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through AMA series I have tried to provide solutions to the queries of art lover like you for supporting this series don't forget to like and share this video watch this video till the end even if it is long because i don't want you to miss anything this is a very common question in the art that how to earn money how to start earning so i want to share some of my experiences that's why i want you to pay complete attention and i don't want you to miss anything this is very important imagine there's a movie in which there are awsome actors and an excellent story and one movie with bad acting and a bad story so we kept good movie secretly without spreading it in the market which will earn nothing because no one knows about that movie even if we promote the bad movie it will lead to the degradation of its image in the long term likewise when we talk about art we have to understand that we have to develop our skills first and then try to earn through our skills in this video, I'll tell you everything so keep watching it On one side there's a person who doesn't draw properly but try to earn and on the other hand, there's a person who draws very nicely but does not show there painting and by watching this kind of people, people get demotivated also so after 12th so many students ask me how to earn in art first you have to know that art is more in business as compared to the job we try to see art as a job business means how can we earn it by ourself how can we create our own idea and promote it in the job, it's like we need a degree to get a job it takes lakhs of money for a child to learn and in return, we get only a job of twenty or thirty thousand one man lives near my house who spend thirty lakhs on his study to do the job of only thirty thousand so this is bluster about the job now if we talk about business we can first start taking a commission work in art by developing our skills so how to start commission work firstly start practicing for free so how I started it, earlier I do lots of free work when I got my first commission its worth is Rs.

500 the only thing that comes to my mind that what I can learn from this commission work I continued after learning it so whenever someone asks you for making a free painting for them to try new things at least you can start through it In this process, the earning will not be the main concern the main thing is you have learned something and when you learn continuously you will develop your skills you will practice more and then you will get more commission works but the question is when you when we developed our skills completely how can we promote it see when you get commission works you will share it in your social sites and by seeing that many other customers come to you and those who liked your work will give their reviews through this you will get more works and start earning and this is one way of earning so in my group, we have 3-4 members and whenever I get commission work I gave some to them and monthly we get the commission work of Rs.

