How To Start a YouTube Channel 2021: Beginner’s Guide to Growing from 0 Subscribers

welcome to the youtube influence challenge i am so fired up for this session we're going to be talking about how to start and grow a successful youtube channel this year and i want you to imagine that would it be possible even after 12 months to get a silver play button i believe actually it would be possible with the right strategies the right implementation and in this session i'm going to be breaking down our seven step system for how to really grow a successful youtube channel this year and so um if you are fired up for this session smash the like button and we're gonna get right into this and we're gonna talk about four tips for starting youtube right the key to making your channel stand out and get views how to start making money we're gonna talk about connecting with the right audience and not a lot of people are actually talking about how to actually make deep connections and bonds with your audience and i'm going to be revealing that towards the end of this deep dive training and talk about my 7r system and so if you're fired up let's lock let's load and uh we're going to get right into this and here's the opportunity with youtube right now because one of your questions might be man is it too late it's a new year oh youtube's crowded you there's so many people on youtube but the truth is more than half of people on earth now are on social media how crazy is that not more than half of the people on the internet half of humans are on social media so is the rising competition and saturation yeah and we're going to talk about strategies to beat that but there's also a rising audit audience and after the pandemic really shaped and impacted the entire world adult social media consumption doubled people spending time online and spending time on youtube is on a rapid increase it accelerated the adoption of digital platforms more than ever before so it is imperative i believe that you go all in on youtube right now you know there's over 2 billion monthly active users on youtube right now and i was recently in a clubhouse uh room which is kind of a new app listening to like logan paul and mr beast talk about the future of youtube and he said i think youtube is going to grow unfathomably big over the next five to ten years so you might ask like is it too late to start youtube well sure youtube is reaching its maturity sure there's been an evolution on youtube of course but at the same time youtube is um is growing unfathomably be big over the next five to ten years so today's a great day to start because if you put in the work today then you'll be able to make a difference over the next two years three years four years five years and i think that's an important mindset to have because youtube is a marathon and not a sprint and then this is one of my favorite articles signer signal fire just did a deep dive on the creator economy and it revealed that there are 50 million content creators right now that are serious about content creation that's not just youtube there's tick tock there's instagram there's you know other platforms facebook creators twitch but youtube in my opinion is one of the most strategic one of the most impactful so you can change lives but also make a great living in the process but listen to this quote the creator economy being a content creator maybe leveraging youtube to grow an existing business to build a personal brand to become a thought leader to eventually write a book and be you know blow your book up listen to this youtube or content creators are the fastest growing small business type yes is that crazy this is the fastest growing small business type and this is no longer a pipe dream it's now a practical reality and so i hope you're pumped about uh youtube and we're going to be breaking down strategies that you can apply and this is actually a part of our youtube influence challenge and so uh thank you for being a part of this challenge if you're in the group if you happen to be watching on youtube share this out you know let me know where are you watching this live training from or even on the replay in the comments and use the hashtag grow with video to wherever you share on social so i can connect with you and hey tag me on instagram sean cannell rhymes with youtube channel at sean cannell tag me on stories shout me out with like a grow with video uh hashtag and tag me do maybe like a little instagram story i'll be able to share and connect with you maybe you got a question about youtube i would love to help and so if you also haven't heard about this challenge yet and you're watching we're just putting this first stream out on our think media youtube channel go to and you can register for free where we're going to be going deep into 12 free sessions about starting and growing a high impact and high profit youtube channel this year so hey hope you're ready you're locked and loaded because here we go we're going to talk about doing this first how to start and grow a successful youtube channel and let me know have you already started how many videos do you have posted so far have you not started your channel yet maybe you're unsure of what niche you want to start that's session two we're gonna talk about how to really niche down get clear on the kind of youtube channel that will not just be related to your strengths your personality that's session two but have you started yet and even if you have started do you need a boost because sometimes if we don't start right or we don't necessarily start with a plan then it can be challenging to uh really get traction so no matter who you are and where you are in your journey you're going to love the training that is coming up next um in this session we're going to talk about force tips for starting right the key to making your channel stand out which is huge right now how to start making money right away and how to connect with the right audience and if we're just meeting um my name is again sean cannell and our mission here at think media is to help people build their influence with online video and social media i'm a new dad i've got a son his name's sean bradley cannell named after the irish name of my dad and my wife's dad's first name and that's my wife sonia we live in las vegas wrote a book called youtube secrets and it's the number one bestselling youtube strategy book in the world it's been listed in forbes and you may have seen our channel think media which is a team of content creators um that we um post five videos a week on so definitely subscribe if you're new there think media has grown and we are a team of we've got a video podcast podcast videos uh we've got training courses coaching programs all kinds of different things to help you reach your goals faster when it comes to online video and youtube i also have a side project with my friend benji called video influencers and i've grown multiple youtube channels to a hundred thousand a million subscribers i just got another silver play button on the way right now from another channel and i'm most proud of though the people we've been able to help our students uh some of which have grown from literally zero before being exposed to our channel and our content and have got their silver play button and here's the thing let me know is that one of your goals is to get the silver play button and i also think that what's amazing is you don't necessarily need one of these you know i think about tanya one of our students who has seventy thousand subscribers not a hundred thousand no silver play button but seventy thousand subscribers she has a seven-figure business that means a million dollar business so there's so many different opportunities there's different business bottles different approaches and even like my friend pat talks about having super fans um and and so they're this is what i'm most proud of and this is our goal we're on a mission up ten thousand people create a full-time living doing what they love while making a difference in the world with online video and you know it's crazy for me because i think about today like getting to connect with you and and hitting silver play buttons and gold play buttons and this is where i grew up though like i didn't grow up in hollywood i didn't grow up with connections in the media industry or or you know anything like that i am a small town kid college dropout this is arlington washington and i grew up climbing trees yeah i grew up i remember when there wasn't the internet and you know i don't know about you you're like legit like i remember it was like nes come on n64 mario kart 64.

