How To Make Money Online With 1 Tool & 0$ Investment [Full Guide 2021]

hi everyone if you are a beginner and you want 
a full step-by-step guide on how to make money   online how to build an income stream from home 
working online you are in the exact right place   what i will share with you works in any country 
worldwide and paypal is not required so don't   worry about paypal to get your money today i will 
share with you everything from scratch till you   get your first client on line and if you stick to 
the end i have a special gift for you stay tuned hi everyone i'm hasan from h educate and today i'm 
so happy to publish this new mini course where i   will show you how to start working online step 
by step before we start if you are new here on my   channel you have to know something very important 
number one rule here is honesty here on my channel   if you watch videos you will not make money you 
have to learn understand ask and then implement   and start working and after watching these videos 
my videos you have to work at least one week   two weeks maybe one month to get your first couple 
of clients maybe get it from the first day i don't   know but usually usually it takes at least one 
to two weeks to understand to answer questions to   learn everything and start implementing strategies 
to make your first profit online so if you are   looking for something scammy if you are looking 
for something super fast please pause the video   or just unsubscribe from my channel and search 
somewhere else here i'm sharing with you some   real strategies real case studies something i 
tested and i'm sure it works online and you'll   see this when you watch the video so if this is 
clear let's start together and a small motivation   for you do you see all these messages from 
people worldwide i get almost every single week   from people sharing with me their success stories 
after implementing the strategies i'm sharing here   so i will be waiting also for your emails for 
success stories on i will be   more than happy to hear from you so without 
wasting more time what do we have for today   simply we want to work online from home and 
make some money and build an online business   from your own pc so how to do it in general to 
work online we have mainly five strategies number   one is content creation affiliate marketing 
freelancing sas services and online stores   don't worry about all these terms now what we 
are going to do here in this video is to pick one   which is a freelancing and go step by step to see 
how we can build a successful online business with   the freelancing and about other stuff don't worry 
soon maybe next week i will publish a full video   about how to make money online free course here on 
my channel so if you like to watch it don't forget   subscribe to my channel turn on notifications or 
like the video to get every new update anyway we   picked up freelancing so what is freelancing it's 
simply selling your services it's simply selling a   service like writing articles like creating logos 
like data entry like graphic design any skill you   have even if you don't have that big skills you 
will still work online just stick with me you   will see everything i will teach you everything 
don't worry so freelancing is selling services   line very simple and why i chose freelancing 
simply because it is one i believe it's one of   the easiest ways to start working online you don't 
need any single dollar you can start with zero   dollars zero investment and anyone can do it even 
if you don't know that big skills you will see you   can still work online as i explained in this video 
very nice so we picked up freelancing let's see   what service we will sell for whom we will sell 
and how to promote them and everything else   now to make things easier for you in this video i 
will pick only one powerful tool that allows you   to provide multiple services or what we call 
gigs online also i will pick one marketing   strategy to get your first client so we can focus 
on one tool one promotional strategy which means   you will be successful and believe me if you 
follow up you can do it in less than two weeks   in my experience you can get multiple clients 
in maximum of two weeks or maybe 20 days so stay   tuned and follow up if you want to take breaks 
pause the video take breaks and then come back and   follow up and don't forget to take notes and if 
you have any questions you can submit to the forum or simply join our telegram group 
and channel so we can chat together if you have   any question after you publish this video so 
in this way i can give the maximum help i can   so let's start with this one powerful tool with 
the service you are going to provide let's learn   them and see in details how things work so what is 
this one tool to provide services go with me now   to what is in video it's simply 
a service a tool allows you to create videos   professional videos in minutes it's easy and free 
and this is the best thing i love about this tool   it's simple and easy anyone can use it and you can 
start totally for free with thousands of templates   as you will see together now in this video so it's 
the best choice for beginners zero investment zero   dollars and simple to use very nice and you can 
see here what companies are using in video and   if you go here to similar web extension you will 
see that invideo has more than 1.9 million visits   every single month which make it somehow a trusted 
service very nice so the one tool is in video   okay the question what we are going to do 
to explain this let's share my experience   so i will go to my website 
to show you what service i provide with the help   of this tool so now i am giving you one of my 
