Make Money Online 2021 (Full Guide For Beginners)

In this video I will share the top five with you Ways To Make Money Online To Build A Successful Online Business Today I will share these strategies with you and how I will use them My secret formulas are my secret formulas of how I tie things together To build my successful online business and I will share everything I have with you Analytics will see everything on my earnings This screen so this video is really exciting Is full of valuable information and Before I continue, I do not miss anyone else, I want to tell you that this video My daughter is sponsored by she wants to say hi Say hi say Say bye bye bye here [music] Hi all i'm having trouble with the actual decade And today i am more than happy to be with you in this New video and share some really valuable information with you What can change your life can change the way Do you think about online business and making money Online please if this is my first time on my channel If you like watching more videos like this about digital marketing Subscribe to my channel now to earn money online doing business online Turn on notifications to get every new update Almost every day you know me i don't like Let's waste time so let's start with five strategies And how they work today is number one content creation Number two affiliate marketing is three freelancing SAS services And online stores.

These are the main five strategies methods. About 99.99 people working online use it for construction His online business that you want to know is in this video I will not just ask you to publish and create an online store. No money i'm not here to waste my time and I'll just tell you the title and the subject, I'll end Each of these strategies tells you each of these methods and where to begin To start and how i and i will succeed Shows you how I do each of these in my own business Strategies and then I will show you how to connect To build a strong online business today And then how to convert 80 of income into passive income So you can go and sleep, you can sleep at night And make money while you're in bed Take 10 days off like a month's leave and you will get your income At the end of the month in your bank account You won't worry about how to do it Smart online and how to succeed online Turn your income into passive income Five strategies are building content again online Affiliate marketing freelancing sas services And online store so let's start with number one What is content creation content creation Just Creating Content Wow Content Creation Is Just For Creating Any kind of content like blog posts like YouTube videos like social media Whoever posts webinar courses like ebooks Podcast is any type of content therefore creating content is publishing Your stuff is online now how it helps if we go and get one Look at these big companies around the world Yahoo microsoft all these big companies or maybe ibm dal semrush netflix All these companies will have a lot of content Published online you will see that they have blog posts They have a youtube channel in which they have e-books courses which have webinars Podcasts why they have a lot of online content Because content reflects your business, your knowledge What do you want to give and give to people So people will know you with their content So it has to be published online so that people can know with you If you are thinking of long term success You need to publish valuable content online about passive income Your business let's stop speaking and talk and go To see some examples, see directly how I publish content online and how to grow online with my content So this is the first example of my main website I want to give you three easy tips For the home page simplicity testimonials and your newsletter of your website If you want to get the most, these are my three suggestions for you From your landing or your home page you can see that it's so simple it's mine Title Slash A Tag Digital Marketing And Online Business Education These are some of the reviews that attract attention yes four five Stars review and if anyone can sign up for me Newspaper so this is my main website and it is Main navigation menu where it takes you to my blog If you click on then I have services for everything in my courses Blog here it will take me to my blog here is mine Blog is a blog if you want to know anything about me Topic how i made it and like that you can ask me any question Comment below I will be more than happy to answer Anything you want, you can see my post here Article my post my blog post and my educational article and i always Be sure to give actual value as an example of how we check it To inbox your email and ultimate guide Let's open this article and we can see that I can write Full guide full article that teaches what i offer etc.

The third example is my youtube channel, today we have 24 1,000 subscribers youtube is one of the best Sources for driving traffic to your website to get more customers And to grow online and let people know you online So i have my courses if you go to udemy here you see i'm making Online courses and I can also make free courses on udemy so that I can get Too many students grow on a daily basis Promote online and my premium courses with it Now I am publishing two new books, I am producing two new books This is the first book and i'm making the second book Let's see where this book is, we are now making two books first The power of email is my second ebook about email marketing The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online Two books are completely free and two days ago I posted on my Facebook group which I will publish A free email marketing book asked about suggestions about this book and they Topics about design and so on even if you have any Tips about logo, about book design, about colors Maybe if you think about the content is an idea or a topic Need to mention in this free ebook please comment or contact it below I'd love to hear from you that it's five Examples about creating online content Ok great we made content but video is about making money Online so the main question now how to do Our main goal is to make money from content creation Just we have three strategies to make money online with content creation The first one and I think it is the most important online growing Traffic is letting people know about you Other Premium Services So I Call It Traffic Funnel Content Funnel Someone viewed your YouTube video Wow if he likes it he would like to know More about your content.

