How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos 2021 | Earn $40,000 A Month Just Copy & Paste!

so as you can see, these averages of the channel are about 695 000 daily views and more than 20 million views a month, so if I persuade my calculator here and we do 20 million 853 thousand and we divide it by one thousand because YouTube you pay per thousand views and we turn it through a two dollar cpm you can see that this channel is making anything up to forty every thousand dollars month which is consistent with what they say they earn here which is between seven thousand almost seven thousand and every hundred thousand dollars single month hello everyone in today's video I'm going to show you how to make money on YouTube without making videos and earn as much as forty thousand dollars by using other people's videos, I'm going to to show you step by step a brand new niche you can get started in and it's not that hard it 's worldwide and if you look all the way to the end you'll get all the resources you need to start making money on Y ouTube, so make sure you watch it to the end so you know exactly what you need to do let's get in it hello everyone it's here again from the smart money tactics channel where i post reliable content to teach you how to make money online earn if you have not yet subscribed to my channel go to the bottom hit that subscribes turn on all the notifications so you are notified every time I post a brand new video to teach you how to make money online or it's through youtube whether it's through affiliate marketing and everything in between so today guys i want to show you an amazing niche youtube with the future of a technology so it 's the technical niche and i want to show you how people are making money on YouTube and they create these videos without ever showing their face but the amazing thing is that they are making money on YouTube without actually making these videos okay and I want to show you exactly how they do it how they make money and how much money they e earn, because if you look at this niche here they get millions of views, I mean this video was posted here 11
months ago it got 1.4 million views this video here a month ago and it has 1.3 million views, so there are many people who are looking for this type of technology they are interested in this niche which is perfect if you are looking to start a channel but if you want to make money on YouTube and you do not want to show your face and you do not want to make any videos then I will show you exactly how a few channels do what just started, you know a few short months ago and they absolutely crush it and make as many as 40,000 let me now every month you show something if you look at it you know these types of keywords on youtube okay when i come to my video iq here that shows me how many people are looking for this every month if you type something like technology that will change the world it is going to give you some examples of this type of keyword we give a series of keywords and if you look at this you will ti k the future of technology in or you look at the future of technology it is searched 122 000 times every month if you look artificial intelligence seven hundred and four thousand times technology six hundred thousand if you come here and look at innovation and things like that so there millions of people search for this type of stuff on youtube which means there is a demand for these types of videos and you can definitely start doing it to make money on youtube now guys when it comes to youtube guys i have several channels good that I made on which I have to make money youtube this is but one of my channels where I have made over two hundred thousand dollars in the last 365 days, so I know a bit of making money on YouTube, so I want to show you these different concepts because I know they work and I know people make some really good money with these strategies and you can do the same and make a big difference in your life in 2021, so the first channel I want to w you here ice guys call this here futurology okay it's a channel that talks about everyone different kinds of random things when it comes to the future of technology and I absolutely love this channel, okay and watch the latest video here it's called India superpower okay future global superpower it has Russia to US neon line okay, these are great videos these thumbnails are very easy to use create and I will show you where you can create them and if you watch here, they are posting a video this video was posted three days ago this video two weeks ago three weeks ago three weeks ago etc and if we click on this video this is where I want to show you where they get their content and I want to show you how you can get it content too now just before I go, it's something very important that I want to show you, because I get it questioned a lot where people say that YouTube is not going to make money from these types of channels so pay close attention to these guys, I'm going to come here and I go an you show here when you go to youtube and you go to their policy on monetizing YouTube channels and here you move down, you can read and find out exactly what type of content they will earn and how they will earn money from the content which is used well again so if you come down here you can scroll down and you can find reused content now when it comes to reused content YouTube says that content for reuse refers to channels that have someone else's reused content without the significant or add
original comment or educational value which means if you just take someone else's video and you upload it to your channel then it's not going to make money okay what youtube wants you to do is it wants you to add appreciate these videos if you do your own voice-over if you have an educational purpose when you talk you know add value to that video you will definitely get that channel monetize well, that's exactly what they say here, what may earn money the spirit of the policy is to make sure we earn money from original content that adds value to the viewer if you put it a funny or thoughtful twist on the content you did not originally create you have transformed the original content on the one or otherwise it will be considered for monetization okay guys so this is what you need to do the second thing you need to know here are guys too if you look at what kind of content can i make money if you scroll down here you can do it know get royalty-free types of videos earn money, yes you can watch you can royalty-free creative money earn general content if the license agreement grants rights to use it commercially, I will show you examples of this so yes, you can videos from pixels use yes, you can use it videos from sites like vidnami and all that yes you can do it so I just wanted to clean it up before we get into it so we do not waste your time and you do not think it is impossible , so if we k to here to this channel here called futurology now this channel started 10 months ago guys if we are going to sort by and we are going to date added oldest you can see this channel started on a year ago sorry they made two videos a year ago and then it started basically from 10 months ago which is exactly the same as the other channel i'm going to show you in a second so if you come here and you get a date added latest i want to show you exactly how these videos are i am going to click on this and all these channels are earned guys as you can see here and ads have already started playing well i am going to quickly skip this ad and show you exactly what this channel does and what it looks like okay i going to skip it let me remove it India was a center for people civilization a heart for the history of religion and culture so as you guys can see, he has a great country with a great audience with a lot of history guys and he has a vide o made about this already had 61,000 views, now he takes royalty free images royalty free videos the only thing he does is vote why YouTube is going to make money this type of channel but the best thing is he is not on camera, is he never going to show his face but we do not even know if it's his voice maybe he's paying for the vote now if you come here guys and you see if we're going to show more here if you roll here, he's even going to you show where he got the information to make this video good if you come here you can go and you can click on it all information about this that will show you exactly where you got it if you wanted to do something similar and then here, guys if you have a
watch you can see this is where he came from the content that YouTube videos he used inside his own video and he pays credit which is exactly what youtube wants you to do now audio he got from story blocks and I'll show you exactly where you can get it, okay so this is how he k create anal and as you can see these are the video tags he uses I'm going to show you where you can also get these video tags very simple things guys and when you are do not make you know this type of video every single day sorry if you could come back to here if you do not make this type of
video every day it becomes very easy to create this content because it may take you one or two days to create this type of
videos but if you get 61 000 views one hundred and two thousand views a hundred and eleven thousand views you start earning really good money on YouTube very very fast guys now the second channel I wanted to show you here guys before I go show you all the resources you need money on YouTube without creating it called videos this channel here technology vision okay this is another channel guys who started literally 10 months ago if we go on date oldest added here you can see the first video was added 10 months ago okay and if we are updated latest added ok we see how often he posts you can see this video was posted one hour ago this video five days ago then five days ago then one week ago so it looks like he knows you two to three videos every week okay so he is has two weeks ago four videos posted and these videos are not long they are eight minutes long six minutes long seven minutes long and as you can see they are all videos of technology type stuff so if you look at this within the future of the world's largest nuclear fusion reactor here is how China's mass surveillance works well how it's built Boeing 747 okay so many broad technology type terms okay and when come we click to say it video here, for example let's take a quick look at this again again it's this is all videos with money earned , guys, I'm going to skip this again okay, let's just skip this ad and I'll show you exactly what this channel is about one of the most fascinating of all how is such a thing of engineering built in the first place e place do you understand how the assembly process of Boeing's 747 developed we need to make a short jump first so you can see guys he's talking about boeing a lot of the information he would have you know he would do for this voice recording found online now if you come down here again if we click on to show more here and you scroll down, you can see he has information on how the Boeing 747 was built, he has some information about you and then he is got his tags this is now a video he does not link back to where he got his content from but I know from the other videos that I saw here or I go back here I will show you that he is link back to where he got his video so if we come here, I'm just going to let you know it interrupts here guys we're going to roll down here and let me show you just so when we get down here you can see here that he has you know links to where he gets a lot of his information from now on this channel gets a lot of views here every month okay if on s come to socialblade and we look at it is a channel I showed you at the beginning of this video and he makes something up to forty thousand dollars every month and he gets about 20 million views every month not bad for a channel that 10 started not months ago and for a channel that does not create any of the videos themselves all they do is to use a voice-over now many of these videos guys use sites like these they use sites like getty images okay what I saw exactly one of the videos they created, they link back and say that this is the whole video was created by getty images if you scroll down below to see that these sites will be free royalty-free images and free royalty free videos and they also have paid versions you start earning money youtube guys then you can sign up to these sites okay here is another site here you can be called all these sites guys will all have the information wa you need videos and all the pictures you need to make these channels work again when you browse below guys you can see that they have a lot of information I have all the videos you need again these plans have these sites free plans and they have paid plans, it depends on you what you want to use, but if you want to start completely budget free what you will do is that you will use sites like okay you can easily come here and type something like in
technology well and once you have entered technology you will find all these things different images you could do use now possibly guys if we just come to these sites I can show you when you come and click on license once you click on licenses click, it basically tells you that all photos videos on pixels it's free to use properly attribution is not required.

