Make Money Online with Inbox Dollars with NO SURVEYS| Updated for 2021

Hi, everyone, this is Rhiana from A Frugal Life, 
and today we're going to talk about inbox dollars   again, so stay tuned. Even if you watched my last 
inbox dollar video, that video was actually almost   two years ago and my inbox has changed since then. 
So unless you're on inbox all the time, you'll   want to watch this video. If you've never used 
inbox dollars before and you're kind of wondering   what the heck it is and how you can get the most 
of it, you definitely want to watch this video. So in this video, I'm going to jump over to my 
screen share and I'm going to walk you through   how to use inbox dollars. They really hype up 
the surveys on this site.

I'm going to tell you   how to make at least thirty dollars or more every 
single month with just a few minutes on their site   without doing a single survey. So I never do 
the surveys. I've tried them once or twice and   they're timed to take to do them is ridiculous 
for the amount of payback you get in return. So we want the best return on investment 
possible, right. That our ally needs to   be high for this to be worth it. So I'm 
going to walk you through step by step.   What I do each day only takes a few minutes 
and by the end of the month I usually have   thirty dollars or more in credit. I turn that 
in for Amazon or other gift cards and you can   use those at the end of the 
year for your holiday gifts. That's what my mom did this year. Or 
you can just use them for yourself as   you get them. So stay tuned.

Let me walk 
you through how to use in bookseller's. OK, let's talk about Inbox, so I again, I have 
done this video before, so things change. So   things have changed since the last two years 
when I did before. If you watch that video,   go ahead and watch this video, too. It's short. 
It's just going to give you some information   on the best way to use in both dollars and your 
time to earn the most return investment. So this   is in bookseller's. This is my screen after I log 
and at five dollars and forty two cents right now,   because inbox was changed and before you had to 
have at least thirty dollars in order to cash out.

For now you only have to have ten dollars 
every time I have ten dollars in cash out   right away. So it goes into my either 
my bank account, my PayPal account or I   cash it out into a gift certificate 
to pay what I want to do for the day.   So this is what it looks like. This is why it 
shows you running balance and this is what you   can do to earn points. So you want to earn as many 
points as you can, obviously, so you can try them. And four dollars. The nice thing 
about inbox dollars is unlike my   points or swag bags that give you points, 
you have to kind of convert it in your head.   Feels like you're earning a lot because it shows 
you a whole bunch of points and you're trading for   a little bit of cash in. That's dollars just 
does it in money. So if you earn one cent,   it's telling you that you're earning one cent. 
So you can tell if you spent 20 minutes on   the survey and you earned a ten minute ten 
cents for 20 minutes, totally not worth it.

But there are things you can do here which 
are worth it. So the first thing I do when   I come in here is I click on learning. And so 
when it is one that you can put a code in for,   I've never actually had to code for 
it. So I haven't looked into that.   I go with these other options here, so 
I learned our little loop. This whatever   you want to move the slide bar and scratch 
it off to win, that's how you get set.

So the first thing you want to do is answer this 
question. Takes a second. Click on it and your   squad car moves, oh, so don't ever click on it 
when it's one or two you want, it was three. So   if you click on one or two, you're wasting Swelbar 
movements. When you click on three, you get the   most sense and it feels crazy because you're 
going to like one to two to five cents at a time. So really, when you look at it, if 
you're not me and talking a whole bunch,   you can actually rack it up really fast and only 
a couple of minutes a day.

So I get that one   and then I'm going to ignore the survey. I also 
typically ignore these on the bottom. I look for   these later because these will try to get you 
to do things that you have to pay money for.   So ignore that part and come up here to offers. So I ignore all of these on the right hand 
side and click on one hundred percent free   offers. So we only want to do things 
that take a little bit amount of time   and earn something. So I get a quote with 
savvy insurance. I've done that before.   You will get ten dollars, but they are 
giving you insurance quote, so I won't   do it if you actually want an insurance quote 
because they will check your credit for that.   Save on good are X good or X is actually an 
amazing way to save on your prescriptions.

