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welcome back to my channel it's 2021 and it 
seems like it's just a continuity of 2020.   jobs are scarce work is difficult and 
the coronal virus is still upon us   not a lot of people have lost their jobs and are 
looking for ways to make money if you are looking   for a way to make money whether to replace your 
nine to five or ever cite ourselves stay tuned to   this video and i'll share i'll share with you 
five different ways you can make money online   i'm tanya a marketing strategist and business 
coach based in johannesburg south africa   and i help entrepreneurs and personal brand 
leverage online marketing to develop their brands   and also attract their target audience now let me 
not waste your time let's get into the video one   we have affiliate marketing so 
what is athlete marketing basically   affiliate marketing is when you promote other 
people's services or products to your audience   for a commission so basically you have you find 
the server that you like and hopefully that you   yourself have used or believe in and tell your 
followers your audience your youtube subscribers   about them and if they buy the products or your 
link you get better commission pretty simple   isn't it well it can be simple and difficult 
at the same time because it does require   you to ever to have an audience though 
you can actually do athlete marketing   without having an audience and if you'd like 
me to make a video on that i can cover that a number of businesses do 
offer um affiliate programs   there are places like cinci fake places like um 
skillshare udemy and a number of other companies   actually do have an athlete program you just have 
to inquire or sometimes you go on their website   like the thing um the scientific website or the 
skillshare i'll just quickly share my screen   for the skillshare um the skillshare 
website and i'll show you how to sign up   for an affiliate program so basically most 
companies online do offer affiliate programs   and it depends the rate of commission 
depends if it's a high ticket um   a high ticket product sometimes the affiliate link 
the affiliate commissions go from 30 percent to 50   percent to 30 20 and some athletes it's actually 
a lot less like amazon's affiliate i think   it's very pretty much not that much but they do 
have a great um program for it and a lot of people   start out with amazon so we have blogging well 
blogging has been around for quite a long time   and basically like the all coming of vloggers 
today blogging is basically the same thing it's   the original the mvp where you actually create a 
blog where it's your website and you share ideas   lessons or whatever you need to share on there 
to your audience there is over 2.1 billion blogs   right now on google and it continues to grow so 
that tells you that obviously there's an audience   for that so the basic thing with blogging you 
would need to niche down actually know your   niche know what you are talking about and then 
regularly post content so that um google can   eventually rank you so it's very important to know 
what your audience is actually looking for what   they are talking on what they are talking about 
and what they're looking for answer for and then   you basically write articles on that on your blog 
it's important for this to familiarize yourself   with um aco which is very important if you 
want to actually drive traffic to your blog   another thing with blogging the way you monetize 
obviously just like um youtubers you can   monetize through adverts on your website you 
can also monetize through brand sponsorships   and obviously creating your own products to sell 
so it's actually quite lucrative if you do it   well they are bloggers that make well over ten 
thousand dollars which will be 150 000 rand in   south african rand per month just doing that so it 
is also very lucrative you just have to know what   to do in order for you to actually get it right 
and get like he should hit the ground running number three we have freelancing 
now freelancing is a very popular   thing out there a lot of people are now choosing 
to freelance amazon freelance as well so it is   quite lucrative if you do it right so you can 
choose to freelance as a graphic designer if you   have a skill for example and that you can actually 
rent yourself out to different companies well   you welcome to do so so you could be a virtual 
assistant you could freelance as a virtual   assistant you could freelance as a graphic 
designer you could freelance as a marketing   strategist you could freelance as a number of 
things that there's a number of things you could   do you could um freelance as a content writer a 
copywriter anything basically you can fill out   as a videographer all of these skills you can 
freelance for and it's quite i'm going to say   that it's easy to get jobs so it depends on your 
marketing strategy and obviously it's a lot of   the our websites around such as fiverr such as 
app work such as   you can actually bid for different projects which 
is a bit lack of a tendering system where you   actually tended to get work so if you are willing 
to actually put in the work you can also freelance   as a virtual assistant if you have skills as admin 
