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folks this is wesley billion billion billion 
dollar virgin guess what listen i want you to   imagine taking a pair of headphones like this 
look and put them in your ears and listening   to music and getting paid 12 this is seriously 
12 every single song that you listen to listen   like imagine just waking up in the morning and 
actually listening to music and getting paid   in the process think about how many songs that 
you've listened to right now in the past five to   ten years you've made zero dollars playlist push 
dot com go there right now playlist push.com now   listen maybe you've seen this site before or maybe 
you haven't but please pay attention many people   they do this wrong i've seen a couple of videos 
on youtube of people showing this site here and   many people are getting declined you know it's 
not working for them because they're not paying   attention and i'm not giving you the secrets that 
i'm gonna give you in the video to do this very   easily so you can make money like imagine leaving 
your job in the next 24 to 48 hours because you're   making three thousand dollars a month and 
listen the great thing about this site here   if you want to listen to 20 songs a day they 
will keep paying you over and over again   it's up to you okay so listen they've been around 
for a little while here it's usually for artists   and what happens is you might say well wesley 
why would a person pay me money to do this like   i'm just a regular guy i'm a regular girl right 
listen artists all around the world they're trying   to be the next beyonce and the next drake they 
upload their music here and they're paying you   to basically do a review for it okay it's called 
a curator and it's simple simple it's just it's so   it's powerful here you have over 90 970 people 
plus that's already doing this and what you're   going to do right now we have over 23 million 
play this and so many artists here that is on   this site and this is really for the person that 
like makes like like miss listening to music here   and if that's what you like to do pay attention 
here okay so listen i'm gonna keep this very very   easy it's gonna be very very simple to do okay 
what you need to do is click on the word that says   for creators here okay now you're going to click 
on spotify playlist creators now listen if you're   tick-tock person you could do tick-tock too but if 
you're not like me i was brand new i'm a beginner   i listen to music but i'm trying to get paid 
while i'm playing those tracks let's get it   make sense hey did you smash the like button 
because i already did a dance for you so   show me i'm talking to you show me some love 
all right look spotify playlist here okay   this is crazy right so see here they're 
going to pay you 12 this is legit here 12 per   song you just listen to it review it done you 
could look imagine doing this when you wake up   driving in your car sitting on the toilet taking 
a dump and getting paid 12 every single time you   do that even at your job this is just like some 
extra income here while you should be doing your   job you could be listening to music because you're 
probably already doing that right now aren't you i   know you are listen so and what i love about them 
is instant payouts they pay you every single week   depending on the songs that you listen to over and 
over again that's twelve dollars every single song   and they pair every single week are you getting 
excited right now smash the like button then if   you have a smile on their face i'm talking to you 
put show me some love smash the like button here   listen because it gets better here now all you 
need to do is go down here and say sign me up   too easy right now this is very 
important this is why so many people   fail right here at this moment this is why so 
many people get denied listen do exactly what i do   irregards of the country that you live in right 
i want you to do it the way that i'm going to   show you as you can see here they cover all over 
the world but what i want you to do is do it the   way that i actually do because i want you to get 
accepted and not get denied like a lot of people   are getting denied on the side here does that 
make sense so you go down here united states of   america okay i know united states canada they 
all work united kingdom these other countries   they may but just choose united states and no 
it doesn't matter if you're not in the united   states of america what we're trying to do here 
is get approved this makes sense we want to get   this approved because you don't get approved just 
guess what no money for you no money no honey baby   all right so i want you to get some dollars 
here look all right so i'm scroll down here   no i don't manage any playlist yet yes you do just 
put yes and i get it you might say wesley i don't   have a playlist don't worry i'm gonna give you a 
playlist you don't have to create your own because   i love you so much see in the comment section 
below i noticed that people say wesley i love you   because one you're crazy two you're just giving 
this value for free that's why i keep smashing   the like button because i want you to create more 
videos that's why i'm sub to your channel now and   i said okay i appreciate that much love right now 
listen you gotta put yes and here this is where   many people screw up you got to click on 1 000 
to 10 000.