If you want to look into that, you can 
actually do something where you sign up for it   on in tax dollars. So if you're 
going to do it anyways, go ahead.   So most of what I do here is I come in to 
look for the small ones because the big ones,   even though, say, one hundred percent offer, 
are probably things I have to sign up for   and make a huge commitment to or 
to download or things like that. So if I come in here, earn two cents personal 
insurance, click on it, you offer, wait for it   to load and automatically earn two cents. So if 
I come back in here, it's not going to move the   salad bar because that two cents is already going 
to be added here.

So in a few minutes I'll get an   email in my email that's associated with this to 
say you've earned your two cents. So I just click   back and then I'll come through and do that 
with all so a lot of these I've already done. So I'm not going to show them to you. But you 
can always look through the hundred percent free   offers, see if there's anything that you're 
willing to do but usually don't take very   much time and you add to your inbox amount. 
So surveys, of course, we're going to get   surveys. There's a whole reason for this video 
is that we don't want to do surveys that take too   much time and they're not worth an investment. 
The next thing we're going to do is videos.

So we're definitely going to do videos 
because that's where you make your money.   So I do this on my phone because I can just hang 
my phone over here on the right hand side while   I'm working or while I'm doing school work or 
editing videos and play the videos. I'm going to   show you how to do it on your desktop, but I don't 
recommend that you just have a recommendation   on your phone so you don't have to tie up your 
desktop. If you're doing something else and you   want to do on your desktop and you have your 
TV over here or something, you can do that. Or you can actually watch the videos over 
and over again and earn the cash. So this   is the videos earn one cent. I'm going 
to click on Twenty Twenty Election News.   And discover content and what do you do, these 
three pages you will earn sets you actually do   have to go through and click discover content.

then watch this video, and if you come back here,   you will see a countdown. So that countdown 
timer is also showing up on my tab. You can't see it on my screen share, but it's 
showing twenty one second. So you have to view   each screen for 30 seconds so it counts it for 
you. You just can't see it on my screen. That's   counting me for me. When I'm done with this 
30 seconds, I'll be able to come back here   and click on Continue and it will take you to 
the next video.

So I have to do three of those.   So it's about a minute and 
30 seconds to earn one cent,   but you can do other things 
while you're doing this. So that's why I keep it on my phone, because 
I just continue, continue, continue while I'm   doing other things. This is also great for kids. 
If you're trying to keep them occupied in the car   or something else, they can be earning 
the sense of watching the videos.   You just have to teach them to continue on the 
next video. So I'm going to go ahead. Leave that.   We're not going to watch that right now 
because we're going to go on to the next thing. So there is an opportunity here to get lots 
of presents, lots of cash back when you shop.   Now, I don't totally recommend this 
because you get more on Rakuten,   so I will put the links down below to Rakuten 
my all my legs, because that is the best way   to get cash back.

If you're not using Rakuten, 
you can go ahead and come in here and shop for   this and get the cash back here. But I feel 
like we're paying more for your cashback. So go ahead and use Rakuten, if you can, 
for that magic receipts. You can actually   upload your similar to the way that you do with 
flex rewards. So if you do this on your phone,   you can upload receipts. For instance, if 
you purchase something that's on the list   and upload your receipts, you're going to 
earn the amount back. So if I purchased   Jello and upload my Safeway receipt for 
it, I would get 20 cents back in my inbox. So this is an awesome way because you can still   scan your receipt here and also scan it 
on fetch. So I will put the link below   to fetch.

I do have a video on fetch that I 
will put in the corner up here or up here,   one of these corners up here. I will put the 
video on how to earn fetch, but you can double   your receipt so you can actually scan them here 
and on fetch and earn cash back in both locations. This next one is one of my favorite new 
ones that just popped up is coupons.   So if you're going to download printable coupons 
anyways, do it through inbox so you will not only   get one cent for every coupon you print. So 
if I come in here and print all these coupons,   I will get one cent on my inbox, but 
you get ten cents per coupon redeemed.   I think that's crazy. So why would I 
print it from coupons dot com directly? If I print it from here, I'm going to get a dollar 
for the Kellogg's Special K if I actually use the   coupon.