He would like to know more about your services. Someone says your article wow this is really valuable I want to see his premium course like this You draw attention that you tell people about your premium services Come see in my blog that my blog has an advertisement on my website If he is reading this post he is promoting my premium course We can go down this ad again and see our social Accounts he can go on my youtube channel we can see another offer to our other If you go to another advertisement about me here, course here Other service you can see how things work and we have this valuable information We have some advertisements in which we have links The article or this blog is one of my main sources of premium traffic Services is how you can make money online from your content Built on the first strategy If you go to your YouTube channel then this is traffic to your services The process goes to my video and I think you do a lot If you know about my courses from my video Open any video If you go here you will see that I am promoting myself Course and in the video i mentioned to check my details so they will go And check out my premium courses which you can also see in my ebooks Now if you go here you will see that I am linking myself Let's go down here, this is a link to my youtube channel Let's max you can see my youtube channel And elsewhere I am linking to my website etc.

If you go to my courses then open any of my free courses like this You will also see that I am joining my premium courses in bonus lectures Just wait a bit you can see i'm promoting almost everyone This is the stuff in this free course Things work the other way to make money Content creation is by online bus Earning with ads by publishing ads on your website using Google adsense maybe You can publish your own ads and Sell ​​ad space, maybe you can use websites Buy ads and sell them the other way. Is publishing advertisements on your website, I have also implemented this method in one of my If you don't know the super tool, it's on Free platform that includes free SEO and digital marketing tools if You open any youtube like this The Keyword Tool you will see publishing these ads adsense ads you can see a couple Advertisement and you can see this advertisement and it is published here Manually that's why I add a location to my website on this site Don't worry i will show you all analytics and earnings I'm talking a little bit now in this video How things work first then I'll talk about myself Own analytics and my own earnings tell you in detail how things work So this is another method that is monetizing your blog or your website The third method is promoting affiliate products with advertisements and Services i told you wait a little Marketing is another strategy to make money Now I am mentioning this as an option The first strategy is the power of how it works Strategies now you will see when i finish it Video how i connected to make all these together A Strong Successful Business Yes Content Creation One of the most powerful techniques for promoting affiliate products is Explain a little in the affiliate I also implemented a marketing strategy on my website If you go to my blog and open as an example This guide explains how to establish mail with the email marketing system Let's open it in my article, here you can see with whom this statement is made If you want to buy it, click here blah blah blah If someone clicks on this link, it will open a website called Code Valley to buy this application and it is a Affiliate links so i also use your content to promote Affiliate service and products you can see that I am showing you everything How do I apply this to get every idea that can help you Grow your online business which I will share with you All in all, these are three ways how to make Online money for content creation Monetize with ads promotes your services And affiliate marketing, now we will move on to the second strategy Affiliate is marketing and you know I want to give You giveaways a few in this video giveaway almost every week Comment below is 100 cash to enter cheaper Like the video and don't forget to subscribe and The only condition is to watch this video I know it's long anyway, but it's really Valuable and as a gift for you you will enter the giveaway 400 cash so let's start together Affiliate marketing is one of the best options if you want to start.

Online work simply because it is promoting products For other people and services so that you don't worry about your creation Own services or publishing your own products Promote only so that it can be purchased by anyone who buys a product Subscribes to a service using its own referral link You will earn a commission on this affiliate marketing Just now I will not waste a lot of time on affiliate and explain Concept just because i have a video here Channel explaining affiliate marketing and shows you how I made 500 Dollars from the first three months only because you can refer to that video If you want, but what do I want to mention in this video There are two main things about the affiliate That completes the affiliate marketing process Number one is choosing the right product to promote As you know now Affiliate Marketing is promoting a product A service to someone else and you will earn a commission When you select the right product you will be able to I will give you a simple example now to promote it better and earn more money Choosing a product is a very good practice This relates to your niche.

