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hey what's up friends welcome to another 
episode of make money online 2021.   if you're new welcome. this is a series that i 
am doing all throughout december where i will   be sharing with you 25 different ways that you 
can make money from home this next coming year   and today we are going to be talking about 
dropshipping and also i have not one but   three giveaways going on throughout the series 
so stick around to the end i will give you more   details on that and if you are new in business or 
if you are trying to grow your current business   and need some more hands-on help i am offering 25% 
off strategy calls with me i will include the link   to that below if you click the link it will give 
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so now this series is based on a free download   i created earlier this year where people seem to 
like it so i decided to go ahead and just expand   on it and give more details i'll include the link 
to that download as well below in the description   box and if you've been following along then you 
know that i like to break things down into smaller   pieces so when we talk about drop shipping today 
i will be giving you a brief overview of what drop   shipping is i will go over the pros and the cons 
i will share how you can get started the cost of   getting started some tips for success and if i 
have any resources that i can share i will go   ahead and link them in the description box below 
okay so what is drop shipping so the drop shipping   business model is actually it's kind of similar 
to print on demand which was the last video i did   i'll link that video so you can check that out 
as well drop shipping allows you to sell items   in your online store that you don't actually 
stock the main difference between print on   demand and drop shipping is with print on demand 
you create designs and you have them printed on   blank items like blank t-shirts and mugs and with 
drop shipping you actually select ready-made items   that you just carry in your store and then once 
a customer purchases that item the fulfillment   company that you are using will go ahead and 
package it and send it off to the customer   so some of the pros of drop shipping the first pro 
is that there is no inventory as we talked about   with print on demand drop shipping is similar 
you don't have to worry about inventory which   is really great you don't need the space to carry 
inventory you don't have to worry about counting   inventory that is a big time saver when you are 
doing any kind of online store another really big   pro about it is that simply a lot of the work that 
has to be done is taken away from you you pretty   much just need to promote these products and sell 
them while your fulfillment company is actually   doing a lot of the heavy work so it really is a 
easy way to get into ecommerce another pro is that   it is very low cost and that makes it very easy to 
actually get started with selling stuff online and   making money online and one other pro i would say 
is you get to test out items and see if they will   sell because you don't have to actually buy them 
in bulk and carry them you can test it out in your   store and if people don't like it it's very low 
risk it didn't cost you anything to put that up   on your store you can just remove it from your 
online store okay getting into the cons of drop   shipping one of the major cons is the quality 
control because another company is handling the   shipment handling the packaging and everything you 
aren't the one there to make sure that everything   is packaged correctly and that your customer is 
getting the right item or getting the item package   wall so you don't have too much control over the 
quality of what's being sent because you don't get   to see it before it's actually sent out another 
con is with shipping and shipping with dropship   items a lot of times these items are coming from 
other countries and they're either coming from   china or somewhere else when a customer orders 
sometimes they may not get it for two weeks or   even 30 days and that can be you know an issue 
especially with our culture here in america now   with people being used to getting things as quick 
as one day two-day shipping that can create a   customer service issue so that is major con with 
drop shipping another con with drop shipping is   that it is hard to build your own brand with 
it because since essentially you're carrying   other companies products in your store it makes 
it hard for you to brand them yourself another   con is the competition there are a lot of people 
actually using the drop shipping business model   because of everything i mentioned earlier with 
the pros it's very low risk and low cost to get   into anybody can just really get started and 
then one other con i would say is that you are   relying on someone else's stock so you might put 
something in your store and then all of a sudden   your customers like it and maybe a month from now 
it may no longer be available you're relying on   somebody else's stock and you don't know how long 
it's going to stay available and that is something   that can end up being an issue down the line all 
right before i get into how you can get started   with drop shipping i want to share a little joke 
and if you've been following along then you know   this has to do with the giveaway so what is the 
difference between the christmas alphabet and   the ordinary alphabet take your best guess in the 
comments below alright getting started with drop   shipping the first thing i would say is to choose 
a niche and when you are choosing your niche you   want to go ahead and research it i know i say that 
in every video but you want to research and make   sure that that is something that is profitable 
before you you know start a whole company on   it or a brand on it so research your niche and 
choose wisely now the next thing is to find who   your supplier is going to be or your fulfillment 
company so you want to make sure that you can   actually integrate it with the store that you're 
going to be using and you want to make sure that   you go ahead and sign up for their program and the 
cool thing with drop shipping is these fulfillment   companies aren't going to charge you to make their 
