How To Make Money On Youtube WITHOUT Making Videos 2021 – (REAL Make Money Online Strategy)

– Five steps to generating passive income on YouTube, without shooting any videos. Hey what's up, this is Peng Joon here. And for a really long
time people have asked me, "Peng Joon, what if I want
to get bigger visibility, "bigger reach, and make money online "without doing what it is that you do? "Without being on camera
for whatever reason, "'cause I'm shy, I'm introverted, "I'm not pretty enough,
I'm not handsome enough." Whatever your reason might be, that's stopping you right now from creating a video, what if I could show you how you could actually make it happen, which is making passive income online in just five steps? We're gonna be talking about that right here, right now.

(upbeat music) First thing to recognize is, what if I told you that you could be making
a passive income online by literally compiling videos. That's right, what if right now, if you went online, and if you did a search
like top Ronaldo goals, you will see there is a video that has got about 4.1 million views, uploaded eight months ago. And then there's another one that has got nine million views, uploaded a year ago. Now guess what, this person isn't Ronaldo. This channel isn't ESPN. It is somebody, like you or me, who took the time to compile these videos, put it together, put
it up, and guess what? This video is making this
person passive income online. And to put things into perspective, 1,000 views on YouTube is approximately $1.50 to about $7. Average that out, 1,000 views is about $3.

So one million views is about 3,000. So this video, that has
got nine million views, that is $27,000 in ad money, approximately, from creating one video a year ago. And guess what, this video
isn't gonna end here. It's gonna constantly, gonna continue bring in views, bring in revenue for a really long time to come. So what if that could be you? What if you could legally, ethically and morally create these videos, that actually entertains people, where you don't have to be on camera and you could create them in a way that is compelling, that is engaging, that is proven. Five steps, are you ready
for step number one? Here we go, so step number one is all about picking a theme, a niche, a topic that
you are interested in, that you feel would be
something that resonates you, what it is that you do, your passion, your hobby, what it is that you love doing.

So this could be sports, it could be based on computer games. This could be top 10
most fascinating places to visit in the world. Pick a theme, it could be travel. That's step number one. Number two is then to model. Now what is modeling? I always believe that rather than trying to figure things out from scratch, always look at somebody that's already crushing it right now, and reverse engineer what
it is that they are doing. Why would you want to reinvent the wheel? So what does it mean? It means that whether you're
picking computer games, whether it's Overwatch,
whether it's Fortnite, whether it's World of
Warcraft, whether it's golf, whether it's the top five
best knockouts in UFC history, Whether it is a compilation of gym fails. If you take a look at
a video of gym fails, that literally has over 10 million views. Now what does that tell you again, it's generating over $30,000 from just one video. Number two is to model.

What are you modeling? Now there's a couple of sites that helps you model really well, to give you ideas. Again not to copy, because that would be unethical, but rather to use as a benchmark as your starting point of what needs to be done. So a great site would
be like Social Blade. When you pick a niche, start seeing who are the people or content creators that
are creating these videos with millions of views.

Look at that channel, put that channel name in on YouTube to see what are the videos that has got the top
50 most viewed videos. So, for example, I can see this channel, Overwatch Pro, has got
all these different videos and all these different
Overwatch channels. I can literally see what
their top 50 videos are. What are these channels doing? These channels are literally
getting them on Twitch, uploading them on YouTube, and guess what? This video lives on
forever as a digital asset. Now whatever it is, your channel on YouTube
should follow a theme. Don't have one video that's on NBA, and then the second video's on knitting, and then number three
is like fastest trains. Keep it to a theme, so that when people
subscribe to your channel, whenever you create new content, they'll be able to watch the next one.