Who's up for a speed run you know i remember uh you know all of that kind of stuff and it's crazy to come from a small town but to realize that by shooting videos in my bedroom by having a vision by having a patient a mission and by refusing to quit that youtube can actually turn dreams into reality and i started shooting video from my church back in 2003 that's kind of when i first got into video i was like an intern and some other interns with me there and and i know about balling on a budget if you feel like i just don't have the resources listen it's not about your resources it's about your resourcefulness right that's green screen fabric that was stitched together by a lady in our church that was our green screen look at those yellow home depot lights right those were uh the lights that we used and we were just using whatever we could to create videos and trying to get one percent better before we were uploading two i mean these weren't even playing on youtube yet 2003 youtube didn't even exist yet but then over the years i started to create more content i was waiting tables at red robin i worked at red robin for 10 years started making videos for my church and the first youtube channel i ever started was in 2007 for my church and eventually i actually got the confidence to post a video on my sean cannell channel i started a channel i punched fear in the face i pressed record and and this was this was the result this was 2010 back when think media started check out this first video all right so uh this is i guess the first sean thanks vlog and i'm going to try to vlog every single day mainly so i can remember what i'm even doing and what's going on because i just feel like i have a lot that i'm thinking about and i figured hey why not share it and if you find something interesting that's awesome now this is definitely as real as it gets so i'm not going to try to be energetic or entertaining um though maybe sometimes i will but anyways uh wow right like you want some tips for growing youtube this year two strategies try to be energetic and try to be entertaining so that was like my first video right and what's actually crazy was i did have more confidence on camera when i was just in front of the 16 kids that were in our small youth ministry in our small town but man when i put myself out there on the internet i like kind of froze up like listen dog i'm not gonna try to be energetic or entertaining and maybe you feel that way maybe you feel fear or just nervousness or no what are people going to think about me what are the people from high school what are my parents going to think about me my friend catherine was just talking about a youtube teacher she was talking about how she didn't even want to use her name and her youtube channel name because she didn't want her friends or family to see it and what i've learned is that there is so many great things waiting for you on the other side of fear and on the journey outside of your comfort zone at some point you have to leave your comfort zone and here's the deal your first videos are going to be your worst video this video was terrible this video didn't like grow the channel but i'm so proud of it because i just started i started messy which brings us to the first tip of our four tips and it's that you gotta start before you're ready like i wasn't ready yet i i didn't have everything that i needed yet i didn't have all the answers yet and you're gonna learn a lot of the answers in this challenge we're gonna go through 12 sessions but you really do have to start before you're ready you have to punch fear in the face punch perfectionism in the face and press record and it makes me actually think of joey dr eye health back before the pandemic we had an event called grow with video live we do that event every year this year it's a virtual event and he actually came to our event and this is his channel which is almost a 300 000 subscribers okay and he actually found our channel think media in 2018 and he started to study our videos and he posted his first video in july of 2018 no experience on cameras no experience in editing no experience in marketing grew about 2 000 subscribers and then uh continued to follow those tips and eventually he actually joined one of our programs called video ranking academy um and today is basically he's he's one of the people from our mission he's generating multiple thousands of dollars still wants to practice but could leave his job if he wanted so he kind of stays a few days at the clinic and he's built full-time freedom with his youtube channel almost 300 000 subscribers in fact this uh picture that you saw that's joey right there you know got a silver play button but i think what i love about his story is he started before he was ready he started terrified he's like shoot i don't know how to use a camera i don't know how to get on camera you gotta just start you gotta start messy you gotta start poop your pants scared right like sweaty armpits like just getting on camera and pressing record you know tip number two then is you gotta commit to the journey okay because number one you start i started i wasn't gonna be energetic or entertaining but i also committed i i i was like i'm gonna do this youtube thing and whether i can get a video up a week or a video up a month i'm just gonna keep going and i'm gonna keep falling forward sometimes you win sometimes you'll learn i'm just gonna keep learning lessons but i'm really going to commit to this journey and i've learned that if you want to crush it on youtube in 2021 commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments like really commit committing to it and what i've learned that holds people back if i can call you out a little bit is that we like say we have a goal of building a youtube channel we say we have a dream of building a youtube channel but we just kind of like dabble on it we just kind of like we don't really commit to it see i have a dream of being brad pitt fight club ripped you know uh and if you know that scene you know that movie like just cut up pex eight pack chiseled like i am telling you and i'm saying that that is one of my goals is to be brad pitt fight club ripped but i'll be honest with you i'm really not committed to it i mean if i'm honest like because i'm not like i'm not doing the workouts necessary for that sure here and there i'm doing some weight training with some kettlebells twice a month it's not enough to actually achieve those results can't we agree that if we're really going to accomplish something great we have to commit and there's a mindset shift that i need you to make right now to shift from dabbling to dominating like legit like i'm not just going to dabble at this and listen if youtube's just a hobby then at least be honest with yourself that you're just kind of playing around and having fun but if you want to start and grow a successful youtube channel it does not happen without commitment and it kind of makes me think of um you know what's your h your favorite hgtv show is it flipper flop is it love it or listed hometown house hunters international right you know what's one of your favorite shows for me it's mixer upper i mean who doesn't like chip and joanna gaines you know what i'm saying like amazing and so i think about my favorite show and when i think about this i think about the power of commitment if you've ever seen one of these shows fixer-upper they're like okay our budget's 300k sweet look at this really cool deal it's 250k awesome buy it get it under contract buy the house now we got 50k for renovations amazing this is gonna be such a great deal and then the way like before commercial break it's like so we started demo today oh my gosh the roof wasn't structured right we're gonna have to retrust the whole roof there's black mold in one of the bathrooms holy crap oh shoot that's gonna be expensive what there's a crack in the foundation the inspector didn't notice you know what i mean and the next thing you know they're like freaking renovations are gonna cost us 75 000.

