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Same day after just 6 hours it will reflect on your PayPal. Hello everyone! My name is Mimi and welcome
to my home-based story where we always share new videos
regarding work from home and earn from home apps. So if you're new to our channel,
please consider subscribing. Okay, for today's video, I'll share with you another earning app. What's nice about this
app is that it's new. I think this is the first video to
be released regarding this app.

Let's start, the app is called IP Royal. You can earn on the IP Royal app by just sharing your internet. So you really don't
have to do anything. All you have to do is
wait for the payout. This is literally passive income. I will put the list of devices
here on the screen that you can use and how many. Of course, you're wondering
how much you can earn. It depends on how many
devices and IP addresses are under your account. But per device, it's this. Your earning can start from $0.10 USD per shared 1GB. So 1GB it will be 10 cents or $0.10 USD But the more you use the app, example, if you left it on for 6 hours.

Every succeeding hour, its per hour rate will be
added by $0.02 USD per gigabyte. Its maximum is $0.58 USD per gigabyte if you let it run for 24 hours. This isn't based on how long
you've been using the app but how much data
you'd share with them in a short amount of time. Maybe you're also wondering, is this safe? It might use
our personal information, share it over the internet, they might use it for identity theft. Is it safe? Is it secure? Yes! Because they have a confidentiality clause and agreement, and privacy terms that you can find on their website. Before they share your IP address
to their business clients they do a stripe identity check to screen their business clients that are using your IP location. They also monitor the
activities of the client. Not your activities, but the client's activity
when they use your IP address. Where is the IP address usually used? Similar to when you do a proxy, they'll use it so they can access
the site restricted websites or censorship websites. No one is forcing you to install it.

So it's up to you if you are
open to the idea, right? It's not for everyone. I understand some people
have privacy concerns. That's okay. The nice thing about it is you only need to fill up $1 So you can already withdraw $1 to
your PayPal or Payoneer account. If you want to know how to
create those accounts, I also made separate videos about that. Hopefully, you can check those out. How can it be installed on the device? How do I get this? If you are interested
to earn using this app. First, go to the link and then hit go. You'll then see this screen where it says "Passive income online". Make money by sharing your internet. It has a button where it says
"Download app" and "Sign up". For your IP address, you can
click on "Business cases". You'll find where they'll use it for.

Here it says that if you are
sharing 8GB for 16 hours, you can earn up to $140 per month. If you're on data and
your internet is limited, I would advise you to just use this
when you are using unlimited data or Wi-Fi so that your data doesn't get used up. We first need to signup. Here at the bottom,
you'll see "Sign up". There's a registration
button, click on that. Write your username. Mimi Luarca. Of course, our email address. Let's create our password. Agree on the terms of
use and privacy policy. Then, click on "I'm not a robot". Then, just click on "Register". You'll see this screen, where it says "Verify your email address. Before
proceeding, please check your email for a verification link".

Let's go to our email. You'll instantly receive the email. Click on "Verify email address". You'll be redirected to the log in page. It's not available for phones, you can only install it on
a Windows computer. Since, as I said, this is new, they're still testing this app
only on a few devices. So we're gonna do it on our laptop. Okay. Alright. Go to the website. It's the same screen we saw on our phone. Click on "Download app". Just log in using the same
information we used earlier. Click on "I'm not a robot". You'll see the four menu buttons, which are the dashboard, download,
affiliate and payouts. Click on the "Start" button. Then, type "Computer info". You'll see "System information". It'll pop-up. Click on it. To see what is your Windows. Here on System type, is
written "x64-based PC". It usually is 64 bit. Click on the Windows 64 bit,
download that. It'll start downloading, let's just wait.

When it's done, just run it. "Welcome to IP Royal pawns Setup". Click on "Next". This is their license agreement,
I urge you to read it. Then click on "I agree". Its folder will be created,
like most programs. Then, click on "Install". There you go. It will say completed. It didn't take a minute, it's quick. Then, hit "Close". Let's sign in using our username and our password. You'll see this dashboard, where it says "IP Royal pawns
background process is starting".

They still haven't taken
any gigabytes from us. I'll try running it while
using the laptop. I'll just show you how much I earned, how often I use it, and how the payout process goes. I've been using this app
for three days now, for about 15 hours or more per day. So far, this is what I've collected. I have $0.58 and 2.922 GB of traffic
shared or data shared. This was the payout process
of an app user. Once you've collected
or accumulated $1 you can withdraw right away.

When you log in to your dashboard, using your browser, you'll see
your balance and the traffic sold. Then, click on "Request payout". On your very first payout, this will appear "You have to set payout method and
email in your user settings first". To do that, go to your
email in the upper right. Then, click on settings. Choose between PayPal or Payoneer. Then, enter the email that
you use for one of those. Then, just hit "Save". Go back to the dashboard to continue
on the payout request. Click again on "Request payout". It'll then appear in your
in progress payout. According to this user,
after just 6 hours, what he withdrew reflected
on his PayPal account. Let's talk about the factors to
be able payout faster. Here it says, "The amount you earn depends
on the traffic sent to your devices".

These are the main factors. First is your location. For some locations, the
client pays a higher rate. Or that location is premium. For some other locations, they're
not willing to pay as much. It depends on your location. It also depends on the number
of your IP addresses. For example,if I have a
different work office or a different area, such
as my cousin's place, or my mom's, stuff like that. I can use the devices there, log in my account, then use their IP address
or network connection, share it with their
permission, of course. It'll be added to my account. Of course, it also depends on
the speed of your internet. If your internet is a bit slow, earning data will also be slow. Can I use IP Royal pawns
if I'm underaged? Technically, they would restrict it
to 18 years old and above.

But if you have your parents
permission to use internet, on your laptop or your computer, then, that should be fine. Since there aren't many people using it, like I said this could be the first
video on YouTube about this app. Take advantage of it, that the app, program or network
still isn't super saturated. We can payout faster. Some of you are probably also asking if your computer needs
to be on for 24 hours. It's just an option. You might even lose money on paying
the electricity or internet bill. The most recommended is to use it
while you're also using your computer. You can then run it
in the background. All you have to do is just check it again and see if you are already
able to withdraw. There you go! If you have questions or there's
something I didn't cover, feel free to share your
opinions down below. I will see you again for
another work from home or earn from home video next time. Thanks for watching! Bye!.

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Make Money Just By Waiting! Legit App with Payout Proof!

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