Make Money Online Doing Nothing! 200$/Month SAASAG Extra Income???

this is not a clickbait every single month i 
make an average of two or three hundred dollars   really doing nothing i mean it and you 
will see it in this video hi everyone i'm   hasan from h-educate and today i'm so happy to 
publish this new video before we start i have   four small points i want you to know about number 
one is that we have a new giveaway for today $100   cash giveaway if you want to join please listen 
carefully if you want to join you have to watch   the full video it's small it's a short video so 
please watch it you will get a lot of value out of   it and you can join the giveaway number two i want 
to be honest with you like always like in every   video this is not an online business strategy 
this is something you can run with your existing   business so if you are a freelancer if you have a 
blog if you are an affiliate marketer whatever you   are doing you can run this on the side because 
really you don't need to do anything with this   strategy and you can make a couple of hundreds of 
dollars per month as an extra income but but at   the end of this video i will share with you also a 
bonus strategy and how to scale this business and   turn it into a full online business so please stay 
tuned this video is full of value and by the way   what i'll explain here in this video i don't think 
that anyone else has explained before to be honest   with you i didn't do a research about it but the 
method here is somehow tricky somehow new you can   do a research by yourself and see if it exists 
somewhere else i don't know but it's something   i experienced i tested i tried and it worked with 
me and i want to share it with you today so let's   stop wasting time and start directly with our 
strategy so what is the idea what is s-a-a-s-a-g   it's like a dna code simply it stands for SAAS 
as a gig what do you mean by this? what is SAAS?   just for beginners who don't know what is SAAS 
simply SAAS stands for software as a service a   simple example to make things easy netflix is a 
SAAS business or a SAAS service so a SAAS service   simply is a website is an application that you can 
subscribe to and you will pay on a monthly basis   or on a yearly basis and you will get the service 
like netflix like semrush like ahrefs like a lot   of other applications okay so this is a SAAS 
usually we can deploy a SAS as we explained in   my other videos we can deploy a SAAS and you can 
select the membership monthly membership and so on   what's special in this video? it is the way you 
sell it you will sell it as a gig what do i mean   so the first step you are going to do is to 
deploy a SAAS as i did like you know   my url shortener service i have also H-socialproof 
this other SAAS business i have H-analytics   another SAAS business and now i deployed 
a new service which is which   is a bio service for instagram and tick tock so 
today i have mainly those three services   socialproof and H-analytics services and if you 
go to my website you will see here   is the service here is the H-analytics 
service and here's the H-socialproof service   maybe you are now lost let's explain this another 
way what you are going to do exactly? and how you   will make money doing nothing? so step number one 
is to deploy and set up a SAAS business it's not   that complicated you can do it in like 20 or 30 
minutes as i explained in my other videos here   on my channel as an example this service i 
just went to just go now open your   browser and here go to php script 
and search for premium url shortener and you will   see that this is the script i bought here for $33 
i just bought it and hosted online and i have now   my own service i explained this in detail on my 
youtube channel if you go to my youtube channel   on how to set up this service or this script go 
to my videos here you will see this video here the   full step-by-step guide on how to install premium 
url shorter another example h-socialproof if you   go again here and search for social proof this is 
the script i bought also from code canyon i hosted   it and i have now my other SAAS business also 
h-analytics i bought it online i will keep all   the links by the way if you want to check them so 
the idea is somehow really simple the first step   is to get a script get a SAAS script and host 
it online you will set up the website like this   and you already now if you notice here i have 
pricing section and i'm already selling this   service with a monthly membership i explained this 
before in detail so the idea is you can still sell   it as a monthly membership but the trick here 
is not to sell it like this is to sell it as a   gig so after you deploy the service if you want 
this service i have this and this is to publish   as a gig now in my case i sell my gigs on my own 
website you can see here i published this gig here   this gig here and this gig here on my services 
website what you are going to do is to go to   websites like and publish this service 
as a gig after you publish this from now on   you will don't do anything really when a client 
comes you only need to create an account inside   the service it will take you like maybe 20 
seconds or 30 seconds you create the account   and send back to the client if you go here to 
my H-services back-end and let's filter here   link as an example one of my services you will 
