Make Money Online 2021 | Legit and Free Ways to make money fast

[Music] 39 legit ways to make money online welcome back to our channel a passive income is a must nowadays to build your wealth and the internet is the best way to begin listed below are 39 of the best ways to earn online so let's dive in number one google adsense did you know that you can make money online with ads google adsense is a free and simple way to earn money online by displaying ads next to your online content which can be a website or blog the platform helps you select relevant and engaging advertisements to display to the visitors on your site the best part is that you can customize the ads to match the look and feel of your website adsense differs from other ad networks because it only delivers the advertisements served by google ads to your site google will then pay you for these ads based on user interaction or ad impressions it involves a simple three-step process first you make your ad space available following which the highest paying ads will appear on your site after a real-time auction the final step is that you get paid [Music] number two text link another great way to earn a passive income from your blog is through text links you can incorporate links into an article or blog and every time someone clicks on these links you will earn money you can also attract some attention to your links by adding short advertisements to them you can also find cpa or cost per action offers on certain networks like offervault or perform cb and promote the links you get here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] number three sponsored posts sponsored posts are one of the best ways to make money online want to know what these are sponsored posts are those social media posts that have paid promotions they are mostly made to widen their audience range to increase brand awareness and to promote new products sponsored posts are not just about making money it's also an effective way to introduce your readers and followers to valuable content and products now let's look at how it works when you write a sponsored article or blog you are paid by the company and also you will often be given a chance to test free services and when you do promotions like these you will be known as an influencer now let us brief on this subject some more first of all it is important that you already have a good number of followers this will help in promoting the product to a broad range of audiences thus enabling a good reach next find a company with which you'd like to partner once you have contacted them and confirmed a collaboration you will be needing to implement a unique way of campaigning find a collaborator make unique content share them on your social media accounts and earn a lot of money in a short period [Music] number four affiliate marketing let's say that you are interested in promoting several brands at the same time you might be wondering if that is possible alas it is indeed possible affiliate marketing is a means of earning where you can promote other brands and make money the commission for promoting one single brand might be small but here's the catch you can act as an affiliate for several brands at the same time the most successful way to go on with affiliate marketing is by content creation and marketing by creating a blog that focuses on good quality content you can create a niche of your own to promote products and services from various brands and when people end up buying those products due to your blog and your promotion then hooray your affiliate marketing skills are working out through the years the buzz around affiliate marketing has always been fluctuating but it is an assured way of making money once you are ready with your blog or website you can allow an array of companies to attach web links to your page when people visit your niche and buy the promoted products you earn out of it the best thing about affiliate marketing hasn't been said yet even if one of your affiliate programs goes out of business or drops off unexpectedly you can flip your affiliate link to a competitor without breaking any ethical codes [Music] [Music] number five display ads if your blog or website is up and running well you can generate money by displaying ads from a variety of services and websites display ads are sold through a network and these networks connect with the advertisers the advertising networks then create initiatives to boost their products and services the advertisers will attempt to have their advertisements on blogs that mention certain keywords to present their ads to a specific crowd and if your website is the one the advertiser wishes to use as a medium then you have started earning whenever someone visits your website the advertiser will immediately inspect and show ads to that particular user that will earn the most income for you here's the reason why displaying ads is one of the best ways to commercialize your website these ads can be inserted anywhere on the web page on any page of the website it will garner you money whenever someone clicks on these adverts while displaying ads cannot act as a primary source of profit they are an excellent place to start if your website is good enough to pull together thousands of people every month then these ads can act as a good money maker [Music] number six freelance writing are you a writer who can deliver any content on demand in a given timeline then you can consider freelance writing freelance has always been a famous option for making money and it is one of the most popular ways all you have to do is register with a firm select your desired topic and create good marketable content register write and earn for building a solid catalog you might be required to write a few articles for free combining with medium tier brands as soon as you build a pleasing portfolio you can start approaching bigger clients and begin earning freelance writing is a solid way of earning