welcome to african giants where i teach making 
money online do you know you can make money on   google in 2021 by copying and pasting you 
can earn on google do you know you can make   money very fast all over the world i mean 
worldwide without any restriction anywhere   do you know you can make money on google in 2021 
just by copying and pasting to earn on google you   can make money from google without a website you 
can make money on google right there on your phone   you can make money on google using your laptop 
this is available worldwide and you can make   money very fast here i will show you how you can 
make money on google without using google adsense   we all know that google access is what majorly 
bloggers youtubers and everybody usually making   money but i'm telling you this strategy i'm going 
to tell you now has nothing to do with google   adsense has nothing to do with you selling has 
nothing to do with you linking up with anything   is very free it's completely new very new and if 
you jump on it right now you are going to make   tons of money this is the biggest solution to make 
money with your phone in nigeria and how to make   money online without paying for anything at all 
there are four steps involved in this the first   step is you visit the website i'm going to show to 
you now and then you would copy and save the link   then upload it and get traffic that's all boom 
you smile to the bank you can withdraw your money   using payoneer or paypal if you don't have an 
account with peony or paper which means you can   withdraw money online in marketplaces there 
is no problem with that i've got you covered   now let me show you how you can open 
the paypal quickly in your country   and also open a payoneer what do you have 
to do visit here on my channel you can see   and i have a old tutorial about how you 
can open a paypal account that is workable   in your country right about now the same thing 
goes to pioneer here is pioneer here you can also   open a pioneer account now let's go straight 
to the video but before we do that subscribe   to my channel here is the red icon button you 
can click on as soon as you click on these   you have just simply subscribe to my channel by 
the way that's not all there is a bell icon by   side click on the bell icon you see all if you 
click on all then you are fully subscribed to   this channel and you have become a co-owner simply 
because every time i make a new video youtube is   going to send you a notification so you can see 
it first let me tell you i give out free gifts   in all my videos for example in this video today 
i'm going to give you a free traffic website which   is tool that can give you 160 million views just 
in one month also i always support my subscribers   by giving them a gig of data if you stay here 
in nigeria so i'm going to tell you a phrase   in between this video i can say it at any time 
that's why you have to stay with the video and   watch to the end so that anytime i say the phrase 
that will qualify you for getting the one gig then   i will automatically give that to you now you have 
to give me a like as well on this video how do you   like the video go down here you see this arrow 
button that shows your finger if you click on it   it will count and also change to blue by the time 
you do that you can also click on the share button   which helps the glory theme of youtube to show 
this video to more people you can share on   facebook twitter reddit and anywhere you have 
accounts with it will do me a great pleasure   okay now let's start today what do you do 
first go to google the first thing you do   is go to google and type google digital 
garage it's going to bring you here   google digital garage i'm going to show you the 
easiest way to money making stay with me for few   five ten minutes and get these monies in your bank 
this is fresh new fresh new okay now after you got   these all you need to do is get started before 
you can get started hit on the register button   i'm going to move along when you hit on this you 
register to it and then put your email and that's   it that's all you have to do then after you have 
registered you have to come here to click on start   free course if you click on start free course 
it's going to load you up to all the courses   that google digital had put up for everybody in 
the world for free i'm very sure even when you   see this you're going to be surprised like really 
these are courses we make on udemy that people   pay as much as 150 dollars for google just busted 
it by giving it to everyone for free in the whole   world only 126 000 people had ever said i on this 
website 126 000 people out of a whooping close to   10 billion people and a whopping 4 billion online 
124 000 only knows this that's how you are going   to cash out there is sense in nonsense there 
is brain working out i have to do all of this   research when i saw it i was like boom this is 
money-making if you're in africa even in nigeria   it's money-making you're selling nothing let me 
show you how you're going to cut out from these   now when you get in like these and you can 
already see all of the digital uh courses you have   go to online courses go to online courses click 
on online courses and it's going to open all the   courses for you 80 90 here is free and by the 
way you can also get certifications for them   can you imagine google certifying you for a 