secrets you see here is my services and here i   start providing these new services creating video 
ads instagram posts packages and youtube intros   and outros packages so maybe as a beginner now you 
will tell me okay hassan what is this what you are   providing here what you are selling let's see we 
will start one by one explain one by one and teach   you how to implement this on in video one by one 
to explore the benefits of invideo and how it helps   then we will go to the second part which is 
very important promoting and getting clients   so if we go back here we will see this service 
youtube intros and outros so what's this let's   explain it by a video here on my channel i will 
go to youtube youtube let's open my channel videos   let's open my latest video a case study on 
how i made five hundred dollars in three days   i will go to the intro let's play the video this 
is my daughter sarah by the way watch the video look at this you see this it is called the video intro which 
you add to every video if you are a youtuber   so you will be the one to provide this intro 
to youtubers or anyone working online who wants   intros to his video or her videos so 
invideo will help you to create these intros   easily and then you can sell them example 
i will go here and say intro like this   we have 214 templates let's pick one to show you 
how easy it is really how easy it is let's see   i will pick this one here here you can watch this 
template you can see so this is the intro with the   logo whatever okay very nice i picked this one 
to sell to my client here you can pick the size   created for wide screens hd videos for youtube as 
an example or maybe square videos for instagram   or vertical videos for stories or pinterest or 
whatever or tick tock anyway click on use this   template you will see how easy it is now to create 
such videos such intro videos to sell online it   will be really super simple just wait a little bit 
and here is the video editor you can simply play   the video in the online editor you see what we 
need to edit here is simply two things the logo   and this text here look how easy it is i will 
double click on this text and simply say www.a i changed the website now i need to upload the 
logo you can see just click here and upload a logo   let's say this is my logo anything this is the 
logo as an example just to show you how things   work of course pick something that is similar to 
the colors and so on anyway just say play and now   we have this intro video you can see and here 
we are this is our intro video ready to publish   how to render this how to download it to select 
your client simply go here to download and share   you set the resolution here it's full hd export 
now just wait for the export to finish it will now   render just wait for the rendering it will take 
few minutes then you can download the video   i will pause this now and come back when 
this finishes stay tuned if you want drink   some water and come back okay so you can 
see it's ready now let's click on download   and here is the video open it and here we are 
this is our entry video we can sell it for   anyone for any client you want as you will see 
in this video in a couple of minutes so this is   our first service selling intro videos for youtube 
or any kind of videos online let's go back to the   main screen and see how we can create outer videos 
again simply say outros or simply say end screen   in youtube called end screen i will show you now 
what do i mean by end screens say end screen let's   go back to my youtube video here and go to the end 
of the video so i will play this video at the end   and you can see we have this end screen where 
i share my subscribe button and my next video   so this template is called an end screen for 
youtubers also you can create them within video   and sell them let's see how again to end with you 
you will see also we have a lot of templates for   end screens let's pick one let's say maybe this 
one for recipes i click on this one you'll see   this is the end screen of a youtube video related 
to cooking as an example you'll see it's nice and   clean click again use this template and again 
we see the editor here you can play the video   with the music really nice and if you noticed here 
we have a story block audio what is story block if   we open story sorry storyblocks you will see it's 
a website where it provides reality free stock   audios videos templates images and so on so when 
you use in video when you subscribe to invideo you   you will have the option to use these libraries 
like storyblocks like i stock shutter stock   and so on so this is also an awesome feature 
that saves you a lot of money as a freelancer   if you use in video you can get all these stock 
images from all these different websites images   videos and music and use them inside in video 
anyway again so you can edit this if you want   the stacks and simply upload a logo again 
if you want also and download and share   it and then sell it to your clients very 
nice so there's youtube intros and outros   what is the next service let's go back here you 
can provide it's called instagram posts packages   let's open my instagram account so i have an 
instagram account and simply i need content   always to publish on my profile any instagram 
profile owner will need content to publish   you can see all these posts those are the content 
so you as a freelancer can provide a service like   this one to sell instagram posts packages my other 
videos explain this how to sell posts like image   posts today move to the next level and sell video 
posts again let's go back to in video here to the   main screen and what's nice here in video as i 
