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Hey everyone! Bernard here from BernStoneTV Gaming back
with another money making guide for Albion Online and welcome to another episode of The
Billionaire Project. This is the series where I share money making
methods with real calculations and real results. Today I want to talk about how I made 198%
profit with only T3 bags. Yes, that’s 198% or almost tripling what
I invested in this method. As always, you do not need focus or specs
for this method. Stay until the end of the video for another
giveaway. Let’s get into it. This method was actually shared to me about
a year ago but I was not yet familiar with the Black Market then.

Now that I frequently sell items and resources
to both the Caerleon and the Black Market, I finally gave it a shot. I combined my tried and tested resource refining
method with t3 bag crafting. By crafting the resources myself, I save a
lot on the initial cost. I will leave a video link in the description
if you want to know more on how I make a lot of profit by using the resource refining method. There is really nothing complicated with this
method like my other money making guides. On the previous video, I proved that you don’t
need a mammoth to use my guides to become profitable so I used a grizzly bear but even
that got a comment that you need millions to make a ton of profit which is entirely
false which I will explain more in the end of this video.

For this crafting session, I used a grizzly
bear with and 8.3 shoes and an 8.3 bag with a pork pie of course and I was able to carry
5,568 pcs of t3 leather and 5,568 pcs of t3 cloth which was then transported to Caerleon. Before I proceeded to crafting, I bought t3
tinker journals from the laborer for 933 silver each because it was a lot cheaper than buying
from the Caerleon Marketplace. Always make sure to have the proper journals
with you when you are crafting because it does add a bit more profit per session. I then proceeded to craft all of the resources
to t3 bags. Once again, I did not use focus nor rely on
specs for this method, I also did not use any food. At the end of the crafting session, I was
able to craft 831 t3 bags with various quality and I was able to fill 164 t3 tinker journals. I sold the filled journals to the Caerleon
Market place and sold the t3 bags to the Black Market. I directly sold some of the t3 bags to fill
the buy order when there was minimal difference between the current buy order and the lowest
sell order but I placed most of them for sell order for 1 silver less than the current price.

The T3 bag is one of the items that quickly
gets sold in the Black Market, so quick in fact that I was able to sell all of the 831
bags in less than 24 hours after crafting and I have been doing this method every other
day to generate over 1.5 Million Silver per crafting session. Now let’s take a look at the cost analysis,
the resources only cost me just a little under 660k because I refined them myself even with
the high usage fees on refining plots, the empty journals set me back 153k and the overall
usage fee was 31k because of the low usage fee during the time of this recording. Which makes the total cost equal to 844 thousand
silver. The bulk of the sales came from selling the
bags to the black market which was over 2 million silver and the filled journals were
sold for a total of 474k which makes the total sales equal to 2.5 Million Silver and the
overall profit for this crafting session equal to 1.67 Million Silver or that is 198% profit
which is my biggest % profit so far.

Now for the comment that says you need to
invest millions of silver to make my method profitable, if a player who is just starting
to craft invests just 100k on this method, they would have received 297k back for their
efforts. If they invested 500k, they would have received
a little under 1M back. What I’m saying is my methods are based
on % profit which is a far better measurement of effectiveness of money making methods in
my opinion because it will be based on how much the player invests and computes how much
he is estimated to make out of the method. So, it doesn’t matter how much you invest,
you will get the same % profit out of it. This video was uploaded on May 23nd but I
shared this method to my YouTube Members and Sponsors on May 18th complete with the calculation
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Insane 198% Profit w/ T3 Bag | How To Make More Silver Albion Online 2021 | The Billionaire Project

T3 bags are so profitable that I included them in my main money making methods! Multiply your silver by 3x.

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