We're under budget now oh no commercial break you got to keep watching later right like every show like it's the arc of of of you commit right to a certain budget but then you end up finding there's going to be challenges and problems along the way you know youtube is it's not unlike youtube you just commit that you commit that you commit knowing that of course there's going to be uncertainty and there's going to be things that potentially derail you along the way but you just i'm going to keep getting up i'm going to keep getting back at it so a question i want you to write down is to actually evaluate like what is this going to cost you like what is this going to cost you because they're really we don't achieve great things without paying a legitimate price it's the law of sacrifice before success and before greatness comes sacrifice so what i mean is like are you willing to sacrifice some entertainment are you willing to sacrifice some ps5 you're like i wish i had a ps5 you're like dog i'm a gaming channel that is my youtube channel well in that case then you should be grinding but listen like are you what are you willing to sacrifice of course not your family or not but like what are you willing to say man this year i'm gonna like stop doing these things so i can focus on my youtube channel what are you willing to invest what's it gonna cost you like there is something what's cool is this is the fastest growing small business type and so it's not like you have to lease an office hire a bunch of employees to run it 20 you know from nine to five every day but there's a cost at some point you can start with your smartphone but like investing in software investing in gear investing in coaching investing and leveling up like what's it gonna cost you and are you willing to pay the price it actually kind of reminds me of the famous like bible verse that recorded jesus saying like before you build a tower don't you estimate the cost to complete it otherwise you'd lay the foundation you might not be able to finish and the neighbors would ridicule you saying look you started to build but you couldn't finish and here's the deal there's no shame in starting a youtube channel deciding it's maybe not right for you but i think that not enough people count the cost because whenever i talk about youtube and talk about the chance to make money and the chance to make an impact i'm not ever trying to suggest that it's easy it takes work but if you work smart with the right strategies and you're willing to pay the price you can have remarkable things happen in your life business and your youtube channel so really count the cost but also see the possibilities because there's something about catching a vision too and being bold about your gold with your goals with youtube what are your goals man i want to get that silver play button man i want to impact those people i i can see the day when i'm getting emails from lives that were changed with my content i can see the day when i get to work with that brand i want to work with disney or tesla i can see the day where i get to actually be able to work from home and spend time with my kids or have more freedom so i can snowboard or so i can travel or so that i can write the book i want to write i can see the possibilities this isn't pie in the sky this is real practical visioneering count the cost but see the possibilities and so when i say commit number two you gotta commit to getting uncomfortable and at the foundation of this seven day youtube influence challenge i need you to commit to getting uncomfortable every single day there's gonna be a challenge we're gonna challenge you to do something and i want you to commit to doing it and it might make you uncomfortable because it's going to help you grow commit to learning new things like you're going to probably have to unlearn some stuff and you definitely definitely need to learn some new things if you're going to win on youtube commit to doing whatever it takes and commit to paying the price these are the ingredients friend that i believe are necessary to win on youtube at 2021 learning new things doing whatever it takes paying the price like dave ramsey is favorite famous for saying live today like no one else so later in life you can live like no one else there is something about a sacrifice season to set you up for that future vision so commit to the process tip number three and lean in right now because we're about to get crazy tactical is start with the end in mind start with the end in mind start with the end in mind during this challenge you're gonna learn my seven step youtube influence system and here's why this is so important sun tzu the famous military general said this strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory but tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat what does that mean like wow that's that's a fame what a quote well listen a lot of people and listen friend this is why people lose on youtube they're just so tactics focused well what if i just get my thumbnail right that's important but if it's not if you're not doing tactics like getting your thumbnail right in the context of an overall strategy it's just a one-off tactic it's the slowest route to victory if you even reach victory oh i if i could just do some hack with the tags if i could just do some hack with my thumbnail or my title if i could just do some little trick or some little hack hey friend we got lists of tactics they're important but if it's void of an actual strategy it's the slowest route to victory alternatively tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat so strategy comes first tactics come second and that's what this is all about okay this set these seven steps are a complete strategy this has been tested over the last five years it's been refined every year we have over 4 000 students that are part of our video ranking academy program that have gone through this and countless success stories so it's a proven strategic framework and we're going to be breaking down the first step here right now which is reverse engineer so like not only is important to know the steps but you need to know the steps in the right order okay so number one is reverse engineer what does that mean it means start with the end in mind it means like before you press record and i know i said start messy and sometimes you got to just post your first video but you want to actually think things through like what are you trying to build what is the end goal of this who am i trying to reach and i'm going to give you some strategic questions right now to help you with reverse engineering here's three areas you want to reverse engineer great place to be taking notes and brainstorming and writing things down and so here we go the channel like what is what's the end goal of my channel each video so you can actually go through this process with your youtube channel you can