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But Mehmood when did I say anything like that? This happens in this age, it's not your fault. A person starts forgetting things like you are right now But I'm only going to say one thing Don't say anything especially about Hamza's second marriage That's not possible, I won't let it happen while I'm here Our daughter in law is such a nice girl, where is she? Ramsha dear? Where is she? What is it uncle? Oh, dear will you make me a cup of tea? Okay uncle I will bring it for you Bless you child May God have mercy on us all Can I turn on the television? Sure, please turn it on There's a limit to madness Marium, when you said that you won't marry Usama I remained quiet Before everyone was depressed about Umar's death, but now months have passed, at least you can stop the madness now Bajjo discussed a marriage proposal for you with me today Tell me what should I tell her? Mother this isn't madness, I was in love with Umar, and that love has not ended with Umar's death You can continue loving him even after his death, who is it stopping you.

But at least don't ruin your life for it Look Marium, listen to me, marrying Usama will bring your life on track Mother I have asked you so many times to leave me alone, don't worry about me I can't do this Marium. I have give some answer to sister and listen to me with open ears I'm not going to refuse her. I'm telling you this clearly Mother, you won't force me against my will. I have no solution of your madness Let Kashif come. I will talk to him and tell him how you are annoying me Brother Kashif can not force me. Fine! I'll see that Do what you want. By the way, do you have an idea what your sister did today? Now what did Shumaila do? She misbehaved with uncle in front of brother Kashif Shumaila with brother? O God! Mother, what has happened to you? Hey? Mother? Do one thing, strangle me you both.

Or give me poison and kill me. So Marium has told you. What you did .. everyone had to finally find it out Brother would have talked to me eventually even if she hadn't told me Okay .. I got angry and it came out of my mouth. I didn't know that he'd come out of the room It should be him who must be careful. There are tens of things that husband and wife discuss, but he kept on eavesdropping You aren't ashamed to say this, Shumaila He isn't just your uncle, but your father in law The whole family respects him. No one says a word to him and here you were talking against him in front of his son. Sister would have already found it out They are in the room I don't care. It's enough for me that my husband is with me O God! What do I do of these children? What? This one annoys her husband and the other one doesn't want to get married I don't understand that foolish She kept following him the whole life and he ended up marrying Neha She was in true love with him, and wanted to marry him She then said, she'd marry Osama.

Now she says that she finding an excuse to live close to them both. I don't understand what has happened to this girl So what? It's her life, its her choice. Why are you boiling your blood? Have you gone mad? Where will she get such luxurious life? Think about it. Mother, Osama is a very different person. He is short tempered, and you know how outspoken Mariyum is. So? Every other man is short tempered. They should be But mother, she won't be able to live with a man like him.

She herself is short tempered I can see it Shumaila. Instead of explaining it to Mariyum, you are brainwashing her against Osama Explain it to your sister. Convince her Explain it to her to leave this foolishness and marry Osama. It is better for us all Fine mother! Fine! I'll talk to her. Don't you worry I have already talked to her, and you know how stubborn she is. It is very difficult to convince her Fine! If she won't agree, she'd be in loss. Sister has clearly told me .. if we'd refuse, they'd find another girl They will eventually find someone From where will we find such a nice guy? Fine! Fine! Don't go home today.

I will talk to her at night. Now stop boiling your blood Okay? Come with me She has given me stressed Do you know Osama, father has chose one of my cousins for my proposal If he wants, he'd get me married to him today I have talked to sister Neha Situation is .. Situation is never under our control. One has to use strength to take an action We are all shattered after Umar's death We don't understand what to do and how to do it Mother, father, and I .. everyone It wasn't appropriate to talk about marriage during that situation It has passed. Umair is born. Finally we found joy I have talked to sister Neha. She will talk to mother and father Tell me, how is he? He must be very cute Very cute The way Umar and sister Neha's child should be Will you eat something? Excuse me? Oh God! This kind of misbehavior? I couldn't even imagine anyone screaming in this house before.

They way she spoke .. You .. you talk to Rabia She doesn't want to listen to me or Kashif and understand us Shumaila's stubborn attitude has spoiled her all qualities What will Rabia do? Even she won't be able to explain it to her Then .. how will this issue be resolved? Haven't you seen that Kashif doesn't have that charm and smile on his face, that used to be there And this all is because of your niece I was thinking that there might be some issue in his business or office.

But now I have found out that this all is because of her I don't believe it that she's your niece Iqbal .. Don't you worry I .. I will handle this issue myself. Don't worry Father, look at him. The way he's seeing with open eyes Oh! Mash'Allah! Mash'Allah! This mister has started seeing the world with his eyes now Now you sit in your grand father's lap Okay? Look, this is God's blessing God gives us happiness in the form of children Father, no matter how much we grow up we act like kids when we are with kids O my dear child ..