you write good content you earn good money but it is very important to remember that you will be paid only once the content is verified and sanctioned by your client it also means that you will be required to edit and rewrite your content a few times two important points one the more you fill applications and reach out the more is the chance of you getting a gig the next one is this make sure that you and your client agree on a verified method of payment this way you can be assured of your [Music] money [Music] number seven video editing video editing is one of the freelance demands that's booming everywhere it is a rigorous job but it pays off well for the hard work video editing comprises the formatting and editing of various video shots it depends on the type of content you will have to create there are a lot of firms that need a professional who can curate good video content as videos are one of the best ways to advertise and publish your products even if you aren't a professional you can learn from the wide range of video editing software available and master this art the important thing about being a video editor is having your artistic touch when your content stands out from the other thousands of content floating around the internet you have a higher chance of getting a client another positive about being a video editor is that you do not need any special degree or course certification if your skills are up to the mark then congrats you can earn well either by freelancing or signing up with a company as a full-time job [Music] [Music] number eight consulting consulting online has been one of the most efficient ways to make some real money without really going through much trouble there are various areas in which you can provide consulting to a person online consulting narrows down a few aspects in the skill part of it but otherwise it is one of the most efficient ways to go about it consider a job interview one who has been through a few of those can easily provide the other with the information they need through an online platform and make money per session per hour this is only an example there are multiple other jobs you can take up to get that money flow you can also give consultation on the topics that are otherwise a big doubt in the society today like about investment and stock exchange students that are just stepping out of school need information on things such as these they especially start caring for stocks and quick money making schemes online consulting is a very good source of money from the comforts of home and the options are vast there is more than this platform as a whole can provide and it can also help you increase your skill of communication through the repeated conversations with people who are looking for information [Music] number nine getting new clients clientele count is very important for every blooming company therefore getting clients for them is also a very good source of income companies hire people who are good conversationalists to increase the reach of their companies you can increase their area of work by making these companies famous at least within your family and friends therefore reap the benefits they have to offer amplifying such requests is often a very easy job the reach that your social media can get is immense when it has to send important information across getting people from further off places is also a very good solution for this that gets a whole different level of clientele area to cover and the increase will be massive which will also result in your paycheck every month that pretty much proves that the online work of getting clients fills your pocket regardless of how hard you work even if the payment processes depend on the number of clients there's very little you have to do and not much stress for you to carry which makes it the perfect job when you also want to relax at home while working and making some good money [Music] number 10 coaching online coaching platforms are a big win when it comes to earning a few bucks they serve as the potential money makers elsewhere some students are aspirants of various competitive exams who cannot afford actual coaching or even if they can afford it the classes are very far from home and their family prefers them home for such students online coaching is the best possible idea they are available every day and you can tutor them to the best of your knowledge various fields require these types of coaching classes like the sats these are a few of the exams that the people look into other than these you can also give classes for high school lectures or other meager classes that you find yourself good at that tells you that coaching is one of the most interesting and fun ways to make money online and you will never run short of students to teach there is always a good chance that these students stick around for more time than you anticipated and you can make money by the hour and feel satisfied with the service you are [Music] providing [Music] [Music] number 11 selling leads leads are the root of any business they need people working on finding leads on any product manufacturers or other sellers who are willing to sell the product that a company is looking for but in bulk once this is done they can start working on the product and releasing it to the public leads on manufacturers are so that a particular product manufactured by an industry that charges the basic amount on what they want to buy other than this some leads are required for things that are scarce like oxygen cylinders and hospital beds in the world today multiple other things require assistance to find and helping them can serve as an advantage to you these are a very safe and efficient way to make money and can be of help to you as well there is always an upper hand to working online it gives a different kind of exposure that is much required in the world of education today you can help yourself build a few connections and keep updates with