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back to my channel If you’re new to this channel, click the subscribe button and the notification bell, because I am uploading videos about how to make money online, by just using our phone, application and some websites for free so for today's video kachika I will share to you a legit free earning application where I will earn free $ 10 USD or 500 PHP with my GCash playing Candy Crush its too legit kachika even if you only play here for 5 mins is you can withdraw immediately here and the best thing here kachika is you can earn 500 PHP here with GCash even without an invite because this I share to you that free earning application does not have a referral program so now if you want to know how we can earn here free 500 PHP with our GCash by playing Candy Crush let's start our video tutorial ok so now the earning application I am referring to is this Bitcoin Blast Crush ok so now if you want to try or download this application you can click the link in the description box and pinned comment to be directed to their application here in the playstore and for you to install it immediately and I will install this application first and I will use my husband's cellphone so that I can show you that we can withdraw here even if we only play for 5 minutes so let's install it
we have finished downloading the application so let's just open it so first we will do is create an account first so they have two options here so we can create an account so you can sign in here using your google account or using your facebook account we just choose the gamer logo, so for example this is what we choose and we can change the gamer name here and after that click create and let's check this box and after that click continue so we already have an account so what we will do here kachika is let's save a lot of bitcoin here as you can see here it's 0 bitcoin because we just now signed up and this is kachika our Life we have 5 Life as of now so every time we play a game our Life will be reduced to it but don't worry kachika when our life is over we can recharge by watching a short video ads so let's just tap the plus (+) button so we can have life and our bitcoin tickets is on the upper right side
when we play their games we will have tickets so what are the tickets for?
so these tickets that we can earn here we can used it to play games here to earn more points
so that will increase our bitcoin here so first we will do we will play games
so let's just click Play so it's just like candy crush, so let's just tap here the many colors that match so for example this color violet block so let's tap
and then I'll tap this like candy block so that's like power up
so when we pop it, all the blocks in the row will crush so let's tap and tap like for example this 3 green blocks let's tap it and then this orange blocks so right? it is very simple so there are more special blocks
so let's just tap it to speed up the popping of the blocks so let's just tap and it's super easy to play
even children can play so if you have a child there, you can play it to them
because it's a children's game so here below you can see the power up
so this power up is to shuffle the blocks as you can see that shuffle the blocks so you can use it when you no longer have to tap blocks and then it's in the middle power up it's to change the color of a block so for example this one let's tap this color yellow block we will do color blue to match these two so that these three will pop so we change the color and tap and they pop and this power up is another blow to the block
so for example, let's tap the color violet so that the color violet block is removed basically, just hit it on the blocks to make it disappear so we're done playing and we have to earn 443 bitcoin tickets let's click it to earn more points, and then let's click this lucky ticket there are three ways for us to earn bitcoin points here so let's click start so as you can see our bitcoin tickets have been reduced by 100 tickets here but don't worry because what we can win by playing this game is bitcoin points which we can convert into bitcoin or real cash so we just pick an egg here, and we just tap the egg and we lose no points so we still have two chances to choose an egg so we tap and we got 100 points so we just select the egg again and we just tap and we got 200 points and we got a total of 300 points for breaking the egg so let's collect this so as you can see here kachika we already have to earn 300 bitcoin points as you can see here kachika has 7000 points to unlock so meaning kachika we first need to accumulate 7000 points to be able to withdraw here so as of now we only have 300 bitcoin points and we are still short of 6700 points but kachika, it's so easy to earn in just 5 minutes of playing, we can collect that so let's just continue playing the application
so the 2nd ways to us to earn points is this lucky scratch so placed here "lucky tickets are not enough" because the required tickets here are 2000 tickets
so we can scratch here so we don't have enough tickets so first we need to be able to play there with their bitcoin blast crush that way, we can earn a lot of bitcoin tickets and so we can earn points for playing their mini games so now we will play first so that we can earn a lot of bitcoin tickets here and let's click play so let's tap and tap so kachika I earned 408 bitcoin tickets we can double it by watching a short video ads so let's click this and then short video ads will pop up so let's finish this ads so we can double the bitcoin tickets we earn let's close the ads and as you can see that double my tickets so we have 816 tickets so let's click menu