If you click on zero to one watch this   didn't i didn't i see you you'll be screwed up 
here so the thing is we want to do this correctly   here all right so let's go back to the process 
again and we want to make sure we don't get denied   so you put united states of america and listen 
this video is intended to show you everything from   a to z how to do it i promise you i'm with you 
here all right click on yes click on 1000 boom see   you see that now you're in now listen i want you 
to hold that screen stay right here now what i   want you to do is create a free spotify account 
as you can see here i already have a spotify   account right here you need to create one for 
yourself one and you need to create a playlist now   let me show you why this is important why you 
have to have a thousand you must have 1 000   people that follow you on spotify and 
i know what you're thinking wesley   how do i get a thousand i don't know i don't 
know a thousand people even those people that   follow me on facebook and instagram i don't know 
these people they're not gonna follow me i don't   have time listen you don't have to go to facebook 
you don't have to go to instagram you don't have   to go to reddit i need to go none of that stuff 
i'm going to show you just this easy simple way   on how we're going to work together and i'm going 
to make it happen for you right now are you with   me okay great so what you do is this you're going 
to open up a spotify account you're going to go to   this playlist i'm going to put a description of 
that site right under this video right here guys   i got to move to another room because my power 
is about to go dead so you're going to take this   right here this is a playlist okay and i'm 
going to prove to you you see here i have over   1400 followers i know what you're thinking 
wesley yeah i love that okay now look here   now look look check it out you're still with me 
are you still with me smash the like button guys   all right listen so i have 1400 all you 
need is a thousand okay now this is what   we're gonna do right we're gonna be cool about 
this first step is to do this first this is my   playlist here okay this is my spotify you're 
going to create a playlist two different ways   you're going to use what i already have here 
i'm going to put a description in the link below   right here and create a free playlist right now 
based off my playlist i teach people how to make   millions of dollars some people um and it's called 
the overnight millionaire series it's free right   and it's how i became a multi-millionaire close 
to becoming a billionaire here okay but that's   not important what's important is you need to 
click those links and create a playlist now listen   now this is how you get 1400 listen look at me if 
me and you work together if you put your playlist   link this is important put your playlist link 
in the comment section below i'm going to follow   you and other people that are watching this 
video right now are going to follow you as well   does that make sense listen teamwork makes the 
dream work it's not fair that certain people get   rich and other people don't so listen i say you 
know once i i'm gonna be honest with you i was   broke at one time and now i'm making millions of 
dollars and i found a way using this site for us   to work together so everybody that comment below 
smash the like button if you're willing to follow   everybody in the comment section below and i will 
follow you too this will take about 24 to 48 hours   if we do it right i'm gonna have over thousands 
if not hundreds of thousands of people that would   do this now listen to ensure that we get more 
people faster because understand this as soon   as you hit a thousand they're gonna pay you out 
okay you're gonna start listening to something   they're gonna pay you 12 bucks every single time 
that's 120 minimum a day if you listen to ten   songs a day that takes about 30 minutes so every 
30 minutes that's 120 in your bank account but   listen we have to work together does that make 
sense are you down with that are you cool with   that so all you need to do create a playlist i 
left a link below if you need songs or if you need   uh podcasts or content here you can just add 
this to your playlist you want to comment below   say hey guys follow me here i'll say wes follow 
me here everybody listen for this to work guys   together so you stop searching for make money 
online youtube videos and actually start making   a couple of dollars here this is not meant for 
you to be rich but three to four thousand dollars   a month is nothing to sneeze at by listening 
to music all you have to do is just follow   everybody's link below that's it okay if we follow 
everybody i'm gonna follow you everybody just say   hey guys follow me much love and say hey thank 
wes for doing this if everybody using my channel   i have over 400 000 subscribers here there's no 
way why we all can collectively have a thousand   people that follow each other so we can all make 
this money at least three to four thousand dollars   a month is that cool deal now if we want to really 
um expedite the process what i want you to do as   well share it to your facebook page seriously 
it's not for me it's just for everybody like   share this video on your facebook page because 
understand the more people that watch the video   and actually like the video and follow the 
playlist then the faster you hit 1000 so when   you apply your account will look something 
like this let me show you something here   see right here boom i already went through 
the steps here see continue with spotify   here they're going to check your account to make 
sure you have a thousand and then you're gonna   see something like this i've already filled it out 
so i'm already connected they're gonna review me   and once i review i get a decision and i'm in does 
that make sense i have several accounts by the way   i do this over and over again because i have 
people like you that are willing to click those   links below create a playlist and follow everybody 
in the comment section below just put your   playlist and say follow everybody please follow me 
much love thanks wes that's all you have to type   everybody please follow me and i'll follow you 
back and we just go back and forth over and over   again and if you share this to your facebook 
pages right now if you just share this you have   more people that's going to gravitate to the 
video then you'll find yourself not working a   job anymore right because three thousand dollars a 
month how many of you will quit your job if you're   making three thousand dollars a month by listening 
to music listening to drake in these songs right   and just reviewing them on a daily basis 
takes about 30 to 40 minutes it doesn't   that's it that's 120 a day like you can make 
more it's up to you but all you need to do is   take the playlist that you're going to create on 
spotify for free put it in the comment section   below teamwork makes the dream work and everybody 
follows everybody okay if you continue to do this   over and over again then you have a thousand 
you'll get approved and then you'll thank me   and say wesley you are the mother elf and man much 
love hey guys now listen i got something i want to   share with you if anybody right now would like me 
to help them to make a thousand dollars per day   in your sleep and yes it's very possible to do 
it and as a matter of fact i have this girl okay   she's a very very attractive young lady and and 
when you click that link you're gonna see her   she's from new york she knew nothing about 
the internet just like you completely clueless   she's earning a hundred thousand dollars per 
month and in that link she's going to show you   exactly how she's doing and she does it in her 
sleep warning it's powerful but it's not for   everybody here's the link right here much love 
but listen guys go back put your playlist in the   comment section below this is wesley billion 
dollar version much love let's go later guys

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(NEW RELEASE 2021!) Earn $12.00 Every SINGLE Song YOU Listen Make Money Online

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