How To Make Money On Steam | Without Spending a Cent

what is going on boys it is your boy kc3 and we 
are back with a brand new video now today guys i   will be showing you all how to make money use team 
and this can be actually turned into real money   if you would like to or you can just use it in 
your steam wallet so if you haven't already go   ahead and download steam make yourself an account 
and then come back to this video okay so i'm   assuming once you've done that you've made your 
account and you've signed in so once you sign into   your account you will notice that um you don't 
have anything in this corner so you will have this   thingy over here and it will say um just the name 
but there will be no um like amount of money next   to it so if i just go ahead and go over to 
my thingy my steam uh i mean to convert it   how much it is in dollars what about 19. 50 so 
it's about two dollars in my account which isn't   a lot i could make it a lot more if i wanted to 
but um i'm gonna explain to you guys how you can   actually go ahead and make money on team without 
even investing any money into steam so they   are so firstly what i want to tell you guys is 
if you go over to steam and you go over to this   community market now this is no survey type of 
thing that is a hundred and twenty percent legit   and um this is really easy to do so over 
here we can see browse by game now this is   probably you probably confused right now i will 
explain it to you in a second so you see all of   these things we have dota 2 counter-strike 
we have all of these games over here and   what this is is actually the steam community 
market so what that means is that whatever   you like get in game so say for example you 
play rust and maybe you get one of these things   from playing the game and you will get like an 
achievement and somehow the game gives you this   i don't i don't play rust so i don't know how it 
works so let's say for example um you get this uh   yeah when you when you play and then you get this 
neon gun storage okay so it's the price is 54.67   right let's just go over to converter quickly 
4.67 that is about four dollars and you probably   did not spend a single cent to get that case or 
maybe you might have i don't know how it works   but i can tell you a bit more on csgo so let me 
just go with the cs go so on csgo we have um some   elephant here so this you can see this is the 
snakebite case or the operation broken fan case   so what this is is basically if you haven't if 
you've ever watched the csgo video in your life   then you would have seen that from 
the cs go cases you can actually unbox   some really expensive skins and you 
can actually sell them for real money   now what you could also do is by playing the game 
csgo actually give you skins so let's just say   so over here you can see there are different 
things that are on the market right now so   what you could actually end up happening 
to you if you were playing csgo   play maybe a match and then the game will reward 
you for playing for a certain amount of time   or whatever and then the game will maybe give 
you this um uncharted skin for an achievement   this skin is worth about 7 33 cents and all 
of these people that are selling it here   these are actual people this is not the game 
these are people who actually got the skin   and now they're selling it on the market for 
actual money now you can't actually sell um   things for real money in the steam market you have 
to go on to external sites but let's say you did   get that skin and this is just from playing 
the game you never you never expected to get   anything from the game so csgo just randomly to 
do this weapons let's say that's about 53 cents   now it doesn't look like much but on a large scale 
if you play the game a lot you could actually end   up making some quite a decent amount of money now 
if you want to go ahead and go with a bit of a   gamble going back to that cases let's just just 
go back to the cases so you can see how we have   cases that are all starting at different prices 
now all the cases i think cost around about the   same price some of them have cost more to open but 
if you unbox let's say you open um love case right   and you get really lucky you get this m4a4 buy 
skill let's just start let's see how much that is okay so it's about 277 rand now that is if you 
got really lucky no guarantee you'll get that   you might even get like the cheapest 
thing and you'll end up making a loss   so you can see that this case is 24 rand to open   so that's about hundred and twenty something 
or 130 and profit it's about 27 to open   i mean to buy the case you could also get 
the cases from the game for obviously playing   and then it's 35 i think to open the case so 
you spend about two dollars to open it and then   you can actually get some good money from 
doing this now it's probably going to be   really difficult for you to make money from it 
because it's really risky because i've seen people   open up hundreds of cases and they didn't even get 
one good thing out of it so it's really a gamble   and the nice thing that you can do with the steam 
out this money that you make on the steam market   you can go over to store and um whenever 
that decides to load i'll show you   you can go over to store maybe and you can maybe 
if you want to buy pubg the pubg is 319 ran so you   already have 300 you have 20 rand already and then 
you just need another 300 that i don't know where   you're gonna get it from but you can actually use 
this money to go ahead and buy things um in-game   actually really nice and also you can spend this 
money on like even diamonds if you're playing cd   you can use that on in-game purchases in 
any game basically so there's a lot you can   actually do with it so yeah be sure to hit me 
up on this code if you have any other questions   um relating to this video and thanks for 
watching thanks for subscribing i'll see you guys

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How To Make Money On Steam | Without Spending a Cent

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The money made can be used to buy games, make in game purchases and even turning it into real money!
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