How To Make Money Online With [EPL] Affiliate Marketing (20$/DAY)

in this video how to reach 20 per day working 
online from home let's start by showing you my   dashboards my earnings to give you some motivation 
and to remind you that everything i publish here   on my channel is based on real experience on real 
case studies so we can see this is my cj dashboard   last month i made 1 300 this month till today i 
made around 400 there's my impact account this is   my sale account but forget about my earnings 
and in this video you are going to focus   on reaching 10 to 20 dollars per day forget 
about thousands now forget about everything   just focus on the first target which 
is 10 to 20 dollars per day if you are   here for the first time on my channel here i 
share with you videos about digital marketing   online business a much much more real case studies 
and really experience that will help you grow   online and build an online business i'm not here 
to scam you and tell you you make 1 million dollar   next month no we are going to put real goals and 
we are going to achieve real goals if you want   scammy videos please go now and watch other videos 
and don't waste your time here with real value   and real case studies if you are ready let's 
start so step one is to understand the concept   what we are going to do today simply one 
of the best ways to make money online   is affiliate marketing simply it is promoting a 
product for someone else and earning a commission   but affiliate marketing has three main 
models number one is e p s or earn per sale   example you promote a product this microphone when 
someone buys it you earn a commission super easy   the second model epl you earn per sign up earn 
per lead so you promote a service a product and   whenever someone takes an action which is signing 
up you earn money awesome the third model which is   the easiest one is e pc which is earning per click 
so you promote a service when someone just clicks   you earn money example google adsense and info 
links and similar services today in this video   our case study our work is based on the second 
model which is e p l or what we call cpa marketing   cost per action whenever someone takes an action 
you earn money you don't need to sell anything and   this is what's awesome about this model okay so 
step two is to pick the products that you wanna   promote that pays you per sign up if you remember 
a couple of days ago maybe two weeks i shared with   you a video where i showed you multiple affiliate 
programs that pair that paper sign up you can see   the video here somewhere on the screen anyway 
in this video we'll focus on two main programs   you can see here affiliate programs 
pays you 0.2 dollars per free registration and a   similar service called ginger pays you 0.5 dollars 
per free registration also the second service is   sam rush which pays you 10 dollars for every new 
trial activation it's a free trial activation   so we want to focus on semrush and one of these 
programs in my case in my case study i used   grammarly i didn't test ginger yet so what you 
are going to do to sign up to grammarly affiliate   program semrush or ginger it's up to you or you 
can simply go to share a sale affiliate network   go here to merchants search for merchants please 
focus very well it's an excellent appeal and   then go here to modify search and then you can 
click on per lead cpa and simply go and search   and share a sale now will filter all the affiliate 
programs that pays you per lead you can see   a lot a lot of services you can pick from so in 
step 2 you are going to pick the product and then   you are going to get the affiliate link how in my 
case i joined grammarly on cg affiliate network   so i go into cj go here to advertisers forget 
about my earnings just focus on 20 dollars per day   please forget about my earnings i am in the online 
world for more than six years so just focus now on   20 dollars per day and not on the numbers you see 
on my screen because this requires some more time   anyway so here i will go with grammarly then 
search here is grammarly click on get links   and then you will find a lot of links here don't 
copy this one be careful go here to this code here   any of these links and copy this link here you can 
see it this link copy open notepad and this is our   affiliate link you can see this our affiliate 
link that the affiliate network can track your   conversions with so we got the affiliate link 
if you are working with impact simply here go   to brands then go to find brands now in my case 
semrush is here in my brand's inside impact   so again click on simrosh here and then create 
link create and you can see this is my affiliate   link you can copy it and start promoting again 
and should i say also if you go here to links   get a link and i will select semrush get links 
and you can see this is my main affiliate link for   semrush you can copy it and start promoting and 
promoting is the main part here so please focus   very well this is our core work getting the links 
is the easiest part we have the links now we need   to get traffic to this links to get conversions 
and sign ups and to reach 20 dollars per day so   stay tuned now let's go and see what i did and 
how i promote semrush and grammarly mainly and i   believe the best way is through content through 
content in my case you can see on my website   on my blog i have this article how to get traffic 
with semrush i have this article the ultimate   grammarly review for digital marketers i have 
this article the nine best keyword research tools   for your seo all these articles are content that 
are giving value to people and if you see here   all these green links are affiliate links 
to semrush you can see some raj semrush so   whenever someone clicks on this link and sign 
up i earn money if he buys i earn 200 dollars   the same for the ultimate gravity review article 
grammarly grammarly grammarly you can see a lot of   affiliate links inside this article the same here 
for this list article you can see here down some   rush is promoted inside this article and so on 
so the best way is to create an article to give   value i know a lot of you don't have the 
skills to write a full optimized article   to help you you can use something similar to my 
articles don't copy and paste because you will   fail on the long term you need to write an article 
you can use my content repurpose it rewrite it   to start with and then publish on a website now 
you may tell me i don't have a website it's super   easy you can create one for free on blogger i 
explained this in detail do you remember last week   we created this website this awesome website in 
15 minutes with the blogger totally for free so   you can do the same if you want if you want to 
be successful you need some patience you need   discipline and consistency as we said at the 
beginning of this video we want real work here   and not scam and wasting time so this is 
the first method use a blogger for free   or you can simply wordpress if you have a 
budget or use this awesome service system.i   oh it allows you to create a free blog totally 
free blog or free landing page go here to funnels   and create and use sales funnel for free or 
simply go here to blogs and create a blog for free   write the article and you are ready to promote 
the products how we are going to promote   simply we have two methods number one is paid 
advertising you can go with google ads as i do   always you can see it is my running campaign now 
you can go with microsoft advertising you can go   with code ads pinterest ads twitter ads reddit 
ads linkedin ads any type of paid advertising   can go with if you have a budget but i prefer as 
a beginner to start with free traffic yes requires   some more time and work but it's better on the 
long term how you can go with free traffic methods   like number one seo seo is the best way the 
best way to establish a passive income stream   with affiliate marketing as i do if you go to 
my channel and search for seo you will find this   awesome video how to get free traffic from google 
in 18 minutes i explained in detail how seo works   and how you can get traffic from google if you 
go here to google search console and take a look   on my analytics i know it may take some time but 
really it's a successful business on the long term   go here to go here to performance 
you will see i got the last three months   53 000 clicks free traffic from google free 
traffic so think big think on the long term   and don't be in a rush yes it may take two three 
four weeks to be successful to reach 20 dollars   but you have to work you have to be consistent you 
need some patience and you need discipline number   one is seo number two free traffic is again koda 
tri-core i always talk about quora it's really   very important go here to quora you can see here 
even i'm not active too much these days on quora   but i still get a lot of traffic from quora 
let's go to my account you will see now   i have around 8 000 views every single month and 
i'm not active on quora these days i have like   three thousand followers i get traffic from korra 
try it answer questions and get traffic to your   content other method is pinterest other method 
is forums i explained all this in my full free   traffic course please go and watch it learn how 
to get free traffic and start implementing two   three hours work every day can reach you 
twenty dollars per day after a maximum of   two three months believe me you can do it and if 
you like to learn more about my secret affiliate   strategies how i do affiliate marketing in detail 
you can check out my video here see you later

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How To Make Money Online With [EPL] Affiliate Marketing (20$/DAY)

Today, I will show you how to make money online with affiliate marketing but not by selling products, but through EPL (EARN PER LEAD MODEL) which is one of the easiest methods to make money online today.

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