Let's go straight to my case scenario here. Blog as I showed you before publishing content about email marketing Here in this guide about online business and related content I am showing how to set up an email marketing application So anyone opens and reads this guide Are interested in email marketing and this application mailwhiz so in this guide i'm promoting it Affiliate product if you click here to buy this application This will open Code Valley with my affiliate link So the code is the canyon one or the VAT to market one.

The Best Option To Start An Affiliate And If You Want To Start It Is A Great Option Affiliate Marketing Today you can promote WordPress themes Templates video applications php script this is a lot A direct example of options to promote this is When promoting an affiliate offer, it is important to choose To promote the right product as you can see using content creation My blog should consider other types of products to promote my affiliate offer. When is going with affiliate marketing Products that offer you recurring payments One of the best options is a click funnel so a click funnel that gives you To create a platform sales funnel and so on If you are working in marketing then a great platform is Go with this option and it will give you the opportunity to go with recurring Monthly payments so that you can generate a fixed revenue a fixed monthly revenue Using Click Funnels with Affiliate Marketing Other great options that I have been subscribed to are Sabarash It is also an SEO company that allows you To promote their service with a recurring monthly You can go here to affiliate down payment towards affiliate Affiliate marketing program and it is called mob You can sign in Up and boost you can see the B crowd you can sign up And join this affiliate program and promote some crowds So think of a product that relates to your content So you can promote and think inside your content Services like Click Funnels or Simrush that provide you with recurring Other good paid options are also TubeBody affiliate programs.

You can sign up for this TubeBuddy is a YouTuber Extensions that help you to promote you Tubebody we have a lot of affiliate programs In my case I am using haste. I am working with Invatu and I promote Some web hosting services such as Contable and Digital Ocean What am i doing as i do with affiliate marketing Told you to go and watch my video and how i Started with Envato in a real case study and around the first month I earned I think $ 300 the second month, $ 400 and the third 500 dollars a month so this is a very interesting case study If you want to work with an affiliate then start Marketing is therefore the first step in choosing the right product to promote And then we will move to the second stage which is the main concept of affiliate Marketing which is marketing which is promoting How to promote affiliate products Here we have two options one is free And the other one is paid free method which I have just shown you Creating Content Creating Blog Posts Youtube video free course you can go to udemy and create a free course and Mention it inside your free course so that you can get A few clicks imagine this scenario that just you can make a youtube Video about Simmus on his channel about click funnels See people for really valuable information and this service Whoever subscribes to this service using your link You will get a recurring payment.

It is really great. You can also make one. The free courses at udemy give some value and refer to these services hence A. How to promote affiliate offers for free free courses YouTube video blog post and so on is simply using payment methods payment methods Advertisements such as native ads or Google ads may be Facebook ads and advertising advertisements. So now it is out of this scope Of course you can check out my other videos about promoting This is the concept of affiliate marketing to promote any service. Choose a product promoted and then See awesome revenue on a monthly basis from now onwards We explain the first two strategies content creation and affiliate marketing You should ask a very important question. Well, we have created a blog that we make. YouTube channel is probably everything we make and we have An affiliate proposal and we published everything online but The main problem no one knows about you You have zero traffic.