go through these seven steps with individual videos and then you also want to reverse engineer money and again the disclaimer there is the purpose of this youtube influence challenge is so you cannot just make a difference but also a profit i believe you need money for the mission so i am not afraid to talk about how to build a real business around your youtube channel to talk about money to be transfer parent with my numbers because i know you need money to send your kids to college i know you need money to pay your mortgage to pay your rent i know you need money so you can eventually maybe hire people invest in scaling your youtube channel i want to encourage you to not be like weird or afraid or ashamed or awkward about money we need money for the mission and i know you got a mission and i know you got things you want to do so you can use this process to reverse engineer this so at the foundation and notice this is step number one this is how you start and grow a youtube channel this year let's reverse engineer your channel you really want to answer the question who is this channel for now go ahead and type that in the comments who's this channel who's your channel for oh but let me challenge you well sean my channel is for everyone on earth i'm super funny my content is for everybody like everyone's going to love it i just want to reach everybody i've learned this that if you try and reach everybody you end up reaching nobody what if instead you said my channel is for new moms that are trying to figure out a way to make extra income online in just a few hours a week what if you if you said my channel is for millennial couples that are trying to figure out how to manage money and live on a budget and not kill each other over how they manage finances because we're all raised differently can i get an amen listen uh who's the channel four who's the specific person and i've learned that it's not the demographics that matter as much which they do and that's like so where do they live how old are they uh what gender are they uh but it also is psychographics it actually is like how do they think kind of what are they into what type of person are they are they somebody who's into personal development and self-help and motivation type stuff are they somebody who is into their faith and studying the bible and wanting to learn more about growing in a crucial relationship with god are they somebody who who are they who is this channel for your clarity on this question is critical and i've learned that the youtube creator that understands the viewer best wins so the to the degree with which you understand who you're creating content for it'll shape everything the next question is what problem does this channel solve like what problem does the channel solve did you know that entrepreneurs are simply people who get paid for solving a problem and your degree you're you're paid in proportion to the degree of the problem you solve when you get employed at any kind of job they hire you to solve a problem i was hired to at red robin i washed dishes i was the hostess i was the bird did you know there's a giant mannequin mannequin like whatever you call the mascot the red robin mascot i was in that thing yellow tights giant red poofy converse bird shoes and the torso length of the red robin mascot was not long enough for my shoulders and my crotch area so there was a compression that was happening that was very uncomfortable to say the least and so i wasn't the bird for very long for fear that i wouldn't be able to have kids in my future but i also waited tables and i bust tables and so listen i was solving a problem by cleaning up tables taking care of guests but listen what what problem does your youtube channel solve and when this is clear in the eyes of the viewer and by the way it might be entertainment like but you should be really clear on that like hey it's pretty important that people laugh because i'm a comedy channel it's pretty important that people learn something it's pretty important that people come with a problem and listen write this down a lot of times your title is making a promise and then your video delivers on that promise how to not kill your succulents here's the problem see like look at this it's not too bad but these things are dying i'm watering them i'm trying to keep these this succulent alive but it's actually been one of the biggest challenges in my entire life the leafs are withering there's like this white stuff growing all over it and melissa caputo on the think media team is an expert in this and i don't know why she doesn't share wisdom with me she has the power to solve a problem but listen you can look up a youtube video of like how to not kill your succulents you'll see three hundred thousand views seven hundred thousand views because the video solves a problem here's a huge one how is this channel different 2021 friend how are you going to be different this year how's your channel going to be different and then why should i subscribe funniest thing that i see people doing is yo yo yo welcome back to my youtube channel fam yo hit subscribe subscribe subscribe hit subscribe fam listen i'm here and i'm so excited to tell you about my day i'm so pumped uh you know i'm gonna be dropping some cool content today so if you're not subscribed you need to subscribe and hit the like button because i'm fired up and i'm pumped listen you would not believe what happened to me over christmas break okay dude what if i what are you talking about i'm not trying like be yourself be you but like not tell me to subscribe why should i subscribe like the reason you should click subscribe on think media is because we share five videos a week that help you with the best tips strategies and tips for growing your youtube channel and building your influence with online video and tools cameras how to use the camera microphones lighting that's why you should subscribe now you might not want to but at least you know what the channel is all about a compelling reason that is clear as to why people should subscribe to your channel when you answer these questions clearly screenshot it if you want then you will have more power and more strategy as you grow your channel you know think media's tagline the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video now if you're like well all i want to do is actually be better a better cook in the kitchen not the channel for you right like all i want to do is figure out how to like not have conflict or have more success when i'm dating also not the channel for you find a way to be different and niche down or have a specific what this is called is a value proposition a specific value proposition as to what the viewer is going to get and what problem it's going to solve for the viewer here's some of our students that um i i think are really clear and the problems are solving tracy gold fashion tips for women over 40.

