How To Set Up Your First TikTok Ad Campaign (Step By Step) | TikTok Ads Tutorial

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Hey yall today I’ll be showing you how to set up your first Tik Tok ad campaign, step by step, Hey yall thanks so much for consuming our content. It truly means a lot for us and we’re celebrating this year we’re turning five years old. Super big accomplishment for us – And we want to celebrate with you because again without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we’re doing So we’re giving away over ten thousand dollars worth of contest prizes, meaning we’re going to be giving away templates swipe files. Everything that’s going on in our business internally that you could use to grow. Yours
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Thank you again so much for consuming our content And we’re back to our regularly scheduled episode In the past.

You may have heard us talk about our Sales Accelerator Program, which is a proven process to help business owners who sell products online generate more consistent sales. Every single day, Before we figure this out, we would pray that our clients got continued success with sales online. All right,
The goal of this video is that once you watch it, you’ll be able to effectively use Tik Tok’s ad platform to take advantage and be an early adapter in this really underpriced market.

So first you’ll need to make sure that you install your Tik Tok pixel. We have a video, Don’t worry, Look at it there and your Tik Tok business account.

Maybe have a video for that and link you somewhere, but make sure that you start with this, because without a pixel and without your business account it’s going to be very hard for you to create a campaign because you won’t be able to tell Tik Tok the Data that it needs to be successful and you have to have the ad platform to even create an ad All right. So when you get into Tik Tok make sure that you go to
This is going to be your set up here, So pretty simple And we’re going to walk you through exactly how to set up this campaign in a very simplistic way. There is no reason to complicate it.

Tik Tok’s ad manager is very new.
But if you’re familiar with something like Facebook or YouTube or Google, or anything like that, you’re going to see a lot of similar characteristics.

I feel like Tik Tok copied a lot of stuff from Facebook, which I personally love because Facebook to me has the best targeting You’ll see here that Tik Tok is getting better and it has an amazing reach for very low cost. So it’s super effective for you to use, But we’re going to walk through these step by step.
If you guys have questions, make sure that you drop them below in the comments

And we’re happy to create new videos and answer those questions for you.

So once you’re here in the dashboard, you want to go to create campaign. So click this button here and click campaign And as it pulls up here, you’ll want to click create again if you’re familiar with Facebook, ads manager and you’ll recognize that create is pretty simple.
We have our campaign level ad group level and ad level, So campaign is the objective And what we’re trying to do. The ad group is the group of people that we’re targeting and the ad is the ad creative that we’re going to show to people specifically on Tik Tok we’re talking videos, so click create I’m going to start over completely. Now, when you choose an objective, we’re going to choose conversions, but when you’re choosing an objective go for what you’re looking to achieve, whether it’s video views, whether it’s reach, meaning you just want to get in front of people.

Traffic, you want to send people to like a blog or a website, But if you’re looking for conversions to either drive sales or get people to opt-in for something, then I’ll go for conversions. This goes for anything that you are using online. You want to make sure that you focus on the actual end result that you want to have happen, So I click conversions here. I’M going to relabel this campaign to BitBranding Leads Accelerator. Opt-In,
Actually, I’m going to label this as a BitBranding Sales Accelerator, Opt-In, OK, so there is no for the budget.

I would not put’no limit’. That just means it’s going to spend Daily is an option and lifetime is an option Now. This says 50 dollars is the minimum that you can spend here. So that’s maybe something some reason that people are like. I don’t know,
I don’t know if I should test this.

I don’t know if I should try, because that’s I mean a good chunk of money.

On Facebook, you can do a dollar and on Instagram you can do a dollar, So look at it and maybe do 50 dollars lifetime. So I’m going to type in fifty dollars. Lifetime.
So I’m gon na spend fifty dollars on this campaign, All right, so the ad group name again.

