How To Make Money Online in 2021 (For Beginners)

hey guys so i decided to record this video to show you this insane trick i'm using to make a lot of money easily i didn't expect that it will work but i tested it first then i was like wow this is incredible this is amazing and it's really easy and working as you can see here look at those huge payments i have just got in past months and the next payments are coming soon i met graduated and when i was studying i didn't have so much money so i was working hard on finding methods that will make me money online but i wasn't able to find something many years then i just woke up and i've got an idea i found a method couple months ago and then i realized it's working because i tried it for many days look at this 23 000 euros last payment this is incredible amazing and easy and working for now still working i have tested it and yesterday i've got last payment so i was testing it first as i said look at my balance now it's 36 000 euros it's not all the money i used to make from this strategy i have skill account there are so some payments too look at this i was testing it first and i made 100 euros after two days i made 300 euros and after one week even 600 euros because i deposited even more now here we are 1 000 euros then i started doing seriously and we got to 4 000 7 000 euros and 23 000 euros last yesterday wow this is incredible this is crazy i never thought that i would make money something like this but it's reality and i am sharing this for now for everyone because i felt angry to be companies i hate them so much look at this it's crazy 23 000 euros i will maybe delete this video when it gets too many views so it will not spread around the world but we will see you can see save yourself by saving the video link because if i unless the video then you will still have access to the method you can choose saving the link or sending the link to your fans because they will then be able to see this golden video too i already sent this video to some of my best friends and they are really happy making a lot of money doing this method look at this it changed my life it's really crazy i'm continuing doing this method and i will show you the method really soon i wasn't able to find a well-paid job even though i met collaborated physics graduated i have many many certifications from this but still it was very hard in my country so i found this method which is crazy because i didn't expect that it will work but as i said i tested it i realized it really worked and then i went big and wow look at this 24 000 euros this is crazy okay let's not waste any time here let me show you how this works yeah guys now this trick or method works in online casinos okay i know that you are now thinking it's some scam uh don't worry this is not one of those black red scam tricks that don't work they're fraught and we all know that this is still a new method and works as you've seen on my paper but i will show you now live please remind that most online casinos don't work with this method because they will find a way to block you after you keep winning all the time check the description for the link to this one that i'm using which is the very best this trick works with blackjack so let's choose that the design of this website can be quite different than i am showing right now because they are changing it very often but the trick still works as you have seen on my recent payments first option how to find blackjack is type it to the search or the second option is clicking on table and finding that it will be mostly at the top for those who don't know how a blackjack works you have to win against a dealer and you have to choose as much cards as you need but you can't exceed total card volume of 21 you can have maximum value of 21 of all cards jack queen and king volu is 10 and a is either 1 or 11 you can decide which will hire your chance with this strategy i like it so much they can't really see that like in real casinos and throw you up because it's a robot so this is our workplace you will be using only those three buttons stand hit and deal and also those coins for sure we are not trying to get lucky we are following a precise number sequence and those numbers will be our maximum possible values we will bet this sequence will be also available to download in the description link for free so that means if our sequence starts with number 20 we will be choosing and hitting our cards to that volume once your our value is greater than 20 or equal we will stop and stand the cards and wait for the dealer cards then even if we lose we will continue the sequence and we will now be choosing our cards till our value is greater or equal to 19 then we will be doing the same thing with number 18 and after that 20 20 19 and 18 and then the sequence will start again because it will be like the cycle so we will be repeating the precise sequence again and again this makes our chances slightly about 50 percent it's nothing special what we need to do is just follow the sequence as cycle if i lose i double up if i lose again i double up again but i need to follow this 3c sequence as a cycle this is the classic double up but it's different than the double button because we are playing at the start of the game not via the game so we have a strategy and if we win we stop doubling up of course don't worry we will start again at our starting bet which is in my case one dollar if the game will be draw which means me and your will have the same volume of cards i will bet the same volume as i did in this actual round this is excel table with potential earnings that you can achieve doing this strategy as you can see earnings per month can be 20 000 and more based on how much time i am doing this for a day let's do this for you our sequence start with number 20.

