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– So how to make money with YouTube Shorts without showing your face and without filming anything yourself? Well, in this video, I will show you how to paste
text in this free software, and generate unlimited Shorts
for your channel in any niche. And you see this person started
from zero a few months ago, and now they're are almost
at 1 million subscribers and over $500,000 a month
from ad revenue alone and he is from United States. This person from India makes over $100,000 a month in ad revenue and this person from Philippines, makes over $500,000 a
month from ad revenue and she actually started 22 days ago. This basically works all over the world. And inside of this video, I will show you how to add
multiple streams of income, so you're not only relying on ad revenue, but you're actually creating
multiple revenue sources on a single YouTube channel. So the step number one is to actually find the
best niche for yourself.

Because as you know, there are some channels that
post hundreds of YouTube Shorts and can't seem to pass
five views in a video and it seems like they are
doing everything right. They have the title. They have the thumbnail and the video is not that bad. But on the other side, you have a new channels
that started from scratch, published five YouTube Shorts, and they're already at 100,000 subscribers and don't even know what to even do with all of the Play
Buttons they received. So what's the secret? How do you actually find
the right Shorts ideas that will almost guarantee
to get you a lot of views? And most importantly, how
to even create those Shorts without filming anything and without being goofy
in front of a camera? And the best way to discover
your niche is to look at the keywords that are always trending.

For this, I use a free
online tool called vidIQ. So you can just enter you
niche idea in this box and it will show you how many people are actually
searching for that keyword and if the competition is high or not. And by the way, Shorts
are currently pulling in over 6.5 billion daily views on YouTube and if you're not using them right now, you are missing out on a lot of potential. And there are even some rumors that Shorts will completely
overtake the YouTube platform. So the sooner you start,
the better it's going to be. Anyways, you have all sorts
of different Shorts niches like cats niche, dogs
niche, makeup, couples, gaming, finance, fishing, and so on and you can research all of them by using a free tool called vidIQ. And trust me, it's a lot better to spend five minutes doing the research than to just randomly jump
into some random niche, waste hours creating
Shorts and get no views. So whenever you want to do some research, go over to vidIQ. It's completely free. Enter some keywords in this box and see how many people are
actually searching for that.

Now the easiest option and
the option that will allow you to make money with Shorts
just by copy and pasting is to focus on the facts niche. Now this is really optional, and the strategy that we will be talking about in this video works
in pretty much any niche, but I will be focusing on the
facts niche as an example. And right here, we have Luke Davidson who started his YouTube
channel almost six months ago and grew from zero to
over $500,000 a month in ad revenue alone. In fact, since he is getting
over 4 million daily views, Social Blade estimates that his daily earnings are
almost $20,000 dollars a day. Now, just keep in mind that ad revenue from YouTube
Shorts can be really low and some creators barely
even made this much money. That's why inside of this video, not only will I show you how to make money with YouTube Shorts, but I will also show you how to add different revenue sources, so you can maximize your results. Now if you check out
Luke's YouTube channel, you will be able to notice that his videos are run
30 to 40 seconds long, and are usually just a list
of facts and different topics that he probably found
from one Google search.

Now, the reason these list-type
of videos works so well is because most of the viewers will stay to hear all the four or five or six facts that this guy has to share with them. And by dividing his Shorts
into multiple segments, he's able to hold the viewers attention for a longer period of time. And according to YouTube themselves, watch time is a key success metric for getting more views on YouTube. The longer people watch your Shorts, the more YouTube will promote it. And there are all sorts of these
different types of channels that are posting Shorts
about different facts and people from all around
the globe are making thousands of dollars with these types of channels. So now that you had found your niche, let's talk about how can you
actually get those Shorts done. So, first of all, you will need an actual
script for the video and if you are using the facts niche, you can go over to The Fact Site. This is literally just
over at the and on here you can find
lots of different facts.

You can find 15 knowledgeable
facts about Kentucky, 200 fun facts that you'll love to know, 100 history facts they
didn't teach you at school, or 100 interesting space
facts that'll blow your mind. This is something that I
would personally go with. Yes, you can definitely
choose whatever you prefer. Just find something that you think a lot of
people will be interested in. For example, 100 surprising technology
facts that you didn't know or 100 fun food facts you
wont believe are true. So, let's select some of these. I will go with this one, 100 interesting space facts
that will blow your mind. We have the fact number one: Mercury and Venus are the only two planets in our solar system that have no moons. This is the first fact that
I can include in my video. Our solar system is
4.57 billion years old. This is a really nice fact that will probably be
interesting to a lot of people, so I can definitely include
it in one of my Shorts videos. So, just go over to and find lots of different amazing facts in a particular subject. You even have the Popular Today thread, so what is popular right now? What is trending right now? What people are reading
the most right now? So you can take advantage of this and make a video right now about something that's hot and trending.

Or you can also select
different categories at the top of the website. You can hover your mouse
where it says Entertainment, and you have Art and Design, Celebrities, Fashion and Beauty, Film
and TV, Language, Music, and all that stuff. You have Science, you have a World and History, and lots of different things
available on So you know, maybe even
something like this, 10 weirdest things that fell from the sky. I guess, people would be interested to see something like that. So just go through the
website and find some facts that you think a lot of
people would be interested in. And the last thing you
need in order to make money with YouTube Shorts is an actual video. And for this, I personally use InVideo, and this is over at the This is an absolutely free tool, that's going to allow you
to not only create videos, but even generate
voiceovers for those Shorts.