mentioned we have more than 4 000 templates to use   really awesome let's say you want to create 
a post about marketing anything let's say   marketing here and you can go here and select 
one to one square as an instagram post and you   will see here a lot of posts like this one email 
marketing tips three reasons to start your email   marketing campaign let's open this let's play it 
you can see this template reach your customers   inbox number one two tracking up and click rates 
and email marketing and customize content whatever   so this is a video ready to sell to your client 
it's ready just use the template make some   editings if you want and download and sell really 
in a few minutes you can create posts like this   using in video using built-in templates we have 
a lot of templates to use just the text and you   can sell to your clients really awesome so this 
is the second service which is selling instagram   post packages the third service is video ads now 
here we have maybe something more advanced what do   you mean by a video ad to understand this let's 
open youtube and let's open any video let's say   this video if you open it you will see now we have 
this ad it's a video ad that you can skip here   you know inside youtube so these are called 
video ads people who want to promote something   need to create a video ad to publish on youtube 
to promote their services so you can provide this   service you can create a video you add and sell 
it to your clients who want to promote something   so as an example say here video ads and you 
will see now a lot of templates ready for   you a lot of categories you can 
see 1 300 templates really awesome   let's say you want to promote maybe a course let's 
say a course let's say course you have an online   course you want to provide your client i mean and 
you want to create an ad let's say this one here really nice you can see this designed for 
instagram if you want you can select 16 9 wide and   see what do we have here let's say online cyber 
course add again you can play this ad you can   edit it and simply sell it sorry sell it to your 
clients you can create also video ads to sell now   if you are familiar with google ads and youtube 
ads you can sell a full service like creating the   ad and running the campaign for your clients to 
provide maybe somehow advanced services but now   let's keep things easy for you you can sell video 
ads for your clients create video ads and sell   them so this is the power of in video why i chose 
this again invideo is one tool allows you to create   multiple servers as we saw youtube intros outros 
instagram posts video ads so multiple services   multiple gigs with one tool this is the first 
benefit number two it's super easy as you saw you   pick a template edit export and download super 
easy in minutes you can create these services   number three it's free to start so and this is one 
of the main reasons i chose it it's free anyone   can use it and start training and learning these 
skills to provide as a freelancer as a service   online not only that invideo has an awesome support 
almost 24 7 already to help you you can go here   chat or maybe send an email to their support and 
they will help you to get the most out of this   service and what's also awesome that invideo has 
a community on facebook a facebook group with   more than 24 000 members video creators marketing 
professionals you can discuss with and get ideas   from to scale up and learn more tips tricks 
and things to help you online working online   so this is about the services you can provide if 
we finish the video now we can simply do nothing   okay we learn the skills maybe we can learn the 
skills but how to sell them and the more important   is how to promote where to find clients so here 
you need to focus very well because it's really   very important if you want to get clients and 
start making money online so the first question is   where to sell these services again if you open my 
website you will see i am selling these services   on my own website on but now you may 
tell me i am a beginner i don't have a website   i don't have traffic or whatever i know 
but in my case i am selling them here   simply because i built audience today 
i have around 350 000 visits per month   so i already have audience i have a professional 
website this is why i'm selling it inside my   website but as a beginner you will not use your 
website you will not need to create anything   you just need to publish on freelancing 
websites like like people per hour yes sarah sarah i'm recording a video please i can't sorry one second please sorry about this 
if you work online at home and you have kids you   understand me anyway so we have 
we have we have we have we have solid gigs and so on now 
to make things easy for you just go to and publish your gigs now in this 
video i can't cover everything in detail   but i already explained everything in detail 
in my freelancing pro series how to sign up to   fiverr and publish your gig how to rank it and 
whatever and how to promote it also so please   refer to my freelancing series if you don't know 
anything about fiverr in short fiverr is a place   where you can buy services and sell services 
example if you say if you say he video ad   you will see now we have a lot of people selling 
video ads and by the way a lot of those people   use in video to sell this service so you need 
to publish your gig gig is a service on fiverr   publish your service or your gig on fiverr to 
sell it now the main question maybe you will   ask me is okay we have a lot of people 
selling the same gig the same service   how we will compete with these people how we will 