This is who I’m targeting so I’m looking for business owners and I would say, I’m looking for people who are at least twenty-five to fifty-five plus. You would eventually add some more details here of who you’re targeting. However, there’s not a lot to go off of yet Make sure that your pixels installed, as we mentioned previously, you want to have that
So we have our BitBranding Tik Tok pixel. Obviously we had the test once You probably saw that in the video BitBranding Tik Tok Pixel, optimization events We want to have it do button click for a form.

So we want people to submit a form here Placements.

I would leave it wide open. They do give an option for these. Other countries, Probably don’t want to run for at least for us, I’m not going to run it in India or Taiwan or Vietnam – probably also not going to run it for feed apps.
I’M just going to want to run it on Tik Tok. This is completely up to you.

It does show here that, like here’s, some other feed apps that you can use to go off of, but we’re going to just run it on Tik Tok, because I feel like that’s going to be the most effective for our business Automative, creative, optimization Again. This will automatically create generate a combination of your creative assets, images, videos, add text and deliver high-performance combinations. Once your ad has been created,
Now you can turn that on. If you like, It’s completely up to you on that part. This is something where I would say test it.

Typically in the past, I wouldn’t have done that, And this is early for Tik Tok. So I don’t know if It’s very sophisticated, so I don’t know if I would want to do it, but it’s something to test
So audiences, to go off of You, can create an audience of people who visited your website just like what you would for Facebook, a custom audience of say. People who purchased in the past

You can do a lookalike audience of people who were past purchasers, We don’t have those yet And those will probably be videos that we will create in the future.
So, if you’re interested in that make sure you comment below and let us know Hey, I want to know how to create a custom audience on Tik Tok. I want to know how to create a lookalike audience on Tik Tok.

We will do that for you, But right now we’re just going to focus on demographics.
We’Re going after people in the United States, male and female. I like the option, they say no limit, So it’s just male and female no limit. We do want to focus on age. We don’t really care about 13 to 17-year-olds
We do want twenty-five thirty-five, forty-five and fifty-five plus, because those are the people that are typically going to make the business decisions for the people we work with.

Most of the people we need to work with are English or Spanish, So I chose English And then interest. This is interesting here.

So if you know your target audience go through here and choose what would make sense, So this is chatting and messaging. Ok. Well, our audience may be interested in chatting and messaging Looks like that’s too narrow.

So we go close that out.
Financial services can choose this Food and beverage games Again, there’s not a ton in here Tech and electronics travel. These are all things that you can look at to target.
But for us there’s really not too much yet So if you’re an e-commerce business, though cosmetics, skincare, wigs, hairstyling, very nice, there

Apparel and accessories, Absolutely if you are a boutique or online clothing store, I would definitely be using something like this. So interest can’t really get too much into interest.

I want to Tik Tok to figure that out for us. What we want to track, though, is people who watch to the end liked it commented and engaged and shared, because those are of interest to us. We want to remarket to those people again. That may be another campaign that we create So categories alot here, First go to seven days:
I want to track people within seven days. Most people are going to make a buying decision within seven days or the next step.

Most people are not going to take fifteen days to make a decision unless you’re selling, something like a car or a large purchase item. So here’s where you get a little bit more detail, So we have creative and leisure life. Hacks, ok,
Well, we may have people who are interested in life, hacks, entertainment, family and emotions.

So a lot of our people will probably have family. They may have kids, lifestyle performance, society, sports and outdoors, So they’re definitely interested in fitness transportation.

I don’t know what goes into there: cars and trucks. Probably So it’s really important for you to understand your audience, because without understanding it’s going to be kind of hard to target here.
So this is just I mean this is really based off of previous knowledge.

Again, if you know your audience choose an interest here, but don’t go too crazy because you want to test things Daily budget. I think I have to spend at least 20 dollars to do that.

I would keep the ad running continuously. That’S how the algorithm! That’S? How platforms usually work is they need more data?
So let it run continuously Again, I’m optimizing for conversion not clicks, because I want people to take action.

