How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos: Andy Hafell YouTube Course for Beginners 2021

– One of the best things
you can do is to learn from those above you. And that's why we've
brought on Andy Hafell today to teach you what he's doing with his 50,000 YouTube subscribers and how he's leveraging
both YouTube and ClickBank and his affiliate marketing
and internet marketing tactics. He's gonna be sharing some secret stuff that he's doing behind the scenes. Let's take it away, Andy,
and drop some knowledge. (upbeat music) – Hey what's up? Thank you for that awesome introduction. My name is Andy Hafell and I run and manage multiple YouTube channels that I don't even create myself.

And if you want to make money on YouTube without showing your face,
without being on camera and without even making
the videos yourself and then promote ClickBank
products in the link in the description down
below automatically. Well, then you're in the perfect spot. I'm going to show you
three different faceless YouTube channels that
you can get started with and make money with. Because YouTube is pretty
awesome for long-term growth but maybe you don't want to show your face because you got a big pimple like I do. And then you get haters
attacking you personally in the comments down below, saying that I'm trying
to grow a second nose. Also, if you say to the end of this video I am going to give you 17
faceless YouTube channels and 17 ClickBank product combinations. That is a match made in heaven. Just for you. You can download that completely for free. I'm not even going to
ask you for your email. I'm just here to give
some value to you guys.

So I'm going to show you
everything step by step right now. So I'm going to show you
three ways to make money on YouTube without making videos. So I'm going to show
you a hard niche to do, a medium niche to do, and
an easy niche for you to do. This is good for you, because you can pick
between one, two and three. I'm going to show you how to make videos in them step by step. And this is for you, even if you've never made
a single video before. So I'm going to show you the
hard niche to do right now. This channel is called Far from Average. They're getting about 3.6
million views the last 30 days and making anywhere from
5,000 up to 42,000 per month. And this is all ad revenue. Basically the skippable
ads before your video, but I'm going to show
you how you can combine this with a ClickBank product so you can make even more money.

As you can see, about a hundred thousand
views each and every day. And what they're making videos about is how high value men act around girls. How alpha males really
act, the high value code, three rules men should never break, your daddy shouldn't have
taught you this about girls. And as you can see, this is the self-help for male audience and they're not even
showing themself on camera. They're using this
software in the background while talking into a microphone. So how you would make a
YouTube channel like this is to use this tool called VideoScribe, and they make impressive
animated videos in minutes.

So this is how it looks like. It's very easy to use, versatile,
and has fantastic value. You've probably already seen
a video like this before where you know, they're animating,
there's a hand that comes into the actual video and
it makes it a very engaging and very high watch time YouTube video that you can easily do without ever showing your face on camera.

I've used this software before. It's a very good tool
to start making money on YouTube without showing your face. A ClickBank offer that you could sell with this is The Obsession Method. brand new men's dating offer paying 75% on front end and 75% on
all the entire backend. The biggest new launch in the
men's niche for years created by the guys behind multiple
top 50 overall offers.

And if you sell one of
these, you will get $68. All you need to do is click on promote, add your account nickname,
generate hotlinks, and here is your affiliate link. And if anybody goes through this link in the description of your
video and buys from you, you will make $68 per sale. So is this the method you want to go to? Far from Average is the role model channel that we're looking at.

And the system is basically to have the men's self-improvement niche. You would have the video tool, VideoScribe and then you would sell the
product, The Obsession Method. If you want to go ahead with this, It's a really good way to start and make some money on YouTube so you can maybe quit
your job, work from home, travel the world, whatever you want to do. Now, I'm going to show you the
medium difficulty right here. But before that remember to
drop a like on this video. Also subscribe to the ClickBank channel. Also, if you like my content, head over to my YouTube channel as well. The link should be in the
description down below and also make sure you
stay all the way to the end because I'm going to share
you 17 faceless YouTube and ClickBank combinations.

So the second channel that I'm going to show you
is called Your Youniverse. This channel is getting 1
million views the last 30 days, making anywhere from one to
$12,000, monthly earnings, all just from Ad Sense. I have a good ClickBank
product that you can promote with this that makes a lot of money. You can see about 30,000 views
each and every single day. And what they're making
videos about is how the law of attraction works, how to
remove subconscious blocks, your reality will change when you do this, manifest miracles while you
sleep music and affirmations and this type of content. You've probably seen
manifestation channels before, and this is exactly what it is. But you can see that this
is all stock video footage while they have some music and some audio in the background to make
it even more interesting.