Remember like who do you serve man that's so clear it's one gender it's a specific problem fashion tips it's a specific age her cover is clear i love it this is china he recently sent us he just did like a 55 60 000 year we remember when he was just starting from scratch and uh he is doing home theater reviews he is your source for 4k home theater reviews now stop think media is a tech channel so is china my opinion tech is a little too broad but there's so much opportunity yeah is it is there competition sure but think about the opportunity i don't cover home theater it's tools there's niches within niches we call it double niching so it's not just well yeah i'm a tech channel well let's go deeper than that though like what's the specific thing and he's realized that this world is so big receivers speakers bookshelf speakers amps he's got all kinds of different things he can cover brand deals think people he's working with um the smugglers room i love this prop making costumes and build videos 3d printing um how to make a lightsaber the star wars drink carafe all kinds of different things this is tanya eliza i mentioned uh business tips but really specifically excuse me network marketing tips and so she is at like 85 000 subscribers but again it's built a massive business because this is like the front end to a lot of other things she does online which is kind of a huge tip what's the bigger business model when you're reverse engineering that your youtube channel is being built around that's one of the massive opportunities mary's nest man i love mary she's got like 300 000 subscribers now traditional cooking for the modern pioneer bone broth ferment sourdough she's crushing it and i remember when she started afraid to get on camera didn't know how to title or optimize a video or do tag didn't know any of that stuff but just punched fear in the face and started and the cool thing is she's reverse engineered she's really clear about what her channel is this is nicole kids ot help she's a kid's occupational therapist and she has very clear about helping new moms with tummy time preparing for baby with toddlers third trimester tips all kinds of things on the journey of motherhood secondly so you're reverse engineering your channel secondly you're reverse engineering each video so that's actually the power of this as we go through this over the next week is that you can do ever you no you should do every single one of these steps on each video and it's kind of at first like it's like learning a new skill like learning to ride a bike but eventually you get used to it you'll notice this is a system it keeps going in a circle and then you start over like shoots and ladders this is the ladder to the top of youtube success 2021 so you do this to each video you get clear on your channel and then you start popping out videos and you literally should answer like what's the goal of this video nobody answers this like this is crazy i see people it's why a lot of people don't break through on youtube they just create a video it doesn't have a goal is the goal to get subscribers is the goal because you've researched and seen that it's a trending topic is the goal to uh actually if you're a business owner let somebody know more about your business is the goal to actually go deep because some videos are meant to make a deeper connection with the audience some videos are maybe meant to reach new people a lot of times you can correlate shorter videos for reaching new people longer content for going deeper with your community so what's the goal of the video i'm creating next who's that who's this video for now you already answered fashion tips for women over 40 right but like who's this video for specifically maybe it's for a specific skin tone you know best colors for darker skin tones you know best for summer it could be like who am i thinking about and here's a powerful tip try to have even an individual in mind when you're creating a video sometimes my most powerful youtube videos came from a conversation i spent a lot of time i i've done uh you know intern at a church i was a campus pastor for a while for a church director of communications and i would talk to a lot of people who were trying to figure out how to do video production live streaming uh you know for sunday church they were streaming online or record videos or do different video announcements and as i would be in a conversation i would be having a conversation with brady and he'd be like talking about frustrations he had and then i was like oh wow that's like helping me understand one person brady the video's for brady but turns out brady represents like really a group of people who are in similar situations man how do i make my video look good how do i solve this problem in in this case church tech in a specific niche that i used to be in like and so you think about these things who's like the one person your video is for that's kind of a picture of the person you're trying to help and trying to reach and that'll help you even get more views on your next video what problem does this video solve so think media this video might we just posted a video omar did how to go live with your smartphone or how to use your smartphone for zoom conferencing well clearly it solves a problem i don't have a webcam i want better quality i already have a smartphone that's the problem that it solves um this video how to start and grow your youtube channel in 2021 even if you're a beginner and that's the problem that it solves tips on exact like how to start how to get clear how to make a plan so you think about one video is also kind of like one problem this could help you break down your videos into just like a smaller problem how to not kill your succulents that's a real video you can look it up later there's like it's an amazing video i watched it i didn't apply the tips clearly because like this thing is it's doing all right but like you know like how to what problem does it solve this will really help you on a video level and then the third one reverse engineer the first r of the seven r's these are like three areas underneath it is you also reverse engineer money like how will my channel make money now disclaimer is i actually really believe when you're starting youtube influence comes first income comes second that you don't want to like come out of the gate with this like i gotta make money today this hurts a lot of people like they try to as soon as they get 500 subscribers a thousand subscribers i gotta get a brand deal i gotta start like and i would recommend really focusing on building influence building your channel getting views first getting into a rhythm of things and not if you will trying to monetize too early but listen at the same time you would never start count the cost of building a tower you would never start a new business you would never start a new entrepreneurial endeavor without a plan it's called a business plan so even if you're like well a lot of startup founders do this like how's clubhouse gonna get money monetize they don't know they don't care they have 10 million dollars i think 20 million dollars of investment money they're trying to get users first they'll monetize later it's kind of an interesting thing but you don't want to like have no clue how you're going to do it so what i'm encouraging you is to have patience with monetization but not to neglect the strategy of your monetization like how does this connect and in session two we're gonna be talking about this in a powerful way with some nuances so you're just wondering like if you have a tech channel like think media or like china who does home theater reviews affiliate marketing is an amazing way to make money and we'll talk more about that in future sessions um but it's not as good in some other situations sometimes brand deals are best sometimes really youtube views in the personal finance niche you get such high cpms or the real estate niche which will define all these terms over the challenge um you get such high cpms that just views alone might be enough to hit your financial targets but write a couple questions down not just how will my channel make money but can you write down how much money you need like let's plan this year and set some targets how much money would you need to be able to quit your job how much money would you need to be able to give your two weeks notice you might go i have no clue well then that's the step start like figuring out a budget start figuring out a plan to reach your goals and then i've found that sometimes when starting a youtube channel and we're like why doesn't my spouse or my partner support me why don't people believe in me because they might actually not because we haven't adequately explained or if we take personal responsibility we have inadequately planned that this is a real thing like i'm doing my research this is the fastest growing small business type this is what i'm doing this year i'm doing this in 2021 in 2022 that'll be the second phase of course things will change along the way but like these are the ways i'll make money this is the kind of money like actually doing some real research and really making a plan like how's my channel going to make money how will this video make money so there's like the ideas of the channel but one video might be more related to like if you're reviewing a product well then affiliate marketing makes sense not every video has to