such leads if there comes a time you will need them for another client selling leads is a great way to build a good rapport with people around you and that alone can allow you to be aware of the situations around you and keep track of what is becoming scarce and when [Music] number 12 writing ad copy writing an ad copy is not only an easy job but also one that requires a great deal of creativity it is one job that requires you to write something even for a minimum word count there are a lot of perks that follow these ad writings you get paid per word and it will not disappoint you there are a lot of aspects you can focus on when it comes to engaging with the reader you can involve sentimental and emotional aspects that relate to your project you can endorse the major part about the usage of the product and further quote satisfied customers to build the trust of your future clients apart from this it is also very important to add the major part about the interests of the company and how they will work with your expectation therefore never letting you down these can be used as major aspects to show the importance of the company you're representing and the product you are endorsing this is a very efficient and fun way to get some cash flowing into your pockets even if you are stuck at home and not able to put all your skills to good use [Music] [Music] number 13 building funnels building funnels is a great way to generate income a sales funnel is essentially a step-by-step process to bring a potential customer closer to your offer and a buying decision it entails several marketing actions including automated emails videos website landing pages and even articles these will do the selling for you while you relax like a virtual sales person sales funnels help you build a strong relationship with existing customers while attracting new ones there are several sites online to help you build funnels such as click funnels and group funnels [Music] number 14 courses on your core talent the internet has undoubtedly opened up so many possibilities no matter what your interest is be it cooking writing or zumba you can take courses online and even offer certificates the key to building a course is to try and find a niche that has a limited amount of information readily available you can also get onto the latest trends and update your course according to developments in your niche you can try different business models such as offering a free preview into the course or charging a fee for certification there are several platforms like udemy and learndash which have some great features for you to customize your course and get it up and running the best part is that you'll be teaching about something you love [Music] [Music] [Music] number 15 digital products like ebook the most significant advantage of these products is that they can be sold and distributed multiple times without their stock getting extinguished another benefit is that since an inventory doesn't have to be maintained you will incur low overhead costs making it a win-win situation for all the six most profitable digital products include ebooks music digital art membership sites services and educational products with a little bit of brainstorming research on current trends and validation you can easily create a product you can create an online store to sell your creations on a site like shopify here are some helpful tips that you can keep in mind promote a lead magnet that offers a free version of your product for a limited time to entice people collect pre-orders and always offer a money-back guarantee [Music] number 16 investment gains there are multiple things to invest in these days from stocks to new and innovative products you can start by investing a small amount get the hang of the stock market and then invest more of course the stock market is quite volatile but with a few strategic pointers you can make the best of it for example you should concentrate on long-term investments for larger gains and do proper research the same goes for investing in products you need to ensure that the product has unique features and the designers or company has a great marketing model [Music] [Music] number 17 cryptocurrency of late cryptocurrency has become all the rage cryptocurrency basically refers to the digital currency that you can use to buy goods and services how do you buy cryptocurrency you can buy directly which is the safest and easiest way to secure crypto for its dollar price you can do so on online platforms like coinbase and binance you can even use these platforms to exchange major cryptos for smaller ones the next way to get cryptocurrency is by mining how do you do that you can use several online platforms but these aren't always reliable you can mine it yourself using mining pools and other equipment but in the long run it is better to buy already minted crypto than to spend money and mine it [Music] number 18 nft nfts or non-fungible tokens are the talk of the town while cryptocurrency is fungible which means that you can trade for the other and end up with the same value nfts are the opposite they can't be replaced with anything else nfts are a part of the ethereum blockchain and can be any digital entity drawings music videos virtual trading cards and more but most of the excitement surrounds digital art if you're an artist or a buyer you can make money online through nfts suppose you make a really cool sticker and want to sell it as an nft how do you do so all you need to do is head over to one of the many nft marketplaces online openc wearable or nifty gateway to name a few you can then sell your nfts here what if you want to buy an nft you can do so on these platforms [Music] themselves [Music] [Music] number 19 peer-to-peer lending usually people have to go through banks or other financial institutions to get themselves alone but with a p2p model you can cut out the middleman or in this case the banks this is sometimes referred to