Plus I'm going to get another 10 cents 
in my inbox dollars and another one cent. So   essentially adding 11 cents to every coupon you 
use. So this is the number one way I've been   using it lately. It makes a great deal of sense 
to just download coupons and print them here if   you're doing coupons anyways. So the next one is 
the way you can get your kids to help you out. So all of these the so if you play the mahjong or 
the solitaire or anything you played on your phone   on the inbox app, when you're waiting in 
line at the grocery store or the doctor's   and it moves your bar. So while you play 
candy jam, which is similar to Candy Crush   on your phone, in the toilet or whatever, you 
usually play your phone games, you play them   index instead of just directly, and then 
we'll move your bar and earn your money. So why not earn cash while you're playing your 
games if you're standing in line anywhere,   somewhere? These are fun games.

Jam is the one that I recommend is just   like Candy Crush, which is one of 
the most popular games out there.   And this is what you can get to your kids while 
they're sitting, waiting for something in line   or waiting in the car with you. They can play 
the games and run up your bar on your inbox. So make sure to do the phone app for this one. 
You can play them on your desktop if you want to,   but the phone app is easy because you 
can do it while you're waiting in line.   Next is the search for soul searching. Will earn 
points as well. So let's search for blog A Frugal   Life. Click on it, it actually came up here.

If I 
click on it, it'll open up in another tab. And it   don't move the bar, so if you had specific things 
you could scratch and when you get weekly things,   just use this as your search bar and you'll bring 
up the things you normally look for anyways. And it will move your bar, get cash back. 
And then, of course, Frugal Friends,   so I have a some some of hers called down here 
because I don't want to give you their personal   information, but as you were her friends, 
it actually lets you earn on what they earn.   So I have earned over one hundred and eighty 
two dollars just from my friend referrals, and   that was only for three friend referrals.

So you 
will not only get an initial referral fee, but you   also get 30 percent of the lifetime earnings every 
time they are not in stores, you are not in inbox. So sometimes if I don't have 
time to sit here on the app,   I will just not do anything for a few 
weeks and people are earning for me.   So it's great to refer to your friends. They just 
have to sign up with your link and then you're   earning while they earn.

And if we click more, 
we're going to get back to the main dashboard,   a couple other things here. If you click on 
the inbox, you always want to check this one. So they will come to your actual email. But I just 
checked them here. So every time I come in in the   morning, I come in and check this. I click on each 
one. So Rob Reiner confirm and then I back up to   the next one. Hello, fresh come down, confirm and 
you will see, as I'm confirming each one, the bar   is moving.

So I just wait until it moves all the 
way over to the end and then I'll scratch it off. So I'm going to show you what it looks 
like when you actually scratch it off. So   we'll have to do a few more of these 
here. You don't have to wait for each   one to load. You can just click on them and 
come back and then close those top later.   So it's going to come over. I think I'll 
have enough this time to scratch it off.   And there we go. So it means the end, this 
is where we're going to scratch it off. Krutch. And now I have another five cents, and 
that took me a few seconds, you took me longer   because I was talking and then click continue and 
I will add to my list. I click on Daily List. It   will take you to things that you can do each day 
to answer.

And erm we did do the activity we did.   When you get to a certain amount you get 
another bonus. So five cents. Ten cents.   I just skip the survey once and do the initial 
ones here and that reminds me what to do each day. So five dollars and forty four cents in 
a couple of weeks I shall have enough   to cash out again. And if I come in 
here and do it without talking to you,   it takes me less than two minutes a day 
to just rack up its orbit.

So that was it. Easy, right? Another easy thing to do for 
free to make some money. So if you like this   video and want to see more videos like this, 
please hit subscribe and the notification   and please comment down below if you have 
any questions. And I will talk to you soon..

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Make Money Online with Inbox Dollars with NO SURVEYS| Updated for 2021

This is my video on Inbox dollars updated for 2021! Learn how to make money on inbox dollars with NO SURVEYS necessary.

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