So how you would make this
channel is that you could go and do this completely
for free with This is free stock photos and videos chaired by talented creators. All you have do is search for meditation. You can click on videos
in the top right here and then all of these videos
are free for you to use and you will never get copyright striked. They don't have any copyright on them and you can place all
of these amazing videos into the software that I
love called DaVinci Resolve. This software is one of
the best video editors that you can get right now,
all completely for free.

So just click on free download right now for Mac, Windows or Linux, then download some stock
footage from, plop them into DaVinci Resolve with some voice over
and music on top of it. If you want royalty free music, you can search YouTube audio library into Google and click on the first link. Since this is about
meditation manifestation just click on mood and then click on calm. Here we can see all these
ambient calm soundtracks that are all royalty
free, that you can use.

Thousands of tracks that
you can use in your video, all for free. You just have to click on download and here you can see it's
downloading on your computer. A great ClickBank product you could sell is Soul Manifestation,
Make Thousands A Day. This is a manifestation offer. And if you promote this, you'll
make $23 average conversion. You can see that there's
an initial conversion of $18 that you'll get right away but they also have recurring
rebill in the backend which allows you to make passive income. If you just click on the sales page, this is the website that they will land on if they click your affiliate link in the description of your video.

And if somebody enters their
name, goes through the funnel and buys, you will make $23 just for that. So can you visualize yourself making this medium channel where Your Youniverse is the role model channel, where all you need to do is have the niche of manifestation, you know, affirmations, law of attraction, that type of niche. The tool you use is DaVinci Resolve and also to download
some free stock footage, and then you can sell this
product called Soul Manifestation without ever showing your face. And also, if you don't want
to use a voice over yourself you can easily go to Here you can search for voice over. You can get hundreds of people to record your voiceover right here for $10, $25, $10 $10 right here with beautiful
American male voiceover. So you don't even have to
talk into the microphone. Well, maybe this is the type
of channel you want to create but if this is even too hard
for you, I have one last one which is the easiest for you to do.

And this channel is called Body Hub. This channel is getting 2 million views the last 30 days making anywhere from three to $27,000 monthly earnings. You can see about 50 to
80,000 views right here, and the content that they're producing how to get bigger arms
in one month at home, building muscle for
skinny guys the easy way, home remedy for acne,
what happens to your body when you drink celery juice, and you can see the video
back here is actually an automated software that I also use to automate my YouTube channels. And this is really cool because
it's extremely easy to use. The software is called Vidnami. So basically what Vidnami does is that it has intelligent clip selection where it uses artificial
intelligence to read your text and automatically select video clips from our library of
almost a million clips.

I'll have a link for
you to get it 20% off. I'm not going to sell you the software, but it's just that if
you're going to pick it up obviously you want probably 25% off. And I have a discount code
that they gave privately to me. If you want to sell a ClickBank product in the link in the description, there is many that is
really good on ClickBank. All you have to do is click on this health and fitness button and then you get all the top offers. Here you can see Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic, Custom Keto Diet, Bio Fit. And the great thing about this, at each and every sale you'll get like over a hundred dollars here.

And it's always easier to sell one product than to sell, you know,
three or four products to get the same amount of money. So is this the channel that you want to go with Body Hub being
the role model channel? And the niche is obviously
health, weight loss. You know that this is
a huge niche out there. The tool that you can
use is called Vidnami, and the product you can sell is like for example, Carbofix, the
Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic and all of those products
are really good with this. Well, thank you for staying to the end. And I promised that I would
share a private secret link so you can get 17 faceless YouTube and ClickBank product combinations. The private link, all you need to do is go to I will not ask you for a signup email. I'm on the ClickBank YouTube channel, so I just want to give a ton
of value to all of you guys. These are amazing channels,
and on top of that, I also put together a lot of helpful tools like DaVinci Resolve, Storyblocks, here we got a Vidnami link as well as some animation softwares
that I haven't talked about in this video.

But if you want more content like this, this is what I do on my YouTube channel. I talk a lot about how to make money on YouTube without showing your face without being on camera,
while traveling the world and trying to be
entertaining and all that. But thank you so much for watching. Go to
to get all of them. Also, don't forget to subscribe to the ClickBank YouTube channel and I'll see you on my YouTube channel, hopefully again in the future. (upbeat music).

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How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos: Andy Hafell YouTube Course for Beginners 2021

Want an easy way to make money on YouTube? Here's a step-by-step blueprint on how to make money online by simply uploading videos on YouTube WITHOUT showing your face!

Andy Hafell breaks down easy, medium, and hard niches to get started in AND which ClickBank products to pair with your videos to make money online.

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Check out the tools Andy uses PLUS 17 bonus niches with ClickBank products to promote👇

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