okay give credit to photographer or pixels is not necessary but it is always appreciated so you can all use this With youtube you can use it if they set it well in their policy and you can earn these channels as long as you use your own now voice-over to do a
voice-out guys you can simply use your own cell phone if you want or you can pay someone on fiverr which we will look at a lot quickly to see what it will cost you other thing you can do where you can get a lot of these different types of images guys is to go over simply to Google images type technology in for example guys and once you type technology in what you do as you can see, you got all these different images coming just here after tools guys go after use right okay and then quite you can simply choose the license what you need to use to not get in trouble youtube for example so you have commercial and other licenses you have Creative Commons licenses e here so if you click on creative commons license, you can use one of these different types of images these are pictures that are on google Google says you can use it google owns youtube where you are not going to have trouble making these videos using all these different images guys now the other place you can go to of course a lot of these videos guys are simply using youtube itself as a matter if you come over to youtube guys and you type technology in just like at the beginning of this video okay you can basically use your shorts um snippets different videos of other people regarding technology and things like
that and then just use your voice-over put the link in the description let people know where you got it content from and you will not have any problems no money on youtube okay without making these videos good you have no problems because youtube tells you that they
are maybe not going to have a problem with it contact even with some v an these creators and ask them if you can use a small
portion of that video let them watch your channel and tell them that you are going to pay credit to their channel to create these videos guys if you do not have any software you all you have to do is go to a site like and what you can do with this site, guys you know you can download it absolutely free and then you can upload it your pictures can upload your pictures you know you can get your youtube videos downloaded and it here too and then you can start creating your own videos and start uploading it to youtube account in order to create, you know one of these thumbnails guys all you have to do is for example come over to pixels okay and you can grab one of these you know very simple images they have here in technology or in whatever kind you are looking to do and then come over to a site like canva.

