How to Make Money PLAYING Video GAMES?! – Top NFT Games in 2021

are you wondering what the top nft games 
are and which ones you should look out for   well if you have you've come to the right place 
my name is trev and on today's episode of coin   market cap we are talking play to earn so to 
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as leaving a like on this video so anyways guys   let's just get right into the video ever since 
the introduction of non-fungible tokens or nfts   they have shown time and again that they have 
the potential of changing the gaming world   the emergence of nfts promises a new and exciting 
order where players take up an even more critical   role in the gaming economy and receive benefiting 
rewards in the process today this gaming paradigm   has begun to take shape as game developers are 
increasingly adopting blockchain technology to   give their games an even more immersive experience 
so in this guide we will give you a rundown of   some of the top nft games available today however 
before diving into our list of the best nft games   let us first discuss the rudimentary of an 
nft based game so you might be asking yourself   what is a play to earn nft game well an nft 
game combines conventional gaming designs   with unconventional game mechanisms to let users 
have more control over in-game assets like skins   characters weapons in virtual lands and also much 
more this is made possible by launching games on   blockchains and anchoring them with digital asset 
powered economies and these digital assets are   often nfts so that they are distinguishable and 
tamper-proof the adoption of nft token standards   also allows developers to preserve the rarity and 
uniqueness of some of these in-game items this is   why some blockchain game assets are considered 
more expensive than others so with this system   in place the players can claim ownership of game 
assets through three main strategies they could   create or breed new characters purchase digital 
items on native or third-party marketplaces   or unlock and earn new items whichever 
way you choose to access these game assets   you have exclusive ownership rights over them in 
essence you can distribute or sell them and pocket   all of the money made from such trades and this 
is why this gaming model is called play to earn   so what are the top nft games well like all 
emerging and establishing sectors certain   platforms have positioned themselves as the main 
highlight of the nft gaming world these games are   often at the forefront of the current nft craze 
because they have successfully integrated nfts   with popular game themes as such players get 
to play some of their favorite game genres and   at the same time get to engage in a profitable nft 
market so without further ado here are some of the   top games in this category so the first one is axe 
infinity and axe infinity borrows heavily from the   pokemon game series and adds its own blockchain 
twist to give the finished product an even more   exciting feel in this ethereum based game players 
get to breed and collect nft based digital pets   called axes for the core purpose of battling other 
players each individual axes has its own genetic   imprint and therefore the weaknesses and strengths 
of axes are passed down to their offspring   as expected these digital pets are tradable on 
ethereum nft marketplaces and the price of each   depends on their rareness in unique traits and to 
start playing the game you have to purchase three   axes for each quest or player versus player battle 
and adventure mode you scale you receive smooth   love potion the platform's native erc20 utility 
token as a reward for every attempt to breed a new   axi you must pay a specific amount of smooth love 
potion which you can also purchase at exchanges   another erc 20 token native to axionfinity is axis 
infinity shard which functions as the platform's   governance token it will also anchor the game 
staking service scheduled to go live at some point   in 2021 and of course with all of our games that 
are going to be mentioned on our list you can find   more information about them in the description 
down below so the next up is gods unchained and   god's unchanged is a free-to-play game designed 
to infuse elements of nfts into a familiar car   trading gaming genre players accumulate cards by 
purchasing them from other players or winning pvp   match-ups where the quality of the cards and 
gaming skill of the players often determines   the winner notably more emphasis is being placed 
on skills and strategy this is because the game   utilizes a ranked game mode where players with the 
same ratings are matched you win matches when your   gameplay causes your opponent's life to drop to 
zero before yours and for every win you receive   experience points and as soon as the experience 
bar is filled up you will move to the next rating   level you win matches when your gameplay causes 
your opponent's life to drop to zero before yours   and for every win you receive experience points as 
soon as the experience bar is filled up you will   move to the next rating or level and you receive 
a new pack of cards to add to your collection and   it's worth noting that each card is backed by 
an erc 721 token and therefore you can trade   them on the platform's native marketplace or the 
open market those opting to sell cards within the   game's ecosystem will receive the platform's 
native token gods as payment so the next up is   splinter lens and splinter lens is a tradable 
card game that lets users earn as they play   you earn rewards when you win card matchups and 
to start playing splinter lens you first have   to buy a starter pack of cards register a steam 
account and unveil the purchase cards on splinter   lens and in some cases you may be lucky enough to 
find rare cards among your first set of purchase   cards also you could find multiples of the 
same card and if this is the case you can   combine identical cards to boost their power or 
sell one of them in return for cryptocurrencies   once you familiarize yourself with the cards 
you can proceed to battle other players or   participate in quests and the outcome of these 
activities would determine if you will earn more   cards or not and next up is the sandbox 3d the 
sandbox 3d is a voxel-based gaming metaverse   and one of the most active nft gaming platforms 
where players can build and trade virtual assets   in this game players can manipulate and monetize 
voxel assets think of it as a blockchain iteration   of the popular gaming titles like minecraft and 
roblox the platforms offer the tools to create   and animate objects and subsequently sell them 
on marketplaces additionally users can create and   play custom games on the platform sandbox 3d has 
