How to Make Money Online For FREE In 2021 💰(Anyone Can Start)

so today i'm going to be bringing you guys a quick video talking about how you can find different ways of making money online through things that you already know if you're ready for this one please do drop a like as that would be very much appreciated and with that said let's jump straight into the video hi guys my name is phil and welcome to the money game youtube channel for anyone who's new around here i make print on demand content to both motivate and to give you guys tips and tricks and how to build your online stores and how to make money online i'm gonna talk about how you could potentially use things you already know to do to help you to make money online and i'm also gonna talk about my own online money making journey to show you how this kind of ties in with focusing on what you already know to do to help you to actually make a little extra online first thing i want you guys to do before you get into this video is to write down in the comments something you are good at this could be something other people have told you you're good at or something that you find extremely easy to do i'm interested to see what you guys put down but it's all gonna make sense as the video goes on so my own online money making journey it's been a bit of a whirlwind a bit of a roller coaster and for those that watch my videos you know i usually talk about red bubble and how you can make money through red bubble and obviously red bubble is a great platform to use it's a great site that enables you to make money through making designs through staying on top of trends and pretty much through just seeing what's on demand which is something i always advise you to do now throughout my own money making journey i mean it started a long time ago when i started youtube back in 2012 learned to love making videos learned edit learned to design and these are things that then became very easy for me to do things i was very passionate about now 9 nearly 10 years into the future i am in a sense making money through the things that i'm good at and one thing i've come to realize over time is that this different things you can go to different things you can use to allow you to do this obviously at this moment in time the things that are allowing me to monetize my passions in a sense are readable mainly because when i'm designing obviously that's something that i enjoy doing for most of the videos i edit i enjoy the editing process because it's fun for me and after many many years looking back it kind of brings everything together as to why i'm at the point that i am at now as for you guys watching with whatever talent it is you have you need to think if you're really good at this thing whatever it may be there's probably other people that are starting up at a level that you was at months years or maybe even decades ago you just need to find a way to teach people how you can do whatever it is you know for me i mean there's various things i could potentially do if i wanted to teach people how to use you know my editing software whether that be the video editing software or my design editing software there's so many things i could potentially do if i want to obviously teach people certain things but for you guys you need to figure out who your crowd of people are that enjoy the things that you're into the internet is a big space which is something that i do through this channel as most of the information that i've been teaching i teach you guys is through struggles i went through along my red bubble journey any struggles that i come across now one thing i want to push in this video guys is your passion is your power whatever you're passionate about will give you the power to make extra revenue the only thing between your passion and you get into the money is the middle thing that i'll allow you to put everything together like i said throughout this video for me those middle things have been readable youtube obviously other print on demand sites whether that be spreadsheet t public print on demand has been obviously one of my middlemen and if you're ever in doubt of what your passions are what you think you're good at come back to this video look in the comment section look at your comments see what other people are saying and let that be something that motivates you to push towards what it is you enjoy doing i mean if you enjoyed what i spoke about and you're looking for different ways to potentially help you guys to make money check out this video here comment i've got this if you've made it to this point in the video and always remember that everything is rigged in your favor and manifest success

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How to Make Money Online For FREE In 2021 💰(Anyone Can Start)

How to Make Money Online For FREE In 2021 💰(Anyone Can Start)

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