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Ready..? Here we go!! :} Hello Everyone and welcome to the channel! It is 
TheMissLadyLayna and we finally created a video a   lot of you've been asking for. How we make our 
money in RoVille.

We hope this will help a lot   of you who need it, so you can buy or create your 
dream home and live your best life in rRoVille.   So, go ahead and like and share this video to 
help others as well as letting us know you want   more videos like these and of course subscribe if 
you don't want to miss out on any of our videos.   Today we're gonna give you seven tips on how we 
made our money quickly in RoVille and stick around   till the end to hear a bonus tip we are excited 
to give! Of course, Number One is the marketplace.   Selling homes is a huge way to make 
money. A quick way to make money. All who are on the leaderboard are selling homes   and that's probably the only way you're 
going to make it on the leaderboard,   is selling homes on the marketplace.

think this is a great feature that RoVille   has and you should definitely use it to your 
advantage! See, like right here. I made a house. ..and.. Oh wow! 70 sales! I didn't expect it to 
have that much, but it's a cheap house and it did   help me. I forget how much I put on as additional 
profit, but it has helped a lot in the beginning.   ..and the best way to get your homes noticed 
on the market is to either go to Team Crystal's   Discord Server or Our Discord Server (they'll 
both be linked in the description box below)   and just let everyone know about it. Another 
way to start selling homes on the market is   to get inspiration from others. We've toured 
so many homes that you can get inspired from.   You can also use google as well and check out real 
floor plans. If you would like to see more tours   go ahead and click the "i" notification at the top 
right! Number Two. Of course is the Daily Bonuses!   Every day that you play, you get a bonus and it 
gets higher and higher each day.

The highest I've   gotten was five thousand, but I'm curious, let us 
know in the comments if you had anything higher   than that. Number Three. Investments. 
Go to the bank and start an investment   and it can be the lowest investment, so you can 
start gaining money quickly and as soon as you get   more and more money, I think the best investment 
is the one day investment where they can give you   20 percent interest. If you have more time then 
go ahead and reach it on up to the five day! Number Four. Of course, you have to work! You have 
to grind sometimes and this is the place where I   grind a lot! It's super fast, it's super simple, 
but if it's not for you there's plenty of other   jobs that you can choose and some make a lot 
more than this one, but what you want to do   is work all the way up to a 25 percent bonus 
and then sit idle for 19 minutes or less,   that way your bonus can rack up even though you're 
not working or you can even go back home and work   on your house or tour the city or even role play! 
You can do anything, just make sure that it's   always at 25 percent with the bonus and then 
as soon as it goes back to five percent you go   back to work and bring it right back up to 25.

like right here. I was just sleeping making money.   Just make sure that every 20 minutes you 
go back so your device doesn't go idle. Number Five. The Treasure Hunt! I'm not sure if 
this is gonna be around after the big update,   but now that you have a little time with the 
previous map you should grab that ten thousand   dollar reward before it's gone and who knows maybe 
he'll have more treasure hunts in the new map! Number Six. Build A Business! i highly suggest that you put all of your 
items close together or right next to spawns   so the bots don't have a far ways to walk and 
that will take up more time than it needs to be   so keep all of your items very close 

Your cashiers close together.   It can be as simple as logging in for a 
couple of minutes and working on your business   or even something like what I do. I'll 
edit a video while working in RoVille,   but not really doing anything and I really suggest 
if you can, don't build anything on your plot   until you have enough money. Just get 
your essentials like a shower, a car,   a stove, a countertop, coffee machine and 
of course the bed. :} This will keep you   from spending a lot of money on bills. ..and this 
way, if someone just sees you sleeping on a bed,   they'll think you're AFK which honestly you 
are, most likely, I know I am all the time!   ..and it can rack up so high! Like, look 
at here! Almost Six Million Dollars!!   This one I don't really include as a tip, 
but it does help make a little bit of money,   which is planting! Farming! We really hope 
that one day an update will have it to where   you can have a farm, so then you don't have to 
have a business.

You can actually just create   a farm and make money. I think that would be 
great, but until then this still is helpful.   ..and here is the bonus! Helping Others! Contact 
your family or friends and help each other! It is definitely one of the ways that I got rich 
a bit quicker, because we've met an acquaintance   and all they did was say, "Hey! You need to 
restock! ..but I was working so much! So he   just restocked it for me and that helped 
out so much! ..and here's the Bonus Tip!   Make sure that you are aware of whenever we 
upload, because we want to put out a stream where   we're just helping a lot of our viewers, giving 
out donations and filling up business items!   I think that would be great! So those are our 
Seven Tips plus the Bonus! Definitely go ahead   and give this a thumbs up and share if it's helped 
you at all! Leave a comment if you know any other   ways to make money in RoVille quickly and of 
course subscribe and hit that bell notification,   if you would like to continue on this journey 
in RoVille with us! but until next time..

byyeee <3.

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How To Make Money Quickly In RoVille!! ūüíį || RoVille Tips

Roblox || Need more money in RoVille?! Here are 7 tips and a bonus tip on how to make money Quickly in RoVille!

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