person you know a lot of things about admin social   media marketing and everything else you could 
also freelance as that another form of freelancing   is transcribing which is very popular you 
can actually freelance as a transcriber   and you can find that kind of those kind of 
opportunities on the website that i'll be posting   right now it should be showing on the screen 
revs in number of them you can   actually apply to become a transcriber and 
you make money transcribing audio or video   um so it's either transcribing or being 
a captioner so you make money like that a   way to market yourself or market your brand 
or business and don't know where to start   well download the freebie in the description box 
and i'll be sharing with you 97 ways to market   your brand like 97 waves online and offline free 
and not free how you can market your business   to gain some traffic a favorite around the 
world is drop shipping or drop servicing   what is drop shipping or job servicing 
basically you get products from other people   you find a supplier of a particular good or 
a particular service you market it and have   the supplier fulfill the contract also very 
easy way to start a business or start a site   hassle very minimal cost to start you just need to 
know how to market your services or your products   in order to get clients for your funnel and once 
they pay you you let the supplier know that okay   ship out or you need to deliver this particular 
service obviously you will pay them so this is   done at the markup let's say you find a product 
for 100 rent you sell it for 250 the supplier   ships it to the customer everybody is happy very 
simple to start minimal cost to start up and easy   way to go as well if you're just trying to have 
a side hustle or just trying to get after nine   to five because a lot of drop shipping companies 
or job servicing a personal favorite of mine is   start servicing because obviously the markup is 
a lot higher and you make more money so very easy   to start but obviously you need to know some 
stuff about the product and eventually sell it and the final one and this is 
also one of my personal favorite   you can actually design your own course and sell 
it so if you are you have a level of expertise   in anything you can basically design a course 
and sell it on websites such as udemy skillshare   scientific teachable there's a number of 
options and how you can actually choose to sell   your knowledge so you can sell your knowledge and 
make money out of it passively so which is also a   very lucrative thing to do if you do it right 
is a number of entrepreneurs around the world   that are making well over ten thousand to 
hundred thousands um per month or per launch   on their courses on the knowledge that so on 
whatever that is in your brain so if you actually   if you think that you don't have anything to 
teach think again because we all have a course   up within us there's i think there's a lady on the 
internet that has made thousands and thousands and   thousands of dollars teaching people how to make 
sourdough so it is quite easy it's not as easy it   requires a level of work also of marketing 
if you don't want to do a lot of marketing   you could always sell your course with websites 
such as udemy or skillshare so it's quite easy to   actually upload your course only you can make it 
a couple of hundred bucks um in terms of dollars   and obviously in terms of friends a few thousand 
rents you can make up to both on skillshare and   if you post on both on skillshare and udemy 
you could make up to let's say five six eight   thousand rand as a side income which is not bad 
so that's always an option and if you want to   do a more lucrative launch where you can make 
hundreds of thousands of friends and you would um   it's quite possible as well if you don't know how 
to do that you could always drop me an email my   email is listed down below and i can always help 
you package to package everything and actually   help you with your launch and see you making 
that kind of money so on that note thank you   now ladies and gentlemen that is all for today's 
video hope you enjoyed it hope you picked up a   couple of things that you could do to earn some 
extra bucks or actually just replace your nine   to five if you have any other suggestion please 
don't hesitate to let me know uh leave it in the   comments or email me or dm me whatever you need to 
do so that i'll cover it for you and on that but   don't forget to subscribe and share send a link 
to somebody that you may know so that they're   able also to make some extra income now on that 
note uh note i'll see you guys next time bye you

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Make money online South Africa| Side hustles for extra money 2021| Online business ideas 2021

This video highlights 5 different ways you can make money online in South Africa and across the world. Whether to replace your 9 to 5 job or create side hustles for extra money. I share 5 different online business ideas in 2021 to work from the comfort of your own home.

Looking for side hustles for MOMS? looking to make extra money in South Africa or across Africa? want o make money as a student? These opportunities are definitely not geographically limited and are legit ways to make money online.

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