rank our gig how we will get our first client how   we will promote our gig this is exactly what i'm 
going to answer right now in this video so let's   say this is your gig you uploaded it inside 
fiverr maybe you'll get a client i don't know   but of course we don't want to rely on maybe we 
want to go and find a client to start working   online we want to find a client to make money we 
don't want to just sit and wait a lot of people do   this mistake publish their service on fiverr or 
whatever website and just sit down and wait for   someone to find them you have to find your clients 
we are in 2021 today we have millions of people   working but also we have millions of people that 
wants these services so you have to catch some of   them how you need to do some work promoting your 
gig now before i go with the marketing strategy   if you go here to my youtube channel 
if you go here and search for promote   fiverr in my channel you'll find this video almost 
a full course 25 minutes sharing with you five   strategies to promote gigs so this video really 
will help you a lot to promote your services also   if you go here to my website and in the blog 
if you search for fiverr you will see here   this article a full guide on how to promote 
fiverr gigs and increase your sales also you can   follow up this guide to get some 
ideas on how to promote your gigs   but now to make things easy for you or not 
easy to make things straight for you and simple   i will go with one strategy i feel or i think it's 
the best way to get your first clients it's simply   called emails it's simply called emails so what 
is called emails and how to start and how to do it   let's see together what is called mailing it's 
simply sending emails in small bulks to people   to prospects that may be your clients in the 
future so as an example if you are selling   a youtube intro service if you are creating 
youtube interest to sell so who is your target   audience who is your target client simply 
youtubers so you need to find youtubers   contact them and ask if they want this service i 
will show everything now but this is the idea in   general you have to collect targeted emails build 
an email list of targeted people target prospects   and send emails to those people trying to provide 
this service for them now you may ask me how to   get those emails and how to build an email list 
and how to send emails in bulk and so on again   let's open my youtube channel if you go here 
to my channel videos and search here for   prospecting you'll find this also full guide 
on how to collect leads how to collect emails   you will see exactly how to use google 
for free some tools some free tools   to collect and build and validate targeted emails 
anyway let's go with a simple example now let's   open youtube again let's say you want to target 
some channels i will say let's say gaming channels   i will say gaming here and in the filters i will 
filter by channel so you can see here we have   a list of youtube channels so as an example you 
start opening these channels let's say this one   open it there's a gaming channel go here 
to the about section go view email address   submit and you will see this is the email address 
for this channel again up another channel like   maybe this one try to target start up channel 
chats that are somehow new go to the about section   view email address again you will see this is his 
or her email address i don't know so contact those   people not only those i mean those youtube 
channels or build a list of youtube channels   that you want to collect that you want to contact 
to provide the services you want to provide like   intro videos outro videos or end screens and 
so on the same thing for instagram you can go   here and search people on instagram and you 
can connect using instagram direct messaging   and ask them for providing this service and tell 
them about your services don't worry about now how   to tell i will share with you some templates 
that you can use when you contact someone   anyway so this is about cold mailing you build 
an email list or maybe a list of influences on   instagram depending on your service and you start 
contacting them now one important tip is send only   10 to 20 emails per day or send 10 to 20 messages 
per day why the first reason is you don't want   to spam and if someone replies back you want to 
open a conversation with him you want to have few   emails only you can contact thousands of people so 
keep things small easy and clean for you contact   10 to 20 people every single day so around 100 
people every single week so this is the first part   collecting emails or collecting lists of people to 
contact now the second question is how to contact   how to send emails on instagram it's simple you 
go here to dm messaging and start contacting   but in emails in emails how we send 100 
emails or 20 emails directly to 20 people   simply we are going to use one simple tool which 
is ge mass if you go here to my email   if you go here to compose and you add a list of 
emails here and click on send they will all see   that you are contacting multiple people and it's 
not a good strategy you need to send a campaign   like an email marketing campaign everyone will 
get a message as it's a personal message okay   so how to do this simply go here to g mass dot c 
o and install this extension inside your chrome   browser it's called gmask say add to gmail here 
it will open the chrome web store click add to   chrome add extension just wait a little bit and 
you can see now we are inside our gmail account   it will tell you to sign up with google to log in 
with this extension okay this is my email allow   very nice close window very nice now when we 