and then click lucky ticket and then let's click luck wheel so click go when we click on it our bitcoin tickets here will be reduced by 500 tickets so click Spin
so the wheel will spin so we already got 2000 bitcoin points so let's just collect and as you can see it's very easy to earn points here
so we already have 2300 points so 7000 points are needed for us to cashout here meaning we just need to accumulate 4700 points so that we can withdraw here it's too easy here to earn points so I will spin again because I still have 659 tickets here
so let's click Spin and our tickets will be reduced so i got 400 coins, so click collect and we already have 2700 bitcoin points so now i will play kachika first so i can earn more tickets here and so i can earn more bitcoin points here so I will update you later after 5 mins after 5 mins kachika i have to earn 9600 bitcoin points so since I already have 9600 points we can cash out so to cash out, let's click on the bitcoin in the upper left corner so we need to create an account first to coinbase so now if you want to create an account on coinbase you can register in the description box and pinned comment and if you have a coinbase account, enter the coinbase email address here and after that click trade
and here kachika just confirm the coinbase email address so just check if it's correct and after that click confirm "Exchange under review, please wait" so as you can see your BTC is on it's way so trade will take about 24 hrs so we just have to wait for the payment to be received in our coinbase account so the earnings I showed you earlier kachika are from the new account I just created earlier because I just showed you kachika that we can withdraw even if we only play for 5 minutes but now kachika pop up here on my screen i earned in my main account as you can see I already have 85 million points to earn here so I earned it just from playing because here kachika they don't have a referral program because here kachika they have other applications where you can play many more points here so just click more games and here are more applications that you can install and you can play for more points you can earn here so all the points you can earn here in their various applications will be accumulated in one account so now I withdraw it, and click so same process just before let's just enter our coinbase email address and after that click trade and then just confirm "Exchange under review, please wait"
placed here your btc is on it's way so let's just wait to receive the two payments in our coinbase account and I'll just pop up on our screen if I've received our two payments that have been withdrawn now so this is my payments from the new account I made earlier, and this is my payment from my original account and from our Coinbase account kachika we can transfer it to our Coinsph and Gcash account so this proves that we can really earn ₱500 or $10 free here just by playing candy crush ok so now let me share to you my honest review about this appliction first is my advantage to this application
so first of all kachika my advantage is just free, 100% free and legit so we used to play candy crush but we didn't make any money, but this is still free and we make money here and my 2nd advantage here kachika is their payment processing is fast their payment is instant here in just 1 min you will receive your payment immediately in your coinbase account and then my 3rd advantage here kachika
You definitely want it because they don't have an invite program, so it's for the bitter ones in referrals so it's your chance to earn here just by playing only so that's all my advantages to this application let's proceed to my disadvantage I only see one disadvantage here in this application and that is that it cannot provide us with a stable income so all the free earning applications that I have featured here on our channel I always say that they can't really provide us with a stable income so this is just for extra income only we can only earn very little here so the $10 kachika I saved a long time ago so if you compare kachika if you work, so 500 or $10 can be earned in just 1 day but with free earning applications kachika is a long time before you earn 500 PHP but it's not bad to earn 500 PHP here with this free earning application because it's free the important thing here is that you have fun playing so you only earn bonus from free earning applications so now if you want to have a stable income you can visit my second channel Homebased Chika where I shared here videos about legit online job that can provide you a stable income and also i have giveaway 100 PHP Gcash every video the link is on the description box and pinned comment below so that's all my honest review about this application but before we end this video, let's have a Special Shoutout so that's it this ends our video Kachika! so now If you like this video, please don't forget to click the like button and please share this video, to your friends and to your family to help them find earn extra income online and if you're new to this channel click the subscribe button and the notification bell, to keep you updated on our new online source of income, that's all for now Kachika's thank you so much for watching this video, Goodbye and Godbless you all, Good bye!

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