as crowd lending you can leverage various p2p lending platforms if you're looking to make a little extra passive income as an individual you would be able to find others who seek to get a loan then you can lend them the money and take an interest for the sake of profits the big thing here is to remember that you only put in an investable surplus as there is always the possibility that you will lose money but more or less peer-to-peer lending seems to be a profitable way to make a little extra money the impressive thing about p2p is that it requires little effort to really execute once you get the hang of it it has become a popular method for people to find themselves a good p2p platform and start floating around a few surplus investments so if you have got even a little extra cash lying around you can most probably float it around and snatch up the interest-based profits [Music] number 20 crowdfunding real estate investing this is better known as property crowdfunding and it is a way in which individuals such as yourself can raise money just by getting in touch with a pool of interested investors why do people use it well because this seems to be a viable option for those who are looking beyond the traditional approach to raising funds for investments the reason this prospect has been sought after is that even small investors will be bestowed an opportunity to play in the big leagues [Music] number 21 amazon fba no the e-commerce boat is still on the docks you haven't missed it in fact we can say that it has just gotten moving again but a little faster this time with all kinds of new e-commerce portals like shopify things are flourishing one of the many ways you can leverage profits out of amazon fba is to sell it off your own private label executing this method on amazon fortunately makes the process of private labeling a whole lot easier when you add on your own third-party tools to help you sell your products that means tools like jungle scout so you can understand the competition and hit the spots that you are most likely to make a profit out of amazon fba has become a quick and easy way for people to sit and make money online [Music] number 22 sell stuff online you can literally sell anything and everything online there are a plethora of ways through which you can make it possible if you are too confident about your business then it's better to open your own online store nowadays having your own website does not dig a hole in your pocket so don't hesitate to give it a shot if you are just starting out at selling things and are yet to identify your customers then you can leverage the online marketplaces of etsy and shopify they will increase your visibility and the chance of your products being sold giant online marketplaces like flipkart amazon and ebay can present you with a global audience however they charge a commission to sell your products another amazing way to earn money by selling products online is drop shipping here you can sell products that are not your own you can purchase products in bulk from online suppliers at wholesale prices some of the leading online wholesale vendors are alibaba ebay costco and sale who following that you can upload the details of the products to your online store once you get an order all you need to do is forward that to the supplier pay them keeping a profit margin and the shipping will be taken care of by them whatever way you choose to trade it is important to make your presence felt to your customers through a consistent online presence [Music] number 23 physical products don't underestimate the value of good old products online earning can be reeled in by selling some products of your own this means something that you buy in bulk and sell at retail or something that you manufacture and sell by yourself although it may not be easy to create and distribute the product yourself it will definitely be more profitable in that way [Music] number 24 youtube channels and adsense this is the go-to for most people when it comes to trying to make money online all you have to do is start making videos on something you like and start uploading it to this revolutionary video sharing platform after which you can start ticking on the requirements for monetization and start making money through adsense based on the impressions that you land [Music] [Music] number 25 youtube cash cow channels a cash cow channel is a youtube channel that has been made with no other end goal than to make money this is a very passive way to earn money online since youtube pays per 1000 views once monetized all you have to do is keep smashing through this number but it is often really difficult to make all these videos and the content that goes into it on your own so the owners of these channels simply outsource the script writing the voiceovers and the video editing in this case all they have to do is sit and upload the videos in which case you have got yourself a completely passive way of making money online and you don't even have to show yourself on the cam [Music] number 26 niche site making money through a niche site seems like an archaic way of making money most people who have already heard of it might be a tad skeptical however brighten up your moods because you can still make money through niche sites before understanding the various strategies you should definitely take a look at the different types of niche sites out there in the market the most popular and sought after type is the adsense niche sites this usually involves building the entire site that revolves around a particular keyword all you have to do is keep on adding more content and voila your passive source of income is seamlessly generated from google adsense however if you feel that this is not the right one then hop on to explore the affiliate niche sites promote and make commissions it's as simple as that so how do you go about finding something your first task is to find a product that can be converting and has