How To Make Money Online With Amazon in 2021 (For Beginners – 0 Experience – 0 Capital – $200 A Day)

In this video I will show you three ways to make money online with amazon for free This is for beginners for people who have absolutely no experience and no capital I'm about to show that you are not an FBA guys but even better that you don't need the capital you are .
You don't need to store items You don't need to deal with customers You don't need to handle returns You don't need to do any of this Arranged a dream come true This is the kind of business you do .
They want to get into the right direction and most importantly these methods still work in 2021 and anyone can do it no matter what kind of experience level you got if you are a beginner wanting to get capital for example .
A hundred dollars a day with me covered if you want to make some serious money more than 10k a month I'll show you different ways too guys need is a computer and drive ambition and motivation to open the doors of money so sit back focus with me and relax throughout the video, Don't skip any parts to get full value but just a quick one I will be grateful if you can give this excellent algorithm video Subscribe the channel for more videos like this it often hit the notification bell so you guys can get the videos as soon as they are uploaded and so don't miss out any valuable info now this is the first method i'm going to show you guys it's not going to make you rich by any means but it's for people who just want to get into you get to know e-commerce business online and you want to make some money some kind of capital to get they are going to let you Get out of the rut if you are stuck if you don't have cash if you broke if you want to make some quick money because they also pay you daily if you are in debt and want to do some flexible work to pay off that debt .
This money will surely be great for you without more let's get into the thrill of that first way guys is amazon mturk is a site from amazon where you can earn money by completing tasks and surveys the main thing you have to do is to do the following number of strikes possible especially in the beginning qualified To get high salaries until you register all you have to do is go to type google mturk and come here and click on mtrc factor it takes you to this site click on start with amazon mechanical combination and then click on request a worker account they will ask you for your name and surname address wait for them to come back to you about way of calling so it takes about three days to answer you guys it is very simple as you can see you have all these tasks or surveys so you have big companies posting jobs small jobs you know menial jobs they want others to do for them without having to hire someone to do it from them you get On startups that companies that do such things get and what do you want to do in the beginning you want to liquidate the jobs you can do I am qualified to work in and the bonus amounts are higher Yes first then Ed Pay at least 10 cents and then come forward and all these come .
For you guys, you have three bucks, some of them take five minutes and some of them take five minutes .
Some take ten minutes .
You take half an hour you know it depends on the reward and it depends on the level of complexity and different factors but like you can see some of the tasks reward you fifty forty dollars so yes that was the first method very easy and very simple and great because you can work from home if you have a business and want to get On the side hustle This is something you could do on the side but it won't make you rich The next way guys is .
Upload designs on kind heartle Direct Publishing With this method you don't have to spend days creating your own book you can actually create what we call no content books or low content books the trick is to pick a niche that works well and creates a downloadable design book with low or no content and when Sells Amazon will already pay royalties as simple as uploading designs and creating the book in the size you want and for whatever purpose you want guys this is amazing you can make journal notebooks sketchbooks music and puzzle books coloring books and books .
Which is very popular right now especially with kids you know you have unicorn books coloring books all of these things .
You get the gist of it I'm going to share with you some tools that will help you with this work in a few moments so don't worry now to get a kdp account all you have to do is go to google type kindle for direct post you come to this page here then click on the link The first here if you have an Amazon account it is easier if you do not have to create one from scratch All you have to do is follow the steps in order to create an account and you will have the account ready to start right away So if you write for example Unicorn Journal Notebook for Girls you get notebooks like this I mean look at the amount of guys reviews at 695 you'll get about two dollars and that's good isn't it a good margin remember you don't remember dealing with anything else no inventory no customer service no return this is brilliant and look at this design right here im7 And magical anyone can do that when you click on it you'll be able to see the design and you can actually look inside to see what that looks like basically what I 'm talking about guys .
is that you can create all these right things you can create the inside of the book and you see it's a diary a unicorn notebook basically make it as you want it right very easy guys anyone can do it I'm going to show you the ways how to create the cover and inside of the book Also to get started it is obvious that you need to choose a niche and find those areas that are in high demand at the moment and that's not that much competition and what you need to do is that you have two ways that you can go the highway search on Amazon or You can get a tool like Bookbox download offline there are very few bookable books here go to cloud then I check ports it performs really well I filter it by lowest bsr let's say 0 to 100k then check all books that are .
very well and when i see something that takes something fancy i know maybe i can go into amazon on amazon and see the price the competition there is that simple guys and once you get the prestige you get the title you have the design you got you want to work on and then you start designing you can either do it yourself You can do it with a book ball designer and that's something that they have here too See a library designer You can get the cover with Bookball Designer very easy or you can do the interior design In addition to that, it's very simple anyone I use canva also Lotte which is very amazing for quick designs like So otherwise I use my master designs illustrator very well it's all online so you can save all your designs online and you'll get a lot of fonts here and they're free included in your Canvas subscription and you have many graphic elements that you can use too and if You want to get ready-made designs guys you can get them from vexels as you can see you got many ready-made designs here you can download and upload because you got the license can Download them wherever you want and there is no problem with that they not only do designs for books but they print them on demand to do the graphic elements they do for them to design the logo many things in the moment they offer you 25 I have a partnership with them so I am giving you 35 discount if you You want to check it out I'll leave you the link in the description the same thing with the book balls and I'm going to leave a link in the description .
So you can get 20 off and with canva you can sign up for free and make designs for for free I'm going to leave you a link down below as well guys I've got a flyer download for pinpointing ports that are high in demand at the moment Same thing with Bookbox It's just a different system and find you .
Ports are different too so you can do the same you filter by bsr which is the best selling rank so I usually do 1 to 100k or to 200k depending on what I'm looking for and then you find all those ports you can look further and see if You could get in it again.