You have no traffic to your website on your blog. On your YouTube channel so you can get online and grow This is the main problem that faces everyone This is the same problem I faced about three years ago. I published my website wow i said i make one There is a lot of content on the huge website, but no one is visiting my website So what is the solution in this video, I will not Learn more about how to get traffic Because in the video description below you will find a video on my channel I have mentioned seven methods on how to speed up and release traffic To get already free traffic and faster The day you will see that you have new visitors Thousands of new visitors to your website please watch the video The other problem is described below Development Now you have a zero channel that has zero subscriber views Start and now i will tell you where to start The exact strategy is that I would like to see results like this if you follow Now go to my youtube channel here youtube studio You will see that these are my analytics, let's wait for some analytics If you go here you will see that my channel growth is around 170 000 views of last month I have about 3 000 Customer this month you can see about 1 500 Revenue for the last 28 days if you want to know how I actually did it Three main factors or three main strategies Number one is video seo is your video ranking at the top of youtube if you go to youtube then open youtube now And do a search for this keyword amazon sc or whatever You can watch my videos at the top of YouTube for this If you do a search, let's say IIS is another keyword.

Watch my videos at the top of youtube. Maybe rank my videos like 20 or 30 My thoughts and new subscribers are found on YouTube for now Another strategy is being used after this strategy Quora and forum to promote my youtube channel Reddit and Korra is one of the best places Now get more ideas and customers you can go to Now let's go to my profile on qoura, I go here to show you only to Quora If you go to my stats now, you can see 25 000 in the last 30 days If you go in the last seven days i have 13,000 Considering my answers every day i have 1 800 2 000 Maybe 2 700 views and if you go here If you go down here, say any of these answers here on my answer You are watching here i am connecting to your youtube channel So let's say you got 1 000 views every day, let alone say 200 or 300 clicks are getting more views on your channel.

This is really very important right from the core and explain it in detail Please see details in two videos on my channel Below the third strategy is youtube tips Where you can suggest your videos on top of other YouTube videos So you can watch the suggested video here These videos are ranking at the top of this video. There is also A method or some tips to help you adjust your video on it here Next to other videos and allow YouTube to automatically promote Your video, these are the three strategies that I Follow and follow 99 of the successful youtubers I think Develop your YouTube channel and the way I explained it Please check my youtube growth in detail here on my channel Playlist you see everything mentioned on my channel Here you don't have to go anywhere else everything is in details Check them out below and I promise you that you will be Successful online so it's about affiliate marketing Content creation and how to get online traffic, how to proceed now The third strategy in making money online is freelancing So the person who is freelancing is simply providing your skills as a service.

What do you mean by this let us know how You are a writer you can voice over, let's say you are a programmer Suppose you can be a digital marketer by anything The skills you have can provide you online as a service fiverr can publish this skill on a website like freelancer Upwork and then someone will contact you and Ask for your service. You will serve and you will earn money. So I think this is one of the best options to start especially Beginners who cannot make other types of investments Businesses require zero dollars and approx.

Zero time is just required to publish your profile and Wait for your services and our customer, now I know for the first time what you publish You can not find a new client that we need to follow something Marketing strategies to promote our strategies and services And I am going to elaborate In a full series I hope to start by next month Which is promoting your freelancing services and especially fiverr so don't forget to subscribe to get every new update Now to go back to our topic so freelancing is one of the best options Especially for beginners to begin with and what I want to mention here is Mainly two tips always provide a great service for all freelancers Fulfill what you promise to customers And the other one just makes sure to get good reviews because that is the only way Will develop on platforms such as Favreur and Freelancer and So review is very important and you receive When you build your audience you provide a good service And in my case you have some followers base I am now running my services website I do not have to publish my services and gigs on fiverr on any or any Platform i has its own website where I sell my Services at So this is next The level of freelancing where you can provide services without Any third party broker such as freelancer or any other company that you may have Your own audience that you build with content creation or With marketing in general and then you have your audience Promote services so that it is of second level As a beginner now one can ask freely Hey hasan i don't know that professional skills Is there any way i can start with freelancing No knowledge of zero answers short knowledge Yes, just how some services can be provided No skill is really required and not everyone knows about this and this desire Explain Five Fever in My Video You start with zero skills with no skills You can check the details below so it is independent of my view This is a good idea for beginners I will do my best to publish a full one next month To start from scratch on Fiverr and on the chain Promote your gigs and services, let's now come to number four Strategy for making money online number four I think this is one of the best options to start real Online business strategy number four is simply services or Providing software as a service.