Shall I bring something for you? Yes my child, bring me water I'm bringing it Okay! bring it. O my dear .. What do you want after all? I have never seen you speaking so sweetly I am trying to fix things, my child You too butter up .. The one who serves, gets the fruit in the end So you want Neha to get the ownership of Umar's complete property? That will eventually happen This problem is almost solved and has become easier after Umair is born You do one thing ..

You pressurize Ramsha someway and ask her to talk to her father to give her share in the property So what will I get? You are such a greedy person. Very greedy just like your father You foolish .. The money woman gets from her parent's side .. that is like a treasure for a man Live a luxurious life. Spend it Eat and live lively. Just keep the wife happy and listen to her She wants to go home to meet Umair I asked you to listen to her. I didn't ask you to immediately start listening to her This is how, you'd lose your value Increase your value.

Show attitude when she wants to visit her parents And when you'd stop this attitude, she and you both will be happy By the way, is this what you used to do with mother? One has to live very smartly with a woman. To keep her under control, one needs intelligence. A lot of intelligence. Explain her the love and the anger And keep one thing in mind, woman and a pistol, work according to the one who has a control over it .. Look .. brother has a lot of money .. you use the love you have Brother will use his wealth and you use your love Then you'd see .. she'd bring her father's wealth to you for the sake of your love My child .. Like sister .. I also have this wish in my heart .. that Hamza's children play around this house and with me .. I know that .. it isn't been long that you are married, but Neha got married at the time you got married It is good if you have a child during the first year of marriage Later, you can take a break for a year or two Auntie ..

I also want this but .. But what? Doesn't Hamza want it? Umm Doctor's reports .. Fine, listen to me There is a wonderful gynecologist. Lets visit her Lets get the test done from her Right? Do you know Kulsoom? After Umer died .. I got peace in my heart today I .. I feel as if .. I touched Umar's cheeks after so long Right I felt the same, when I took Umair in my lap for the first time Do you know .. when Umar's funeral was happening, I was thinking that .. what will I do by staying alive now? What is the purpose of my life? But today .. after holding Umair in my lap today, I have realized that I have to live I have to raise Umair as a father, not as a grand father With God's will May God give you long life. May he grant you good health You will bring Umair up Iqbal .. I couldn't talk to Shumaila yet Rabia and Mariyum will stay here at night Then I will talk to Shumaila in the morning in presence of Rabia Look Kulsoom, be careful while talking I think that ..

Shumaila is having inferiority complex. She thinks that .. I .. I like Neha more because she is Naheed's daughter This is absolutely wrong I know it I know it very well that you have never differentiated before. Never By talking like this today, Shumaila .. humiliated your kindness No problem No problem, Kulsoom Either it's Neha or Shumaila or Mariyum or Hamza They all are our children. They are our blood Children do make mistakes It is us who should correct their mistakes Elders do everything Right! Iqbal? I wanted to say something else to you Infact, I wanted to take your permission that I .. I want to fulfill a responsibility Do you want to get Osama married? Yes! I want Osama to get married to Mariyum So did you ..

Ask Osama and Mariyum? Yes, Rabia has asked Mariyum I will talk to Osama And I have faith that he won't refuse I too .. have something in my mind, Kulsoom What is it? Neha has become widow in a very young age Doesn't she have a right that she once again .. she live a good married life? Iqbal, do you even know what you are talking about? Neha's second marriage? If Neha would marry again, then our Umair? She .. she'd bring Umair with her So? So Umair's love would make us selfish? No .. I don't think so that Neha would agree to marry again This is why .. we shouldn't also talk about this We should stay quiet Umm .. Iqbal .. give him to me I'll take him Hmm .. yes If .. Osama is awake .. then talk to him too Yes, right My child .. my dear child Osama my child? Osama my child, here you are? I went to your room I wasn't sleepy You have decorated it very nicely in such less time Yes, everyone did it together. I called Ramsha too but she said she was busy Which is why she wasn't able to come in the evening When daughter are gone to their in laws then it gets difficult to take time out to visit their families May she stay happy Amen I thought you'd go to sleep early today Osama, it just 11 o'clock I wasn't sleepy I thought to come and talk to you Is there something important? Yes My child, I and Iqbal are thinking to get you married now with Mariyum I can't marry Mariyum Why? What's the reason? Is there any special reason? Firstly, I never thought about it ever secondly, I don't like her But my child, what's wrong in her? Mother, she's stubborn, liar and outspoken You know what she said about herself and Umar It was because of her that sister Neha got sick She is a mad girl.

She can do anything Hers and my relations is impossible Also, Neha would have already put hatred in Osama's heart for me I have thought that I would say it infront of everyone in the morning that I and Umar were about to get married before Osama speaks the truth I will tell the truth All these family members must know that Umar wasn't some angel but an ordinary man You won't do any such thing, Mariyum. And no one would even believe you You'd support me and say that I'm telling the truth You won't do this Mariyum, and if you'd say something I'll tell everyone that you are telling a lie You won't do this, mother.