products available to you they might have you go   through an application process but in general they 
want you to sell their product and so the next   thing i would say is to set up your website one 
really popular and easy platform that you can use   with drop shipping is shopify i think a lot of 
people that do drop shipping actually use shopify   because of how easy it is to integrate with 
their apps whoever your fulfillment company is   choose your platform get your website set up and 
be ready to move to the next step which is to   choose the products that you want to carry in your 
store and like i said if you are using shopify   and you can also use woocommerce that also has 
plugins that you can use where you can actually   integrate your fulfillment company but yeah choose 
the items that you want to sell and make sure that   they are in line with the niche that you already 
chose before once you get your store set up and   you have your products chosen the next thing will 
be to promote your store and promote your products   and you can do that organically with instagram 
or like your facebook page and having a blog   or you can actually do some paid advertising as 
well with like facebook ads and instagram ads and   google ads you just want to get your name out 
there get the word out there and start selling   products a few tips for success with drop shipping 
one of the major things i would say is to focus on   customer service make that a big thing with your 
company because since essentially another company   is going to be handling the processing of your 
orders and shipping it out you want to make   sure that your customers feel that they have you 
know someone that they can reach out to you don't   want to just leave them hanging for the next 30 
days while they're waiting for their products to   come so make sure you have some kind of customer 
service system in place make sure you have email   marketing updating them of what's going on with 
your order yeah customer service is a big deal   and you want to be able to keep them updated on 
what's happening with their order another thing   i would say is to really niche down so i mentioned 
choosing your niche before but if you can even get   it to be very specific that would be you know 
great so you're not carrying a whole bunch of   stuff it's going to make it so much easier for 
seo wise when you are if you're going to be doing   like blogging or just trying to optimize your site 
for google search and it's also going to make it   easier for running ads and once you get a customer 
in if you know customers into you know cat items   and you're selling all cat items in your drop 
shipping store it's going to make it easier to   market to them later another tip would be to try 
and brand your store as much as you can so i know   earlier i mentioned that it's hard to brand it 
but if you can have your own like store name have   a logo that goes with it try to have brand colors 
try to make it so where customers know that okay   this is your store you carry these things but they 
can at least identify your store with the items   so try and brand as best as you can and don't just 
have it just be a random online thing where you're   selling random stuff one more tip i'll say is to 
whenever you can order samples of the products   just because you want to actually see what it 
looks like i mean when you're looking at stuff   online and you're looking at pictures it may be 
bigger than what you actually think or smaller   than what you think the colors may be off so 
if you can order samples and have that at hand   not only is it going to make it better for you 
to market it and you know exactly what you're   selling is what it is what it says it is but you 
can also use it to create ads to promote once   you have the physical product in hand okay so the 
cost for getting started with drop shipping like i   mentioned before it really doesn't cost anything 
to get into drop shipping the suppliers aren't   going to charge you because they want you to sell 
their products but it is going to cost you to have   a platform online that you can sell the product so 
if you're going to use shopify it's going to cost   at minimum like 30 a day if you're going to be 
using wordpress or woocommerce wordpress is free   but you do have to pay for a host another cost 
would be the cost to promote so if you're gonna be   running facebook ads or instagram ads you're gonna 
have to pay for those ads even though you can do   it very minimally but if you are going to try and 
make a lot of sales it is gonna cost you some to   promote and then another cost would be if you were 
to order the items as samples then that's going to   be something that comes out of your pocket okay so 
you made it this far i'd like to just go over the   giveaway details so like i mentioned i'm having 
three giveaways for amazon gift cards the first   giveaway is for a 50 amazon gift card and for this 
giveaway you just need to be doing three things   one you need to be subscribed to my channel here 
you need to be following me on instagram at simply   bossing up and then also just try to answer the 
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to my channel follow me on my other instagram   the abby kamara and then just send me a dm on 
instagram let me know that you'd like to enter   the giveaway so i hope you enjoyed the video if 
you found anything useful from it please give it   a thumbs up and let me know what you think in the 
comments below and i will catch you next time bye

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Make Money Dropshipping | Make Money Online 2021 - Dropshipping Tips 2021

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In today's episode of How to make money online 2021, I go over how to make money dropshipping. The thing I love most about this business model is that you can basically start dropshipping with no money. In the video I explain what is drop shipping, how to start dropshipping with no money, and provide some dropshipping tips for success. If you'd like to see more videos regarding dropshipping for beginners, please let me know in the comments below! I am happy to create more videos on this topic. Be sure to enter the giveaway and subscribe to my channel!

Make Money Dropshipping | Make Money Online 2021 - Dropshipping Tips 2021

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