How To Make PayPal Money Online For Watching Videos 2021 (Earn $10 Per Video)

in this short video i'll show you how to make 
money online just by watching videos online in   2021 all you need is a computer or a smartphone 
to get started there is no investment required   and available around the world watch the full 
video to learn all the sites so you can make the   most amount of money such as 10 per video or even 
up to 58 dollars per hour watching videos online   paid straight into your paypal account stay tuned 
for a bonus tip that will double your money that   you can make compared to others and before i get 
started my name is liwen and on this channel you   find new and innovative ways to make money online 
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with the latest strategies and jump on them first   so you can make the most amount of money and 
if you want my number one recommendation and   the best way to make money online then click 
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now let's get into the video the first site you   want to go to is it's a really 
big company which is gonna pay you to review   different things and to watch videos and this 
is essentially the front page which goes through   how people can get you to essentially test 
products and watch videos okay so if you want to   actually join them this particular company to make 
money watching videos what you want to do is click   on join our panel okay once you click on that it's 
gonna take you over to this page which looks like   this your opinion matters and you'll get paid 
to share your experiences and make an impact on   products that you love and care about and also 
this is just the first site okay i've got more   to show you and they also get better and better so 
they actually pay more and more so make sure you   stick around okay as you can see here you know get 
paid quickly and easily so saving up for something   looking for a bit of extra spending money join 
the people all over the mail making additional   income by sharing the experiences so what that 
tells you is that this is a worldwide and you   can make money online and the best part is you can 
do it by watching some simple videos okay and look   at this influencer product and experiences make 
a immediate impact on the products that you love   and usually by sharing opinion with the people 
that make and improve these products and and you   can do this in your spare time and it's really 
really cool is you've got 15 20 minutes to spare   now give a feedback is easy pursuing the studies 
remotely so this is why it's important because if   you only got 10 15 20 minutes you'll still be able 
to provide feedback and be able to participate   remotely and still earn money okay so you can 
do this and work from home and all you have to   do is watch a few simple videos and start making 
money and i love about this site is you can start   really fast is you can you know register and 
be able to um start as soon as you answer three   basic questions and that's it and how much 
can i make payments and the complexity of the   studies and if you think about loud on videos 
you can expect to make ten dollars on average   that's essentially adds up to almost like sixty 
dollars an hour so that's quite a lot of money   for just providing your opinion for a 10-minute 
video how do i get okay so payments are set by   paypal within you know 21 business days and once 
you get approved the enrolls come out you will   be sent to your registered email address so it's 
really simple and you'll be able to you know make   a paypal money watching it in videos with this 
specific site okay so if you like the video so far   would really appreciate that you give me a like 
and you haven't already subscribed be sure to hit   that subscribe button let's continue so the second 
site that you want to go to is at   as you can see here you get rewarded for 
watching videos from brands that you care about   each interaction just only a few minutes and 
you get up to three dollars of per video it's   as simple as that you're not actually be you know 
getting any kind of points or coins or anything in   this case you'll be earning real money online from 
your favorite brands all you have to do is watch   a video and they also will text you so that they 
would tell you that you've got your short video   available for you right so that you do not miss 
out and you'll get you know paid three dollars   a per video in traction and also another great 
way for this website to earn extra is you can   actually refer a friend for like a additional 
dollar and don't worry i do not have a referral   code for you because i am here to help you make 
money but if you do have a a code feel free to   leave it in the comments so somebody watching the 
video can help you out and make sure that you know   you get your extra dollar and they can just sign 
up and start making money as well and the great   thing is that you can start cashing out as soon 
as you reach 10 and there is no cash gimmicks   confusing point systems as i said before it is 
real cash and this website has been around for   a little while as you can see they've paid over a 
million dollars in rewards in the last 12 months   so it is definitely a legit website where you'll 
be able to make money online just by watching   videos so not only can you watch video ads to earn 
money on this particular website you do also have   the option to complete online surveys but that is 
completely optional if you don't want to you don't   have to you can just to stick to watching the 
video ads and they do have a few payment options   of directly to your bank account or via a gift 
card as well as if you have a favorite charity   that you want to donate to you can do that as well 
and also i want to show you all you need for this   account for you to get account is there active 
phone number as well as a verified email address   so it is super simple to sign up and another 
tip for you is here if you use the promo code   faq you actually get your first dollars as soon 
as you start up so that is a free money for you   right there and for you to sign up all you have 
to do is click on the sign up button right over   here and then you'll be taken to this particular 
sign up page right here you got a little video   they do an intro for you here and all you have to 
do go ahead fill in your name as well as your zip   code and then also your date of birth over here 
is where you put in your email as well as your   phone number make sure that they can send you text 
messages once you do have a video in your account   and go ahead and choose a password and make sure 
you put faq right over here in the promo code so   that you get your one dollars as soon as you start 
and sign up and all you have to do is accept the   conditions as well as and go ahead and take i'm 
not a robot and then create account it's as simple   as that and as soon as you sign up you'll be start 
be able to make money by watching short videos now   the website that i want to share with you is 
