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Hey, what's up friends.
This is your girl, Abie. And welcome to another episode
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you can input the code call 25 when you check out on my website. All right. So the way I like to do things here is
I like to break things down into little pieces. So today, when we talk
about social media influencing, I'm going to be giving you a
brief overview information on it, and then I'll go over the pros and the
cons of being a social media influencer, how you can get started the cost of
getting started and some tips for success.

And if I have any resources
that I feel would help you out, I will put them in the
description box below. Okay. So what is a social media influencer
or what is social media influencing? So similar to affiliate marketing, which
I discussed in the previous this video. So I'll link that video so you
can check it out after this one. But social media influencing requires
you to have a social media presence. And often it does pay a lot
more than affiliate marketing. So social media influencers, what they do is they use their
influence to promote product for, for companies like a company would
pay you to create like a photo or to create a short video that you would
post either on your Instagram or post on your blog or on YouTube, where
you're promoting this company's product.

So maybe you've seen on Instagram where
some users will post about a product and then they will put in their ad. Or this is a sponsored
post even here on YouTube. That is what an influencer does. Many
bloggers actually are influencers. And so you don't need to have
all of the different social media platforms. It seems like the
more you have the better, because you can leverage that when
you are getting paid by companies, because you can spread the
content around. But yeah, I hope that makes a little bit more sense. So companies will pay you
to post about their product. I think I saw somewhere that Kylie
Jenner gets paid 500,000 per Instagram photo versus sponsored posts.
I could be wrong, but I, I feel like I read that somewhere. So the pros of being a
social media influencer, so similar to affiliate marketing,
you don't need a product of your own. So you are just promoting other people's
products or another company's product. So you don't have to worry
developing a product of your own.

And another pro is that pretty much
anyone can be a social media influencer, as long as you're willing to put
in the work that comes with it, it's like open to anyone. You don't
need any special certifications, nothing like that. So that is a really
good pro about it. And also, well, there are lots of opportunities because
a lot of companies are actually going this route. Now they are wanting to use influencers
because they know the power of referral or the power of suggestion.

So if
I'm, if you trust me and I say, I like this product, I like this
company, and I am sharing it with you. Then there's a big chance that you,
because of the trust that you have in me, I may influence you to go
ahead and buy that product. So there are a lot of opportunities
because there are so many companies using them from big to small
companies, and it's, it's pretty much wide open for anybody
that wants to get in there and do the work.

So some of the cons of
being a social media influencer, one major con of it for me at least, is that it requires a
lot of content creation. So you are going to be creating a lot
of posts and you're going to have to be doing this content constantly. And you're also going to need to know
how to use these social media platforms. So it seems like Instagram is a
really big one for I'm a social media influencer, and you're going to need
to know how to finesse Instagram, not finessed, but you're going
to need to know how to work it, how to keep up with the many changes
that are happening with the different platforms, and also have to
get your points seen by people. Another con with being a social media
influencer is that it can take up a lot of your time. So between, you know, emailing back and forth with companies
or their reps having to do photo shoots, learning how to read contracts,
editing photos, posting, it can really take a lot of time, time before you actually start
to see income confirm it.

So that is one major con of it. Another one is that a lot of companies
will not pay you until 30 to 60 days after you've posted the
content. So you don't get your, your money instantly right away. You're typically working unpaid
upfront in the beginning, and then you get the money after you've
done all the work and you've posted the posts and the company's like, you know,
good with it. Then 30, 60 days later, or whatever the contract is
between you and the company, you will get your money. And I've even heard of some
contracts being longer than that. So that is a big con having to
wait for your money to come to you. And that can be risky. I think it
was Patricia Bright, a YouTuber here, and she's also big on
Instagram, but she wants, talked about doing work
for a company and putting, it was like 60,000 pounds worth of work. And then the company filed bankruptcy
and then she was not able to get her money. I don't know
what happened with that, but I remember that and I was
thinking, Oh my gosh, like that, that sounds like a horror story, but
I don't hear that happening too much.

So those are some of the cons of
it. It can be kind of risky. Okay. So now before I get into the steps of
how you can get started as a social media influencer, I want to take
a little bit comedic break. And if you've been following
along then, you know, this has to do with the giveaway.
So see if you can answer this, what do you get when you
cross a snowman and a vampire? So take a guess and answer below in the
comments and just let me know what you think. All right. So getting started
as a social media influencer. So the first thing I would say to do is
to decide on what your area of influence will be. So decide on your niche, think of what comes naturally to you or
what actually lines up with your current lifestyle or the current things
that you are doing or interested in. And the next step would be to make
sure that you do have some social media presence.