Now you can tell me that I am not Programmer I do not know how to develop applications and so on I will not worry Now you don't need to be a developer, make it clear Let's look at how to provide SAAS service. Today I'm running two. I run a premium URL for services I link to Shortener that I had not developed, I will now tell you how I made it.

And the other service is in the super tools that I have developed From scratch as you know i am a computer science student i am a programmer In the first place I developed this service and today I have about 24 1,000 customers or users are using this service This service is viewed over 6 000 times every day, Super Tools has this service. Totally free it provides free digital marketing tools How do I make money with this service whenever I buy two things? Register for this service will become a lead I can promote Anything from this number one course with him Here he can select in settings Choose whether you want to get the image or not, you can see what I want Get updates and so is number one and number two You remember by monetizing with ads In content creation I told you that I made money with this website google adsense so this is my first service If you are going out for pricing then another premium service is Provide service for silver plan 6.99 And the gold is 8.99 and so it's a really cheap price If you go to my services then any other premium URL shortened I also serve with a one-time plan for 89 Here if you open it you can see like I am comparing with other services Which is $ 35 to $ 499 per month is one of the cheapest services it will offer Nearly identical options and features Any other URL shutter anyways now i provide these Two SAS services but you did not tell me what SAS is Bus Killer Service is providing a membership website where people will You have to pay a monthly fee to use the service.

Like this service netflix as an example netflix. You pay for movies to watch monthly like you probably pay to use them. SEO tools and the way people pay for this service For me to use this URL premium shortener So simple this is a service now go to the main Think about starting this kind of service I bought it without coding or developing it in such a way that I got it Code Valley I bought it. This is a script I bought. Go to php scripts from here and search for an example that you will do There are many such servers that you can buy for just sixty dollars. Forty dollars thirty dollars search and so on For premium url shortener url shortener see where it is You can see that this script is only around $ 33 So I bought the script and I have provided as it is now A service and at the end of this video I will show you my earnings All my services and you will see my power Online trading system when it is still connected together So this is how you can get a service. You can buy it from here Publish it and it will really explain.

In a full video I showed you my earnings. How did i get service and how did i start etc. And you can publish it and start making recurring payments online Come with simple calculations here I am providing this for 6.99 If you have 200 users, you multiply the numbers and you See and imagine how much money you can make Today I have around 350 users on a monthly basis that I feel is in this service I'll show you all the details a little bit, so that's about it Now providing a core service is the main problem here like any other business.

Service and application is not publishing You can buy it for $ 30 and host it As I explained in my hosting technical video, you may like it 10 minutes or maybe 15 minutes and you can start a business Right now but the problem is in promoting it I have created one to help you get customers for this service Full video on how to promote a service with No follower base. You can also find the value in the description below. You can see that I am trying my best to make a video about every detailed topic This strategy number four to help you grow online Providing SAS services and as such it is not mandatory or mandatory to use An online system. If you are a programmer, you can probably develop an application. Develop an application local application and you can sell it And as per user and per year or as a license and so on you. It's in your mind for your scenario. Just think of an idea and launch it. Start your online business today Number four let's move on to the last strategy which Online store is online store is just a publication Now you have store to be honest An online store today but I plan to until 2021 I will launch my digital store that you buy in digital store Just an online store can sell products like Amazon as physical products Example or whatever or you can sell digital Download products like application course pdfs and so on So I am now preparing to launch my digital store by 2021 And you have a number of online stores that you have to store.

Option You can simply buy a product and sell it in your online store So you can do everything like shipping You mean to buy by yourself and sell yourself online But you have other options like using amazon fba or using drop shipping Which you can buy products from aliexpress online as an example And sell on Amazon, everything will be online and you won't have to worry Anything and by next month I will make a full case study Drop shipping and I will show you step by step How to get started and how to start drop shipping Succeed in dropshipping in a live case study So please do not forget to subscribe and turn on notifications to get every new one Update when i release almost every video So these are the five strategies to do Today online and start a successful online business hope you have found something Now is the time to show you the benefits Share your number and my experience with you Source My Secret Formula and How I Mix Things What is my monthly revenue from all at once These strategies so let's start with my main You can see the website here As I demonstrated earlier I have the main navigation bar which takes For all my other services, it is like a gateway to my main website.

