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did you know ?
that you can actually listen to musicon YouTube and get paid every dayevery hour or even every
minute Listening to one YouTube Music could earn
you 505 5 music could earn you 2520 and 20 YouTube Music a day could earn you
100 All of this could be done in about five to
10 minutes with your smartphone or computer and you could simply repeat the entire strategy This is completely free no credit card or
investment is required Make sure to watch the video all the way through As I will show you a few special tips to multiply
your earnings Before we go further
Welcome to the sociio media where we teach you the most up to date making money online
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upload a new video As you can see the first app you have to download
is the current app With this app youll be rewarded for listening
to music But later on Ill show you a couple more apps
that you can get for free on your phone And then Ill show you a real life example
of how to use them and what music you should listen to Make sure you pay attention And dont skip
any parts of this video when We go to the main page youll notice I
want to earn rewards while Im running which you can see here You can do it when youre running working or
sleeping In fact you can do it while the music is still
playing in the background And youre still making money This application is available on both the
Apple App Store and the Google Play Store If you have an Android phone this is the applications
logo Make sure youre downloading the correct app It has over 1 million reviews and this app
received 44 stars Its an excellent solid application thats 100 legitimate And then on the iOS app store where you can
download the same app for your iPhone Before I show you a real life example
Ill demonstrate how to play music and how to choose the greatest music that will pay
you the most money in fact this app has over 100000 radio stations one of which is YouTube you can listen to
music online or even while youre not connected to the internet you dont have to pay any money to begin using
this application It is completely free
And you may earn points by listening to your favourite music which you can later convert
into real money So once youve downloaded the app you can start
listening to music on the radio stations When you go into your account you can notice
something like this pay attentionSince this is only one of the
way to get money while playing music Ill show you two methods for making money This is the homepage for YouTube music you
can find a lot of music a lot of playlists and a lot of artists If you scroll down below there are a lot of
recommended music that you can choose from and can be played on youtube music together
with a current web page When these two applications are combined youre
able to make a profit on autopilot So now Im going to show you a real life demonstration Im offering you an example of one of the playlists
on which Ive been particularly focused on Once these songs are done playing they will
automatically move on to the next song and so on And they will be able to play all of the songs
and Ill be paid for each and every one of them when you hover your mouse in the bottom right
hand corner and select the repeat button Meaning that once these playlists have finished
playing it will automatically hop back to the first song and replay it allowing you
to earn money over and over again Before we go any deeper
Ill give you some time to subscribe to the channel and give it a big thumbs up The bonus tip i want to give you is to make
sure you have a lot of music queued up As you can see I have roughly 20 songs lined
up to generate money faster The second piece of advice i can give you
is when you go to the main page youll notice these hot lists When you click on the Hot list youll be taken
to a page with more recommended videos and music videos to view
i strongly advise you just select one of these videos because they will pay you more money
from the current app You can sing and synchronise your youtube
music with this application so that you can get paid when you play the
music on YouTube This is the first approach
The second way which Im going to show you is the one youre much more familiar with maybe youre aware that they can play videos
and music videos For instance pop hits 2020 top 40 popular
songs you may listen to music playlist like this
for an hour and make money over and over by simply repeating
the process of listening to all of these songs So what Im presenting you is a real life example You can see that this is the only tab in my
Chrome browser that is open Im going to open another tab to listen to
more music And then the third tab to listen more youtube
music now I have three tabs opened in my browser By opening many tabs you can listen to music
and earn money over and over And Im going to give you more of some short
ideas that will help you make more money So first and foremost when you go to YouTube
you can play music that is at least one hour long because the longer the music is the more money
you can make The next tip is to click on the Settings button
which is located on this page By default the speed may be normal But when
you double the speed the speed will be twice as fast you should select two which indicates the
music can be played twice as fast The more music you listen to the more money
you make Heres another tip you can actually reduce
the quality to 144 p by turning off quality That implies that even if your internet connection
is slow or if you have a lot of people using your internet Wi Fi you can still listen to
music because youll be playing it on numerous tabs now next Im going to show you the final bonus
tip which is a new Google Chrome extension YouTube
playback speed control You can download this on your Google Chrome
browser your computer or your phone Its completely free and has currently over
80000 users with this extension
you can play video music at three times the normal speed because YouTube only allows for two times
the normal speed but with this you can play it three times
the speed or triple the speed when you use this Chrome extension you may
control the speed on the top right hand corner Now you have downloaded this extension you
can make a lot of money since it can play music on the YouTube platform
as well as on the YouTube Music platform at much faster speed all you have to do is go to the Google Play
Store to download these apps Or if you have an iPhone go to the App Store
to download the current rewards offline music app and thats it for today if you love similar content there are 2 videos
on your screen click them and watch for more strategies to make money online and make sure you subscribe to the channel
and hit the notification bell If you have further questions feel free to
comment down below See you in the next video

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Make $10 by Listening 1 YouTube Music | Make Money Online 2021

In this video, i will show you how to make money online by listening YouTube music. This is perfect for beginners. This method is available worldwide. This is a tutorial on how to make money online.

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