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Hi guys welcome back to our channel today we will talk about earning money online without spending a single penny from google maps and google my business This does not need any experience and newbies are very welcome to try this one I will also show you ways to help businesses be recognized by their potential customers and as a businessman/businesswoman you won't be exerting any effort and waste time since somebody else would do it for you which is very convenient and time saving but before that if you are new here and you like making money online make sure you are subscribed to the channel and tap that bell notifications below whenever we have a new video. In this video we are going to use google maps and find businesses in the area of your choice that are not seen in google so you want to find business offering goods and products services and other things that is essential for that certain place or area I suggest that you must choose a business that is within a city that is smaller so try not to choose large cities since most of them had already claimed their businesses or their information in the google maps is complete for example I will choose a city in Idaho one of the states in America where I can find businesses that are still not claimed I will look for a warehouse in Nampa warehouses tend to be one of the most ignored elements of infrastructure and logistics but are fundamental part of the supply chain as they provide storage, distribution, packing, processing, assembling and light manufacturing of goods all of which are the foundations of any economy so this business are essential for the economy of one's place and if these business aren't seen on google so this is a drawback of their business since most of the people now are using google maps to locate establishment most especially businesses what we are going to do is we are going to search for warehouse I am going to type warehouse in Nampa which is a city in Idaho where there is a few competition in warehouse business We are looking for all information about the business like the location and contact information we need to see if all contact information about the business are filled out and if their business are claimed in google by the owner we are trying to find business that aren't claimed on google and the information available are lacking or have not filled out any of it yet and also the photos are not available with low reviews or no reviews at all we are looking for them to help them so they can rank on google, on the first three results on google with high rating as you can see these are the results of the warehouse in Nampa the results seeing our business with high rating and has complete information with positive reviews let's try looking how claimed business looks on google Sportsman's Warehouse, an outdoor sports store with thousands of reviews you see that all information are all filled up like address, hours, the website, contact number, code, photos of the physical store moving on to the next one Costco Wholesale pretty seems to be also a claimed business like the first one however this business has got a lot of reviews which reached for more than four thousand and a lot of people generously reviewed the business said information is something should be considered by people using finding business using google maps right now to give you the idea on how to make money from this one we will look for business that are not claimed by the owner, look for business with no rating, any contact information and the address is not complete like this AmerisourceBergen warehouse and look closely on the contact information provided you see that most of them are not filled up and you can read claim this business so this means that it needs to be claimed by the owner there are missing information like the phone number, hours, the website, the photo posted is from the street as a result the view is not that clear and no review is found to be published in this business the next business I showed to you has the same status with the previous one but this one "Lactalis" has a website however this is still an unclaimed business I will try to go to their website and see if it is still working and if we can try to get contact information from their website.

Bosskibuilt also has a website and this time we can contact them through email and they can also contact us through the information we will give to them by filling up the information on the boxes make sure to make your message brief and concise just let them know that their business has not been claimed by google my business and that you can help them rank in the first page of google so it will not be difficult for them to be seen by customers offer them that you can claim the business for them and walk them through the process of claiming it just click claim this business and the process start there google will ask for a code which will be sent through their email or by phone and probably will take a couple of days or weeks and you can put this for them or walk them through it you can also ask from them pictures of their business including the building staff or any photographs showing their business just click add a photo, go to youtube and search for how to claim a business on google to know exactly how to do the process the look for this video to know how some people who tried this one charge business like fees as you can see in the video the fees are not that expensive so many business can afford to claim their business on google you see that in claiming the business you will spend $20 only which is a great price to offer to owners of business all this services you can offer to business owners though you just let somebody on Fiverr to do the job for you just go to, to search people who can help you with this one type in google my business optimization a lot of results come out for example this one this offers optimization of google business listings starting with $20 to go to pro services just slide the button pro services and it will show people who offers professional services I am also going to show you how to scrape business in the area by using the tool Google Maps Scraper from Turbo Marketer this tool is good and reliable when it comes to scraping businesses using google maps, an innovative and creative way to get first hand leads for business.

First of go back to google maps and type in again warehouse in Nampa, Idaho after seeing the results click below for the next page of the results until you see the last page of it click and open the tool showing the total leads of 140 warehouse in nampa which is quite a lot for a small metropolitan city these are all the warehouse located in nampa which is seen in google click export CSV so the leads will be exported to a file and downloaded to your browser close the tool and go to your google drive we will save it in google drive so you can access it even when you are not in front of your desktop drag the downloaded file in the space and wait for it to be uploaded in the drive after open the file, the data you scraped is shown in a spreadsheet so it is convenient for you to find warehouse business since it is already organized in the way you can interpret the data easily you see that there are a lot of information in the spreadsheet that are useful for finding business that are not claimed there is also a column in which you will know if the business is claimed some of the information available are the link for the social media platform for each business website's email, address, phone number and the location of the business this tool will give you the advantage in making money online by using google map and google my business.

What are you waiting for try this one to easily earn money online. I hope this video helps you and make things clearer for you in earning money online Thank you for watching and have a great day ahead.

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How To Make Money With Google Maps | How To Make Money Online 2021

How To Make Money With Google Maps | How To Make Money Online 2021

An impeccable tool that is great for finding leads for businesses and a lot more.

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Our Google Map Scraper is a great tool for lead generation. Businesses can use the tool to collect sales leads from individuals, including names, emails, phone numbers, address, city, state, zip code, and so forth. In addition, the Google Map Scraper tool offers you a quick way to extra valuable leads and customer information from local businesses like Gyms in Florida, Restaurants in New York, Tourist attractions in Texas, and many more.

βœ”FAST and CONVENIENT searching process - this tool is very easy to use, can be utilized expeditiously
βœ”Provides RELIABLE data including contact details - also includes social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube
βœ”TIME SAVING tool - all results extracted are sorted out and added automatically in a spreadsheet (Excel file)

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