20,000 – 25,000 sometimes I got big commissions also of Rs 30,000 – 40,000 after sometimes we will definitely grow more since I have started now likewise, you can also start it earlier when I started I got Rs 500 or maybe 100 or 200 but my focus is not on earning but gaining knowledge now also when i get the money i try to invest it in learning new things like now if I got money I try to buy things which is helpful to my knowledge like international books, courses or any kind of training through which I can improve my earning as many people waste their money on unnecessary things putting it in the bank and buying useless things try to avoid it if you want to make it your business try to invest your money in learning new things try to utilize it for yourself along with my commission work I run my academy and I started with only one or two students and I try to give my 100% to one student it shouldnt be like you will avoid it if you have only one student I try to give two hours completely to one student also whitout any cheating don't ignore anyone one because you have to understand that it is your base and this focus will give you more students so I slowly out that in my social sites and promoted it and after some time you don't have to promote it students or people will promote it by seeing your efforts so that's how I grow my academy and it leads to great earning and then I try to learn more and more I started giving training in advanced level who are professionals who want to make their carrier in art because I use to earn it on daily basis and now I try to grow it more and more this is how you can earn you should not leave leaning if you want to focus on earning so this is the most important thing in an art carrier so the biggest question is whatever you are doing whether it is doing commission works or having your own academy or giving traing or any art-related things the biggest flex is how to grow it more and here comes all the business strategies one person is there who is teaching nothing and after four years no one will come to him but on the other hand, one person is giving it's more than 100% and putting lots of efforts like if you will give more as compared to your fees and whether it is junior students or senior students you have to build up trust to connect with them this how you can grow your business and you will definitely earn so much this is art's business where you can earn and it's not about 1-2 months it takes years and years because you have to gain trust in the market and it is the worst thing in India that maximum people are not focusing on learning Instead, they are doing shades on actor or actress only, why? you have to understand that if you will give training or do commission works your base should be strong you have to focus on a long term vision if you want to earn that what will happen after four or five years on that basis you have to work if my motive for after 5 years is to get that reach for my academy or my channel or anything if I think anything that will happen after 5-6 years then I have to start doing it from today so before some time, I was thinking that how I can spread the awareness of art in India then I started making Drawing Mastery whoever is watching this that time I started making Drawing Mastery when I thought there is a lack of these things in India see whenever you will learn something you can easily teach people and earn through it and by this, you can add more peoples to your academy and grow it more and why people will come because your learning and education is growing you teach them in a better way and it will help you to grow your institute or academy you have to create a job in the art for peoples how can your work reach peoples know why would a person will learn from you or give you money don't tell yourself that people will not give you money instead ask yourself why peoples will give you money no one will give me money vs why they give me money when this mentality strikes in your mind that moment you will start growing always try to understand this instead of thinking that no one values ​​your painting, think that why they will not value it you have to think and you have made it worthy you have to reach that level by yourself that if someone wants training they will approach you when you will raise your learning then automatically people will trust you and there are many more ways like when you become popular you will get brand deals from companies you will be called in many places if you are good at teaching if your fundamentals are not strong enough you will be under-confident and you can't able to do many things I went to galleries also for a live demonstration and for making a live demo so whenever I do that I know how to do freehand paintings and judge value people ask many questions and you have to give them their answers These things will never gonna happen to you if you will stop at one point so it very important to make your fundamentals very strong don't just think of making hyper-realistic if you will focus on your growth definitely your level will raise and you can take the commission work of Rs 1-2 lakh I am also on my journey so I am making you understand if I would reach some levels then you can't able to relate properly learn from me so that you can grow along with me I am a full-time artist and there are many more artists like me who are doing it full-time don't run towards a job if you are interested in art try to find your ways in art and learn each and everything about art try to learn implement and practice everything and if you will be confused between job and doing art neither you can do the job properly nor art if you want to do something then focus completely on that particular thing don't think about degree all the time degree is just a word it doesn't teach you you have to focus on your learning not degree I said that I do lots of things of training running my academy and many more did I take the name of the degree for once? so many peoples have a degree but they can't do anything understand that your learning gives you earning along with how you present yourself after learning it's not like you learned something and now you won't share it with people you have to share it so that people can connect with you otherwise why would they learn from you share it completely with people and you have to make your fundamentals very strong when I was learning whenever I met new artists or went to any exhibitions or met any teachers I invest money in my learning it is very important to invest in yourself self-investment is very important if you can't invest in yourself then why you are expecting it from others whatever you are earning invest it in your learning even if you are not earning invest money on learning whether you have to take training, travel, giving your energy and time whatever you have to do it takes the investment of time energy money everything grab even small opportunities because it is important I am sharing it because I also do the same so I hope you like this video and if you support this AMA series then tell me in the comment box write down all your questions and doubt so that I can make more videos so like this series, if you found it knowledgable and share it more and more so that everyone can know about it and all the art lover can only attach to each other when they will connect with each other through any medium so through this series, I want you to share this as well share all your doubts with me and if you haven't subscribed yet then please subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bar whenever I do live sessions I want you to connect so it is important to hit the bell notification so we will meet in another with the new topic video till then goodbye take care and do what you love lots of love to everyone

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Making Money as an ARTIST | Fine Art Business

How to earn Money in fine Arts.
In the last AMA session, so many people asked me about making money as an Artist. Making money as an Artist is easy if you have the right skillset and marketing strategies.
In this video, I m quickly covering your questions like-

- How to earn money as an Artist?
- what to do after 12th to become an Artist?
- Fine Art business
- Importance of Degree in a fine art career.
- how to become an artist without a degree
- fine art career opportunities
- Importance of self Investment.
- scope of fine arts in India
- Becoming a full time Artist
- how to get commissioned artwork
- career in fine arts after 12th
- career in fine arts after 10th

There are many more career options in the Art Industry. In this video, I have shared my experience so that you can get the idea.

After receiving so many messages on mental aspects, I felt that there are so many things that need to be shared.
Not getting motivation or inspiration is common questions nowadays. How to stay motivated as an artist, how to work hard, how to follow the dream of being an Artist

so I decided to start this AMA series for every art lover to provide solutions to the problems faced by art lovers.

you can Watch Reyanshh Rahul's oil painting playlist and another playlist to learn more about oil painting and many other areas of Art
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- growing as an artist
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