called why as you can see right here   extra cash online why sense is a global online 
community with multiple earning opportunity it's   a really great that it's a global online community 
and that means it is available worldwide no matter   what country you're coming from so basically with 
this particular website as you can see they do   have an option for paid surveys but for us we just 
want to you know focus on the cash offers where   you'll be able to get paid for trying new products 
services downloading apps sign up for websites   or as we can see here right here watching videos 
and more so basically again like the previous   website this website offers you cash offers in 
order to watch videos and as you can see here   you get paid to complete offers okay so every ever 
dream of completing offers or testing products for   money why sense can make that dream into a reality 
wise as we provide you with the means to get cash   offers is simply by doing things that you do on a 
daily schedule it's simple and you get cash flow   rewards instantaneously so you all you have to do 
is sit back relax in the comfort of your own home   while your wire sense balance grows and grows 
so you'll be able to do this like the first   website over and over again by simply watching 
videos and completing the offers that they have   and an offer can be anything from you know 
testing a new product company or simply   watching videos okay so you'll be able to 
simply watch videos on this website to start   earning money and make money online and be able to 
see your balance grow as it says right over here   as you can see here you sign up for free and you 
can start earning and all you need is your email   and your password and click on join now and that's 
it then you can start earning money by watching   video ads next website you want to head over 
to is so this is a brilliant   site that you can go to to watch videos and make 
money online and i'm going to show you exactly   how this works so all you do is click on become 
a tester and once you click on it you'll be taken   to this webpage okay and check this out so become 
a paid test user change the world one short test   at a time and test new product services up to 50 
euros per hour okay so this is a 50 euro so it's   not u.s so let me just do a quick exchange rate 
for you if you are in the states so for 50 euro   that it equates to just over 58 us dollars okay 
and that's 58 per hour that is quite a lot of   money you know to be making whilst you're at 
home and i'm just gonna do a quick calculation   for you so 58 times you know eight hours in a 
day and that's 464 dollars a day that you can   make and if you want to you know make a little 
bit more by walking you know 10 hours a day   then you'll be able to make 580 dollars per day 
by utilizing this particular strategy and website   now all you have to do is you can put 
in your name your address and then   sign up to become a paid user tester okay okay 
and i also want you to just check this out get   some pocket money depending on the study and 
you're after 50 euros per hour as a tester   and you'll be on account within like 10 days this 
is amazing way to make money online especially if   you can do it just by watching videos and all you 
need is essentially you just have a skype or zone   and you'll be able to you know talk to clients and 
be able to participate in these studies and make   money online with this website and the thing is 
it is trusted by a huge a whole lot of you know   very big companies like deloitte's microsoft 
chirago so it is definitely a reputed company   that you know will pay you once you do join and 
complete their test and be able to do so you know   and start making money just by watching a few 
videos okay the last type and also the best one   that pays you the most amount of money is a cold 
you you okay so that's just you   and make sure that you stick with me we are to 
the end because i do have a little bit of a hack   and bonus for you so this is a really great 
site that you can use to make money online   watching views okay once you're on the site so if 
you want to come over here and click on project   then you'll be taken to their projects award right 
here where you'll give you a whole lot of projects   and before we just have a look at those i want to 
show you how you've got android and ios as well   and various other options of mac or windows and 
then you've got over here which is worldwide   and also you got a list of countries okay so you 
can see here i've got australia where i am and   also you've got bangladesh belgium canada china 
even so the list goes on and on so basically it's   worldwide absolutely available to anywhere okay so 
this is why this site is really great so over here   you know you just come here you can you know 
select to either you know worldwide or select   your country and so i'm going to just go ahead 
and select australia to see what's available   and the great thing about this site is that 
they've got urgent projects so essentially you can   make money really fast as soon as you sign up to 
this website and really great site and the bonus   tip i want to share with you is that you want to 
look for projects which earn a referral bonus as   well okay so i just found a couple of them here 
let me show you exactly what i'm talking about   so in-home voice testing plus a referral bonus so 
as you can see here with the referral opportunity   we are accepting referrals for testers with 
native australian user and french accent   and we pay 50 per successful referral so even 
if you're not doing the test yourself depending   on where you are your country you'll want to 
look for this bonus opportunity where you'll be   able to refer other people who may be eligible 
for the study and is interested in making some   extra cash and as soon as they actually go ahead 
and earn their money you know with these sites   and perform whatever project they got then you'll 
be stand to make a fifty dollars per person okay   that's right this site is absolutely brilliant 
because you don't even have to do anything other   than just referring people to do some very simple 
testing which they will mostly enjoy because who   doesn't like you know making some money just 
you know sitting around your home talking really   that's what this project is about so i hope 
you've enjoyed today's video if you do i will   really appreciate if you give me a thumbs up and 
before you go be sure to hit the subscribe button   and also the notification now and i can view you 
more videos like this to help you make more money   at home and online and while watching videos 
okay and i've linked in the video at the end of   this one be sure to check it out so that you can 
create multiple streams of income and be able to   really create a different lifestyle for 
yourself i'll see you on the next video

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How To Make PayPal Money Online For Watching Videos 2021 (Earn $10 Per Video)

How To Make PayPal Money Online For Watching Videos 2021 (Earn $10 Per Video)

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