And then you are now creating
this snowball effect. So number two is model what works. And that brings us to number three. To compile, compiling the videos that you have downloaded across all these different channels, whether it is from YouTube, whether it's from Twitch, you can compile these videos now. And the way you can do that is you could use free
softwares like iMovie, and put it all together, making sure that you are compliant. As long as again, if there's creative commons that means you can actually use it. And then once that happens, that brings us to number four. And number four is to optimize. Now the way to think about this is to understand that YouTube is actually not a social media platform. I think of YouTube as a search engine. Why, it is because, you
probably notice this, that whenever you do a search on Google, you get a result sometimes
of a YouTube video on the first page of Google. And that is what you want for your video. You see, a video can only
get discovered on YouTube with these two major ways.

Number one, either your YouTube video is appearing on suggested videos when somebody is watching a related video, that's number one. Or your YouTube video appears whenever somebody does a search on Google and your YouTube video
ranks on the first page. Only these two main ways. So number four is about optimizing, so that your video appears either one of these two options over here. How do you do that? Number one is a keyword-rich title. What does it mean by
having keyword-rich title? Think about it as, what does it have to be based upon something that people are searching for on the search engines, so that the video has a chance for it to appear in the search engines. So make it keyword rich. If your video is on a top 10 plays from Kobe Bryant, optimize it this way so that if people are searching for Google and they're typing in top 10 slam dunks from Kobe Bryant, your video would appear on
that first page of Google.

The second way, how do you optimize it, so that you get searched or you get featured by YouTube? It is when you have the right thumbnail. A thumbnail, you can create it yourself by going That's what I did when
I first started out, or you could outsource it on Fiverr, it will cost you five bucks.
There's no reason or excuses, or why you can't do this. So that way, when it appears
as a suggested video, now it is optimized to be discovered. So understand something, right now what you are literally creating, is you are creating a digital asset. It's like a sales person that helps you get sales 24/7.

The only difference is, this sales person will work for you for all eternity, doesn't complain, doesn't
ask for a pay raise, doesn't take medical leave. How amazing is that? You do the work once
and that's number four. Optimizing it so that it gets discovered. And that brings us to number five. Number five is about consistency. Understanding that it's a long-term game it's not a one-off thing, but rather doing consistently, because these videos
gets ranked over time. The main difference between
YouTube and Facebook, is that on Facebook, if a video does not get views organically in the first 48 hours, chances are it will be
buried under the newsfeed.

YouTube, on the other hand, is the other way around, it grows over time. With the right keywords, when you optimize it the right way, it's gonna live on forever, for a really, really long time to come. So the key here is to understand that not all videos are
going to be home runs. It sometimes it might take awhile for these videos, for YouTube algorithm to see that you're actually consistent as a content creator.

So step number five is really about being consistent and understanding that
it is a long-term game. So, I don't want some
of you to be thinking, a small minority would be saying, "Well Peng Joon this isn't
exactly passive income then. "It's active income, 'cause I still "have to create the videos." Well, what is your
definition of passive income? You can either build a
passive-income stream with either two things, money or time.

That's how most people
create passive income. Passive income is not just by sitting around and doing nothing. Eventually that's the game plan, but you either use capital and money to build a passive income, or number two would be your time. And initially this is what it takes. You require that initial time to build up the passive-income stream. All these different
examples of compilations, whether it's top 10
best moments in sports, whether it is in gaming. Guess what, all these are assets that was done once, that will go on to generate passive income for a really long time, for all these different content creators, because many years ago they decided to take a few hours to
create that one video. So as always, let me know
in the comments below what is a video that you
intend to start creating. And what action steps, or even if you are stuck
on anything right now, let me know in the comments below, so I'll be able to help you out.

And, as always, if you love this video, go ahead and click on the subscribe, the little bell icon above, so that you will be the
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How To Make Money On Youtube WITHOUT Making Videos 2021 - (REAL Make Money Online Strategy)

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To many people, standing before a camera can be quite intimidating; not to mention, to have the video broadcasted to the entire world to see. If one couldn’t do that, does it mean that he or she will never be able to generate income from YouTube? The answer is, NO. The truth is, there are tricks that you can already start implementing right now to create content on YouTube, generate visibility and start earning money. The best thing is, you can do this ethically without getting into any trouble. Watch this video right now.


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