review a product of course then it might just be youtube ads if you are inviting people to your etsy shop then it might be like this particular video is to let people know that i actually make stuff like how will this video make money and then what are the best ways to make money in my niche huge question because once we clarify your niche we'll talk about that in session two or maybe you already know what topic what niche your channel is about ask yourself what are the best ways to make money in my niche because it's really not one size fits all you know you might want pure influence and you already know you're going to write ebooks you've got an audio book and you want book sales um you might be a professional speaker or want to start speaking and speak at virtual events and whatnot so your youtube channel is more about awareness you might have coaching or consulting or an online course that you want so there's different methods and we'll be breaking those down more in the future but make sure to screenshot this because this will uh this is clarity at the foundational level of your channel and how it's going to make money let me just give you one example so this is my personal channel uh just my name sean cannell and you can see that it's about product reviews life hacks and video blogs all right and so it's about product reviews so here is an example of one video and it's called greens powder organifi green juice review and so we're going to be going deeper in this later but let me show you this and this is kind of the goal of this system so if we go best greens powder we actually can see that this particular video is uh is um right here and it has a hundred and seventy eight thousand views now mind you this video is four years old okay and it's still getting 0.5 views an hour and that's this is a tool called vidiq over here on the right showing us that and at 0.5 views an hour that means that every single day this video gets in 24 hours 12 views so that's really crazy right because number one i made this video four years ago okay right number two it's still getting views and so it's getting a little search traffic also probably suggested traffic and this video i just sat right where i'm recording this video but i pivoted to the side i'm using window light and i just describe this product which is a powder you mix with water because i'm kind of like a biohacker health nut into like all kinds of weird supplements and stuff and so this is something i'm passionate about a product i loved to use when i was traveling a lot just not traveling as much anymore come on you know how things and uh and that'll maybe start again one of these days and so i just made a video now it's got 178 000 views and it's earned about 1300 in youtube ads again this is reverse engineering money but going into this this video i understood affiliate marketing so i linked to a specific product which takes you to a sales page of organifi green juice all right and this is my affiliate link up top here so if you purchase this product and you can get like a subscription so like 60 bucks a month it's about two dollars a day to get this kind of superfood whatever the way it works is i actually not only earn 30 on that sale but if someone subscribes i get continuity on the sale so if they go man i love this just like sean loves it and so every single month when they're billed i get 30 from that sale continuities that's what continuity means do you see how powerful that is so i made a video connected to something i was passionate about my life my friend lewis told me about this product i find it i tried it i researched now i only think in affiliate marketing like does this have an affiliate program it does let me make a video let me let people know about it we'll talk about some of the strategy for of course title and thumbnail and things like that for why it's getting listen 12 views every day and it's four years old so this video is making real passive income this video is paying me today even though it's work i did four years ago and this video has generated around 12 500 over the last four years so let me ask you what would it be like to have two videos like that working for you what would it be like to have 10 videos like that working for you it's the power and here's the thing you're like well i don't have a product review channel it's not the only kind of video you have to make i make all kinds of different videos they're not all connected but when it aligns that's why you go through the framework you go through the questions you're like oh here's an idea i have here's also a great way to monetize it here's how the whole thing and listen you haven't pressed record yet i know that it's it's like we want to run out like a cowboy guns blazing like all right let's just start creating some content and there's some wisdom in that because it out it helps you break off fear it helps you just get some momentum going but when you really get strategic making the right videos posting them at the right time with the right thumbnail with the right title with the right monetization strategies and you back it up with the right content my friend it's not too late to start youtube you can crush youtube this year just like so many people in our community are doing and so that is just one example and this isn't even the monetization session we're going to go deep into that now i want to encourage you for those in the challenge you saw our starter kit and you may have picked it up we had that special offer and if you want details about that we have that guide 51 money-making video ideas okay so if you want to actually go deeper 51 that's not even all of them like there's actually so many different ways to monetize so sometimes we can become so myopic because we think oh i need a million views i gotta get monetized i need a thousand subscribers four thousand hours of watch time that's my only way to make youtube full-time a reality not even kinda true there's so many different ways that's just one of the research resources inside of there and we'll post that in the comments or the description if you want to learn more about the youtube starter kit at but as we land the plane i want to remind you or tell you for the first time that sun tzu famous military general told us this every battle is won before it's even fought every battle is won before it's even fought so this first r is reverse engineer start with the end in mind and if you want to win on youtube this year could it actually be this is a crazy concept like are we living in like a tenant reversed pincher pincer right now you know like are we living in the future are we seeing the future and then coming backwards come on tenant fans let me know every battle is won before it's even fought how crazy that this silver play button could it be that you getting this this isn't some like weird manifesting in the future type thing it kind of is right like i'm gonna actually work backwards from this like the battle to get this is one before the battle starts why strategy reverse engineer start with the end in mind you have a right plan it's too many people run out guns blazing and suffer the consequences every battle is won before it's even fought final tip is start before you're ready commit to the journey get clear and start with clarity and start with the end in mind tip four though is start with why start with why and i've learned that actually the most powerful way to build an audience on youtube and stand out especially if you're like man it just feels more competitive than ever and that there's more saturation than ever here's the secret this is the secret are you ready buckle your seatbelt get the pen ready because we're going to get real here the secret is this circle in 2021 a lot of people are going to start new youtube channels or grow their existing channel and they're going to focus on what what it is that you do like what does your channel do every entrepreneur every business owner every content creator every influencer every author every thought leader needs to be able to answer this question i help people build their influence with youtube i help moms lose weight after pregnancy i help you know i make people laugh i teach people biblical truths i review books and help leaders find the best one for them i help people save money on their taxes i help i make burgers i make coffee it's just what you do and where a lot of anxiety comes from and angst is we're like there's ever just everyone's doing everything there's too many all they see all i can see is the competition all i can see is the competitors all i can see is all these channels all i can see is all these what's and it seems like there's somebody already doing what i want to do i guarantee you there is there is there's already somebody doing what it is you do well then how do we stand out how do we be different i'm glad you asked because if you actually go deeper on this the next level is how you do it you want to stand out this year the cool thing about how is people do the same what's but they do that in different ways so brainstorm write this down what makes you unique like if you remember elementary school right and you were growing up who was your favorite teacher who was your favorite teacher and why did you like them a lot of people taught history a lot of people taught math a lot of people taught geography but the person your favorite teacher it was how they taught