particular course like digital marketing that's   a bragging right you can use that on your linkedin 
you can use that on your instagram this validation   all for free you get these certifications for free 
after doing this course for free what else can   you ask for and look at this you can get online 
business you can you see get the online business   all for free fundamentals of digital marketing 
all for free make sure customers find you online   that's something you can read yourself you see 
what i'm talking about all for free promote a   business with online advertisement they teach 
you how to go about that all for free expand the   business to other countries are you interested in 
that all for free connect with customers on mobile   how you can do that all for free varieties promote 
a business with content free understand customers   needs an online behavior three these are valuable 
informations that you are getting for free   from google but the question is how do you cash 
out on that now let's go all you have to do is   simple open google docs dot com and come over 
here i've done the template for you which by   the way i'm going to give it out for you for free 
like i said i give you a lot of free things here   come to google docs and write something like i 
just wrote down i said do you know that you can   gain the skills you need whether you're a growing 
business or you're starting a career or just want   to try something new for free learn at your own 
pace with flexible and personalized training   courses designed to build your confidence and if 
you drive you can get free high quality courses   made by google and discover tools 
to make your business succeed   improve your interview skill very important and 
then prepare for your career you want and whereby   the majority of all these courses are free it's 
approved by industry experts top entrepreneurs   and some of the world's leading employers so you 
can be sure that you're learning an up-to-date   real-world skill that helps you to build your goal 
that is the page i can give this for you for free   all you have to do is go to the comment section 
tell me african giants give me your document word   for free i'll give it to you for free give me 
your document so that you can use don't i have   copyrighted this this is compelling i can just 
send it to you and go to the comment section say   african giant give me your microsoft word document 
for free and i'll send it to you right now after   you have done this what do you do if you see here 
i put get free access here and then i inputted the   learning digital world from google which is the 
google digital world i just put that link and   embedded it in it shake it up and that one you 
can get as well because this is where i got that   from it's not a big deal it's just on google this 
one google digital garage this is just the link i   copied and i embedded in that particular uh google 
docs now what do you do after you have done this   if i send it to you you automatically have to open 
it on your google docs and then you go to file   from here go to file then you click on download 
which should be in pdf document you have to   download the pdf document as soon as you eat that 
it downloads to your phone or it downloads to your   laptop instantly let me see that okay now this is 
it it has downloaded here it's going to look like   something like this okay it's going to look like 
something like this on pdf all you have to do now   is simple this is where the money making is 
before i tell you subscribe to my channel i'm   giving so much value and i know you are going to 
enjoy these subscribe to my channel help me out i   do a lot of research getting this information so 
that you can make money support me by liking this   video thumbs up and then subscribe right now 
where do you make this money go to up forever   dot org pop forever dot org as soon as you get 
here all you need to do is just put your username   let's do that quickly um put your pa you have 
to sign up basically and also you can sign in   with your gmail for easy access just use 
your gmail sign in it takes you indirect   okay now let's continue it's easy i always tell 
you most of the time this is a hack if you want   to sign into a website and it's not accepting you 
all you just need to do is sign in with your gmail   they respect an obeyed email because they know 
it's legit gmail would have verified you but based   on location and everything so it's easier that 
way than putting your email and then you're having   difficulty signing in now when you get to your 
account your account is going to look like this   this is zero this is everything is zero but then 
you know that how this particular website pays you   is if you upload your document on it every single 
download that anyone makes on your document you   get paid for it how can they pay you they only pay 
you because they run an ad after anybody clicks   your ad they run this ad and from that ad they 
share the revenue with you as the person bringing   the customer it's just plain just like youtube 
gets paid when they run adverts on your video you   are the content creator they get sliced the same 
way up forever gets sliced from whatever their   own uh advertisers are paying them to slice with 
you that's how you make tons of money and by these   you can make a lot of money now let me show you 
