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if you want to earn money online from the comfort 
of your own home you clicked on the right video   this is what i'm going to show you in this video 
and it's absolutely free you don't need to invest   any money and it's available worldwide 
so anyone in any nation can do it after   watching this video right away but if you want 
a simple passive and fast way to make a money   you can check my number one recommendation 
by clicking the first link in the description   after watching this video so the method that 
i'm going to show you today is for beginners   it's extremely simple and takes around 30 minutes 
a day to complete and you don't need any special   ability or experience to do it this provides 
an automatic paypal depository within 24 hours   implying that you can obtain your money within 
24 hours it's incredibly quick and efficient   and you can receive money right away on this 
new site you can complete 15 minutes tasks   and earn 10 a 30-minute task can earn you 40.

a 60-minute task can earn you up to 70 dollars   if you watch to the end i will show you how to do 
these tasks on your computer phone so make sure   you stick around and don't miss any second of this 
video before we go further into this video welcome   to digital empire creators where we show you how 
to make money online in the simplest way possible   don't forget to hit the like 
button subscribe to the channel   and turn on the notification bell so 
that you will be notified whenever we   upload a new video and lastly don't 
forget to leave a comment down below   now the website in question is i 
will show you a totally new way step by step but   first i'd like to demonstrate that paypal accepts 
people from all around the world as evidenced by   the 200 countries and regions listed below because 
they have collaborated with large names like   google amazon and microsoft this is unquestionably 
a legitimate company with a serious opportunity   now i'm going to show you some real life 
instances of what i'm going to be demonstrating   so you can follow along with me step by step 
before testing out this website so when you   go to this website you can also register as a 
tester and start making money online however   it's important that you don't skip any portion of 
this video since they will ask you a total of 16   questions which you must answer correctly in order 
for them to approve your sign up so before you go   to the website and check it out for yourself i 
want you to watch this video all the way through through i'm going to click on this create account 
button right now and as you can see this is   question number one you will have to answer up to 
16 questions i will show you exactly how to do it   so you can start earning money please don't skip 
any steps i'm going to come back here and finish   my registration right now next what kind of mobile 
device do you have i have an iphone so i'll pick   that the next question is what type of computer 
do you own would you choose a mac or a windows pc   in my case i have a windows pc so i'm just going 
to click next right here what version of windows   do you use i'm going to choose windows 10 here 
so simply press the next button next select your   gender by clicking on it the fifth question 
is what year were you born in now just enter   in my response and click the next button is very 
important because if you select a college graduate   you'll be offered a higher paying job because 
you're an adult with a source of income or a job   so i strongly advise you to select a college 
graduate and then click on the next button   next your employment status which you can choose 
from self-employed full-time or part-time i will   choose self-employed and then click next to see 
what industry you work in when you click on here   for question number eight you'll see that there 
are a lot of options you can even click on these   to display additional results and have them show 
more results for you before we go any further   if you found this video interesting and 
informative please leave a comment below   we'd love to hear what you have to say let's 
now get back to work and earn some money let's   keep going right now i'll give you a bonus tip if 
you work in the information technology field or   something else related to software and computers 
you make a lot more money on this website   so for myself i choose information technology 
then simply press the next button as you can see   question 9 is a job title so when i click on this 
tab right here you can see that there are a lot   of options to choose from select marketing 
and search marketing techniques right here   just type marketing and locate your search 
and then just click next now once your   annual household income is displayed feel free to 
choose the option that best suits you choose and   just click the next button now it asks for your 
entire name so simply type it in here question 12   what is your email address so right here type in 
your email address and then click next question 13   is very important because they need your paypal 
email so that they can transfer money to your   paypal account once you finish your job just 
make sure you type in the correct paypal email   so once i've entered my paypal email address i'll 
go to the following step question 14 is simple   simply type in your password let's move on to 
question 15 which is really essential since they   will ask you what time zone you live in now 
when you click on detect my location you'll   want to right click on this link and select the 
time zone manually and in any case select the   option that best suits you now this is question 