click on compose you will see that we have a gmask   button you can see here we have a lot of 
options i explained before in my email   marketing videos if you want you can check them 
anyway this is like a full email marketing system   inside gmail now one important note if 
you can afford getting a business email   like this one like hassan a professional 
email really better so when you contact someone   they will see professional email it will look 
more professional obviously so here you set the   list of emails subject and the template or the 
email you want to send them and what's nice in   gmask they have personalization you can add the 
name if you want whatever you want and send to   their prospects or to those targeted people and 
start promoting your services now the first gift   for you in this video is sharing with you some 
templates that you can copy tweak them edit them   and then send to your prospects and don't forget 
we have another gift in a little bit so please   stay tuned and stick with me i know the video is 
somehow long but really it's very important to   follow up to get the most out of it to understand 
everything i'm trying my best to be as fast as   possible explaining everything so the first 
template i have for you today is this one the   subject you add the name the target name get one 
intro video for just 1.99 or something you want   any price you want at discounted price 
you want try us out then the buddy hey   the channel name or the target name hope you are 
doing well we are reaching out blah blah blah you   get the template you can edit whatever you want 
now the main thing here we offer various services   now i want to focus on one important thing this 
line here we offer various services that we   believe can make your channel better or move to 
next level the idea here is never share direct   links to fiverr or any freelancing website or 
even your website just list the services and how   these services can help them just like that at in 
the end say if you have questions about whatever   just feel free to reach out so you are opening a 
conversation with the prospect never share links   sharing links will be considered as spamming we 
are cold mailing and not spamming a lot of people   misunderstand this concept if you are promoting 
links in the emails directly it will be spam   here we are sending an email to open a chat 
with that person so maybe we can turn him into a   customer or a client to buy our service okay this 
is very important other templates simply go to   this link sell services with cold emails 
you will find this full guide how to sell services   on fiverr with cold emails step by step and you'll 
find some templates other templates inside this   article check the link in the description below 
i hope this way i covered everything from scratch   starting from learning the services till promoting 
the services and getting your clients do this   every day for one week two weeks and for sure 
you can get your first clients and make a first   profit in less than 20 days starting from today 
now before we move on to the last topic for today   which is scaling this business and how to scale 
it up i want to share my surprise for you today   my gift for you today i have a new giveaway in 
this video five winners will get a free promotion   for their services if you go here again to my 
website to my shop to my services you will see   i am providing this service promote your business 
with cpm ads so five winners will get 10 000   ad impressions on my website network to promote 
your services for free if you want to join   check description below you'll find instructions 
how to join this give away now the last topic for   today or the last part which is how to scale up 
this business if you go back here to end video   and go here to pricing as i told you you can start 
totally for free zero dollars free forever you   can start for free to learn it to test it on 
whatever you want you want now if you want to   scale the business up you see you can pay monthly 
30 dollars or yearly 15 dollars other gift for you   that the company helped me and will help you with 
giving you 50 discount using my coupon code so if   you want to scale up get a business account or 
whatever ultimate account you can use my code to   get 50 discount on in video the second thing also 
you want to scale up as i told you it's better to   go with a business email so go to google workspace 
or maybe office 365 from microsoft and get   a business email starting from six dollars only 
per month so as a total if you see here the price   it will be around fifteen dollars per month 
or maybe seven dollars per month if you go the   yearly plan and six dollars on google workspace 
so like 10 or 11 dollars per month running this   business scaling up this business i think it 
deserves it for you as a beginner start with   zero dollars start from scratch learn it try it 
apply it when you get your first clients you can   scale up with google workspace or a business email 
and in video business plans i hope you enjoyed   this video to sum it up in this video we learned 
about freelancing providing three main services   youtube intros outros video ads and instagram post 
packages using only one tool which is in with you   a super powerful easy tool to create these types 
of videos and sell them online when you finish you   can publish them in websites like 
and then start promoting with cold mailing   using templates and guides that i shared with 
you don't forget if you like the video smash the   like button subscribe turn notifications to get 
every new update almost every day see you later you

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