it i liked that they made it easy to understand i like that they were kind of funny i like that they had a really dry sense of humor um and and they laughed at their own jokes even though they weren't that funny but it turned out that i thought it was hilarious because your how is going to be different that's your process there's a lot of different ways to make a youtube video you know there's a lot of different people say talking about tech but their way of doing it could be different there's a lot of people talking about personal development or leadership but the how you do it how you shoot your videos how you show up in your videos your humor your jokes your personality your clothing your background your thing like you have a blank canvas of creativity to shape your how chick-fil-a gives me a different level of experience and it's it's their pleasure to bring me my spicy chicken sandwich and some chick-fil-a sauce with my waffle fries it's their pleasure to do that and i might go to uh dairy queen i got nothing but love for a blizzard but i'm not it's not anybody's pleasure usually to bring me anything they seem annoyed that i'm there because the how of the company culture look they both have a chicken sandwich that's the what arguably the chicken sandwich might actually be close to the same heresy sean chick-fil-a's chicken is so much better it could be that it's the how and it's the love wrapped around the sandwich that actually makes it taste better but this isn't even the deepest level this isn't the deepest level to really stand out as you get an edge this isn't to say that you can't have the right tactics we're going to talk about those or the right strategies but if you're going to create depth and build a connection and build an audience and build legacy and build an empire on youtube it starts with why it starts with why what do i mean why are you doing what you do so man when i think about chick-fil-a they're known and sometimes it's controversial for their values when i think about starbucks and my friend becky works there as a manager and she was telling me it doesn't matter what the local laws are you can't sit inside of any of the starbucks store stores because of their sensitivity to the pandemic and the perspective they have on what's happening across the nation regardless of local ordinances there's a certain why behind their motivation there is a why behind the channel when people share their why and i want you to write this down people follow people with shared beliefs and write this down people connect with people with similar values the way to make your leadership channel different your ministry page different your comedy channel different your gaming channel different is to actually be you times two and pour more of yourself your personality your values your beliefs into your content because people follow people with shared beliefs people have different world views different f so there's a lot of options and this is what we have to acknowledge there's a lot of options for what and how even in 2021 but why really makes it different and when you actually lock in all three of these things when you get clear in your niche and you're what we're gonna go in don't miss session two which is a little bit later today we're gonna get really dialed in on your what and you get really clear on your how and you kind of carve out a proprietary process but when you also get super clear on your why and listen when you share your why and share your beliefs more people will connect with you and it'll be the difference between you just getting a view and the difference between you getting a subscriber and a difference between getting a super fan people will come by your channel because it's suggested in search but a few will connect with you as a super fan when you really share your why and start with why and as we land the plane on this session um personally i committed to going all in on youtube during the hardest season of my life and i don't know if you've heard my story but in 2009 my wife almost died that's my wife sonia and you can see you know we got married super young we got married at 21 and a few years later she went to the philippines and got super sick and doctors didn't know what was happening and she started to throw up five to ten times a day the reason she has a feeding tube in her nose there is because um she dropped to 82 pounds and eventually they did that to stabilize her weight um and then they moved it jejunum feeding tube into her stomach and i will never forget the night that that happened because i brought her home from the surgery from the hospital and we started this process and it was real weird if we had boxes of these cans of food and all these equipment we hooked it up so she could start getting some nutrition to try to get her weight stabilized and started the feeding the machine just like starting to like do the food and she starts to panic and she starts to freak out and she starts to um she starts to say sean i don't know what's happening i'm all this and i'm on in all this pain i feel like there's fi i feel like something's really really wrong and what we discovered was that they placed the jejunum tomb raw tube wrong and this food this liquid was filling up her body cavity which will suffocate your organs and it'll kill you quick so we turned it off and threw her in her honda civic and drove and rushed to everett washington everett uh the city of everett to a hospital and they got her stabilized put her in an ambulance and i followed that ambulance down i-5 to seattle to virginia mason hospital just crying like panicked what's gonna happen with my wife and we got her there and they got her stabilized and she was in the hospital for six days and they were doing surgery they had to clean out all of her insides and like sew her up and eventually what we discovered was she has a chronic illness called gastroparesis and that's what causes you to throw up at slow digestion and today she has a pacemaker but when i think about my why and when i went in all in on youtube this was 2009 when my wife almost died i went all in on youtube during the hardest season of my life and it wasn't just that we had our some people we trusted stole money at our church and that started to crumble and we got crushed in the real estate market of 2008 when the bubble burst and we were young kids trying to like eat top ramen and not turn our baseboard heaters on to save on electric heating because it's freaking expensive and and just our whole world came falling down around us but that's when a spark started for me and that's when my why started for me i had been doing youtube for my church since 2007 and i now was in this situation by my wife's side for six days wondering god why is this happening and what are we gonna do and i felt like i had this option to either like get bitter or to like really make a conscious decision that i'm gonna fight and i'm gonna get better and i'm gonna find a way to level up and man up as a provider as a man as a leader and i had been studying and knowing youtube and i was like man this this thing is real i started i read a book called crush it from garyvee and i was like okay there's affiliate marketing and i didn't even know what to do though i mean what i didn't have the whole plan i'd have the youtube influence challenge i just knew that i was like man i got to work from home i want to work from home i want to make money on my own terms for me it wasn't just like oh sick there's a sick opportunity to like get famous and like get a ferrari and like nothing against that but like for me it wasn't about fame or fortune or fans it was about my family and it was about i don't know if my wife is gonna be able to uh work again she's working multiple jobs i don't know if i'm gonna like how am i gonna make enough money and i don't know if if i need to work from home and take like what are we going to do like there's a real desperation but i want to encourage you it lit a spark in me and it lit a fire in me and that spark has been burning for 10 years and today i look back and again you see results but it started with the why and it started with the fire and it started with reasons come first results come second and i would love for you to post if you want to get real and raw please in the comments like what's your why why do you want to succeed on youtube why do you want to grow an influential youtube channel and by all means because i want better vacations i'd like to buy a nicer house i would like to level up my car i'd like to send my kids to college make a huge list i think there could be significance and impact reasons practical financial reasons there could be because you see a problem in the world you see something that frustrates you whatever it is but listen reasons come first results come second and when you know for me i'm fighting for my family i'm fighting for my faith i'm fighting for our future i'm fighting because one day i hope we can start a family and i don't know if we can but i actually believe that money would help us be able to do that maybe if we adopt maybe we have to hire a nanny maybe like because this is literally the stuff that's going through my head i started to think man i'm not gonna let this overwhelming circumstance crush me i'm gonna rise up and crush it and even if i get punched in the face i'm gonna keep going and you may have been punched in the face in 2020.