payment proofs from this particular website okay   these are the payment proof people are getting 
paid per day you see this is on the 19th which is   yesterday this is a one dollar five dollar two 
dollar one dollar these are pay pals okay then   like that three dollar one dollar all of these 
are payment proofs that indeed this is paying   now you how do you now get payment started 
here click on upload files which by the way   if you choose to upload files immediately that 
means you are only uploading one doc so what   do you do gently and smoothly just click on 
upload file and you will now upload the file   the exact file that you have downloaded 
which is your pdf directing people to free   courses you see a lot of people don't know about 
this yet so i go straight away to my document   where i saved i think my download 
where i said that which is this one   let me rename i rename to free google 
courses and then i upload on the site description free google courses google courses okay you set this on public and then you start 
upload by now these will upload to up forever   and give you a link after upload it gives you a 
link click on the file name to show info which   i just did and then you now have every of what 
you need this is a short link deleting html code   in case you want to put that on your website but 
i'm not even giving you all that stress just go to   downloadable link which is this and click on copy 
copy this download this link is now what you would   make the money with but the question is most 
of the traffic sources may not allow you paste   direct links which there is a way around that but 
i want to show you a website which i promised you   that will let you make direct put links and 
you get paid for it thousand dollars for it   now let me give you my free gift before i go into 
that i'm going to give one gig to one winner on   this platform all you need to do is say african 
giants give me one gig free for google courses let   me say that again african giant give me one free 
gift gig for goku courses the reason i'm saying   that is one gig will help you watch this video 
and you know sort out all these things that's   what we always do here now what do you go to go 
to as you can see here   this is revolutionary advertise to thousands daily 
for free get started and you get five dollars sign   up fee free they give you five dollars and what 
happens and by the way if you're into affiliate   marketing this is also a fantastic this is also a 
fantastic way you can use to send traffic he said   real people means real traffic to the website no 
fake traffic or both these are real so to sign   up just click on sign up here you can spread to 
thousands by the way if you're on the free version   you have the free and paid version if you're on 
the free version you will have access to free   sending us to 1 000 people per day on these 
now the second traffic sources that i'm going   to tell you is by the way i have made 
a tutorial for coral and the axe to it but then   i'm yet to post because i should do my videos 
but if you want it now immediately go to the   comment section and ask african giants give 
me the choral tutorial and i will send it to   you this is also free i give this one for free 
i'll send it to you now as you can see if you   go to korra you can answer questions here and 
put your links don't just put your links back   to back to back do it gently let me give you the 
nigerian version you all know who naira land is   naira land let me open that for you naira land as 
well is a good platform because nigerians don't   even know anything about this i'm in nigeria 
and i'm sure you know on ireland here this is   african giant on ireland you can also paste this 
by the way i will that posted mine before you see   this so i'm the authority in this lane you know 
that now i will also encourage you you can also   reframe the title and post on ireland thousands 
of people are no longer that's 280 million views   per month so you can imagine what that can do 
to your clicks it can also make you money even   from here now this is where i will be ending it 
there is one other website which i'm not showing   now i'll show you in my previous videos i want 
you to subscribe to my channel very importantly   and follow me by uh putting on the notification so 
you can get every day when i release a video which   i release practically every day merry christmas 
in advance i'll see you in some other videos

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Do you know you can make money on google in 2021 just by copy and paste to earn on google. You can make money from google without a website, this is available worldwide and you can make money online fast worldwide.

Here i will show you how you can how to make money on google without google adsense or you making any website or selling any affiliate product. This is the biggest solution to how to make money with your phone in Nigeria and how to make money online without paying anything in Nigeria.

This strategy i am going to tell you in minutes is the simplest way to make money online. The good thing is you don’t need a website to make this online money neither do you need a blog either free or paid. It is an absolute easy means of making money online. This is is the fastest way to how to make money online from home in nigeria 2021




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