Now we u and our volume 16 so we need hit which means next card and it's 20 which is equal to our first number of sequence 20 so we are waiting for the dealer nv in now we re-bet again at one dollar because we win and now our sequence number is 19 so we have 18 and we need more so we hit you can see that we are busted because it's 23 it's more than 21 so we lost and we need to double up so we bet two dollars and now our sequence is 18 so we need to have cards till the value 18 so we hit but it's 22 so we are busted again so we need to double up again don't worry we are following the pc sequence so now we are at 4 hours starting that and our sequence is now 20 which is equal to this volume so we stand and we are waiting for the dealer and we win this is really pretty sequence and now our starting bed is one dollar because we win and now our number of sequence is 20 we are waiting for 20 okay blackjack we again that's incredible really incredible and i re bet again now our number sequence is 19 so we need to hit 18 so we again need to hit and we are busted we lost and we need to double up but don't worry this is really really safe let's do and now it's 18 so we stand it's equal to 18 that's our now sequence number so we stand not hit we stand and let's wait okay 20 we lost so now start the sequence again and we start with 20.

This cycle we are going to repeat so now dear four dollars 15 so hit ok 12 hit again 20 which is equal to our number so stand and we win dealer is really going to broke okay you'll wait on our now our sequence number is 19 which is now equal to the number value we have that means we stand again stand and wait he is busted again beer is going to lose everything we have wow now it's 18 and we won again blackjack i feel sorry for the dealer okay now it's 20 again we have plenty of volume so we stand again and we are waiting and we win again our balance is now 570 dollars which is eight dollars profit in just few minutes so i think you have figured out how this works but let me prove you this works for you i will set the stopwatch do it for a while speeding up the video so that you will see what i am doing and i will be right back [Music] [Music] so that was five minutes let me stop with the stopwatch we it was it has been five minutes now our balance is 546.50 let's calculate how much we can make in one hour so it's 12 times to one hour and it's 318 euros in one hour we can make let's calculate how much can we make in two hours 636 dollars wow and in one month 19 000 wow this is crazy and if we do this for four hours it's certainly a thousand dollars wow this is really crazy and it's really really equal to my excel table i will go i will i'm going to show you right right now so i was starting at one dollar as a starting bet and i had 512 dollars as my balance which is absolute certainty level but it could be good certainty level still and i would make those money too i just like to feel safe doing this so i had this higher balance everyone can decide what certainty level is best for him for myself i'm conservative but everyone can have different feeling so uh imagine how much i could make with five dollars as a starting bet with good certainty level which is still good certain intellectual or very high certainty level which would which would be like 100 dollars more than i had in my balance uh 640 euro dollars okay it can be euros too it's the same number it's everything is same but imagine putting a row instead of these dollars so that is this great excel table i'm using and it's really important i will put a link in the description due to this excel table it will be for free so check the description link for this table okay if you do this for two hours daily which is i think good it's twenty thousand dollars profit with one dollar as a starting bed but imagine doing this with five dollars as a starting bet and like very high certainty level which is 640 dollars that would be 95 000 and 400 if i do this for two hours daily and which is like slower because i can do this device more faster like one hour day and one hour day we will make 95 000 this is really crazy

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How To Make Money Online in 2021 (For Beginners)

Do you want to know How To Make Money Online? This is the best way to know How To Make Money Online in 2021
Link to the website I use to play blackjack and win:

In this video, I will show you in a few steps many tips about How To Make Money Online. This is a complete tutorial for beginners, but that doesn't mean that you won't learn anything if you are a professional blackjack player. I consider myself as a mid-advanced player, even though I played blackjack for 5 years (for fun).

Here are some basic tips that are included in the video:

- Don't double at the start of the game. This will complicate the whole strategy and is recommended only for super professional players.

- Don't play more than 5 hours a day. Why? You will be making a lot of mistakes after doing this for a few hours.

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