the potential to reap profits once you zero in on the product half of your job is done get a good website domain customize the website and ensure it looks captivating to the eye use backlinks themes and keywords to rank your sites and your job is done just wait as your hard work converts into a steady source of passive income and relish the victory [Music] number 27 brand partnership brand partnerships are often offered to influencers on major social media networks like instagram and youtube these influencers can start making money just by displaying certain brand products on their respective feeds or channels this allows the brand to access their usually hyper-engaged follower base while allowing the influencer to make a little extra money just by making a few posts this may also be a nice way for you to start making money online although it can take time to amass these followers after that it's just about being [Music] yourself [Music] number 28 publish a book if you feel strongly about a topic and want others to see the world from your eyes then why not publish a book on the same whether you work with a publishing company or choose to self-publish your book there are numerous online avenues to fill your pocket you can either print a book and sell it through online marketplaces like amazon or you can publish an ebook needless to say the latter will be much easier on your pocketbook after the content is ready and you have decided on the design you will have to select your marketplace if you have a blog with heavy traffic then selling your book there will be extremely lucrative since you will have all the profits to yourself otherwise you can sell your books through amazon and kindle store in addition to having a reach for the global audience you will be assured of earning a generous income moreover running affiliate programs might also ensure a successful sale of your books with desirable content enticing design and frequent communication with the target audience you can do wonders with your books [Music] so number 29 voice-overs if making money was only that easy is a phrase that we have often heard everywhere however it is easy because you can make money by using your voice the best part is that you do not have to go anywhere to make that money you can give voiceovers for videos and this includes narrating an incident or giving a speech remember to practice and use your professional voice to win an appraisal if videos are not your cup of tea go for voiceovers for commercials there are a plethora of sites online that require voiceovers or you could take a more advanced step and use your voice to make audio books these days we never have time to go through pages and pages reading small fonts can be damaging to your eyes and this is why listening to books rather than reading them has become much more popular many people prefer to listen to audiobooks rather than traditional reading who knew that your voice could be the reason for making money it is a gift that you should hone and improve [Music] [Music] number 30 graphic designing more often than you realize graphic design is found everywhere graphics are part of social media posts banners billboards posters and other types of virtual content however did you know that graphic designing is also one of the easiest ways to make money the best part is you do not need to have a degree in graphic designing to become eligible to offer professional services to companies you can start by generating passive income through the creation and sale of templates once the designing part is done all you have to do is market your templates if you are proficient at designing you can also conduct paid webinars and teach other people you can also sell stickers or better you can become a design consultant what does this entail it is simple all you have to do is let people know about your reviews of their designs and suggest betterments you can also become a freelancer and supply graphic designing services to your various clients the best part of graphics freelancing is that it is flexible and you can work at your own pace sounds exciting doesn't it [Music] number 31 building an online agency this is a trend that has been rapidly catching on as we now see skilled individuals across the board that are looking to plunge into the role of an agency we see this trend as it proves to be a value added business or a side hustle that will let you earn good money in the long run this holds to be especially true if you are able to provide a high value service at a cost that the market deems to be [Music] affordable [Music] number 32 managing social media accounts if maintaining a consistent social media presence excites you then you must try your hands at social media management though a degree in journalism or marketing will help you fetch a job a majestic portion of you getting it depends on the level of your creativity as a social media manager you will have to create and share brilliant and relatable content on the fly manage the partnerships of the brand with other brands respond to customers work on strategies to expand the audience and put your persuasion skills into play to generate leads and earn revenues don't worry it is not as daunting as it seems the key to success lies in how well you can attract your audience to get started try working on your own social media account it need not have a giant following but you can definitely notice growth if your strategies work out find a niche you would like to work on choose your preferred social media platform and keep refining your skills till you nail it [Music] number 33 one-on-one mentorship say you have a unique skill then it is time you passed it on to others and made a little money out of it too maybe you are a good musician or a good writer whatever talent it is that you may have you can likely find a place where you can put it to good use and help someone pick up a valuable skill too [Music] [Music] number 34 starting a