Look at two things. What is competition low or high and is there demand for this area or not It's a simple economic equation versus demand Now the third way guys it's built by Amazon How would you like to own your own clothing company with thousands of products Print On Demand No Capital Needs No Stocking No Items No Need To Deal With Customers You Don't Need To Deal With Returning is a dream come true and anyone can do it whether you know how to design or there is not always a way to get Get paid with merchandise from amazon either learn how to design or you can hire someone from work or five to design for you guys so sign up guys go to this link here and type in rom by amazon and google click on this link then go to register then click on register here to get started The application takes the request Usually about 14 days back from it It could be more It could be less Depends on the amount of work they have and their backlog I've been doing for three years and I've earned over 100,000 each year, so we've sold over a million in sales and made Over $300,000 in royalties in three years Great guys and trust me If you have patience Motivation Motivation Will you can do it anyone can do it Grandma can do it if she can do it you can do it if I can do it you can done that's how you guys should think we've been doing a great job this year so far interlacing fingers maybe $200,000 I don't know maybe it's in the business we're working on we still have another seven months plus that in q4 when the action starts So yeah, everything to take guys 200k with merch from amazon is definitely the goal this year so how does it work so simple upload a design on any of these here you have the shirts the standard shirts you got excellent t-shirts you have a v neck you have Sleeveless Tops Long Sweatshirts raglans Hoodies Zipper
iPhone Case Carrying Bag Jacks Throw Pillows And You Have Many Markets Not Only The US But You Have Germany UK France Italy Spain And Japan So You Basically You Can Load One Design For All These Products And Across All Markets They Usually Start With Level 10 And When Prove you can sell when you sell 10 designs and you fill all your slots and they upgrade you to 25 then the same to 100 then 500 then a thousand and then go from there currently I'm on t 120k now that you know how your research part works how do you search either on amazon again just like kdp you can search either the express way or the paid way i made many videos on merch from amazon if you are interested in this sample work check out my channel browse all the videos i got info there so looking at the designs that good sales now as well you can have designs like this for for example it's not a dead body it's a dad number i mean this person is selling like crazy this probably makes this person h Wally 300 to 400 dollars in royalties A today guys with one design the lower that number is here you are in a dungeon just got in I have to hide it now basically the kind of designs you can make guys and then you get things like I can't have plans on designing a garage with these Simplicity makes the owner of this design crazy money look at men reviews 1 654 comments this is amazing this design here is very simple you can go there another one I hid it as a well I just logged in a lot via amazon i don't log in and usually say notifications really annoyed me At first I really liked the sound of it but now like ooh ok again so I'm going to turn it off but yeah guys these are the designs that can uh they make on items from amazon and they sell like crazy now you can either use a highway like I showed you on amazon or you can use one of the These services I am using here is called flight search It is one of the newest too and one of the best I use now As you can see all these designs are really good performance and you can categorize by bsr by latest you can filter them with different variables you have as per your market by word Major biceps brands in different ways for men and the trick is to take this design here Check it out on Amazon Check the amount There is competition for this design and check if there is a high demand for that design or in this place How do you check Check through BSR Best Selling Ranking How Amazon ranks different listings and in the search results page you want to search Best Selling on those results If you have a large amount of results that is less than 300 kbsr that's pretty good niche to get deeper than that but obviously that For another thread or you can check my channel Check out my other videos I explain this in more detail and to get these merchandise designs made by amazon you can either use the canva that I discussed before You can use the unofficial designer merchandise which is part of the Merch Detective Collection Or you can use any other design software but for beginners these are the two programs that I recommend and then you have the vexels they have their own designer as well as the vexils are amazing because you have print ready designs and you have graphic elements without having to create them from anywhere for zero as its creation can be a bit tedious from scratch I personally get all my element graphics from vexels and ask my wife to make me the custom graphic elements I use as a private well if they are really complicated and I can't find them anywhere else if you are interested With this business model it's definitely my favorite out of the three obviously I just released a course that has literally everything it takes you from beginner to pro to advanced and you can start making crazy money if you put yourself out there putting it all in practice and really give it work time it will work for anyone i have over ten people a thousand dollars a month guys and they just started ten thousand this is crazy you can do it if i can do it grandma a teenager can do it too right now 50 of There's also free training in there too so make sure you check it out in the description Just a reminder of all the tools discussed today I've got discounts for you guys in the description so be sure to check them out outside the fix sauce 35 unofficial discounts 20 book discounts 20 FLIGHT DISCOUNT DOWNLOAD 20 FREE CAVA DISCOUNTS So yes everything is below in the description I hope you found this video useful Do me a favor and give this video a like Subscribe to .
More videos like this leave me a question in the comments if you have any questions and hit the bell to get me notified when a new video is uploaded so you don't miss anything important info Thanks for watching and I'll see you at .
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How To Make Money Online With Amazon in 2021 (For Beginners - 0 Experience - 0 Capital - $200 A Day)

How To Make Money Online With Amazon in 2021 (For Beginners - 0 Experience - 0 Capital - $200 A Day)
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