How To Mine Bitcoin On Android in 2021 [48 Hours Test Results]

Hello friends, how are you? In the last 48 hours I tried to mine Bitcoin On my android mobile phone In this video, I'll share with you what I did, how I got back Bitcoin on the phone to the mobile phone Together, we'll see if we can withdraw the money Bitcoins are in my wallet so we can guarantee everything is fine Stay tuned and stay tuned Mining Bitcoin on Mobile in 48 Hours Before we start let me show you this I'll turn on the camera and start recording, follow along This is my office, a lot of things here that you can You see here, I've got two new desktops Which I want to use to test different cryptocurrency mining Let's get back here, bum, sit down So In the coming weeks I will be trying to mine the new desktop computers with various The configurations are in different currencies and I'll share all with you Results, notes, anything you want to learn about About cryptocurrency and mining here on my channel, so don't forget Then you would like to watch more videos about coding and marketing Digital, internet business, everything in the internet world Subscribe now to my channel and turn on alerts, to get every update Almost new every day and a small service If you liked the video, then hit and smash the like button So let's get started together without wasting time I'll show you what I did, let's start the recorder on my Android phone To show you everything, Screen Recorder So So here we are, what I simply did is I installed an app called CryptoTab You may have heard of it, but you may not have tested it nor purchased it And you didn't get the pro version so I'll show you in this video Pro results I bought for $ 50 You will see now that I have tried mining for 48 hours And you'll see the results now in this video, so before that I'll open up here My browser will show you this if I open up Google store, play store and if you search here CryptoTab You'll see that we have a CryptoTab here that costs about 50 cents I guess it's no big deal just 50 cents But once installed, let's open the app here when installing it And open it you will have a purchase option Accelerators, to increase my mining speed so my current speed is x 12 which It cost me about $ 50 when I bought it So here we go to my crypt display board , My mining dashboard, and you can see it at The last 48 hours I mined 0.0000197 Bitcoin Coins which are equivalent $ 1.1, so in 48 hours, I mined $ or $ 1.1 In Bitcoin but at x12 speed, twelve times faster, you can see the hash rate is It is 18,000 hass per second by default it is 1,500 or 1,500 hass per second So here are my results mining using CryptoTab let's try withdrawals now To my account, to my wallet, I will click here to withdraw Bitcoin Let's see if this is real or not together I'll see, well I need to get in Wallet address and I want to now go to coinbase To get the receipt address to see By the way Sarah plays here you can see her This Sarah plays in my room so cute So here I'll go to my bitcoin wallet and copy the wallet address from bitcoin, come back to CryptoTab Paste the title here Very cool, enter the amount, I'll write here 0.000019 very good I'll say I'm not a robot, Sarah, please what can I do now Fire Extinguishing faucet, well, okay, check Withdrawal Let's see, confirm I will now open my inbox to confirm this To the CryptoTab team, well, confirm the withdrawal Sarah, check-out confirmation, very cool, check-out confirmed It would take 1 business day, of course I wouldn't wait 24 hours now I'll post a little post, let you know here on my channel if this Successful, must succeed, say confirmed, everything is perfect So this is how I modified Bitcoin On my mobile phone using CryptoTab Now let's take this from here.

I want to show you Another tip here if you go to your computer and search for CryptoTab Browser You can simply download it to your device as well, here is Just download and install it and here you will see open it And you can log in to the gmail account itself, click this icon here And you'll see that I'm also mining my desktop I think the speed here is around 3000 by default Let's see the hash rate is 1000, 2000. Yes it's about two or three A thousand hashes per second miner in Cryptobrowser So you can also launch the browser And began mining on the same account, you can see that this is my surfer here and And here the desktop returns, very well, now the main question is Is it really something you should try in 24 hours Or 48 hours, I earned a dollar and bought the app With cloud boosters for $ 50, so I need access to roughly $ 50 I need 100 days to get my money back and then I can cash you Money and get more profits now here I have Two points that matter to you, number one is that of CryptoTab It has a commission program.

If you go here to the commission display panel, you can see You can get this link here and share it with Your friends, so if anyone starts mining, you will also win Commission for mining or mining In this way, profits can be increased. This is the first and the second advice Generally, mining with your Android phone Or CryptoTab this way, this way something might get you a few A few cents a month, a week, or whatever So I don't know it is up to you to choose the test or not if you want to pick You can download CryptoTab and start mining on your browser and Your mobile phone, by the way, this has nothing to do With GPU or something else so it's safe for your computer, it's very good Simple, but as you know, profits are not Many, not that important, our last point here In mining in general, in cryptocurrency mining When you come back, you don't have to look directly at me Your earnings in dollars should be thought differently, you should think You are mining cryptocurrencies, you have coins In which you invest, so maybe later like Bitcoin It went to fifty thousand dollars maybe if you could count dogecoin now or xrp Or some cheap coins that I explained before here on my channel You can invest in it, and later the cryptocurrency The price of the currency will rise and this will be An investment in the future, well, you have to think about it differently Not on the profits directly when you mine on your computer Anyway, this is what I did how I mining my Android phone How did you mine with CryptoTab We can test all affiliate programs If you have any questions, any comments you can Write it down, you can join our forum, our Telegram channel To discuss together to help each other with anything, if you have any A question, also one last thing, I want to tell you About the pi grid app I explained it before, I told you I really don't know if it is Legitimate or not, but I advised you to install it Test it because you will not lose anything you can see here I already am Using the application I have today about 15 thousand pi It has no value until today however They promised that they would soon announce the third stage, perhaps at the end This year each PI will have a value In dollars so you can exchange it for real money So once again I want to remind you that you will not lose anything if you install The app is a pi network application if you don't know Anything about it please refer to my video how to install it and how to use it all Pi network application, you can mine on your mobile phone And by the way just to tell you this, you can head over to Go to reddit to open my Chrome browser because I saved this and you can search for a subreddit about pi network here Pi network you can see this pi network all the news everything People discuss on this subreddit you can follow And watch the latest news what is happening in the PI network Maybe it's legit and you can make a really good amount of money at the end This year, don't miss it, just download and try it You won't lose anything.

Check the video description Below install and test it And see you in the next videos.

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How To Mine Bitcoin On Android in 2021 [48 Hours Test Results]

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Two days ago, I tested Mining Bitcoin on my android mobile for 48 hours and I earned around 0.000019 BTC, In this video, I will show you what I did, How To Mine Bitcoin On Android, and a full review f the crypto tab browser pro version that I bough with cloud boost to give you full feedback.

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