And there.. So there, Classmates What we will do here is very easy As you can see We can let the children play this The good thing here is we can play for free And there. Our duck won here And our earnings can now be converted into cash [instrumental music] Hello Classmates! Welcome back to my channel By the way, I am Rose And if you are new to this channel and wants to earn for free Kindly click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell to get updates on our new video uploads on how you can earn online Here, Classmates we are giving away free ₱100.00 to those who will comment on the hashtag word that can be seen in this video But before anything else, Like and Subscribe, first. For today's video Classmates I will share with you a new Play To Earn game where we can earn for free even without doing anything So, what am I talking about? Without further ado Let's get started So, Classmates the New NFT or Play To Earn Game that I will be sharing with you is Waves Ducks Classmates, Waves Ducks is a collectible NFT Digital Ducks it means we can collect ducks and earn money The good thing here Classmates is the breeding of duck wherein if we can breed and get a rare duck we can get huge earnings Another thing , Classmates Waves Ducks is one of the top ten NFT game Worldwide Isn't that cool? This NFT game is already popular And here, Classmates Our earnings here is passive it means we can earn ₱100,000 per month And, here, Classmates Let me repeat we can earn huge amount of money here without any cash out.

It means 100% free the earnings we can get here To start earning for free Let's go to their website WAVESDUCKS.COM And after that, We will create an account Again, it is free to create an account here So, we will just tap START located above Select that one By the way, Classmates We can use our cellphone but for now I will show you in desktop form For it to be much clearer for me to explain to you So, here, Classmates We just need to Register or Create an Account So, if you already have an account here We will just Log in and If none We will just tap Sign Up Select that one. Here, Classmates It is very easy to create an account We just need to put our email address and create a password By the way, Classmates There are lots of options to register But it is much better to use our email address for it to be more secured After filling up all the information We will just tap the checkbox and Select Create Account By the way, Classmates If you have an account in Waves Exchange You can log in here And after logging in we will be re-routed here.

So here, Classmates in Waves Ducks to earn for free We will just play Duck Battles or Clash of Farms To go there Let's proceed to Play To Earn tab located above Tap that one. And then, it will prompt a message and we will just confirm Just tap Confirm. and we will be re-routed here. So if you will notice here on the right side under tournament there's a time frame for each game There's a total prize Matches Played Current Fight Prize or the Collective farm tokens that we can win in each game To start playing we just need to choose collective farm To do that Tap Choose Let's just select that So there, We will be re-routed here We will just choose there the Farm that we like to join.

So again, Classmates this is free It has no fee We will just choose And here, Classmates I suggest, choose the farm with higher Win Rate So there, let's choose And after choosing a farm Let's tap Choose, below Let's select that one. And there. So if we already have a farm We will just tap Play on the lower left Let's tap that Then, here Classmates We will just choose the ducks we want to fight the match We have lots of options here. Just choose one. And, once we have chosen just tap the duck and there, it has a confirmation Just tap the I'm not a Robot There. And there. It is looking for an opponent And it will prompt again a message just confirm that one. So, there, Classmates If you will see below We have cards and above we have a time frame the cards there Classmates is very easy to understand So that's attack and defense only So we will just choose a card there And we will point it where we would like to place our attack and defense And after that We will tap Make turn And we will just wait for our opponent to place their cards And there So, like this one none has been deducted to us So, it's like that, Classmates We will just tap again the Next Round We will choose again the cards and point where we will place our attack and defense.

So, on the left side Classmates are our defense And on the right side is our opponent So, we're going to attack there So, there, What we will do here is very basic Tap and point only We will try our luck on where it has no defense and once we have attacked it will greatly reduce So there, that's all we have to do every round Isn't it easy? Even kids can play this one Here, Classmates we can make our strategy in attacking or just try your luck [laughs] like me, I'm just trying my luck here So there That's all we are going to do here. This game is very easy And there.

We won here! And earned Collective Farm Token which we can convert into cash. So there, This is very easy to play The gameplay of Waves Ducks This is not complicated at all One thing I liked about this Classmates Playing game is unlimited We can just play again and again And in each game we win we can earn Collective Farm Tokens So there, Classmates Just be diligent We can earn a lot here And another thing, Classmates One good thing here Once we have saved our tokens We can convert that into an egg So, to show you the purpose of egg Let's proceed to our incubator Let's just tap this So there, Classmates In our incubator As you can see We have 9 eggs here Let us check how much is the value of an egg Let's proceed to CoinGecko And the value of an egg is ₱45,838.00 It has great value, isn't it? of an egg Here, Classmates in Waves Ducks There's a lot of ways to use our egg here Number one is to hatch a duck Here, Classmates As you can see We need 3.63 eggs here to hatch one duck And here, Classmates in our incubator once we have hatched a duck What we can get is a Genesis type of duck or the lowest rarity of duck.