see here 49, 49, 49, 49 you can see all these   sales here i told you it's not a full business but 
it's an extra income source to your business so if   you are a freelancer on fiverr you can add this as 
a gig if you have a blog if whatever you are doing   online you can add this as a gig as a new service 
to sell as a new extra income source please don't   worry now about the technical stuff how to host 
step by step how to get hosting how to publish   the script how to do everything don't worry about 
this please focus on the topic because next week   i will have a full free course like one hour free 
course explaining everything in detail about SAAS   business models so please now focus on the topic 
and the idea understand it if you have questions   if you need help comment them below so you can 
clarify everything and when i publish the full   course you will feel everything is simple you just 
follow up step-by-step with me now you may ask a   very important question what if i am a beginner 
i don't have any website i don't do anything   can i start with this strategy from scratch as 
a business for me? now to be honest with you i   didn't test this because i launched this business 
or this strategy after i had audience after i got   traffic to my website this is why i can sell it 
somehow easily and get a couple of hundreds of   dollars per month easily but if you are starting 
from scratch then you will need to do some   more work which is promoting the service also 
explain this in detail in the full free course   but now in short you can go to websites 
like fiverr which will be somehow promoted   automatically if someone is searching you can go 
to websites called and publish   your SAAS here you can go to websites like and publish your SAAS here you can   go to and publish your SAAS here those 
websites will help you start if you are a beginner   and to help you promote your SAAS business easily 
and sell it easily okay so to sum up the idea is   simply publishing a SAAS business and selling 
accounts selling accounts means just creating   the account for your clients which takes like 20 
seconds and this is what i mean by doing nothing   you just publish the service and later on you just 
create accounts which is very very easy and simple   you can see here i published these gigs here when 
someone asks for these accounts i just he will pay   and i will give him the account that simple and 
if you don't really want to do anything also you   can tell your brother to create the account 
or your friend to create the account for you   so then 100% you will do nothing now it's time for 
the giveaway as i mentioned after we finished the   one $1,000 cash giveaway last month today i have a 
new small giveaway $100 cash for one of you if you   want to join you will find a link in description 
below click on the link and join the giveaway and   you will be asked to enter a number the number 
will appear on the screen now somewhere just get   it and paste inside the giveaway page and join us 
now we have the bonus strategy i mentioned at the   beginning of the video so we finished the first 
part which is making money online almost doing   nothing with SAAS as a gig what we can do more 
also is to provide the setup as a gig if you go   back to my website you can see here set up mailwiz 
marketing system set up mautic marketing system so   these are also scripts we offer this as a service 
so you can go here also to fiverr where is fiverr?   and you will publish a gig about publishing a 
SAAS business so you can sell the set-up and   a lot of people are doing this on fiverr by the 
way if we search for SAAS as an example search   you will see here "i will do website design web 
app SAAS", "i will design and develop customize   SAAS," "i will build a SAAS platform." You can see 
all these people are providing this service so you   can also provide this service and if you want to 
learn how just check my youtube videos i explain   this in detail and this video here and in this 
video here just check them watch learn and start   providing a gig by deploying a SAAS business which 
is really very simple takes like 20 to 30 minutes   and you can sell it also as a gig also you can 
sell it as a SAAS business like i do so on one   platform you can sell memberships you can sell 
as a gig and you can provide a service to set   up a SAAS business so all these are ideas for 
you to start working online that i do almost   every day and it's really very simple everyone can 
do and you can do it please don't forget that next   week we will go in a full free course and i will 
show you more than 8 methods to promote a SAAS   business if you are still a beginner you don't 
have anything online i will show you in detail   how to promote with cold mailing with paid ads 
and much much more so stay tuned subscribe to   my channel turn on notifications like the video 
join the giveaway and see in the upcoming videos

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Make Money Online Doing Nothing! 200$/Month SAASAG Extra Income???

This is not a clickbait, I mean it, in this video, I will share with you how to make money online, and how I make money online applying the SAASAG Strategy. which allows you to make extra income online doing really nothing, or to be honest with you, working 20-30 seconds only!!!

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