Marketing Strategies During Covid-19 Pandemic

Marketing Strategies During Covid-19 Pandemic

Rigidly Wiltern is the CEO of McQueen’s flers and internationally renowned floral design business. In this conversation, we talk about how you can start to recalibrate your marketing for the post Kove vid world, to ensure that you’re communicating the right message in a way that chimes with the new normal, whatever that ends up being. I really hope you find this valuable and don’t forget to like share and subscribe enough from me. Let’S join the conversation you said. Obviously, now is the time to start marketing.

How has how your marketing changed and given in the light of kovat, one of the big changes for us will be the the the type of material, so the type of content and the type of material that we choose. The focus of our business is very autobiographical. So everything that we produce is made by hand it’s made by talented people. Often we have to go and do that manufacturing in front of the eyes of the customer, because we’re doing it on-site a marketing, is shifting towards celebrating much more the people in the business. Firstly, it was really brought home to me recently that we’ve been making some some video.

Everybody loves video, but never thought. We were quite sure why we would make video other than to make lovely video. But the thing that really struck me was was was the colleague who said to me the difference in photos and video. Is that photos take a lot of photos? It’S like a step-by-step instructions.

If you take video, it’s absolutely inspirational and we can do things with slow motion and close-ups and focus that make what we do absolutely come alive and feel magical inspirational can’t do that with still images. So I think we are in some ways creating a pivot of our own, which is just moving much much more towards video than we ever did. But thinking about how do we want people to feel when they’re watching it so not instructional infomercials, but using video to just be body, lovely, inspiring, heartwarming, joyful content, but that makes people feel good about what we do. Yes, of course, hopefully talk to us about buying some of it, so I think that’s awesome. Thank you.

The other thing is: we’ve set ourselves a mission, an absolute mission that we’ve determined to keep, which is to use all of our social media channels in the right way. I think there’s lots of confusion in every organization. The one one channel in my experience is talked about more than others, whether it’s LinkedIn or Instagram or Pinterest. Whatever your sort of thing is, but we’ve set ourselves a mission to use all of the appropriate channels in the right way, so to be really clear about why we’re using them and what I turn the voices and what it is that we’re trying to achieve. But also do fewer better, more strategic brand things.

We were also ironing out the confusion. If you like, between strategies, strategic and tactical, so you know do use. We can’t use a channel for both things. We want to be very clear. You know why we, why are we using those channels and to use them we’ve seen it with a singular purpose?

That’S really interesting. That’S really interests, you being. Are you being guided by people internally or have you looked outside to get that guidance? So here’s the amazing thing when the noise disappears and all the chaos of frenetic daily life, listen to the quiet voices in your organization. The people who just know their but don’t always get listened to a and B turn to the people.

Who do the job? Ask them talk to them, involve them the most miraculous thing that we’ve been doing. I think for me the most most exciting thing that we’ve been doing in marketing. It’S because we’re not working with with you know dozens of agencies dot all over the country. Yes, we’re still working with some really trouble people you know along the way, but so much of what we might have just out sourced or and outsource the thinking as well.

We’Re actually doing some of that ourselves in-house. Now, that’s not that’s not to say that! That’S how we we intend to do it going forwards, but the people doing the job themselves have got some really smart ideas and they have the sensitivity and the understanding of the subject to be able to articulate that in all sorts of forms, whether it’s writing or It’S talking or it’s making taking photos or making bits a video, and so that’s been really encouraging and I think what we rate, what we’ve been able to do is to connect the large group of people who are the creative talent with the work that we’re doing In marketing that’s bloody, exciting, because if we want to create the best flower business in the world to work, for, we need people to be proud that they are working for the best flower business in the world and therefore everything they see and everything. They are part of they want to see is nothing less than brilliant. [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ].


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Coronavirus Marketing Strategy - Post Pandemic Marketing

How should you market as a business, post-COVID? The world has shifted, and so must you - but HOW? CEO of McQueens Richard Eagleton shares how his marketing is already changing already and offers advice on possible ways forward.

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01:08 Celebrate People in the Business in your Marketing
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01:56 Moving from Photography to Video
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03:12 Defining The Singular Purpose of Using a Channel - Strategic or Tactical
03:48 The Quiet Voices in your Organisation
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