All you have to do is click yes i agree and   sign up after answering these 16 questions you 
have successfully registered your account i know   that's a lot of questions and answers but if you 
watch this video and copy precisely what i did you   can do it in under two minutes as you can see 
they're going to give you a confirmation email   so make sure to check your inbox for a message 
from the website and then click the link in the   email to activate your account now after you click 
on the link you'll be taken through a one minute   screener test and i'll show you precisely how to 
do it as well as a live example of how you can   make money on this website and then you can go 
ahead and click on the screener test right now   by clicking on the screen but here you can 
do this either on your computer or on your   phone it only takes around one minute to complete 
this task which is really quick now when you're   activating your account make sure you use google 
chrome on your phone or computer to open this page   using the link in your email then as you can see 
here i'm going to test the website click on this   swipe button and they'll give you a tutorial and 
you can watch the ads but it's all really simple   this greenish little bubble here is what you can 
click to see what work you have to perform so   this is where your instructions will be displayed 
right here on this green wall and then i'm simply   going to click on next now with this ball you'll 
return to the top right hand corner where you may   always click this to show or hide the assignment 
if you need it so right now i'm going to click   ok and i'm ready to start this test to begin 
please install the extension by   clicking on this white icon here when i press 
this white button will be taken to this page   which currently has over 30 000 users who are 
utilizing it to test the website from their homes   on their computers or phones you can earn paypal 
money by doing so so make sure you can add this   blue button to your chrome browser so they may 
utilize the software to begin testing websites   on your computer and phone so once you've 
downloaded the google chrome extension   you will start receiving jobs like this one 
where they want you to test the amazon website   this is one of the jobs that you might receive 
all you have to do is go to the website   and they'll provide you the link all i have to 
do now is click on this link right here and go to   the amazon website step number two please take 
a screenshot of the amazon website home page   the reason you might want to take a screenshot 
or a photo is because they want us to provide   evidence of proof that we actually visited the 
amazon website so all you have to do now is take   a quick screenshot on your phone if you're using 
your phone right now if you're using a computer   you can just use the print screen but to take a 
screenshot of your entire screen or you can use   something like this for example a snipping tool 
and then simply drag and then take a screenshot of   the home page and then save the image right here 
this is the proof now to step number three they   wanted me to check if i could find that today's 
offer on amazon and take a screenshot of it so   i'm going to go to the amazon website and look 
for that today's deal as you can see here when   they go to the amazon website they want us to 
locate today's deal since they want to optimize   its location because it can be difficult for 
customers to find what they want on some websites   so now i'm going to start looking for it and once 
i locate it i'll take a screenshot and store it   just as i did previously down to step 4 take 
a screenshot of the scott standard bath tissue   no i'm not sure what this is about but i'm 
going to highlight this one and copy it right   here and then i'm going to go back to the amazon 
website and paste the full cue where they just   pushed on search and here it is right in front of 
you i'm just going to click on this image and then   i'm going to snap a screenshot of the full page 
as confirmation that i did find this scott tissue   paper so as you can see this stage is really easy 
they want us to test the website because they want   to make sure that whenever a consumer searches 
on the amazon website they are able to locate the   current deal and whatever item they are looking 
for so if you offer them proof that the photo   of the screenshot indicates that we actually 
accomplish that assignment we'll be able to   get paid through paypal now as you can see the job 
is very simple it will only take a few minutes to   complete them and as you gain more experience you 
will be able to complete them faster and faster   and you will be able to find so many jobs 
and websites to reveal and you will be able   to make so much paypal money again and again and 
that's it if you love similar content like this   watch my full playlist check the link in the 
description if you like it please smash the like   button and make sure you subscribe to the channel 
and hit the notification bell here is something   very important if you think this method is very 
difficult for you please check out my number one   recommendation by clicking the first link in the 
description thank you for watching god b lee ssu

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make money online 2021 testing site| best ways to make money

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