My personal recession happened in 2010 like health money economics world falling apart around me the world's kind of gone through that hasn't it and maybe you're personally in a situation where you have been crushed where you feel like it's almost impossible to see a bright future where you feel like the future looks a little cloudy it looks a little confusing and where you feel a pull into significance to start a youtube channel to start an online business but you don't even know what to do next my friend i just want to encourage you to start messy to start before you're ready and commit right to start with the end in mind and to start with your why and to right now really write down your why and get clear on it brainstorm pour your heart out let the tears come out on the page that actually is is that fuel because you're gonna need the fuel of your reasons for the fight because it has not been a smooth road over the last 10 years but it's been a blessed road multiple surgeries multiple ups and downs really hard seasons of marriage seasons where our marriage even broke apart we're in counseling mistakes i've made challenging seasons where we've been pressured by jobs by moving by relocation even once going full time in youtube in 2015 and hard seasons after that if there's anything we can relate to as humans friend to friend right now it's struggle like i sometimes are like man if one day i get a silver play button and my problems will go away now mason biggie said it right mo money mo problems there's going to be just continuous problems that's why we need to know what our mission is we need to know what our vision is and what's your why please write it down and please share it in the comments and it's crazy to think about the journey because today over this last year during the pandemic there's my wife with the baby bump just to think after surgeries after prayer after things we just never would have believed we would have been able to start a family we never would have believed that we would she'd be getting strong and we'd be going snowboarding and hiking i never would have believed she would put our chihuahua in a front pack i mean it's just something that i would have never believed that's a double up right there right you've got sean bradley in her tummy and you've got sophie the white chihuahua in a front pack come on hashtag front pack for my wife sonia right and uh and then we've got sean bradley here and it's actually crazy and i know life's uncertain and i know that there are no guarantees and i know that maybe seasons of heart sickness have brought a lot of disillusionment and but i'd also know that i caught a vision in 2010 and 10 years later after building brick by brick step by step we're seeing the vision i'm fighting for my family and now we're starting a family and i'm like hey girl let's netflix and chill and try to work on twins next you know come on let's go sonia she's like you are fr get behind me satan i you are not and i'm like okay listen i'll give it a break here but we need to mult we need to be fruitful and multiply it come on and so listen uh it's crazy to think that that 10 years later after all that hustle and i say that because i'm not trying to say this is some kind of overnight thing on youtube like mr b said youtube is going to grow unfathomably large over the next five to 10 years what is your goal what's your vision over the next three years five years 10 years it's not going to be a clear road but like why do you want to succeed on youtube what are your goals what's your dream post that in the comments post it in the um in the chat and let me know what that is this session starting and growing a youtube channel this year is all about this reverse engineer think things through like really think them through come on think media come on think marketing think things through really think deeply and then follow through and that's what this challenge is all about getting a plan but hey then take an action because information and notes are great but implementation in action is better right so we're gonna think things through that we're gonna follow through and so here's a recap of the four tips start before you're ready commit to the journey start with the end in mind and start with why remember commitment is the foundation of all great accomplishments and in just a second we're gonna do our daily challenge in the challenge group and uh i'll tell you how you can sign up for that if you happen to be watching this first video on think media but in the next session i'm gonna be talking about uh youtube myth busting how to nail your niche i'm so excited for this some of the best ways to make money and how to find your thing like if you want to figure out what your channel should be about and maybe you need to do a pivot sometimes it's i've had two failed you three failed youtube channels on my journey to a couple successful ones so sometimes there's a pivot on in the process sometimes you sometimes you'll win sometimes you'll learn and so it's going to be such a powerful session don't mix miss the next session if you're not signed up there's still time to sign up for the free seven-day youtube influence challenge is where all of that information is and so you can go there right now link in the description if you want to check that out and if you are watching this on youtube smash like if you got value and click or tap the screen to watch some of the new videos here on think media that will help you grow your youtube channel this year my name is sean cannell this is think media i appreciate you and i will see you in the next video

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