Remember, if anyone would come between me and Neha and if anyone would support Neha, I won't spare him There is no competition between you and Neha. She doesn't even answer you back I won't let her do anything. I will annihilate her Enough of this madness. Leave her alone. I won't spare her at all. I have already done so much to destroy her Because of that, my sister was about to die Her poor child died. It was because of my plan that her poor child died, and that Neha got saved … Was it because of you? It was because of you that Shumaila couldn't become a mother? You? What have you done with your sister? What? Do you even realize? Mother! Do you even realize what have you done to her? How can you do this, Mariyum? How come? Mother! What have you done? Yes mother! I did make a mistake.

I wanted to take revenge from Neha and wanted to defame her This is why I put oil on the floor. I didn't know that this will happen Did you do that? You had put oil? You have ruined my daughter's life. How can you do this, Mariyum, and that too with your own sister? Didn't you think of her? How can someone do this to her own sister? Mother, for God's sake forgive me.

I wanted to punish Neha. I didn't know that my sister would become victim instead Forgive me! Don't you realize ? I do realize .. and this guilt is eating me daily that I am a killer of my sister's child. I am .. I .. So you were the murder of my child? Sister, forgive me .. Mother, I thought that Neha killed my child. I kept on taking out my hatred on her My own sister ruined my life.

Why did you do that .. Mother, tell her .. Tell her please .. I wanted to destroy Neha. I .. Forgive me, sister .. Listen, she didn't do it deliberately Shumaila, forgive me What? What are you saying that she didn't do it deliberately? I will tell this to the whole world. Come with me. Come Mother, stop her. I didn't do it deliberately .. Come with me Shumaila? Shumaila listen to me. Shumaila? Shumaila listen? Shumaila, listen to me please … Shumaila? Shumaila? Shumaila? Hey? Hey? Shumaila? Shumaila? Osama? Shumaila? Quickly come, my wife .. Sister, what happened? What? What happened? Sister? Sister? Call the ambulance. Ambulance .. Get up! Nothing has happened. Shumaila? Father? Shumaila? Bring the ambulance Doctor, is everything fine. Didn't anything happen to her? This was the case of death on arrival She died before reaching here Kashif, my child? Kashif Mother, they are telling a lie. Nothing has happened to Shumaila. They are lying Listen to me .. Yes? Yes sir Go Call Kashif Yes sir How is Rabia? She is sleeping because of injection You should sleep a little too.

It would be good for you God knows where my sleep is lost O God God knows who has put an evil eye on my home's happiness First, it was Umar and now Shumaila? Such young and lively children have died so suddenly .. What wrong have we done that we are being punished this way? This grief isn't less than the Doom's day In this age .. burying young children from our hands This is what Doom's day is like We are helpless in front of our fate What can we do but grieve and endure The trauma of Umar's death wasn't yet gone, and then this happened Now sister ..

Father is right. We can't do anything but endure My child .. Kashif sorrow is bigger than ours You both aren't only brothers but good friends too You have to take good care of Kashif, my child Yes father! Sir? Yes? Mr. Kashif isn't in his room Not in his room? I know where would he be? I'll go check Where has my child gone? You have no idea Mariyum that your one emotional step has destroyed us The pit you dug for that Neha had my Shumaila in her instead. My Shumaila .. Mother, I never wanted this What have I done? My sister became victim of the truth I spilled out of my mouth Mother, I wish we both had kept quiet the other night and wouldn't have discussed that Neither would have we discussed that ..

Nor Shumaila had come and heard the truth Truth? That was the truth that you ruined your sister's house Then you took away her child and her life too You have done so much, Mariyum. How could you do this to her? How Mariyum? Now .. Shumaila's grief .. won't let me live I will go join her very soon. For God's sake, don't say this, mother. I'm burning in my guilt, mother My inner self is abusing me. Everyday it makes me realize that it is me who is responsible of my sister's death My child has left. My child .. How do I act patient? How? I don't know what will happen now. I don't know .. I didn't like Shumaila at all I was very much against her because she used to speak against Neha, and put unnecessary blames on her.

But I never wished for her to die That too such terrible death? So much has happened with Neha because of Shumaila, but she has never spoken a word against Shumaila This is because Neha kept enduring But whatever Shumaila was doing, her unjust behavior was supposed to be punished After all, Neha has got her justice Mehmood, ask for mercy from God, not justice You are right One should only ask mercy from God, for themselves and for others Aren't children too late? Yes, it is rushy at clinic What is the use of going to such private clinics? They have to wait for 3 hours even after giving a lot of money. It is better to go to a government hospital. At least this much money won't be spent Let me call Hamza and ask him. Yes, go ahead..

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Mere Apne Episode 39 [Subtitle Eng] - 24th October 2021 - ARY Digital Drama

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