How to make money online in Nigeria 2021 (side hustle)

Hello guys welcome back to my channel thank you 
so much for watching my last video, if you still   haven't watched it please make sure you do and 
make sure you subscribe to my channel, thank you!  So in this video, I'm going to be telling you how 
to make money online in 2021 these are actual   tips that I use to make money in 2020 these are 
not stuff that I researched these are real-life   tips on how you can make money, and these are 
the things that I did to make money in 2020. The first thing we're going to be discussing is 
writing, the second thing we're going to discuss   is social media management gigs, the third thing 
we're going to be discussing is online businesses,   the fourth way I made money is investments, the fifth way is remote jobs. So in this video, we're   going to be breaking down these five different 
ways of making money online and we are going to   go in-depth if you are interested in either one 
of them please stay tuned.

So the first thing   we are going to be discussing about is writing in 
2020 i made a lot of money from writing for people   like cvs essays reports and so on and so forth 
i made up to 600k on writing a loan in 2020 yes   there are so many ways you can make money from 
writing a lot of people think writing is so hard   but the beauty of writing in this century 
is that there are many ways to write and   writing has been made easy with so many tools like 
Grammarly Hemingway and so on and so forth. So how   can you make money from writing it's very easy 
depending on your target audience you can make   money writing in different avenues for students 
you can make money writing your fellow students   assignments if you're working class you can help 
people write their CVs their resumes their cover   letters to apply for jobs and if you're a 
professional writer or you're a bit strong   in writing you can try to go for those higher up 
writing deals like book writing ebook writing you   don't have to go to freelancing websites before 
you can write for people you can look around you   to see ways to make money like i said different 
students just look for students around you that   need help writing their assignments, start charging little by little and before you know it you start   getting referrals and you can start increasing 
your presence and you make so much money from   that.

The second way you can make money online is 
social media management gigs i see a lot of people   are always online but you don't know that you 
can be making money while you're on those apps in   2020 alone I made close to one million naira just 
managing people's social media accounts. It wasn't   my main job or anything I was just doing it on 
the side; managing people's social media accounts   doesn't have to be big brands or big companies 
it can be small companies uh small brands maybe   you have a local artist that's still uprising you 
can help them manage your account at the small fee   30k 40k 50k per month by the time you have three 
or four or five accounts you are making close to   let's say 250k in a month just managing people's 
social media accounts without your main hustle.   So these are some of the ways you can make money through social media management gigs.

The beauty   about it is many brands are not coming online 
they want their businesses to be represented on   the social media space, a lot of them don't know 
how to do it they don't know what they're doing,   you have the experience you have worked on social 
media. And if you're thinking oh I don't have any   social media experience how do I start? Let me 
tell you i got my first social media gig without   any corporate experience all I had was managing 
my personal account I was able to craft my CV   in a way that seemed attractive enough for me to 
get that job so you don't need any experience to   handle SM.

Next we're going to be talking about 
investment i'm not much of an investment guru but   i can tell you that people are making a lot of 
money from investment and i did make some money   on investments there are many apps where you 
can invest your money Trove, Bamboo these are   apps where you can buy uh stocks and you can trade 
in dollars and if you are not really someone who   has lots of buying stock or forex knowledge that's 
fine you can use the simpler tools like rise vest   which just lets you save your money in dollars 
and as the dollar appreciates so does your money   appreciate.

If you are not much of a risk taker 
you can go that route if you are more of a risky   car i would suggest you learn a little bit more 
about forex before dabbing it because you can use   a lot of money as well but with time as you learn 
more you also make a lot of money I know friends   that made millions last year based on investment 
alone so yeah that's another avenue that you can   reach out i also made a little money in investment 
last year but this year i hope to make a lot more   money we can make money online this year is by 
doing online businesses many people are moving   their businesses online due to the pandemic 
and you don't need to have a capital to start   an online business I have a friend who works in HR 
but she also sells hair on the side yeah she sells   weaves and stuff like this on the side and how 
does she make money she doesn't have to buy the   hair all you need to do is people pre-order from 
you and you get the hair from them (suppliers).

So   you don't need any capital to start most of these 
online businesses you just need to have a source   where you get the the your product from and you 
get people to pay you in advance and then when   they pay you you buy the product and you deliver it to them it's that easy. Remote working – gone   are those days when you have to go into the office 
to look for jobs working remotely presents you   a lot of opportunities you can do many other 
things on the side at all with your free time   such as me recording this youtube video and if 
your work basically enters not being in the office   such as graphic designer photographer or any 
other creative work you don't need to go into   the office you can start looking for remote work 
that enables you to work from home preferably   remote work that pays you in dollars so there you 
have it those are the ways I made money in 2020   those are the ways I'm also going to make 
money in 2021 and I hope you are going to   join me on this journey of money-making 
and let's go to where the money resides.   Thank you guys for watching my 
video I hope you enjoyed it please   hit the subscribe and like button and share this 
video, also tell me if this video was helpful in   the comment section and tell me what kind of 
video you'd like me to do next – bye guys!

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How to make money online in Nigeria 2021 (side hustle)

Hello! I'm Oyin, welcome to my channel, please subscribe and leave a thumbs up! In this video. I talk about HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE in 2020.

In 2020 I made money through :
Writing (editing, proofreading and writing reports and essays, CVs)
Social media management
Online businesses
Dollar and crypto Investments
Working multiple jobs remotely

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