Make PayPal Money From Watching YouTube Videos (2021) | Earn $100 Per Day Online For FREE

In this video, I show you how to make PayPal money for free just from just watching YouTube videos It's a new strategy to make $ 100 a day online completely free until 2021. How do I do it? We're about to find out. That is, make money from watching YouTube videos! Also, only a small percentage of people who view my videos are actually subscribers.

So if you end up getting value from this video, consider subscribing with a notice In, it's free and you can always change your mind later. This way, I will notify you when I have a new and new strategy for making money Online, so you can be the first to use it. Hence, of course, make the most money. enjoy it. First step, go to YouTube and then watch some videos. Step Two Log in to the program that will pay you to watch these videos. Then the third step, make other people watch these videos so you can earn 5 times More. Earning money while lying in bed and watching videos may seem impossible but With this brand new strategy, which I'm going to share with you in this video, you really can You earn hundreds of dollars, all of which are completely free to sign up which will take you less than 60 seconds, but it can bring you recurring profits every day.

And you can get paid directly from your PayPal account. And don't forget, I have special bonuses for you at the end of this video, and they are exclusive Tips that can help you earn five times more than anyone else, so keep going And watch until the end. Now before I explain to you how you can do this. Comment below, I am from the void, aka your country. This way, I will know exactly where you are from. So in the future, I can make sure that every video I release is for you. So drop in your country name in the comments below. Now let's get started. I want you to pay close attention to what I'm showing here. Let's go ahead and jump in Proof of Payment, where you can see that people are getting paid In many different ways: PayPal, Payeer, WebMoney, Bitcoin, bank transfer, and the like. People get paid every minute of the day. Now you can see $ 41 here, $ 13, $ 15, $ 5 here, so people earn all day. It has long been using this method.

For this reason, I will show you how to take advantage of this system. Okay, so let's scroll and scroll to this video here which is all about ROBLOX Play. I gave you extra advice, I want you to focus on this video category, ROBLOX, It is one of the most popular and most played games of all time. As you can see here, this video has over 19 million views.

And we want to benefit from those millions of people who are watching this type of video properly Here. With those 19 million people, you could have earned money for every one of them And I'll show you exactly how to do that now. Let's start now and move on to YouTube. And I'll show you exactly what to look for here on YouTube. So what we're going to be looking for are ROBLOX games. Now, if you watched these types of videos, you probably already know that there are a lot of them From the videos that are out there, and you should get paid for the videos you watch.

But if you've never heard of this before, all you'll be looking for are ROBLOX and Then just click on the filter and select the number of views. The reason for this is that we want the most popular videos that get the most views. This one here has 19 million views, you know, we could have taken advantage of all of them One of those opinions.

And that's what we want to take advantage of, because these videos get the most out of it Perspectives consistently. So we can profit from the program that I'm going to show you. So what we're gonna do is click on this video, and it'll take us here, Then we click share, and then we'll get this link, this little one URL link to this video. Or, you can go to the top toolbar and manually copy the URL link for that video. And then you will take that URL link because this is how you will earn Capital. Now we will move to the gold mine, which is our program for making money. This program is called So, just shorten the URLs and earn money in return and as you can see here: the top Push URL shortening. Join now and earn up to $ 220 for 10,000 Views. Now, how easy is it to make hundreds of dollars with a video that has earned 19 million Views, right? Maybe too easy.

And I'll show you exactly how to do that. So what we will do is create an account, shorten our link, and earn money with that simple As it is. They earned over 18 million total clicks on 9 million total URLs, and more than 490,000 Registered users who are taking advantage of this now, and are making money from everyone Today all over the world. So I'm going to show you exactly how to do that. They pay in a few different ways: PayPal, Payeer, WebMoney, Bitcoin, bank transfer, and Likes. So let's go ahead and create an account.

So just click "Register" and it will lead to this page, from here, just create a unique file Username, enter your email as well as your password, just check that I am not a robot and Agree to the terms of use and privacy policy after reading it carefully, then click Sign Up. After registering, just log in to your brand new account and then it will come to you To the control panel, here. Now what we will do is click on a new short link.