All my other services you can see my courses in my free courses my premium The way i publish my free course Here on my website just because i can improve my seo Because when someone sees a course on a website He will say for a long time and this is a good factor For Google ranking or website ranking so that you can see my Courses My Blogs My Services My Forums My Other Websites My Downloads My application and so on it is the gateway to all my other Services and as I showed you in my main page Thanks to this opt-in form for this opt-in form i Can get 50 or something around 40 every day Day 200 new subscribers via my email list Here I am using my own email marketing system which is Made with Matic so this is my main website and by The way i'm on my website let's see analytics My website receives about 10 000 users per month and you can see here About 44 referral links from youtube quora and my other traffic The sources I have explained in the video Please see this video below if it is very important Today you want to get traffic to your website, I also have organic Traffic from SEO and so on, this is my main website, so I have I showed you my blog where I promote my other services.

The main website is linked to my blog and my blog is linked to my udemy Courses and my other servers like Edge Super Tools Which is here, you can see that I can see my blog by connecting it to my main Website to add all connected super tools All together promote each other, so in my blog I also have Let's look around at how many visitors I have per month Five thousand i think five thousand five digits seven this Month which is great so here i have ten thousand Here are my five thousand visitors So this is my website so i have my udemy Earning you can see here in udemy i have Four thousand five thousand six thousand this is my average monthly revenue on udemy it's about five thousand dollars So I have chosen our premium URL our service SAS Service Let's log in and see my monthly income I'll log in to my admin account, go to admin here and you can see what I have About 350 users with 800 monthly Revenue which is terrible and then I have an ad super tool which is Monetize with ads if you go and I have my youtube channel For my analytics here you will see again I am making around 1 400 Dollars from youtube and if you go to my ads account you can see it The Super Tour is earning around $ 200 to $ 300 per month.

So it's about 1 800 from Google Adsense from Google Adsense So it's like seven thousand dollars. So far I provide my services If you go to my admin dashboard you see me I can order some three to five hundred dollars a month. Because my services cost 90 $ more somehow, so if I get one or two Server I make like $ 800 a month per week So these are my services. I also work with affiliate marketing. I show it. Detail one of my videos and I make about 500 to 1 000 so that my Monthly income is between eight and ten thousand dollars.

Month using this online trading system as I showed you Connect everything together My courses are linked to my blog Blog is linked to my main website My videos include my youtube channel and my youtube channel's super tools, which promote me If you go here in any video then all my services And you go into the details you will see my courses my other videos my blog And so I associate youtube with my blog with my blog Main Website With My Email Marketing System All are linked together with my services website with udemy To build this strong system that surrounds me Today eight or ten thousand dollars a month And my productions are at least fifteen to twenty thousand dollars Next year, I hope to stay with me and Don't forget to subscribe and I keep you updated Latest strategies that I follow and share with you to help you grow Online i am not showing you this number Hey, I make ten thousand dollars per month to tell you, it's not like that. If you do this then it's kind of inspiration that I'm telling you You can be successful online, you can also work from home And live happily with your family, i hope you liked it Maybe this video is somehow too long But if you follow it carefully then it is really very useful And listen to every information filled with useful information Please focus well for valuable suggestions.

If you want to implement your own business online many times then watch this video And if you have any questions, I wish you the best Just comment below and they'll be around with you Don't forget to join Daily Giveaway to apply to your comments. For 100 cash on paypal or pioneer or whatever And comment below and I will announce the winner Don't forget to thank me for reading the book in five days Modalize books and blogs to boost your knowledge and change your life See you later [music].

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Make Money Online 2021 (Full Guide For Beginners)

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The Make Money Online 2020 Full Guide:
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