introduced sand in erc20 token as the native token   on the metaverse with this players can purchase 
in-game items on the platform's marketplace and   there's also land which are nft tokens and by far 
some of the most valuable and sought after assets   in the sandbox game a record of 8.5 million 
dollars in land sales was concluded in just   april alone and the next one is alien worlds 
and alien worlds is an nft defy metaverse that   simulates economic competition and collaboration 
between players in a bid to explore other planets   this is achieved by incentivizing players to 
compete for trillium or tlm which is required   to control competing decentralized autonomous 
organizations or planet daos and to gain access   to additional gameplay in the alien worlds 
metaverse players can acquire nfts to mine tlm   engage in battles and complete an in-game quest 
depending on their strategy players may purchase   and assemble nfts that best suit their gameplay 
additionally players may engage in governance by   electing the counselors of six planet dows and 
thereby influence the direction of the game and   the next one is battle racers as the name implies 
battle racers is inspired by popular titles like   super mario kart and f-zero the whole idea is 
to combine different weapons and parts in order   to create the most powerful cars and players get 
to mix different parts and weapons that will give   them some sort of advantage on the arcade sized 
tracks and you can register your winning or prized   cars on the blockchain as nfts and subsequently 
sell them for crypto on openc each player looks   to create the ultimate car by favoring different 
skills and stats you could choose handling over   speed or defense over firepower all in the hopes 
of emerging victorious this game is currently   playable on decentraland which in itself is a 
blockchain based virtual world so next up let's   talk about three up-and-coming nft based games 
so the first one is guild of guardians and guild   of guardians is a fantasy-themed role-playing 
game where the familiar model of building a team   of heroes completing quests and dungeons and 
earning resources is played out as with other   games collecting resources allows in-game items 
to be crafted which could be turned for profit   however guild of guardians as the name suggests 
focuses heavily on building communities or guilds   in this case guardians team up to compete against 
in-game challenges and in return they get to earn   gem the native currency on the game furthermore 
the game developers want the game to be a play   to earn but not at the expense of other players 
there is no pvp gameplay in guild of guardians   hence users do not need to spend money to beat 
other players the game is currently in development   and the founder nfts are currently on sale and a 
soft launch is scheduled for q2 of 2022 and with   many large backers behind them this is going to be 
an interesting one to watch and next one is gold   fever gold fever is a jungle themed role-playing 
game where players get to choose a character   and try to outplay other players for a chance of 
mining gold in the form of the game's native token   ngl players also go about collecting limited 
nft based items like clothes weapons or other   supplies similar to the workings of most nft games 
gold fever tries to enable blockchain initiated   scarcity for its in-game assets you can pick any 
of the main characters of the game to play and   play your part in the formation of its fiercely 
contested gold economy and it's also worth   noting that in-app game items are tradable on 
marketplaces therefore you can earn by earning ngl   and exchanging it for fiat or cryptocurrencies 
on exchanges or trading collectibles on nfd   marketplaces so the next one is neon district 
and neon district is a role-playing game or   rpg that allows users to collect characters 
gears and crafts and like all of the games that   i talked about in this guide the in-game items 
and characters featured on neon district are nfts   and as such the in-game items found on neon 
district are essentially digital collectibles and   you have the right to monetize your participation 
by selling earned or purchased in-game assets to   other players so the goal is to build a team 
and compete against other players in missions   or real-time combats one multiplayer competitive 
game mode is called neon pizza in particular   it pitches players against each other for the 
chance of earning the platform's native token   neon gears parts and so on all you need to do 
is send your characters on pizza delivery runs   and feed hungry citizens and you can also take 
up a more villainous strategy by ambushing the   pizza delivery team of other players and stealing 
their earnings the earnings which are denominated   in neon can be used to purchase characters 
weapons parts armors juice and other in-game   items required to upgrade characters so from our 
list today you will notice that nft games adopt   popular gaming genres albeit in combination with 
blockchain elements which are particularly ideal   for establishing rarity and uniqueness as such 
nft games are not all that difficult to play they   are also enjoyable and highly rewarding as in this 
case with axi infinities where some of the players   are able to earn a decent income and another 
popular implementation with nfts is in sports   nfts go beyond sports memorabilia to exchange 
with millions of fans worldwide giving them a   say in their favorite sports teams so after 
watching this video what play to earn game   are you interested in let us know in the comment 
section down below and also if you have any more   questions just ask alex in the description below 
anyways guys i'll see you all in the next one you

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How to Make Money PLAYING Video GAMES?! - Top NFT Games in 2021

Today on CoinMarketCap, we are talking Play to Earn!

Ever since the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), they have shown time and again that they have the potential of changing the gaming world. The emergence of NFTs promises a new and exciting order where players take up even more critical roles in the gaming economy and receive financial rewards in the process.

This gaming paradigm has begun to take shape as game developers are increasingly adopting blockchain technology to give their games an even more immersive experience. In this guide, we will give you a rundown of some of the top NFT games available today.

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5:27 - The Sandbox 3D
6:17 - Alien Worlds
6:57 - Battle Racers
7:37 - Upcoming NFT Games
7:40 - Guild of Guardians
8:31 - Gold Fever
9:15 - Neon District

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