This will take you here, as you can see our YouTube URL From this video with 19 million views. Then we just click and default, and it gives us the custom link here. Now, every time people click on that custom link, you get paid. Yes, you heard it right. You will earn money for every single click. On the other hand, it will show you the total views, as well as your total earnings The average cost per thousand impressions. So you can track your daily earnings. Now what we're going to do is take our custom earn money link, that link here, copy on him. And we'll move into three separate groups and forums that people care about Watching ROBLOX videos. They want the latest and coolest video, and they want to see the hottest videos from us I'll show them these ROBLOX videos.

Okay, so the first set is this here. It's called the ROBLOX giveaway here on Facebook. So, Facebook has this group of 22,000 members that you will be able to reach. This is a public group, so you can join now. So, as part of the special reward I promised you, I'd like to share this one with you You can copy and paste template for free which you can use to help you make a lot of money. So you can just copy this form and you can share it on ROBLOX Facebook The group, as well as the following groups and forums which I will discuss shortly.

From there, you'll get loads of clicks on your custom link and you're gone To earn a lot of money. On the other hand, that's how this model is structured, did you guys check this out ROBLOX gameplay video is amazing, it's amazing, you can watch the video here. This is where you'll put your custom link. Okay so that's the first group with 22,000 members but there are and groups Forums that get more people to see and click the custom link. They have the most number of views so you can get the most money. So I'm going to show you these sites now. Let's go ahead and turn to this site here called It's basically a forum where people come and discuss how to play ROBLOX and discuss how To play the game and the like.

There are a lot of different discussions here that you can join, and hundreds of different discussions Topics that people talk about back and forth. Now let's move on to the final and best site, this site is called This is literally the ROBLOX forum, and they get quite a lot of views, as you can see here With this tool, just last month, more than 62,000 people came to this site and discussed the topics Everything about ROBLOX. So you can reach over 62,000 people per month and up to 75,000 people at its peak. So go back to the dashboard and copy this dedicated link here afterward Return to our form and paste the link here. All you have to do is copy this entire template and post it to these groups and Forums. Now here's the advice for the special bonus I promised you, if for some reason it isn't Working in your country, what I highly recommend is go to google and search For some free VPNs.

So, just search for and install a free VPN and then connect your computer or your IP address To a first-class country like the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada. This way, you can register on all the other sites dedicated to first class countries only. In fact, I am also using a VPN in this specific strategy and on all the websites that I cannot being able to. And if you want a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this, just comment below.

This way, I will fully know that you care about it. So in the future, I can make a special video tutorial on how to do this. Continuing that, you don't have to put much effort into implementing this strategy because you are These gaming videos capture a lot of trends and are very popular Right now, especially if you find a good YouTube video that gets a lot of views. So you will also get a lot of clicks in your custom links and you will earn more money. This is exactly how you make money watching YouTube videos. So here we go. Now if you want to make more money, check the first link in the description below Below to discover how to get paid free PayPal money from watching new videos A strategy for making $ 200 a day completely free online through 2021, which anyone can, even without It can do past experience. Yes, it is possible and I'll show you exactly how to do it in this video there, check Abroad. Thanks a lot for watching and make sure to drop a like and subscribe to the alert So you don't miss any new contents.

As always, I'll see you in some of the following videos..

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Make PayPal Money From Watching YouTube Videos (2021) | Earn $100 Per Day Online For FREE

In this video, I’ll show you how to make free PayPal money from just watching YouTube videos which is a new strategy to earn $100 per day online for absolutely free till 2021. Making money online, working from home, or wherever you want is the ultimate dream. There are multiple legit ways available on the Internet which you can earn money in your spare time or even in your sleep. Anyone, even without previous experience can do this and make money online this year 2020 all the way through 2021.

Is it really possible? Yes, and in “TheProdigy” YouTube channel we share strategies that work for everyone to make money online, build passive income, or even create a sustainable online business.

In this video, I’ll be teaching you how to make free PayPal money from just watching YouTube videos. And this is a new free strategy to earn $100 per day online for absolutely free till 2021. The websites that we are using for this strategy are,,, and To know more about the strategy, how it works, how to set it up for absolutely free, and how to use your laptops and phones to make money consistently, make sure you watch the full video to learn every step.

To stay up to date with innovative and proven ways to earn money online, make sure you subscribe to the “TheProdigy” YouTube channel today. Make money online with the best work from home jobs.
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