podcast podcasting has been the trend for a while now it is quite an engaging mode of communication between the content creator and the consumer podcasters cover a wide range of topics it can literally be on anything you believe you have command over however the point is to keep your audience glued throughout the episode when it comes to earning money through podcasts there are two ways you can earn either directly through your podcasts or will have to approach indirect ways let's first discuss the ways to earn money directly one of the most popular sources of income under this category is asking for donations if your reason to ask for it is authentic and your content is exciting then your fans will be more than happy to do anything in order to get continued with your content another way is to create paid memberships have exclusive content or products of value for people who choose to contribute the fixed amount this will drive more support to your podcast too you can also syndicate your episodes to youtube and enable monetization this can help you squeeze a good amount in addition to these sponsorship is an effective means of income however to get one you need to have a vast audience and your revenue will also depend on the viewership of your show [Music] number 35 building membership community a membership community is the best way to ensure repeat business from the same set of customers that you always have membership communities would be successful since you only have to market to a set group once as long as you provide them a service that meets their expectations continuously you no longer have to continue aggressively marketing yourself rather you will be able to generate a passive source of income [Music] [Music] number 36 automating a business yes creating a business online offers a whole lot of flexibility but once your ecommerce site actually takes off it can get pretty daunting and hectic the solution is to automate the entire process from sending confirmation emails to answering customer queries you can also invest in some predictive tech to help you with automated decision making for example you can program it to order more inventory during events or festivals and inform customers about potential delivery delays also automating your business will keep it running 24 7 and help generate more income [Music] number 37 building apps apps are everywhere and cater to almost everything if you want to jump on the bandwagon of creating apps and have a great unique idea you can go ahead and build one how well if you have some knowledge in this field you can do the entire process yourself or you can use a simple app builder to do the work for you once your app is created you can go ahead and monetize it paid apps in-app purchases advertising affiliate marketing and subscriptions are some ways to generate money through [Music] apps [Music] [Music] number 38 small scale businesses small-scale businesses can prove to be a boon to many people who have a budget crunch it also means that there is less investment and less risk all you need is an innovative and out-of-the-box idea to come up with a compelling product or service there are thousands of small business ideas that can help you in accumulating huge profits ah the art of investing less money and gaining immense profits seems much more like a scam but it is true if you are talented in a particular art go on and teach people by opening up an online coaching center if you are adept at marketing go and start a digital agency the opportunities are limitless if you know where to look some of these do not even require initial investments which makes it more lucrative and you can avoid a financial crisis [Music] number 39 taking action whatever you do taking action is necessary now that brings us to the last part you have seen 38 ways of making money however do you know the most crucial part the most important part is taking a step forward towards something you cannot make money without working this is the harsh reality and you must get adjusted to it remember that the only way to make money is by doing something when you realize this and start putting in efforts you will automatically find that money will be knocking on your door that's all for today let us know in the comments below which method you plan on using or which one you already are don't forget to like share and subscribe for more [Music] you

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Make Money Online 2021 | Legit and Free Ways to make money fast

Make Money Online in 2021 Here are some Legit and Free Ways to make money fast
39 Legit Ways To Make Money Online

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(00:00) 39 Legit Ways To Make Money Online
(00:36) 1. Google Adsense
(02:02) 2. Text link
(03:06) 3. Sponsored posts
(04:56) 4. Affiliate marketing
(06:55) 5. Display Ads
(08:43) 6. Freelance writing
(10:32) 7. Video Editing
(12:13) 8. Consulting
(14:02) 9. Getting new clients
(15:50) 10. Coaching
(17:31) 11. Selling leads
(19:22) 12. Writing ad copy
(21:04) 13. Building funnels
(22:18) 14. Making Valuable Courses
(23:42) 15. Digital products like ebook
(25:00) 16. Investment gains
(26:20) 17. Cryptocurrency
(27:54) 18. NFT
(29:30) 19. Peer to peer lending
(31:17) 20. Crowdfunding real-estate investing
(32:24) 21. Amazon FBA
(33:51) 22. Sell stuff online
(35:58) 23. Physical products
(36:51) 24. YouTube channels and AdSense
(37:53) 25. YouTube cash cow channels.
(39:14) 26. Niche site
(41:14) 27. Brand partnership
(42:29) 28. Publish a book
(44:13) 29. Voiceovers
(45:50) 30. Graphic designing
(47:37) 31. Building an online agency
(48:43) 32. Managing social media accounts
(50:23) 33. 1 on 1 mentorship
(51:22) 34. Starting a podcast
(53:21) 35. Building membership community
(54:26) 36. Automating a business
(55:42) 37. Building apps
(56:54) 38. Small scale businesses
(58:24) 39. The biggest skill that will make you money

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