Here, if we want to have a good or rare duck We need to breed And, here Classmates Let me show you a type of Genesis duck So here it is Harold So there, His name is nice, isn't it? As you can see here It is a Genesis type and its rarity is 5% Here, Classmates With Harold a Genesis duck to earn we need to have the on farming on Yes Here, Classmates, if you will notice below It's On Farming is on No For it to become Yes We need to have a Perch To get a Perch Let's proceed to our Farm on the Farm tab Tap that one And proceed to Empty Perches By the way, Classmates the perches are nests [laughs] Me too, I am not aware It is perch in English [laughs] I just searched it So perch is Nest So we're in Empty Perches Let's tap that So here, Classmates We need to buy a perch Fo our duck to hatch eggs and for us to earn money It's like the real duck we need perch where it will hatch And also, Classmates Here in Perch makes sure that the background of the duck or the color of the background is same with the perch we will purchase So, there's a lot of options for the colors And, there let me repeat Make sure that the color is the same with the duck And once you are done choosing Just tap Buy And once you already have a perch for the duck The on farming will be on Yes And we can get egg production of 0.0322 Egg So, let us check how much is the value into peso And there The value into peso Classmates is ₱1,475 It means we already have earnings from that duck worth ₱1,475.00 per month Isn't it cool? We did not do anything We will just wait for the duck to hatch an egg And this is what we are going to earn from it That is just one duck.

And there, Here, Classmates If we want to earn more We can breed ducks So it is in Breeding Tab Just tap that Here, Classmates For us to breed We need to have 2 available ducks For us to produce unique or rare duck So there. Let's just say Classmates, we have bred and we got Satoshi If you will notice here Classmates It is no longer Genesis It is already a knight and its rarity is 22% And also, if you will notice it's on Farming is No We just need to buy it a perch or nest Just make sure the color of Satoshi's background is same with perch you are going to buy. So there, Once it already has a perch We can earn or its egg production per month is 0.1520 Egg So let's check its value into peso And if we will convert that into peso We will have ₱6,964.00 per month So, there In Breeding our earnings here increases But that's not all, Classmates What if you were able to get a higher rarity? So, it means we can earn more here And there.

Classmates The good thing here Some ducks can produce eggs where we can earn 200% APY or Annual Percentage Yield Which means it is the profit or interest of our money invested in a year Isn't Waves Ducks, cool? And also, here Classmates If you don't want to hatch or breed ducks We can buy ducks directly in their Marketplace So let us proceed to Marketplace So there. Here, Classmates, you can choose the duck that you want and the average cost of an NFT duck is around $3,000 And here, Classmates do you know, that the most expensive duck sold here is worth $1,000,000 The ducks here are so cool, aren't they? So there We have a lot of choices here Just choose the rarity that we want in the duck.

And the other way to use the collected free eggs Is to invest it on the Collective Farms So let us proceed to Collective Farms above Let's just tap that And there. Here, Classmates, there's a lot of available Collective Farms wherein we can invest the eggs we earned So here, Classmates it is your discretion in which farm do you want to invest And another good thing here, Classmates in their Collective Farm We can invest for as low as 0.01 Egg So there If we have minimal eggs collected by playing the gameplay we can increase that by investing in their Collective Farms So, Classmates, once you have chosen a Farm Just tap Invest Egg below the farm, you have chosen Just select that one. And there. We will just put the egg we want to invest on their farm After that We will just tap invest So there, Classmates As easy as that We can get a passive income And now, Classmates I will teach you how can withdraw from here To withdraw our earnings We will just connect our Waves Ducks account to To do that, Classmates let's proceed to (fee) (fie)? [laughs] So there, (fee) So I will just place the link in the description box below So, if you are already here Swop.Fi(fie) [laughs] We will just connect our wallet It is located on the upper right Just tap that And we will just choose Waves Exchange email The one on top the recommended Just tap that and after that We will just log in and the log in details here is our Waves Ducks account We will just put that And there, after that Let us proceed to exchange Just tap that And we will be re-routed here Here, Classmates We will just convert our eggs into waves To convert it into cash So here, we will just put in You Pay is Egg and for You Get is Waves So, you can see we have 9 eggs We will just put 9 eggs there And there Automatically we can see the conversion into waves If you will notice, Classmates It has a transaction fee that 0.005 Waves That is just small That's just around ₱6.00 So to get Waves for our Gas fee We can buy from Binance and send it to account So, once it is okay we will tap Swap And after, swapping Let us proceed to our account and go to Deposit/Withdraw Let's just tap that So there We're almost there in making a withdrawal of cash And here, Classmates We need a Waves address So, the waves address you can get that from Binance Here, Classmates in our Binance let's proceed to Deposit Let's tap that The coin we will look for is Waves And, there.

It will show the our Waves address Just copy that and let's go back to and we will paste the copied waves address here in in the enter address So, let's paste it there And, after that, Classmates We will just place the amount of Waves we want to withdraw After that Just tap Withdraw Then After a few hours It will be credited to our Binance account and we can convert our Waves to USDT for us to withdraw in our Gcash account Using P2P method here in Binance So there, Classmates That's how easy to earn from Waves Ducks And Classmates, Let me add Waves ducks has a Grand Contest wherein they will choose 1,153 winners once they have exceeded 100,000 followers in their Twitter account So it's in our description box below the link on how we can join here And also, Classmates Before I end this video I would like to say We have a giveaway And all you need to do is Like this video Subscribe to my channel And comment down the hashtag word seen in this video and include #EARNATPERAUNIVERSITY and your Gcash number So I think that's it Classmates Hope you like this video and please share this video to help more who wants to earn online So goodbye for now See you on my next video

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