And if you do not already go ahead and
start building your influence on social media, because that is typically the
main way you're going to get paid as an influencer. If you are going to promote the
company's products to your social media following. So start building that up. The next step would be to make sure you
have a way of communicating with the brands. So have a designated email and have it
be professional to where they can contact you and have it showed on your social
media platform that you're using. So that way they can reach out to you if
they want you to promote their product. And now another thing you
don't need to have a website, but having a website would go ahead and
put you at least one step above your competition. And it's just a nice place for companies
to come and take a look and see that, okay, this person is serious and they can
trust giving their money to you and can trust that you are going to do the work
that they're expecting you to do the next step.

You know, like I mentioned
before, it requires a lot of, of content creation. So you want to
make sure you have a plan in place. So have a plan of when you're
going to be taking photos, like having photo shoots, when you're going to be editing
these photos and posting them. And if you're going to be doing videos,
you need to have a plan in place. So you can consistently produce content. And then also are you going to be the
photographer and the model and the makeup artists. You need to decide all of

Or if you're going to hire out, those are all things that you need to
think about when you are going to be creating content. Once you
have all of that together, and you have your social media platform
or your Instagram pretty much be your portfolio, then you can go ahead and start reaching
out to brands and you don't need to wait for them to come to you.

can actually reach out to them. Most brands will have emails listed,
or at least if you go to their website, they'll have a way of
communicating with influencers. You can start reaching
out to them and you know, just start putting yourself
out there. All right? So some of the costs of being a social
media influencer building your social media platform can end up
costing you some money, especially if you're wanting
it to look commercial worthy. So if you are wanting to
work with fashion brands, then you're going to need to show
some photos of you being fashionable. And that might cost you some money to go
actually spend on, you know, shopping. So you can take photos and show
how you style these products. Also, if you are going to do beauty, let's say it's going to cost you
money to buy these makeup products, to create tutorials that you're going
to post on YouTube or post on Instagram, or just to have a product.

So you
can take photos and showcase it. So initially it's going to be
your yeah, money upfront brands. Aren't going to be paying you for that.
Maybe once you are bigger down the line, they're going to be
offering you the product, or maybe you would even pay for
those types of things. But yeah, it's going to cost you out of
your own pocket in the beginning. And now if you're going to have to
hire out. So if you have to get a, if you don't do your own makeup
and you need your makeup done, because you want the photo
to come out really good, then that's going to cost
you some money as well.

Or you can just go ahead and invest in
a camera or a phone that takes really good quality photos and videos. And
that can be maybe minimal costs, but that's going to be something that
will cost you since being an influencer is actually based on what
you show on social media. You're going to want to create some
good content that is clear and that companies are willing to pay money for
all right. So some tips for success. So the first tip I will say, and this is a big one is to
learn how to read contracts. When you're communicating
with a brand for, you know, having to do a campaign for them, where
you're going, they're going to pay you. And you do a post there's most
likely going to be a contract.

So if you can not understand
what the contract is, then you may have to even
hire an attorney to read it. This is a big one because you don't want
to accidentally sign away what you've created. So your own
content. And I'll tell you, I've accidentally signed away a video
of mine that I created a long time ago when I first started YouTube.
And I didn't really know, I didn't even understand
what that contract was about
and I just signed it and sent it away for no pay.

yeah, you don't want to do that. So it makes sure you
understand what you're reading. Make sure you understand
what the companies are
asking of you before you sign off. Another tip is to have
your social media profile, which I took before would be
like your portfolio. Pretty much. You want to have it show what
you are trying to attract. So if you want to attract fitness brands
and you want to show that you can do fitness, is that you work out or that
you are in the health niche. You know, you want to have your photos show that
and your videos as well. Same thing. If you're doing beauty or
hair, you want to have, I've heard tutorials or beauty
tutorials because that's, what's going to attract the brands.
And then also the brands can see that, Oh yeah. So the people that are following you are
interested in those types of things and it would be worth their money to have you
promote it because you have a group of people that are interested in
those things that you are as well.

And if you are really going to get
serious about being a social media influencer, then you want to make sure
your Instagram profile or your YouTube, your Facebook, whatever it is, you
want it to be like your portfolio, try to make it professional and know that
brands are going to be looking at it. So use it as your portfolio
or your business card. Another tip would be to stay
consistent with your posting, the content you create
and your engagement. I think brands these days are now
looking more at that at your engagement, and to look at the quality of stuff that
you're posting rather than the number of people that are following you, just
because now the way Instagram works, following doesn't really matter. It's more about the engagement and the
quality of content that you're creating.

All right. So you've made it this far. So the video I'd like to just go over the
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It really helps me out here on YouTube
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Influencer Marketing - How to Make Money in Influencer Marketing | Make Money Online 2021

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