This is new for depending on what you’re used to before, But the and you can see here suggested minimum bid beta

Was a dollar forty-eight per conversion?
Well, that’s amazing: Let’s adopt it say, a dollar forty-eight. I would love a dollar forty-eight for conversion On Facebook, we’re paying a lot more than that, so Check out, show more options.
You want to keep it here for impressions, so this is when the billing event, So what this means basically is cost per thousand impressions, So you’re getting charged per impression, not cost per click Sounds counterintuitive, but really you want eyeballs on there. The algorithm has better chances of putting it in front of the right people to get more conversions.

Also, delivery type leave it on standard. You don’t want it to spend all of your money upfront. That means, if you spent, let’s just say we spent our twenty dollars. It could spend all of it within an hour.

Which sounds great but the longer that the data has to optimize or that Tik Tok has a chance to optimize it, the better we are.

Maybe we can get lower than forty-eight for our conversions.
So, let’s go and click next Now that we’ve checked all that the ad name. So this is going to be Sales Accelerator, opt-in, I actually just going to pull in a random video, but they don’t have it yet, where at least that I have seen Where you can use the videos that you’ve had previously
Create is an option, so you could literally create the video inside of here a video template, smart video, smart video soundtrack. So it’s kind of like Tik Tok on your computer, Pretty cool, I’m going to pull one from the library we already have uploaded The thumbnail. You can create the thumbnail or choose the thumbnail or upload your own
We’Re going to leave it, how it is Ours is about booking more appointments online

But let’s focus on Sales Accelerator if you’re looking to sell more online Display name.

So this should be your company name.
Ours is a BitBranding, So it’s going to show up down at the bottom there Looking to have more consistent sales online. That could be your text again. This is part of your ad created and will be displayed to your audience, clearly tell them what you’re promoting. So you can do it here, Sales completely up to you.

Say more Sales on Shopify? Doesn’T matter Click add here you could add another title. If you wanted to below that, I don’t think I would. The option is: learn more
I would keep it at learn more. If you’re selling a product, though I would do shop now Test the shop now Test those buttons the URL, Let’s see here,
I believe we can grab it this way.

It’S how to calculate exactly how much you should be spending to hit your revenue goal so we’ll grab this URL and that’s where we’ll send them.

Profile image Go ahead and upload your logo Makes sense to put your logo
That’S where it’s going to show up at We have our BitBranding tracking pixel installed. You could use third party here for impressions, Click tracking. Again, you can add third party tracking, which is pretty cool.
That will allow you to track conversions through, like Google tag manager, if you’re familiar to see, if you can generate leads through this program through Tik Tok, Pretty cool And again, as you can see here, this will allow you to do a preview There you go And Again this says shop.

Now I left it there

Let’S go back to learn more And that’s how people will see it on the platform. After that we will click submit and it would go through the approval process. I don’t think we have All right.
Being reviewed, I don’t think we have payment or anything like that yet, But depending on when you’re doing this actually Tik Tok is giving away. Let’S see here Three hundred dollars in ad credit right now for people.

So it’s in review.
Once it’s approved, it will show up here and it will say active And we may do a video on exactly how to track it here, But from our understanding is that it does take a little time for the approval process, especially for a new account.

Ok, hopefully, that helps you figure out how to create your first Tik Tok ad campaign from scratch. If you’re interested in our Sales Accelerator Program and to figure out how much you should be spending to make a profitable ad campaign online click, the link below and we’ll see you on the other side.
Hey yall, Hopefully you find a ton of value on this video on exactly how to set up your first Tik Tok campaign step-by-step.

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How To Set Up Your First TikTok Ad Campaign (Step By Step) | TikTok Ads Tutorial

Online Store Owners!

TikTok has grown like crazy and now you can take advantage of their ads platform.

Today I will be showing you how to set up your first TikTok ad campaign.

The goal is that once you watch this video you will be able to effectively use TikTok’s ad platform and take advantage of being an early adapter, which will allow you to grow and scale your business.

BitBranding is here to provide stability, flexibility, and happiness to inspire the passion-driven entrepreneur and help them achieve their deeper purpose.
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