So let me explain to you how it works. Now, obviously you can use
this for absolutely free, but it will leave a small watermark. So if you actually want to sign up and get unlimited access to this, you can use my affiliate link from the description down below and use the coupon code, Dave50,
to literally save over 50%. This video is not sponsored, but I will get a commission
if you use an affiliate link from down below at no
additional cost to you. But you will be able to save
hundreds of dollars a year or something like that. So over at the, you have lots of different
templates to choose from and if you select the
Vertical option right here, it's going to show you all
of these different templates, which you can use for your videos.

Let's say, for example, I
want to go with this one and create my Shorts around
this template right here. All I have to do is click on it. When you use this template, it may look a little bit
complicated right now, but trust me, it's really
simple and easy to use. As you can see, this
is the scene number one and what I will do is I
will make a six facts video. So this is going to be
like six facts about space and each fact is going
to be five seconds long, meaning that my video is going
to be around 30 seconds long.

And as we talked about earlier, that's actually gonna be perfect and that's exactly what Luke was using to make over $500,000
a month from ad revenue from his YouTube Shorts. Now, that obviously doesn't mean that I will make half a
million dollars a month just because my videos
are 30 seconds long, but there's definitely
something that works with shorter videos. So first of all, you can
even upload your own logo if you want to, if not, you can just remove this. You don't have to have
a logo for these videos. Then, I would obviously
change the background, so we'll just click on the background, click either Remove Background, or I would just change
it with something else. So here on the left-hand side, I can either select a video or an image, which you want to use, completely free of charge. So let's say for example,
when typing space, let's try to find some interesting
photos which we can use. For example, this one right here. I will click on it. I will make sure that this fits the scene.

But to be honest, this
one looks kind of blurry. So make sure to use some other one. Now the first fact that I
will be using in my video is gonna be… Let me just find where it was. Number four, our solar system
is 4.5 billion years old. So I will just copy this and I highly recommend you
change the text a little bit. Don't just copy and paste the entire text, but maybe use some synonyms or just rewrite it in your own words. Then I will double click on this to change the text on the scene. So this is going to be
the fact number one: Our solar system is 4.5 billion years old. And I will maybe type in fact number one and I'll make sure to shrink this. And we can apply lots
of different animations by clicking on this button right here, and you can customize everything. You can customize the colors,
shadows, and all that stuff.

It's really simple and
easy to use InVideo, so let me show you how
this is going to look like. The background image is
kind of blurry right now, but that's going to change
as soon as I export this, so it didn't load yet. This is how the video looks like for now. We have a nice animation right here. Our solar system is 4.5 billion years old and we have a nice transition right here. If you want to change the transition, you can definitely do so by clicking on this icon right here.

But I kind of liked this one,
so I will keep it like that. As you can see, it looks kind of nice. Now we have the scene number two, and now I just need to repeat
this for five more times in order to create 30 seconds long video, and that's going to be my Shorts. Let me do that real quick. So we have the scene
number two right here. It's really nice. As you can see, a nice transition, background image and some effects with animation. This can literally take
less than 10 minutes to create a 30 seconds long Shorts, and once you're done editing your Shorts, you will be able to download it and share it into your YouTube channel.

But before that, make
sure to add a voiceover and to do so, you can just click on
the Voice over right here and you can use the
Text to Speech software that we talked about at the
beginning of this video. And you can basically just type your text in this box right here,
whatever language you prefer. I personally prefer to use English. You can even select the voice, whether you want it to be female or male, just select the voice you prefer and click the Generate Voiceover. So for example, if I
type in fact number one and I click on Generate Voiceover, you will be able to hear… Let it just load. The voiceover is really nice.

– [Voiceover] Fact number one. – This is the fact number one and now you can enter the full
script into this software, that's going to generate
the voiceover for you and the entire process
of creating the Shorts is gonna take no more than 10 minute. And you can select all sorts
of different videos and images, which you want to use and
include in your Shorts, here in the left-hand side and
they're all available to you once you sign up to InVideo. And finally, you'll just need to upload it to your YouTube channel and
repeat it as much as you prefer.

Now as I promised you, if you stay all the way
until the end of the video, I will show you how you
can maximize your results and potentially earn even more money. And this is something that
I'm trying out right now with my faceless YouTube channels and it's by including
print-on-demand products. Basically, you can go over to
a website like, upload different designs, and create a store for absolutely free, promote it with your YouTube
channel in those Shorts videos, and whenever someone buys
something from that store, you will earn a percentage of the sale. So you don't need to own the product, you don't have to ship anything, and you don't have to
print those T-shirts, or anything like that.

And if you want me to post my results or to see if I will even
make any money from that, let me know in the comments down below and I will make a full video dedicated to how you can actually
promote print-on-demand offers in those videos. Once again, this is something
that I'm currently trying out. I'm not sure if it's going to work or not, but we will be able to see that
in the next couple of days. And the other way you
can do this is something that is proven and it's something that I've been using for a very long time, and that is to include affiliate
marketing in those videos, so you can promote some
affiliate offers in your niche. If those videos are about space, you can maybe find some
space affiliate offers and promote them in those videos. Just tell your audience to use the link from that description and if it's something that
they're interested in, then most of them will
use the affiliate link.

For that, you don't
need to have a website. You don't need to create a product. You don't need to create a
sales page, renting like that. You literally just need to drive traffic and earn commission
whenever you make a sale. And one more thing to remember, always make sure to upload vertical videos to your Shorts channel, include the #shorts in the
title and the description, and keep those videos
less than 60 seconds long. Preferably, make them
around 30 seconds long..

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How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts Without Making Videos | BEST Tutorial

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Youtube Shorts are currently getting over 6.5 billion views per day on Youtube, and if you are not using them - you are missing out on a lot of potentials.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we are diving deep into how Luke (creator) grew his channel from 0 to over 970,000 subscribers in a few months just by using Youtube Shorts (P.S. He now makes over $500,000 a month from ad revenue)

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