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now passive income is really the holy grail when it comes to side hustles one of my favorite way of side hustle in this category is to after all who wouldn't like to get money from sitting around and doing nothing even if you don't have a spare bedroom you can always another surprising item is that hello everyone welcome back to my channel my name is michelle sun and in my channel i talk about everything related to entrepreneurship personal growth and personal finance if you're new here please like this video and subscribe to my channel it will really help with the youtube gods and help my channel to grow in this video i'm going to talk about top side hustles you can do for 2021 now i'm going to split these into four categories so follow along and let's get started the first category of side hustles is selling your items number one you can sell your belongings on marketplaces like craigslist facebook marketplace and ebay number two you can sell your used clothings on poshmark which allow you to sell any items secondhand if you have any luxury goods you can sell on the real real or fashion file where you can find a lot of designer items like handbags and jewelries and clothings another surprising item is that you can also sell your hair sites like online hair affair or hairstyle on allow you to post your hair and basically earn money from selling your hair there's also a price calculator that you can calculate how much your hair can go for i'll leave the link down below the second category of side hustles is selling your time so if you're animal lover you can go on to doxit or cat sit for other people if you're not much of an animal person but you still want to do some sort of sitting you can do housesitting on there's also a new type of side hustle called virtual babysitting companies like sitter city or are offering virtual babysitting where you don't need to leave your home go on zoom and babysit for other people another way to sell your time and earn some side money is to teach anything online sites like or or visin if you're into sat or act tutoring are great places to start if you're not a fan of teaching you can also make money by answering surveys online websites like inbox dollar or swagbucks are great places to start and you can answer a couple of questions and they'll reward you with coupons or gift cards the third category of side hustle is selling knowledge and skills when it comes to selling knowledge and skills of course you also need to put in time but because you're putting in your knowledge and your skills usually you can charge a bit more when it comes to selling your knowledge and skills online starting with the lowest skill set if you're an organized person you can become someone's virtual assistant and you can find these gigs on upwork or another level of skills is if you have an active social media presence you know a trick or two on instagram you can always be a social media manager of small brands so i would recommend to go on upwork or fiverr or even go stock one of your favorite instagram brands and to see if you can offer some help another cool skill to have is if you're a funny person if you really like telling jokes you can host virtual stand-up comedy and charge tickets for it a lot of people are looking for entertainment at home and they're willing to pay a couple of dollars for some fresh entertainment you can do so by setting up an event on facebook or eventbrite and charge a couple bucks for it if you love writing and you're great with words writing freelance is also a lucrative way to make money online there's so many blogs that are looking for freelance writer and if you go on upwork and fiverr again you can find a lot of these companies hiring another way to make money by selling your skills is to sell your design skills if you know how to design things there are just so many different ways you can monetize your skill set first of all you can create an active pinterest account and then go on 99 design to find your first customer the fourth category of side hustles is to build or acquire assets that generate you passive income now passive income is really the holy grail when it comes to side hustles after all who wouldn't like to get money from sitting around and doing nothing the thing is most passive income takes quite a bit of work up front to do so be mentally prepared that you will be putting in a couple of months of work or even a few years of work before seeing meaningful passive income one of my favorite way of side hustle in this category is to build an online course this is also related to where you're teaching anything online you can actually turn it into an online course by recording a couple hours of lectures using your iphone or a zoom recording with your lecture slides you can then upload it on websites like teachable or thinkific or kajabi these online courses can sell for anywhere between fifty dollars to a thousand dollars per course the great thing about this is that once you upload that course you actually don't need to repeat yourself anymore an unlimited amount of people will be able to enjoy your content another way to generate passive income by building an asset is to start a viral instagram account a lot of instagram accounts that are popular get lots of brand deals where brands would sponsor their post in exchange for either gift coupons or actual cash viral instagram accounts are actually a big deal in 2020 warner music group actually paid around 85 million dollars for a company that has a collection of viral instagram accounts and this collection of viral instagram account was actually started by an anonymous high schooler back in 2014 another side hustle that is perfect for writers is to start a newsletter newsletter is probably the newest and coolest way for writers to make side income a lot of these paid newsletter subscription can charge around five to ten dollars a month you can write about any topic that people are willing to pay for it can be about investing it can be about technology news it could be about sports as long as there's content that people are willing to pay for you can start a newsletter using platforms like substack starting a youtube channel is also another way to build an asset that can generate site income so on youtube you need to reach a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time to get monetized once you get monetized you will get accepted into the youtube partner program where you can earn money through essence if you're not very much into long-form videos you can always start with a tick tock accounts ticked out accounts might look like it was a fun side thing that you waste hours and hours of time on but actually tech talkers are making big bucks one of the top tech talkers addison ray reportedly earned over five million dollars last year speaking of assets how can we ignore one of the biggest assets that probably most people will own or want to own which is our home if you have a spare room in your apartment you can always rent it out on airbnb for some side income even if you don't have a spare bedroom you can always rent out your parking space websites like just park or your parking space allow you to list your parking space for free you can also rent out your garage for other people to store things check out share my storage for more details now i want to share the fifth category which is a bonus category of side hustles which is to acquire financial assets before i dive into it just a quick disclaimer that i'm not an investment advisor and this is not an investment advice please do your own research before investing in anything and make your own decisions when it comes to investing one of the ways to get some side income is to invest in peer-to-peer lending one company that does that is called lending club how it works is that you invest in a group of loans that is then loaned out to individuals and when individuals repay the loan you earn the interest that they pay minus the fees that you're paying to the platform like lending club so on a net net basis you would be earning around five percent of net earnings compared to close to zero percent on online savings accounts another way to generate site income using financial assets is to invest in crowdfunding real estate now there are a couple of platforms that allow you to do that including crowd street yield streets and fundrise how it works is that you put an amount of money and you actually be purchasing a portfolio or real estate somewhere in the world you can be purchasing a group of residential buildings in the midwest in america or even in the uk this is a type of investment that was historically only available to the ultra wealthy and on fundrise website it shows that historically their annual returns is around 10 which is higher than the average of seven percent of the stock markets so there we have it this is the top 21 plus some bonus side hustles that you can do for 2021 if you like this video please click like and comment down below on which one of the 21 side hustles is your favorite and don't forget to subscribe to my channel i'll see you in the next video [Music] bye

