher t-shirt". So let's take 
a look at these you can see they have a lot of   low BSRs right here take those low BSRs one thing 
you don't want to do though is copy the survivor   logo I know that's here and when you scroll 
down you'll see a lot of them with low BSRs   these will probably get pulled down because 
that logo is copyrighted and you can see a lot   of different people are just copying the copy and 
getting sales but risking their accounts but you   can do this version in different ways where you 
don't have to use the survivor logo you can see   some good ideas here as well still getting sales 
too so don't risk your account make sure to do it   in a way that's safe let's check Merch Informer 
it is getting an A so you know it's good.

If you   don't have Merch Informer I have a link in the 
description for Merch Informer where you can   check competition and some other things do keyword 
research and get some graphics here as well so   again here is the trend, "Another school year 
survivor teacher t-shirt". My guess is you could   do another school year survivor student 
t-shirt as well or mom or dad or you know   those kinds of things so this is something 
that you probably could scale a little bit   you can see right here this one's saying 
teacher 2021 so you could change that up but   again make sure that yours is different 
obviously don't copy the survivor logo   but you can do yours in a way that looks good on a 
t-shirt and something that people actually want to   wear this design is geared toward teachers so make 
sure it's something teachers would want to wear   and that is your trend so that is it for this 
video everyone thanks so much for watching this   video hopefully this video was really helpful for 
you make sure to look at your own redbubble stats   download that csv file of your own and look at 
your own data and do this kind of thing every   month to make sure and check what you're selling 
what you're doing well what you can change and   hopefully that those changes help you make more 
and more sales and don't forget to upload every   day as much as you can if this video was helpful 
for you don't forget to give it a thumbs up and if   you're not subscribed already hit that subscribe 
button make sure you subscribe so you can see   all my videos that are coming up in the next few 
weeks and beyond and if you want to see more of my   videos about income for the last couple months 
click on these videos here these are the ones   i did last time and as always guys keep creating 
and keep learning i'll see you on the next one bye

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