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oh this is wesley billion billion billion dollar virgin listen it's time to make money online what you're looking at right now is 50 000 i just made right in 2021 listen this is probably the easiest most simplest way to make money with no experience no money at all and you can do this right now while watching this video here now listen let me let me explain something to you a lot of you you're following me on instagram i appreciate you guys sub to my channel you smash the like button well because you enjoy the content right but listen this roars roars that i bought right for 450 000 i don't buy aurora's wars with working income does that make sense i use passive income from sites like this and i didn't spend one dime i worked less than 30 minutes a day and i brought in fifty thousand dollars this month using this method here that i'm going to give to you for free first site that you need to go to is now is basically a freelance site where you can post a bar a job find talent find work whatever but listen i'm gonna show you something here you don't have to watch this you don't have to do any work because i i understand something about you smash the like but you don't honestly want to work harder you want to work smarter smash the like button if you believe in that concept so open up step one step two open up all right that's the only two sites are you listening bighead and i'm trying to show you how to get out of the ghetto or out of the 905 job and understand that the internet world is the new way to make a bunch of money online right now make money online smash the like button let's go all right look check it out so i can't believe i'm showing this so what you want to do is find talent okay you want to find people so what i'm going to show you is one of the things or one of the jobs that i did very well in and at the end of this video i'm going to show you i'm going to show you a niche that you 100 in the next 48 hours make money using it because it's hot so you type in proofread now as you can see here you see a ton of people that want you to proofread their articles books whatever and like i said before listen you don't have to do the work you're not going to do the work you're not going to proofread nothing you're going to lay down in your bed and relax cross your legs take off your clothes and drink a mai tai while other people do the work for you i'm going to show you how to do that so this is 300 now i suggest to find something that people they pay a lot right so scroll down here that's 500 that's more money right because we want to make the most money as possible because we want to be like wesley virgin let me explain something that people do online usually when people search for jobs they always search for the jobs that are less that pay less salaries right but only a few people search for jobs that pay 100k per year so i want you to apply for something like this a thousand dollars right because no one's doing it because everybody believes that they can't do it but you can and listen this is a thousand dollars their new author a new author writing their first book it's fiction and basically this person just wants somebody to proofread it look at that two months self-published on amazon okay that's all they want that person wants you to do so what you do is you click on it okay get the specifications here what this person wants then you go here now this is where the magic this is where you're going to comment below i love you wesley let me smash that like button right now because man you're incredible here look go to type in proofread okay right i mean i do this all the time man i killed this look so you find somebody that's going to do this job for you like why would you do the work it's kind of like the middleman right it happens all day with internet marketers you think they're doing the work for you no they they just hire somebody else from another website cheaper so i hire a girl like this for five bucks an hour to do the work now the question may be well how do i get hired like this watch this and you got to pay close attention to this many people that never make money because they miss this part is very important okay so pay close attention and by the way smash the like button if you're still with me just want to make sure you're there are you there okay look what you want to do is everything that this person wants you want to reach out to 10 to 20 freelancers that do exactly what their expectations are and say hey can you do this can you do this so just copy and paste you you copy this right copy that stuff here and then you go and get a quote and say i'm looking for this i'm looking for this all these people find the cheaper people why because you want your profit margin to be insane okay now you're getting excited right now i'm pretty sure you all see that big old grain on your face okay but don't don't forget to show me some love and smash the like button and i'll continue to show you stuff like this for free so the thing is all you do is reach out to all these people get quotes and then whatever they say to you you basically go back here you have a profile and you want to model your profile to the best person who has the best profile in this field so what how do you do that wes simple so what i'm going to do is i'm going to get someone that has earnings over let's say a hundred thousand dollars okay this person here okay hundred thousand dollars here so these people have made over a hundred thousand dollars with their stuff here okay see that right here so what what you can do is you click one and when you get ready to create your profile right on this site right here because you're gonna apply for this job because you're basically gonna do the work for them but you're gonna get somebody else to do it for you you're gonna model her profile right so you do you you find a profile that has earned a bunch of money you can go back to filters here find somebody that alternate was 250 000 that means somebody likes them look at that that's professional here it's this young person from india right here and all you new all you need to do is just model everything that they have the words the verbiage even the pictures 10 years you can put 20 years 5 years it doesn't matter here right you just want to model what they're doing here right you can put your face here or whatever then when you apply right you basically use the same response that these people here are going to send you based off the proof reading job do you love me yet and listen these people these type of jobs are a dime they're everywhere look at this 300 dollars three hundred dollars i mean just imagine if you're just applying to all of these and do exactly what i showed you just in the proofreading space you can bring 300 to a thousand dollars a day now listen how many of you can do this smash the like button all you do is you just basically you're the middle man right you're just getting quotes from all these people and you're sending the message to this person here talking with them only via email via skype whatever but skype is not allowed so that's a good thing so they'll never know who you are and basically when they hire you you just have a person that'll do it for like five bucks or eight or twelve bucks or eight bucks an hour does that make sense so that means if you're gonna spend 200 bucks right to do this then you're gonna make 700 to 800 profit here now as promised here because i love you so much let me give you the niche that i know right now in 24 hours you can make a ton of money just don't share this all i ask you to do is hit the like button type in graphic design this is hot like right now yes i'm serious it's so hot right now type in graph for designing and what you want to do is this you want to wait boom it's going to pop up you see all these jobs right here they are so hot these jobs are hot so what you want to do is you want to basically like i said before go back here and find your graphic designer who's going to do the work for you and the great thing about this you can get somebody super cheap right let me show you how to do that graphic designer here okay and i'm gonna find somebody just cheap here uh above twenty five thousand dollars here okay great look at five dollars an hour so what i'm going to do i'm gonna find a graphic designing job on this site on upwork right for a thousand or two thousand dollars then i'm gonna do the same thing i did before i'm just gonna request a quote and i'm gonna send over the same description the same descriptions from this website i'm going to reach out to these people and then i'm going to send it back to this person using the profile that i modeled from the guru site listen do you love me or what listen how many of you would like to get a royals rush or get some type of dream car fast listen i do a workshop it's basically it's the easiest thing you've ever done on the planet if you want me to help you make ten thousand dollars in 45 days if you willing to party with me and work with me for 45 days out of your life you could be 30 40 50 60 a teenager in the link in the description click it it is online help i will help you get there it is too easy to do this and you have a rosh horse a lamborghini art travel the world whatever you want right i got a ton of cars but remember something you can do it this is wesley billion dollar version watch the next video much love let's go watch it again folks now

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How To Make Money Online For Free in 2021 For Beginners Make Money Online || Millionaire


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