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How To Make Money Online 2021 (Best Side Hustles from Home) | No College Degree

In this video, I share the top side hustle ideas for 2021 you can start today with little to no money. These ideas are all work from home (or rather, work on the internet), socially distanced, you can work from anywhere with a good wifi connection.

This video is divided into 4 categories of side hustles, so you can brainstorm other ideas within these categories as well!

Are you looking to add a new source of income in 2021? Which ones out of the list would you want to try out? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s a video where I share the top side hustle ideas for 2021 you can start today with little to no money.

Intro: 0:00
Category 1: Sell your items 1:00
☆ Craigslist:
★ Facebook Marketplace:
☆ eBay:
★ Poshmark:
☆ The Real Real:
★ Fashionphile:
☆ HairSellOn:
★ Online Hair Affair Calculator:

Category 2: Sell your time 1:42
☆ Rover:
☆ SitterCity:
★ SitterStream:
☆, VIPKid, Wyzant:

Category 3: Sell Knowledge or Skills 2:47
☆ Upwork:
★ Fiverr:
☆ Eventbrite:
★ 99Designs:

Category 4: Build assets for passive income 4:35
☆ Teachable:
★ Kajabi:
☆ Thinkific:
★ Substack:
☆ JustPark:
★ Your Parking Space:
☆ Share My Storage:

Bonus Category: Financial assets 8:24
☆ Lending Club:
★ Fundrise:
☆ Yield Street:
★ CrowdStreet:

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