com and make your thumbnails absolutely free guys or grab excerpts from the YouTube video and create that thumbnail okay very simple and it's absolutely free now if you want to know how to arrange your videos like we watched one of these videos guys you can see that they all know you use video tags you have to do everything and i will have a link in the description for you is download vid iq i will show you an example how vidiq works there is a very modest free plan you can use okay guys and then you can come here and you can do these different look for types of labels so you know exactly how you can make your video just rank like these guys okay and i would highly encourage you to come here guys and see what type of content they make which gets a lot of these views that description uses them what they in their title use here too and copy the labels they use so YouTube can eject this content to very very similar audience okay guys so that's why vid iq is important when we come here guys and we're about to fiverer if you did not want your own voice guys what you can do is simply come to fiverr and see how much a voice-over costs you on fiverr and you will be amazed guys you know for as little as twenty dollars as you can see, can you do it see someone ask twenty dollars you can come here guys there are people ask thirty dollars there people who charge thirteen dollars and so on these people it can even do up to fifteen dollars, you just have to find it for them person ask here 13 and it's only if you do not want to do it or if your channel once started making really good money okay then you can start paying people on fiverr so you do not obviously you can use
own voice and you can do it very fast so you can continue to make money on youtube without making these videos guys, this is a super powerful strategy and you can start making money guys on youtube just like i do guys all the time, but this technique does not seem to saturate but you have to deal with yo utube guys remember if you want to make money with youtube without making videos there are a few things you need to do understand consistency is the key you need to make sure you are
posting regular videos regular content valuable content and to be make money with youtube you have to make sure you get to those 1000 subscribers and 4 000 viewing hours once you do that then you will start making money with youtube and youtube ad revenue and if you want to add a affiliate marketing links on the job you absolutely can do it too so it was my video for today guys and how to make money YouTube without making videos in 2021 and I wanted to share with you and show you exactly that it can be done and a fantastic niche where you have a ton of
resources to make sure you can make it very profitable if you enjoyed the video make sure you like the button in crush
rating and go sign in because I still have great content will be about the next pair appears da e that you do not want to miss okay, so if you have not logged in and do not leave the account notification on you will probably miss videos and as always I will have another one some videos that will appear here above other ways you can make money online until tomorrow I am alan of smart money tactics you take care of yourself and goodbye

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How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos 2021 | Earn $40,000 A Month Just Copy & Paste!

Want to know how to make money on YouTube without making videos in 2021 or ever showing your face? If you do this niche can make you as much as $40,000 a month. 'll show you how to do all this in this video.

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I'm going to show you step-by-step how you can make money on YouTube without making videos. This method allows you to upload and re upload videos to YouTube using other people's content. I'll even show you where it says in YouTubes polcy that this is allowed.

This is 100% legit and I'm going to show you how to use royalty free music and royalty free videos and how you can start to make money with YouTube ad revenue once you get accepted into the YouTube partner program.

Most people think that they cannot use royalty free videos or royalty free music or Creative Commons to make money with YouTube ad revenue. Well I'm going to show you proof that this is 100% legal with YouTube and you can still monetize with YouTube ads. I'll show you two channels that started recently and they make money on YouTube without showing their face.

So if you've been wanting to start a YouTube but you don't want to show your face and you don't want to start filming your own content this tutorial on how to make money on YouTube without making videos is going to be perfect for those looking to make money on YouTube.

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